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Being Lighter and Softer than its sister shows, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has much more lighthearted comedy to enjoy.

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Season One

     Episode 1: Strange New Worlds 
  • When Spock accepts T'Pring's proposal of marriage, they kiss. While they're in a restaurant on Vulcan, and the waiter immediately gets uncomfortable. (Well, as uncomfortable as a Vulcan would get, anyway.)
    Waiter: I'm going to have to ask you two to do that somewhere else. Please.
    T'Pring: What an excellent idea.
  • If T'Pring's wit were a blade, Spock would have bled to death before ever leaving Vulcan.
    • When Pike calls just as Spock and T'Pring were about to consummate their engagement:
      Pike: Are you naked?
      Spock: No, sir.
      T'Pring: No, Chris, he is not. He was about to be.
    • When Spock accepts the assignment:
      Spock: Matrimony and duty. The two will complement each other.
      T'Pring: I remain skeptical.
  • When Pike, Spock and La'an arrive on-world, the first words out of Spock's mouth are "Captain, where are my pants?". Turns out they gave Spock shorts for his disguise.
  • The crew is forced to knock out a pair of Kiley scientists and beam them up to the Enterprise under sedation. One of them wakes up and, taking in what has happened, understandably freaks out and bolts, forcing Nurse Chapel to chase after him.
    Chapel: I know you're scared. It's not what you think!
    Scientist: What is this? [ducks into a turbolift, which then leaves]
    Chapel: Well, maybe it is a little bit...
    • Upon this development being announced, the crew is not particularly concerned. Ortegas seems to be mostly frustrated that she is missing out on the fun because she has to sit in the Captain's chair and be in command.
    • Oh, and the situation is referred to as a "Delta Scorpii Seven". That, plus Ortegas' annoyed "Always when I'm in the captain's chair" suggests that this isn't the first time this has happened.
    • During the foot chase, Chapel accidentally knocks down two crewmembers as she sprints past. They are, naturally, Red Shirts.
  • As Uhura and the escaped Kiley scientist discuss a tagball game he was present at while their turbolift car makes its way to the Bridge, Nurse Chapel comes in from out of nowhere and sedates him.
    Ortegas: (sarcastically) Welcome to the Enterprise.
  • Upon beaming down, Pike has this to say about their surroundings:
    Pike: Why is it always an alley?
  • As Pike, La'an and Spock are riding an elevator down (complete with Muzak), one of the scientists takes notice of Pike and it appears that they both like what they see. And then she notices Spock's ear beginning to revert to its natural Vulcan shape, leading Pike to hurriedly shuffle Spock out of sight.
  • "Captain, the pain — it is unbearable." Only Spock can say that in a convincing deadpan. And then follow it up by grabbing his ears and letting loose a long, painful scream before suddenly stopping as he fully reverts back to his true appearance, while nonchalantly adding, "That's better."
  • Pike decides to reveal himself to the Kileans, and sticks to the classics:
    Pike (wan smile): Take me to your leader.
  • Pike beams down between hostile, arguing parties, and awkwardly says "Hi...sorry to interrupt."
  • When informed by Admiral April that the Federation Council is considering changing the name of General Order One to the Prime Directive, Pike is skeptical:
    Pike: Well, that'll never stick.

