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  • Far too many moments from their April 26th Livestream to count, but special mention goes to this exchange:
    Rabbit: Guys! This just in! This is the most views we've had ever!
    The Spine: How many views do we have?
    Rabbit: I dunno, like 900!
    The Spine: Wait, so you're telling me that people would rather see us just mess around for an hour rather than actually discuss interesting things?
    Rabbit: That's right!
    The Spine: Wow, internet.
  • This exchange:
    The Jon: I'd like to dance across all of the earth...IN THE NUUUUUDE!
    The Spine: WHOA, Jon, you can't dance across the earth in the nude.
    The Jon: Uh, why sure I can. Care to hold this guitar and I'll show ya.
    The Spine: No, no, no. I know you're very capable of doing it, Jon. I just mean you shouldn't. Because there are such things as public decency laws. Plus, I don't want to see you in the nude, and none of these people do either.
    The Jon: Well, I don't know, there's a couple of smiiiiles out there.
    The Spine: There are NO smiles. Sir, please stop smiling.
  • David Bennett revealed that the band had a new video for fans...that turned out to be a cover of the Rihanna song "Diamonds." The fandom basically imploded.
    • "Hey, Spine, c'mon! There's an ice cream monster and we're gonna go lick it!"
  • Walter Robotics seems to have adopted a new marketing strategy.
    • Rabbit: Every tenth purchase, they give you a prize! (peers into box) It's assorted bath soaps.
    • The final lines of the song:
      The Spine: If you're not happy, Hatchy will eat his shoe!
      Hatchworth: I'm going to do it anyways. So it doesn't matter. (points to camera) And then I'll eat YOUR shoes!
  • Walter Robotics' shoddy (And incredibly on the nose) tagline: "Walter Robotics: We Make Robots."
    GG: That's a terrible slogan. You should have me write it next time!
  • "Go Spine Go" from MK III is one hilarious moment after another.
  • The skit opening before the song "Captain Albert Alexander".
    Rabbit: How many of you like fishing? THAT'S RIGHT NOBODY.
    • Also from the same video:
    Rabbit: "I know a guy who fights skeleton pirates on the back of killer whales!"
    The Jon: "Oh! Is it me??"
    Rabbit: "No, it's not you Jon."
    Jon: (sadly) Oh...
    Rabbit: "You don't have your sea legs for such an endeavor; Gotta trade in those B LEGS! "
    Spine: (exasperated) "Eh, that was a pun."
    Rabbit: (gleefully) "That was a pun! "
  • This video is a hilarious recording of the group performing Mack the Knife.
  • Most of "The Quest for the Eternal Harp of Golden Dreams", when it's not being Awesome Music. Highlights include:
    • Everything with Salgexicon and his group.
    • The first opening credits of the movie, which include such names as 'Raniel Ray Rouis' and 'Thom Crews' among the 'actors', costumes by Sara Dysentery, sound recording by the Harmond Institute for the Deaf and creature effects by Those Microwavable Pizza Bagels.
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    • Rabbit's first lines after the opening song:
    Rabbit: "People always ask us: 'What is Steam Powered Giraffe'? And I tell them: 'Hey, get out of my house. You're not supposed to be here. This-this isn't your house! This isn't even my house! (looks around) What are we doing here? (gets up) I'm going! That's it!'"
  • From the Vice Quadrant comes the song Sky Sharks, featuring Professor Elemental, who opens up the song with this gem:
    Professor Elemental: We are being invaded by sky sharks! Repeat: London is being invaded by sky sharks! It's only a matter of time before they get to my house!
    • The ending:
    Rabbit: And in the end, it was the most humblest of God's creatures that stopped the sky sharks. Why, it was none other than fire! The word spread to the farthest reaches of Earth, and humanity collectively burned down every f-forest on the p-p-p-planet. The Sky Sharks left, and the world was safe again, free to smolder in a charred, ashy ruin!
    Offscreen Voice: Wait, what?
  • Behold, Steam Powered Giraffe's greatest song yet!

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