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     Episode 1: Choose A Starter 
  • It's just quite amusing to see Charmander brag about how he's by the far the best of the three...only for Red to then pick Squirtle. It's a tad predictable, but Charmander's WTF reaction makes up for it.
  • And then, when Bulbasaur needs help getting his vines back in, a pissed off Charmander just moves his tail and sets them on fire, causing Bulbasaur to yell in agony while Charmander just has no reaction to it.

     Episode 2: A Wild Encounter 
  • Charmander's Establishing Character Moment is arguably in this episode, when a wild Caterpie attacks him...and he proceeds to ignore the 'turned based attacking' rules of Pokemon, as he tackles Caterpie and begins bitch slapping him multiple times before stabbing the poor critter to death with a shiv.
    Bulbasaur: Charmander, you're supposed to take turns attacking.
    Charmander: Screw that, this a fight! *scratches Caterpie again* And I wanna win!
  • Then there's Bulbasaur innocently and cheerfully exclaiming about his new hat...which is the severed Caterpie's head.
  • In the end, we cut to Squirtle, who questions how much worth he really is to Red before the latter just sends him off to fight against a Gyarados. It ends as well as you'd realistically expect it to.
    Squirtle: Prepare to die!
    *Gyarados gobbles Squirtle up*

     Episode 3: Showdown at Viridian 
  • In the beginning, Bulbasaur and Charmander try to ask some Pokemon trainers for directions...and this is where we find out that to Pokemon's ears, people just say 'human' over and over. Charmander wonders how anyone could put up with that.
  • Red shows how smart he is when he can't find the door to a Poke Center and just keeps running into the wall.
    Bulbasaur: That's...huh. Now I'm kind of glad he didn't choose me.
  • When Red sends Squirtle against Charmander, the former gloats about his type advantage and blows one of his bubbles towards his fire-breathing opponent. Cue Charmander moving a few inches to dodge it. Squirtle screams at Red for not teaching him any other moves before Charmander tackles him and chomps on his head, while Red just stands there and watches for a few seconds.
    Squirtle: You're the worst trainer in the world!
  • Then when Red puts Squirtle back in his Poke Ball, he easily captures Bulbasaur and sends him off against Charmander. Charmander just sets him on fire, and Bulbasaur roars in agony before Red puts him back in his Pokeball. Red tries to capture Charmander one more time, but Charmander resists and attacks Red head-on.
  • Then there's the way that Charmander, after freeing Squirtle and Bulbasaur, nonchalantly states that he killed Red as we cut to the latter's burnt crisp of a body.
  • And finally, after Charmander says that he's the other two's new Pokemon Trainer, and goes on about how they can be the very best, we get this:
    Bulbasaur: I'm into it.
    Charmander: Don't care. You don't have a choice.

     Episode 4: The Caterpie Ambush 
  • Squirtle wonders if they should be eating other Pokemon, and Charmander makes it very clear that he doesn't give a shit about such things.
    Charmander: The only reason I don't eat Bulbasaur is because he tastes like old spinach.
    Bulbasaur: Hey, that's not true! I'm delicious! *licks vine* Oooh.
  • Squirtle states that they can't eat other Pokemon and tries to get Bulbasaur on his side...right as the latter is putting the dead Butterfree's wings on his head. Squirtle just hangs his head in shame.
  • After the Caterpies ambush Charmander and Bulbasaur, and their leader talks about how he/she will have vengeance for his/her brother's death, Charmander claims self-defense and is told to shut up.
    Random Caterpie: Silence your tongue, demon! Our leader is speaking!
    *Charmander breaths fire towards him/her with a deadpan look on his face.*
  • Charmander then tries to boss the Caterpies around, only to get webbing shot towards his moth.
    *Charmander mumbles and grumbles*
    Bulbasaur: Oh thank God someone finally shut him up.
  • When Squirtle stumbles upon all this, having been looking for berries, he simply says it sucks to be them. But then Bulbasaur points out that their blue turtle-looking friend has to come save them due to Charmander being their trainer, much to Squirtle's dismay.
  • Squirtle tries to come at them with a shiv, only to trip and fall - and then his shell knocks out the Caterpie, complete with sound effects from Super Mario Bros.. Charmander and Bulbasaur break free, and the former shoots out fire towards the Caterpies, who all retreat. That is, except for one, who has its head bitten off by Charmander.
  • Caterpie swears vengeance at the end...only to be snatched away by a Pidgeotto.

