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  • Chapter 1: The Messengers
    • The story starts off with Vanellope rushing towards the entrance of her castle where she finds... Taffyta, Candlehead, and Jubileena covered in whipped cream after falling for another one of Gloyd's pranks.
    • Rancis and Swizzle constantly teasing Gloyd after he gets pinned down by Vanellope.
    Rancis: I guess it's pretty clear who wears the pants in the relationship.
    • When the three boys finally decide to start their racing practice, they decide to place a bet... and the teasing continues:
    Rancis: I'm putting down two kit kat bars.
    Swizzle: I bet two tootsie pops.
    Gloyd: Ten kisses
    (Both Rancis and Swizzle smirk)
    Rancis: Are you talking about the candy or kisses from your precious Vanellope?
    Gloyd: SHUT UP!
    • When Jimmy, Larry, and Sydney show up, Jimmy gleefully tries to explain how his jawbreaker bombs work after Swizzle asked what they were, only to be silenced by Sydney.
    • Vanellope has an unfortunate fair share of teasing from Taffyta, Candlehead, and Jubileena after she helps them clean off the whipped cream.
    Taffyta: I can see it now. You and him, married, and the pitter-patters of little pumpkin headed children running all around the place.
    • Jubileena trying to explain to Vanellope that being in love isn't such a bad thing. Her explanation is pretty over-the-top and she starts jumps onto Vanellope's bed after spinning around.
    • When the boys return to the palace, what's the first thing Jimmy and Larry take notice of? All the cute girls. Jimmy even immediately takes the moment to wrap his arm around Crumbelina and asks what her name is. This goes about as well as you could imagine.
    • Gloyd demands a vote over whether or not they should accept the invite to the Sweet Tooth Kingdom. They vote... and the boys all lose due to there being more girls.
  • Chapter 2: Sweet Tooth Kingdom
    • When the Candy Kingdom racers try to drive through a snowy forest (the snow in particular is actually just ice cream), they get ambushed by wolves made out of waffle cones. Rancis just shrugs it off and calls the wolves "puppies"... but is immediately proven wrong when one of the wolves pounces him and shakes him by his jacket.
    • When the gang finally reach the Sweet Tooth Kingdom, they're halted by the Gum Guardians. Jimmy explains that the Gum Guardians are particular over who they let into their castle, and admits that they've pulled out their weapons on them before. Taffyta's reaction is what sells it.
    • When Snapper (a small polka-dotted alligator who is the castle pet) shows up, Crumbelina freaks out and uses Adorabeezle as a shield. Cue Adorabeezle rolling her eyes.
    • In a brief fit of jealousy, Gloyd immediately snatches Prince Garry Gumball's hand away from Vanellope's hand after he kisses it.
  • Chapter 3: Double Dash Karts
    • When Adorabeezle states that she and the rest of the Candy Kingdom racers only listen to Vanellope cause they want to, Candlehead also mentions how they thought Vanellope was going to execute them. Crumbelina promptly elbows Candlehead's side.
    • Vanellope still can't help but burst into a fit of laughter whenever somebody says "duty".
    • When the Candy Kingdom racers look for partners, Minty decides to pair up with Swizzle. Rancis mocks him by making kissing noises, only for Taffyta to partner up with him. Cue to Gloyd snickering at the "fate" of the two boys.
    • And even then, the teasing Gloyd and Vanellope get still goes on...
    • Crumbelina and Jubeelina practice drifting in their new Double Dash Kart, only to find Jimmy, Larry, the Ca-Pop Rock Twins, and Fang observing them. After Jimmy gives the two girls some advice on how to properly drift, they give it another go... and finally manage to make a successful turn that time. Then it turns out that Jimmy and the twins had a bet over whether or not the girls would fail, and Jimmy promptly tells the twins to pay up.
  • Chapter 4: Friendly Advice
    • The entire conversation between Ralph, Felix, Calhoun, and Vanellope at the beginning of the chapter.
    • Snowanna finding out that Dough is the "Candlehead of the Sweet Tooth racers."
  • Chapter 5: Candy Coated Conflict
    • Rancis admits that he always thought him and Taffyta were very close. Rancis immediately regretted saying that (not after doing a quick Spit Take) when Taffyta assumes he meant that they were like a couple.
    • Near the end of the chapter, Gloyd tiredly walks towards his kart and ends up bumping into Ralph. Gloyd greets him and continues to head towards his Kart... only to stop dead in his tracks when he realizes that he was alone with Vanellope's Papa Wolf (who merely just wanted to talk to him about Vanellope).
  • Chapter 6: The First Race: Terror Twins
    • The Ca-Pop Rock Twins mooning Swizzle and Minty during their race. Cue to all the girls covering their eyes in disgust and all the boys (sans Rancis, Swizzle, and Gloyd) rolling on the ground laughing.

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