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  • "Fat Girl" is mean, offensive, tasteless, cheesy, and gross. Which is precisely why it's absolutely hilarious.
  • "Death to All but Metal" all off the disses in it and the diss to MTV, also doubles as Moment of Awesome if you hate MTV or any of the bands they listed.
  • "B.V.S," which stands for "Big Vagina Syndrome." Michael Starr sings about how every girl he meets seems to suffer from this "affliction." But pay attention to the line where he references the size of his manhood and suddenly the song is about something different.
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  • "Anything Goes". Which as states, is about anything going in the bedroom. Including fornicating a dwarf going over Niagara falls, and nailing an astronaut.
  • The band somehow deleted an entire album while uploading it to the internet. Forcing them to record the entire thing again. According to producer Jay Rusten, "Lexxi Foxx was in charge of uploading the album to Soundcloud. He pressed the DEL key on the keyboard thinking that meant DELIVER.

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