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Do I look amused?

Despite the generally serious tone and setting of the series, it has a few moments of levity to brighten up things.

  • Erin's First-Person Smartass narration throughout the fic often has some witty lines, very elegant language and hilarious internal monologues.
  • Erin's Fee Fi Faux Pas actions in the first two chapters, from saying “adios” to the newspaper editor, to touching Yuki on the shoulder, to accidentally calling Kiyomi an idiot (or jerk, considering the context of their conversation) when the latter called her a “baka.”
  • Erin smashing her face in the door chasing Kiyomi down after said conversation.
  • Erin and L's conversations often raise a few moments of hilarity.
    • L pointing out Erin's Japanese being shaky and Erin defending saying it's her nose (which had been smacked in the door earlier in the chapter).
    • L refusing to give Erin the morning bread roll (no, not THAT kind of bread).
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    • Erin's internal reaction to Misa accusing L of being gay.
    • Erin coming out of the closet in Chapter 10 after sneezing in it and giving herself away.
    • The entirety of the trip to the cinema with Light and Misa in Chapter 12.
    • Erin giving L a noogie, several times.
    • Erin chanting for L to let Misa and Light go in Chapter 9, which earns her no reaction other than L telling her to Go to Your Room!.
  • Erin's enlightening experience of Dance Dance Revolution in Chapter 3 and her wails of the evil of it.
  • Erin running away from seeing Misa’s arrest. In her own words by doing some sort of moonwalk imitation back to the corridor. Smooth Criminal indeed.
  • Erin thinking a gun has gone off and hiding under the table. Watari's calm reaction of asking why she is there is what sells it.
  • Matsuda liking to sing to J pop songs on the Radio.
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  • Erin calling Watari Grandpa, which annoys even him after a little while.
  • Erin's brief anecdote just after L has technically abducted her:
    For a second there, I remembered something my cousin Melanie told me once about guys: "You oblige them one dinner date, and suddenly they think you're their captive or something: pretty much why I'm a lesbian." Her words, not mine. I'd laughed that off before, but I sure as hell wasn't laughing now, when the words crossed my mind again.
  • The entirety of Moron, detailing L's first close encounter with tampons.
  • L's reaction to Erin and Matsuda setting off fireworks in Independence.
  • The events of No-smoking, including Wedy's enchanting thoughts on Erin's views on smoking.

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