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Funny / Strawberry Shortcake

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1980s series

  • Mr. Sun describes the Pieman in the second special as "the misanthropic fathead with the skinny physique."
  • The Pieman's kohlrabi cookies taste so bad it makes the stove sick.
  • Any time the Pieman does his silly dance, as well as when Sour Grapes joins in.

2003 Series

  • Custard's reaction to Crepes Suzette's dog, Eclair, in "World of Friends."
    Custard: Whoa! An attack squirrel with a bad hairdo! Yikes!
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  • While the "Everything I Touch" song is designed to make you feel sad for Sherry Bobbleberry, it nevertheless has some turns of phrase that are pretty cleverly funny, such as "I'm so clumsy, don't you know, I could trip and stub your toe."
  • In the Sweet Dreams Movie, the Pieman includes his song and dance in his signature.

2009 series

  • When Lemon Meringue and Raspberry Torte meet Sweet and Sour Grapes and decide to hire them at the cafe, Raspberry goes "So, I know we just met and we barely know you, but how would you like a job?"


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