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Funny / Starlink: Battle for Atlas

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  • When Star Fox first sees the Starlink Initiative battling the Forgotten Legion, Fox wants to intervene, but Peppy reminds him they're only in Atlas to find Wolf. Fox, Falco and Slippy fly off to assist Starlink to Peppy's frustration.
    Peppy: I knew I should've retired back on Corneria.
  • Slippy declaring that the Starlink crew have the best snacks, and Falco telling him to stop stuffing his face.
  • Wolf's introductory cutscene, while also an Establishing Character Moment in the context of the story, also has amusing parts. When his lackey Cash calls in about Fox destroying his outpost, he claims Fox had fifty ships helping him out, trying to save face after being beaten by a four-man mercenary company and a small crew of pilots from Earth. Wolf knows he's full of crap.
    • After the call ends, he takes a bite out of the alien arm he's carrying, only to spit it out, grumbling...
      Wolf: Blagh. Never thought I'd miss the food on Corneria.
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  • After Wolf is defeated, Peppy falls asleep despite Fox mentioning they still have to take on the Legion. Fox responds to Peppy's snoring by telling Slippy to wake him up, to which Slippy responds with "Yes, sir! I have the air horn right here.". Peppy promptly wakes up anyway.
  • One of Eli's reactions to his ship catching on fire? "Welp, ship's on fire."
  • St. Grand's file for Levi does not sugarcoat Levi's major flaws.
    St. Grand: Levi is also an entitled little brat who snuck aboard my ship. He's oblivious to basic social cues. His obsession with selfies is a textbook case of compulsive narcissism.
  • The animated introductions of each individual Star Fox member (minus Fox himself) in the Crimson Echos DLC. While Falco’s actually makes him look pretty badass, Peppy is shown sleeping and subsequently falling over before reaffirming himself, whereas Slippy is shown playing with the toy figurines of the Arwings.
  • Several moments occur during Star Wolf's introduction cutscene:
    • As Andrew gets the communications device to start working, Slippy takes a bite out of the Corneria cake from Star Wolf, prompting Peppy to shake his head and yank it out of his hand.
    • The Star Wolf team members stand so close to the device that they repeatedly shove each other out of the way whenever they want to say something.
      Pigma: Enjoying our Corneria cake, Peppy?!
      Leon: I suppose you're dying to know how it got there. Transintentional teleportation device!
      Andrew: It's transdimensional! You thought I wasn't as smart as Uncle Andross, well, guess what?
      Leon: You're not.
      Andrew: Hey, I made this myself!
      Pigma: SHUT IT, both of you! You made a fool of our boss!
      Andrew: And we won't let you get away with it!
      Pigma: I was gonna say that!
    • They then finish the broadcast with Pigma telling the other two to pose together while doing an Evil Laugh, which is undermined when Andrew delivers an Annoying Laugh instead, with Pigma and Leon staring at him as the broadcast ends.
      Startail: Hehe. I like them.

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