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  • There's a small one at the President's Christmas Ball, where Mack from Prune Barge Shuffle and Frank's dad meet. Retired USMC Gunnery Sergeant Bishop and retired USN Admiral Mackintosh try to salute each other simultaneously, given that they're both Medal of Honor winners. It results in a short but amusing dance of sorts.
  • When Frank's relaxing with Ice and he moves his legs just as one of the newly introduced Styles twins plops down between him and Ice. The choice speaks for itself. [X] Fuck it. Legs go across witches.
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  • "Clean separation of external stores." How Frank describes grabbing Ice and tossing her into a pool.
  • In Thread 46:
    • Preparing for a dogfight against Top Gun aggressors, Frank first checks out Ice's ass, and then asks Slider to get the Wyvern's good side. Slider shoots back that she won't bother, because everyone will be more interested in looking at Ice's cute butt. Ice blushes so hard, she shows up on the Wyvern's infrared sensors.
    • Later, during the dogfight, going up against Katya, Frank decides to channelKonstantina. It momentarily freaks Katya out.
    • And as they all fly home, Slider and Frank again make appreciative remarks on the subject of Ice's cute butt, which again causes her to radiate hot enough for a Sidewinder lock.

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