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  • Some of the descriptions for items can veer into this. Especially with some of the posters.
    Glitch: (On a poster reading "Keep Calm and-" with the rest scrawled) "Frustration. Trying to guess the missing text will irritate me for days."
    Apex: (On the same Keep Calm poster) "If this was a Miniknog poster, the missing text would read 'you won't be terminated'."
    Human: (On an "OBEY" poster) "Apex propaganda. I should draw a funny moustache on it."
    Human: (On a Disgusting Public Toilet) "Nothing a bit of bleach and napalm won't sort."
    Hylotl: (On a Hylotl warning sign) "The sign warns of the dangers of texting while walking."
    Hylotl: (On a "Mess Hall" sign) "Why would humans label a room as messy instead of tidying up? Maybe I'm misunderstanding.."
    Avian: (Observing a Glitchspeare Portrait) "This Glitch has facial hair. How is that possible?"
    Avian: (Observing an office chair) "What is this devilry, a chair on wheels?"
    Floran: (On a "There is no need to be upset" poster) "Big fat monkeyman sssssays wordsssss. Floran punch in face."
    Floran: (On a poster for "10 things I hate about Florans") "Want to stab this poster."
    Glitch: (On a Hylotl statue) "Critical. It appears the Hylotl have always suffered from poor fashion sense."
    Avian: (On a Disobey poster) "A defaced poster of Big Ape. Good work."
    Human: (Observing graffiti reading "No Escape") "Challenge accepted."

    • Several comments along these lines while in Hylotl towns make clear that, no matter how peaceful, Glitch definitely do not like the Hylotl. To the point when they misread a sign and take it as claiming they kidnap children (actually a plan for rescuing their tadpoles that float up to the surface), one of them even says something along the lines of "I knew it".
      • Try talking to a Glitch as a Hylotl sometime. There'll be bragging, there'll be condescending comments, and even genuinely well-meaning comments on how they're sure the Hylotl will eventually be as advanced as them. Keep in mind the glitch are technically stuck in medieval ages.
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  • Any lore entry involving Hylotl adventurer Hiraki Corale. The innocence and naivety in her writing just sells it.
  • From the introduction of the Novakids:
    "An Avian diplomat reportedly described a Novakid he met as “dense”, and elaborated upon his statement by mentioning that the Novakid in question had cheerily asked him if his god, Kluex, was real."
  • Despite some rather horrific codex entries, some of them fall straight into this.
    Big Ape: So, let's get started then. We have important things to discuss.
    Greenfinger: [Redacted]
    Thornwing: [Redacted]
    [Redacted]: Are you serious?
    Big Ape: [Redacted]
    Big Ape: [Redacted]
    Big Ape: [Redacted]
  • In a moment of Black Comedy, Greenfinger's surprise at how the Beast grew powerful enough to destroy earth isn't surprising considering humanity had the Idiot Ball.
  • "If Floran make trouble, Floran will eat... Floran? Floran is confused." A Floran guard will say this if you're a Floran with a weapon out.
  • Analysing any of the NPC spawners of the other playable races aside from the players own.
  • Gnome Villages can occasionally be found underground. You can smash the houses for pixels and use the residents as weapons. The tiny screams they make when you throw them are hilarious.
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  • A wondrous bit of Black Comedy from the Codex "Child's Rhyme":
    There once was an ape called Big Ape
    Whose brain was the size of a grape
    He swung through the trees
    And got riddled with fleas
  • After Dreadwing was updated to be a mission boss rather than summoned via distress signal, his bio was updated to adapt to this. Apparently, all pre-update encounters with the penguin are still canon, as the bio mentions he used to prey on people with distress signals and gave up after getting shot down numerous times.
    • It doesn't help that most of the time he was being shot down by players using bows. That must be pretty embarrassing for your track record if your ship is getting shot down by wooden longbows.
  • The third mission requires you to obtain Durasteel Armor. The quest to obtain the mission? If you're a Floran, you get invited to a 'Floran party' and need Durasteel Armor in order to proceed to said party. Sounds totally safe.
  • During the "Baron's Keep" mission, all the Occasus mooks use an Archaic Weapon for an Advanced Age. It's not funny until you see their Airborne Mook... which is a cultist riding an old-school Aerial screw that probably wouldn't be able to properly fly!
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  • The codex "Ironbeak's Journal," written by an NPC crew member about their adventures on board the typical player's ship.
    The only way to know was to find the microwave, to which the captain had given me very particular directions (through the galley's ventilation shaft, past the third broken television, left at the skeleton).
  • Some of the items. For instance, take this ridiculously tall chair. Or the Gnome Gun.
  • The lore codex Details of the Wager, which explains how the Baron got his keep: He won it in a game of jacks.
  • After the 1.3 revamp, mechs have an optional slot for horns. There are various horns to be found, including the La Cucaracha horn.
  • It is rather amusing that on Lava planets, underneath the seas of boiling hot lava, you will eventually find other biomes. This planet of lava, which is completely uninhabitable just by the extreme environment in itself, will still have gnome villages, ancient Glitch dungeons, Avian tombs (and their guardians,) cultists and bandits, and even the occasional friendly merchant. The occasional friendly hermit and hostile wildlife can also be found beneath lunar surfaces.
  • A "Poptop farmer" can be found living in a quaint log cabin, along with a gaggle of friendly Poptops all singing their song in unison... inside a glass dome on a teensy asteroid, hurtling through interplanetary space.
    • Another anomaly oddity is that you can find an abandoned Hyotl arcade with a single game cabinet, which plays a visual novel involving air hockey and time travel.
  • When observing the Hylotl Blue Neon Shop Sign, most races will wonder what it's for, possibly guessing that it's an aquarium. If you examine it as a Hylotl, however, you find it points to the public toilets.
  • Upon examining the Wrecked Vent item, multiple player races give slightly different responses.
    Apex: A dusty old vent.
    Avian: A rusty old vent.
    Floran: Crusssty old vent.
    Hylotl: A musty old vent.
  • An update adds the Peacekeeper side missions, in which you help a Novakid apprehend various criminals. It's not without humor, though.

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