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  • Ascentia's Genre Savvy toward shipping fanfiction is the source for most of the story's humor.
  • Quite a bit of meta humour is thrown in, with some lines and moments being more obvious than others. It's pretty easy to tell who was responsible most of the time.
    • There are jabs at shipping fanfiction or just plain shipping in general. Especially given a certain starry-eyed shipper of the duo...
    • One little line during the last chapter is a pretty strong indication of that ideal, going right down to saying that it was as if fate had shipping goggles.
  • In Chapter 3, Ascentia tells Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy to "just let it go" in regards to their denial about being in love. She then remarks about the road suddenly becoming icy. Cue the narrator.
    Narration: She slowed the car on the suddenly ice covered road that totally wasn’t a Disney reference, honest!
  • Ascentia's uncomfortably self aware line to Rainbow and Fluttershy.
    Ascentia: You two have the most fucked up relationship history I’ve ever seen. AND THAT’S COMING FROM ME!
  • Some of Twilight's abuse is actually pretty funny.
    • When Twilight comes to Rainbow's to deliver an entire collection of A.K. Yearling novels, the preferred delivery method is making Ascentia carry them all. She is quiet about this.
      Twilight: C'mon Rainbow! Open the door, these things are heavy!
      Ascentia: And she's not even the one who was forced to carry them!
    • A lot of their earlier interactions play out like a sitcom version of an abusive relationship.
      Twilight: I know you two have nothing to hide from us, but you don’t have to be exhibitionists, either.
      Ascentia: Killjoy...
      Twilight: What was that?
      Ascentia: I said you're such a joy, sweetheart!
    • Most of the moments where Ascentia is sitting in her lap like an affectionate child turn out to be funny when you remember that Twilight is said to be 5'4" and Ascentia is 6'3".
  • Twilight agonizing over the damage she's done to Ascentia is somewhat interrupted by a sleeping Ascentia constantly snuggling up to her. Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • A doubtful voice taunts all four of the main characters to varying degrees of success. Ascentia's is the funniest.
    Voice: You're just a battered-
    Ascentia: Go bother someone else, I ain't got time for your shenanigans.
  • Angel's note to Fluttershy.
    Drop the pretentious After School Special act and just admit you don’t wanna share. Nobody’s going to strike you down for not fully submitting to another’s personal freedom and pretending you’re alright with it. P.S. We’re out of carrots.
  • When Fluttershy and Apple Bloom are discussing lesbian relationships, Apple Bloom suggests that she should ask Twilight and Ascentia for advice, considering that they're married. Fluttershy then let's out a Big "NO!".
  • There's one scene that has Rainbow and Fluttershy having a perfectly normal conversation; with the latter sharing a silly story that happened in her family during a wedding. The kicker? They have this conversation while having sex. It even doubles as a heartwarming moment, to be able to have completely satisfying sex while just talking together.
  • An earlier scene has Ascentia sharing that she's using a rectal donut padding on her seat while driving. The name of the item struck Rainbow and Fluttershy as pretty funny. Rectal donut. Rainbow even makes a reference to LittleKuriboh with saying it's as funny as Foxy Boxes.
  • In the epilogue, newborn baby Spectrum bops Scootaloo on the nose. It's not said why, but Scootaloo assumes that it's meant as a hint not to talk about sex in front of the baby.
  • Scootaloo has a few silly moments in where she acts like a typical child grossed out by her parents being affectionate. She is genuinely glad to have both Rainbow and Fluttershy as her mothers, but tends to go "Ewww!" whenever affection is shared in front of her.
  • Pervy, who is one of Rainbow Dash's mental incarnations of her personality traits, has a lot of funny lines. One of them being a Shout-Out to the Superman TV show, Lois and Clark. She chants "Dash is in trouble!" in reference to it.
    • Just about any scene with Pervy in it is funny. She's a complete sexual deviant, cracks a lot of silly jokes, but she's also very affectionate. The hilarity is definitely here scenes with Rainbow (and later one with Fluttershy), either through thoughts or fantasies.
  • The flashback to Twilight and and Ascentia's high school days has some notable funny moments.
    • When Ascentia and Twilight first met doubles as being adorable. Twilight is awkward, unable to articulate, and makes a bit of a fool of herself. Ascentia, however, finds this hilarious (in a loving way), and is taken by her soon after.
    • Later on, Twilight goes through a rebellious phase. She dresses like a mix of a punk and goth, curses like a sailor, becomes a sexual deviant, a troublemaker, just a typical teen rebellion. The funny part? She's terrible at it.
  • Who came first? The chicken or the egg?! This was a line brought up in the final chapter, right out of nowhere, with absolutely no purpose, which was the point.
  • Any scene that Pinkie is involved in. Whether she's twisting words around to sound silly and cute, using embarrassing nicknames on her friends, and just being Pinkie; she's a hilarious and silly delight. It's definitely meant as a little sunshine from the immense Black Comedy featured.

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