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  • This pseudo-infomercial for Silver & Gold, Songs for Christmas, Vols. 6-10, especially when it parodies the frequent butchering of his name by referring to him as "Safari Sapalapahehadehah".
  • "Super Sexy Woman" — a silly ode to a girl with "super-powered lips for super suction," and who can "shoot a super fart, the deadly silent kind."
  • His cover of "Hotline Bling" as the encore of the Carrie and Lowell tour, featuring Gallant. Complete with choruses sung in falsetto, weird dance moves and random photos of Drake appearing on the LED screens. In the track on the tour's live album, you could hear the audience's hysterical screaming.
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  • While the song it's in is pure Tear Jerker, the Big "OMG!"note  in "John Wayne Gacy, Jr." can come out of the left field for some and straddles the border between Mood Whiplash and Narm.
  • The promotional clip for "Mr. Frosty Man", out of Silver & Gold, is a hilariously violent claymation video where the titular snowman defends a home from a horde of zombies on Christmas Eve.

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