     Episode 2: Children of the Comet 
  • The episode begins by revealing that Uhura's been invited to a dinner with Pike and the other officers, and Ortegas suggested she wear her dress uniform. Uhura steps out of the turbolift all nice and proper... and Ortegas is standing there in civvies. Turns out Ortegas was doing a little hazing. Just to rub it in, Ortegas says that it's now too late to change. When Pike sees her, he just chuckles at a joke he's seen many times before. And to top it all off, Pike answers the door in even more informal garb, wearing a recently stained kitchen apron.
  • While discussing with the crew about what to do about the comet, Pike takes a moment to compliment Kirk on his mustache, and Sam responds by jokingly suggesting the captain try one for himself. Uhura can only side-eye them incredulously.
    • One for the shippers: Uhura gives the same side-eye whenever she notices Spock and Chapel flirting. Extrapolate from that however you will.
  • Sam Kirk ignores the first rule of what to do around weird glowy things and gets sent flying across the room, knocked unconscious and left sprawled out in much the same pose that the audience saw his corpse in during the original series.
  • Spock tries to cheer Uhura up:
    Spock: Your humming suggests you may be experiencing distress. May I remind you that circumstances are less dire than they were. Mr. Kirk identified one error you can avoid. By eliminating that option, he has improved your odds.
    Uhura: Was that actually your version of a pep talk?
    Uhura: ...Yeah, I wouldn't take your foot off the gas on that one.
  • Faced with a comet about to smack into a planet, Captain Pike reacts thusly:
    Pike: We've got a planet to save before breakfast. [turns to Number One] I love this job!
  • The Enterprise encounters a new species that calls themselves the "Shepherds". Pike can't believe it and asks his communications officer if there's a translation error.
    Shepherd Captain: We are the Shepherds.
    Pike: Really?
  • Uhura is rather put out by Spock's Brutal Honesty about their dire situation with the Shepherds, and lets him know about it. Pike's response?
    "She's got a point, Spock."
  • Spock is... Spock.
    Spock: I find the best way to defuse tension is to apply rigorous logic.

     Episode 3: Ghosts of Illyria 
  • Hemmer's Deadpan Snarker nature really gets to shine.
    Una: Hemmer, did you find anything?
    Hemmer: Of course. That's why I'm wandering the ship in the middle of the night running diagnostics. For fun.
  • Spock's use of a human metaphor leaves much to be desired.
    Spock: A watched kettle never boils.
    Pike: It's uh... a pot, Spock.
  • Una effortlessly hefting an unconscious Hemmer over one shoulder to get him medical attention is the culmination of a series of events letting the viewer know there's definitely more to Una than meets the eye. When she arrives, though, it also momentarily distracts Nurse Chapel from the ongoing crisis.
    Chapel: How in the exact hell are you carrying him?
    Una: Never mind.

     Episode 4: Memento Mori 
  • Erica Ortegas may be an Ace Pilot but she's not insane, implied by her You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! reactions at the various solutions the Enterprise crew come up with for facing the Gorn.
  • Spock warns Pike that taking the ship any further into the Brown Star runs the risk of destroying the ship. Pike, realizing that he can bait the Gorn into doing the same, tells him it's a good idea and orders the Enterprise further into the brown star. Cue a confused Spock:
    "That is not what I suggested."

