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  • When Stitch feels bad about himself for ruining the luau and being too different from the locals, saying "I'm freaky," Lilo tries to cheer him up by saying he's "one of kind, like... Frankenstein." This doesn't help Stitch at all. He dumps his face into the bowl of ice cream that she brought up, and the sad reused Silvestri score just stops there.
  • Several of Hämsterviel's insults, but especially this hilariously ironic one:
    (To Jumba) "You with your four eyes and inexplicable accent!
    • Also this:
    Hämsterviel (to Grand Councilwoman): "You absurd Grand Councillywoman with your large pointy collar!"
    Grand Councilwoman (unamused): "Prepare to fire."
    (the Councilwoman's ship rolls out a pair of enormous BFGs. Hämsterviel Screams Like a Little Girl)
  • An attempt to find Jumba, Pleakley pulls out his intergalactic phonebook and attempts to call every number in the known universe. One at a time. Insanely, this actually works.
    • There's also a hilarious payoff to this — Pleakley manages to call the number to Gantu's detention cell, where Jumba is locked up tight in bindings that leave him unable to move anything but his head. We see Jumba looking at the phone, which is way across the cell — then we cut to Pleakley as Jumba responds to Pleakley — then we cut to Jumba, who somehow has the phone under his ear despite having no possible means of getting to it.
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  • As Gantu attacks Lilo's house, he peeks through the window and sees a crude drawing of himself labeled "big dummy".
    Gantu: Very funny.
  • This exchange after Sparky gets away.
    Stitch: "Cousin lost! Jumba lost..."
    Lilo: "You have a lot of lost issues..."
    Stitch: "Ih." (flatly bonks his head against a wall)
  • While he and Lilo are out looking for Sparky, Stitch climbs up a tree and turns his eyes to night vision — with which he manages to make out what looks like Sparky way off in the distance. Naturally, he takes off running off-screen after him without telling Lilo where he's going, leading to this:
    Lilo: "Hmm... maybe he went this way!" (walks off-screen in the complete opposite direction)
    (Stitch runs back onscreen after Lilo, then appears a second later grumbling and dragging her along with him.)
    Lilo: "Hey!"
  • The Peter Gunn parody (complete with the original theme music) when Lilo and Stitch take Cobra Bubbles' car for a spin around the island to look for 221. That includes:
    • Lilo stunning Mertle and her posse when Stitch stops the car next to them at an intersection.
    • Stitch interviewing a frog for information.
    • Stopping at the beach for a moment to have Lilo take a picture of Stitch posing next to an overweight tourist.
    • Drinking coffee and eating doughnuts at the coffee shop, with Stitch drinking a whole coffee pot in one gulp.
  • The ship computer on Hamsterviel's ship that gives warnings a few seconds too late.
    Gantu: "The window's open!"
    Computer: "Warning: window is open."
    (Gantu scowls)
  • Stitch and Experiment 221 spend a bit of alone time together just after the latter's capture. Their bonding includes ear movements, the reveal of their extra arms... and picking their noses with their tongues.
  • Lilo telling Nani that she went to outer space in Jumba's ship. Nani is naturally shocked, but when she interrupts Lilo's story asking her about that fact, Lilo gets annoyed at her for interrupting her story. Only Lilo Pelekai could treat a human being's first flight to outer space in an alien spacecraft so casually.
    Nani: Wa-wa-wait. While David and I went out to dinner, you went to outer space?
    Lilo: (Beat, then she crosses her arms) I'm not finished.
    Nani: (rolls eyes) Sorry.

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