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Spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.
Well, accident happens.
  • The entire first meeting with Nanami is like a something out of Japanese comedy anime crossed with Looney Tunes.
    • In Kyaro, when Riou & Jowy are going to break Nanami out of jail, it turns out that Nanami managed to break out on her own, ending with calling out a finishing move. Bonus for recruiting Mukumuku, who plays along with Nanami.
  • Try taking someone like Sierra when you try to recruit Siegfried.
    • To elaborate on that, Sigfried only joins if you bring him a "pure maiden," or a virgin. Since Sierra's been around so long, and especially seeing the way she acts towards guys... yeah, it's implied she's most definitely not "pure" at all.
  • Sierra's blatant attempts to hit on Klaus, and his utterly flustered reactions.
  • Viktor's longwinded Badass Boast to Neclord is a hilarious verbal version of Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking.
  • Nanami's impression of Hilda while trying to enter Muse City. It also comes with a Noblewoman's Laugh.
    • And afterwards, Nanami and Jowy arguing about who's the better actor: The one that overacted (Nanami) or the one that underacted (Jowy). A possible response is "You both stunk."
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    • And before all those, Nanami attempted it casually, only to get insulted by the guard with names like "pug-nose", "shrimp", and topped with "frog-faced whiny little tomboy". Nanami's escalating anger eventually exploded and she had to be restrained.
  • Several of Richmond's reports qualify. Notable examples are Siegfried and Zamza.
  • When you recruit Simone, you must have a Rose Brooch. He will offer to do anything to get it back. You can let him simply join, or you can order him to bark like a dog to get it back. Warning: he will NOT join your party if you choose the latter option, but by all means save before recruiting him. He will get down on all fours and crawl around barking like a dog. After awhile he will beg to stop, but you can force him to keep going.
    • Recruit Simone. And then, later in the story, where Simone was standing, our old buddy Vincent de Boule shall be. Watch as they rejoice. Just watch. Bring Tir as well to see his reaction at this.
  • Recruiting Sid and seeing him terrorizing Chaco. Up to this point Chaco had been an unnecessary Jerkass to the hero, which included stealing all his money upon his first arrrival in Two River. So seeing Chaco screaming and begging in fear feels rather satisfying after everything he put you through.
    • The best part of recruiting Sid, though, is the fact that he's there, at the castle, always. And he still makes Chaco noticeably wary, if not nervous. Seeing that little shit be put in line by a... relatively benevolent Winger with Luca Blight's level of craziness is priceless and satisfying.
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  • If you bring Nanami with you to the Highland border you entered with Rina, she will attempt to do the same thing that Rina did. Of course, once she drags the guy off alone, she jumps him and fails.
  • If you recruit both Gengen and Gabocha and they're not in your party, sometimes if you go up to the room in your castle where all the performances happen, they'll do a dance, which even managed to get Clive to chuckle.
  • Hix and Tengaar's subquest. It might be a bit selfish of Tengaar sending Hix into a Fetch Quest, but it is kind of funny on how you can respond by pointing out just how blatant this sham is...
    "Why in an Item store..."
    "Didn't she just sneeze?"
    "Was she just out of her bed...?"
    • All those, and Hix, usually the fight-hating wuss, just ignores all those and drag you in for it.
  • Before the defense at the Mercenary Fort, Viktor tried to rally the mercenaries by exclaiming "In the name of the great lion on our flag, let's save our fort!" And the screen goes to the aforementioned flag and... it's obviously a bear. Not a lion.
    Apple: That thing is a lion?
  • Sometimes, during Nanami unite attack with the hero, she lets the hero handle it himself and is seen casually reading a book, singing and having a picnic. Not bad since it heals 10% of her HP and gives you the chance to do the Combination Attack again.
  • Nina's hilariously creepy infatuation with Flik, including her stealing his bandanna and washing it for no apparent reason, causing Flik to be late for a strategy meeting because he was chasing her down.
  • "Riou, do you...want my carrots?" This line is a bit of a Memetic Mutation in the fandom.


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