     Episode 5: Spock Amok 
  • Spock has a nightmare which is very similar to the scenario he will later experience in Amok Time except for some key differences:
    • T'Pring rejects Spock because he is human, reacting with revulsion to his hideous round ears.
    • The rival she chooses to fight Spock is... Spock, but fully-Vulcan.
    • The duel features the music from "Amok Time" and Spock gets his shirt cut open.
  • At the start of the episode, T'Pring says "We must prioritize our relationship" in the most dry way possible, as though saying "Sex will now commence."
  • Rather than stay in the room with arguing delegates, La'an asks Pike if she can continue doing "security things."
  • A mind meld causes Spock and T'Pring to swap bodies. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Pike's utterly baffled look when T'Pring calls him by his first name.
    • Quickly followed by his reaction when he learns the truth.
    Pike: Get out of town.
    T'Pring-in-Spock: We are not in a town.
    • After clearing up that they are in each other's bodies, T'Pring-in-Spock says that Pike "can now quite clearly see the very clear difference in our mannerisms." Seeing the pair in matching stances and tones almost indistinguishable from their normal ones, Pike dryly remarks "yeah, totally."note 
  • Number One is jarred to hear folks nickname her "where fun goes to die." She and La'an then find two ensigns trying to play a "bingo" game that involved walking on the hull. La'an interrogates one like she's a Romulan spy, reducing her to tears, while Number One is laughing and getting along with the other to get her to talk.
    • La'an even calls "Bad Cop!" once they go to interrogate, to Una's disappointment.
  • Number One and La'an decide to play Enterprise bingo, and one of the tasks is shooting each other with the lowest phaser setting. Only La'an gets a shot off. Number One admits that it genuinely hurts.
    • Getting the phasers down to their lowest settings involves repeatedly thumbing down the intensity setting for a few seconds.
  • Everyone teasing M'Benga's dorky fly-fishing hat. He finally takes it off when transporting away... before immediately putting it back on once he's alone by the lake.
  • Spock explaining to T'Pring how to answer the door.
    T'Pring: I know how a door works.
  • "It appears that hijinks are the most logical course of action."
  • Spock decides to have a little fun with Nurse Chapel.
    Chapel: What are friends for?
    Spock: (as though pondering a great philosophical question) What ARE friends for?
    Chapel: Uh... that was a rhetorical, Spock.
    Spock: Oh, I know. Humans are nearly as easy to tease as Vulcans.
  • T'Pring (actually Spock in T'Pring's body) approaching Nurse Chapel makes Ortegas panic, as notoriously-adverse-to-long-term-relationships Chapel admitted to giving Spock relationship advice.
    Ortegas: "Are you serious? Never get in the middle of a Vulcan relationship. They will hit you with a lirpa! Trust me. Have you ever fought with a lirpa? I have actual scars."
    • In the middle of saying this, clearly as she's expecting that T'Pring's here to challenge Chapel to a duel, Ortegas gives a polite wave to T'Pring to hide her worry.
  • All the main characters this episode, even the ones on shore leave, have some sort of drama happen to them. Then the episode cuts to M'Benga just fly fishing like he planned to, wearing his silly hat and not a care in the world.

    Episode 6: Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach 
  • When the rebel Majalan cruiser attacks the Enterprise, the ship doesn't even shake, leading to Pike uttering an amused "Damage?" He then asks if it's possible to disable the cruiser without blowing them to smithereens, showing just how hilariously outclassed the rebels are compared to Enterprise.

    Episode 7: The Serene Squall 
  • T'Pring matter-of-factly states she's been "researching human sexuality." Spock comes as close to a Spit Take as a Vulcan can.
  • According to Aspen/Angel, Starfleet refers to Pike as their "Boy Scout". When Pike doesn't believe it, Una confirms that it's actually in his file.
  • Ortegas' Unusual Euphemism when approaching the enemy vessel.
    Ortegas: First date or third date?
    Pike: Blind date.
    Ortegas: Aye, approaching with extreme caution.
  • Pike cooks a meal for the Serene Squall as a mutiny-inducing tactic— leading to the sight of him wearing an apron over his combat suit.
  • To convince T'Pring not to exchange Xaverius for Spock, Spock and Nurse Chapel pretend to be having an affair and kiss in front of a (seemingly) bamboozled T'Pring.
  • The Enterprise crew have taken over the Serene Squall, pulled off a Big Damn Heroes moment with Enterprise and managed to get the pirates aboard to stand down... mere moments before a couple of phaser bolts fly past Pike's head. Turns out they're still in the middle of the mutiny they incited and they took over the bridge prematurely.
    • Also, the Squall is steered with a ship's wheel— as in, a sailing ship.
  • Pike requests to fire "gently" at the Enterprise and winces at the damage to it.
    Pike: I said gently.
    Ortegas: What does "fire gently" even mean?
  • After their pirate-fighting escapades are over, Pike can't resist talking like a stereotypical pirate, much to Una's annoyance. (And judging by her annoyance, he's been doing it since they defeated the pirates.)
    Pike: Argh, me mateys. If we ever catch Angel, we should make them walk the plank. Argh.
    Una: Please stop. (Pike pouts)
    • Meanwhile Ortegas is enjoying it.