     Episode 5: Charmander Gets Punched In The Face 
  • Here is the opening dialogue.
    Charmander: Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip!
    *Bulbasaur lightly touches Squirtle with his vine*
    Squirtle: Ewww, why is it so wet?!
    Bulbasaur: Sorry. I've been chewing on it a lot.
    Charmander: No, don't apologize! *yells in frustration* Bulbasaur, if you wanna evolve, you need to be less terrible at everything!
    Bulbasaur: Sorry, man. I'm trying my best.
    Charmander: Well, I don't believe you.
  • Hitmochan is initially angered at being sent against pre-volves, but once Charmander insults his appearance, he's fine with it.
  • Charmander throws Squirtle towards Hitmochan, who uses Mach Punch to deck Squirtle away in five seconds.
    Charmander: Well, can't say I didn't expect that.
    • He then sends Bulbasaur, who just...does some sort of weird dance. Hitmochan is very confused.
    • But then Hitmochan gets the short end of the stick when Gaven forces him to punch himself in the face.
      Hitmochan: Wow, I am really strong!
  • When Charmander frees Bulbasaur from Gaven's grasp, Bulbasaur wonders if Charmander killed him; Charmander says no, but that he can kill him next time if he wants him to; Bulbasaur then says that Gaven is actually pretty cool - and then, in a payoff to the beginning, demonstrates a proper Vine Whip against Squirtle.

     Episode 6: The Forest King 
  • What is Weedle's price for being hired by Caterpie to kill Charmander? That he be cut down from the cave.
  • When Weedle charges towards Charmander later, the latter dodges and Weedle strikes Bulbasaur. This doesn't stop him from going on a tirade about how screwed they are and how he is basically their worst nightmare...only to be taken away by Pidgeotto.
  • Speaking of Pidgeotto, after he tells Charmander and Squirtle where to go after Bulbasaur is poisoned, we get this.
    Charmander: Stop stealing my kills!
    Pidgeotto: *from a distance* No!
  • Charmander initially goes along with Weepinbell's 'Forest King Challenges' to get the cure berry because of Squirtle, and we get a montage of the Forest King saying 'Challenge Failed!' over and over, and Charmander grows more and more irritated. But in a twist, it's Squirtle who snaps first, and they proceed to attack Weepinbell. Once he says that he's not the Forest King and doesn't have a berry, Charmander stabs him with his own root.
    Charmander: Challenge failed.
  • They then proceed to do what Charmander had been wanting to do that entire time. Cue a Poke Center on fire, Charmander and Squirtle having raided it for medicine.
  • ...But then in the end, Bulbasaur has healed, as he's half poison-type and has an immunity. Charmander, not wanting all their efforts to be in vain, shoves the medicine into his mouth anyway.
  • Caterpie decides that he/she needs to have even less ruth and laughs maniacally. But then Pidgeotto laughs as well, showing that he's right there, and Caterpie realizes how screwed he/she is.

     Episode 7: Fight Fire With Fire 
  • Squirtle and Charmander's argument in the beginning is mostly played serious, but we do get this:
    Bulbasaur: Guys...uh...didn't we win?
    Charmander and Squirtle in unison: Shut up, Bulbasaur!
  • The argument ends with Charmander throwing Squirtle's shell towards a tree, and inadvertenly knocking down Caterpie and his/her minions, the latter of whom retreat, while Charmander yells at them to come back and fight.
  • Nidoran is initially cowardly, but then gains the confidence to fight Charmander...but Bulbasaur takes the blow for him. Then we get another case of Screw This, I'm Outta Here! as Nidoran runs away while Charmander chases her.
    Nidoran: I don't wanna DIIIIIEEEEEEEE!
    • A few moments later...
      ''*fire blast*
      Nidoran: This wasn't the plan at alllllll! *Charmander continues to chase her*
      • And he's still chasing her as Squirtle begins to talk to Caterpie.
  • As Squirtle and Bulbasaur tell Caterpie that they're not like Charmander, Caterpie yells at Bulbasaur to stop wearing his/her brother's severed head.
  • The ridiculously supportive and encouraging community Squirtle finds himself in upon being captured is amusing as well.
    Random Caterpie: I believe in you, Whiskers!
    Nidoran: I believe in you, too!

     Episode 8: Ooo Look At Me I'm A Scary Ghost 
  • In this episode, we meet Sandshrew, who is even more of an Extreme Doormat than Bulbasaur!
    Bulbasaur: These berries are the best things I've ever eaten! There's so many, and they're all free!
    Sandshrew: Well, technically, they're mine, everyone just sort of takes them...
    • A few moments later, we get this.
    Charmander: Where are we?
    Bulbasaur: Oh, we're in...trees...
  • Sandshrew shows off his doormat personality again when Pidgeotto arrives and tells him to can it.
  • Charmander proposes that he and Pidgeotto form an alliance, which he accepts, and Pidgeotto tells them that the Caterpies are in Viridian Forest, which is that way.
    Charmander: Alright, in that case, we're going this way. Come on, Bulbasaur.
    *Charmander and Bulbasaur leave, and Pidgeotto looks surprised*
    Pidgeotto: W-wait, no. I was being serious this time!
    Charmander: *from a distance* Don't care, you suck!
    • Sandshrew chuckles at this, only to quiver in fear when Pidgeotto is all 'What was that?'.
  • Charmander's little trick doesn't work, and they end up stranded, and Charmander rejects an idea from Bulbasaur. When Bulbasaur goes along with it, Charmander flips out.
    Charmander: That's your problem, Bulbasaur. Squirtle at least knows how to stand up to me. You just go along with everything I say.
    Bulbasaur: Th-that's not true.
    Charmander: Yes it is!
    Bulbasaur: Yeah, you're right. It probably is.
  • When Charmander is stumped, Haunter appears and whispers into Bulbasaur's ear that they should climb the tower. It initially seems like no one can see him, but then Charmander says that Bulbasaur shouldn't let ghosts tell him what to do (though he likes the idea anyway).
  • Bulbasaur and Charmander enter the tower, and Bulbasaur notes the maze of gravestones...except it's not really a maze, as Charmander points out they can go in-between the graves.
    • This leads to a jumpscare caused by a Gastly, which Charmander tries to attack (in his rage, he forgets that he can't just claw at a ghost).
  • There's something funny about how Charmander just walks over one of the illusions of his body like it's nothing.
  • Then we cut to an illusion of Charmander crawling away, only a monster to emerge and devour him. Bulbasaur high-tails it out of there, while Charmander throws a rock at the monster. not amused, and yells at Charmander for it, saying that he would've died if this was real.
  • Next, Charmander gets legitimately freaked out as Haunter begins to play on his fears of being caught by a human...only for Gastly to ruin it with a jumpscare.
    Haunter: I was setting up tension before someone decided to be rude!
  • Haunter creates an illusion of a stool laughing at Charmander, wanting the fire-breather to wonder why. He is not scared, and Bulbasaur is not scared, and Haunter realizes that he's overthinking it on this one.
  • Haunter states that Gastlys are what Pokemon turn into after they die.
    Haunter: That thought alone should existentially cripple you.
  • When Bulbasaur describes Squirtle as 'blue with a shell', Haunter decides to use this and create an illusion of Squirtle. Except, it looks nothing like Squirtle, being a blue alien-like creature holding a seashell. Needless to say, Charmander and Bulbasaur are not sold on this.
  • Missingo shows up, and assimilates Haunter just like he did with Hitmochan. Mewtwo has to show up (out of nowhere) and prevent Charmander from attacking it, and then attack it himself. He then begins screaming at, and force-choking, Charmander...which does not faze Bulbasaur in the least.
    Bulbasaur: Excuse me, Mr. Floating Guy? I know you're busy choking my friend and all, but I was wondering if you'd seen my other friend Squirtle around. We lost him, and...I mean...I guess we're kind of lost, too.
  • Mewtwo decides to just teleport them to Squirtle's location, and points out that he's underground.
    Charmander: Why didn't you just take us underground?
    Mewtwo: *angry* Teleportation is an extremely risky - *deadpan* I don't have time for this.
    *Mewtwo vanishes, then comes back holding Sandshrew, who he throws onto the ground.*
    Mewtwo: YOU! DIG! NOW!!!
    Sandshrew: Aaaah! Okay!
  • Bulbasaur then does stand up to Charmander a little as they're about to go down the hole that Sandshrew dug up, pointing out that they don't really know what's down there...only for Charmander to tell him to basically shut up, as they're going to go down there no matter what. Bulbasaur concedes.

     Episode 9: The Lizard Slayer 
  • All of Butterfree’s Pokemon.
    • Shellder has full conversations with Butterfree despite only making noises with its tongue.
    • The constantly screaming Golbat.
    • The Beedrill who makes a bee pun and is promptly lit aflame by Charmander, screaming it was Worth It as he burns to death.
    • Butterfree tells Geodude not to kill Charmander and it proceeds to sing a song all about how he’s going to kill him while beating Charmander into the dirt.
    • Golem lets out a long Death Metal scream... and proceeds to attack Butterfree instead of Charmander.

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