    Episode 8: The Elysian Kingdom 
  • When Pike comments on how simple their science mission is, it's Spock of all people who brings up the human superstition that advises against Tempting Fate in such a way; when things then start to go south, Mr. Logical himself seems genuinely open to the idea that Pike did indeed jinx it. It's funny enough on its own, but even more so if one remembers the premiere when Spock was the one who commented on the fortuitousness of their circumstances and Una scolded him for jinxing it before things went Off the Rails. Clearly Spock took the lesson to heart— even more than Pike, who was with them on that mission.
  • The total shock of Lt. Noonien-Singh of all people acting all girly, from her Girly Skirt Twirl to baby-talking to/with/at a puppy, in sickbay.
    • Bonus points for La'an briefly breaking into song as if she was a stereotypical Disney princess— followed up by M'Benga's deadpan "Okay".
  • Everyone affected by the nebula entity goes completely over the top is worth every yuck— especially Uhura, who may or may not have been waiting her whole life to play an evil queen.
  • Pike — who, it should be noted, will eventually have a medal for bravery named after him — as a whimpering coward is hysterical. Especially when stuck in a cell and moaning for help when it's clear he's been in it for about five minutes.
    Pike: I can't take it anymore, I tell you! The walls! The walls are starting to close in on me!
  • He then capitulates way too quickly before the evil queen.
    Uhura: Kneel before me!
    Pike: (immediately kneels while everybody else remains standing) Yes, of course!
  • Pike yelping "unhand me, you brute!" at a guard half his size is just delightful.
  • Considering that Pike and Ortegas have such a fun relationship, to see their fairy tale counterparts loathe each other is funny.
  • And then there's Hemmer, who's not affected by the entity. Despite having a serious temperament and little if any knowledge of Earth fairy tales, he really hams it up when he gets into his role as the White Wizard.
    "Once again, the magic of SCIENCE prevails!"
    • Hemmer also asks M'Benga what a wizard would say when doing magic. M'Benga tells him "Abracadabra". Hemmer cheerfully replies that he likes it, and then gets to use it when pulling off his transporter trick.
  • The Enterprise's helmsman gets to play the swashbuckling hero with a sword.

    Episode 9: All Those Who Wander 
  • The scene where Pike and Spock brief the senior staff on their new mission keeps getting derailed by Una and La'an gushing over Pike's cooking.
    • Spock doing the dishes while wearing an apron is a hilarious visual by itself.
  • Pike shows off his dad skills by leading an away team. He tells Una that he's going to "pile the kids up in the station wagon, take a road trip", an analogy that confuses Spock, followed up with "Don't make me turn this car around." while pointing at everyone with the cooking tongs. La'an's deadpan look at Pike while popping a fork-full of food in her mouth is hysterical.
  • One of the members of the away team is a newly minted Lieutenant who Spock mistakenly refers to by his old rank of Ensign. Sam Kirk and Chapel immediately note that Spock owes him a drink for referring to him by his old rank, "Starfleet tradition." Spock can only ask with mild exasperation if there's no end to human drinking games.

    Episode 10: A Quality of Mercy 
  • Admiral Pike needs to convince a skeptical Captain Pike that he's him from the future and not some sort of illusion, imitation, or other trick. So Admiral Pike begins to tell the tragic story of a beloved childhood pony that died when Pike was very young... Sir Neighs-a-lot. Pike never told the story to anyone because, well, the impact gets ruined by the silly name.
  • Pike getting dropped into the middle of a wedding between two people he doesn't know is so horribly awkward (both for him and for everyone who's clearly wondering what's wrong with their captain) that he's genuinely grateful when the Red Alert sounds.
    Pike: Oh, thank God.
  • Sam Kirk freely acknowledges his brother's intelligence and skill, but... well, they're still brothers.
    Pike: Should we be worried that he's going to start a war?
    Sam Kirk: Look, I'm not gonna say that Jim isn't a pain in the ass. He is. He's a huge pain in the ass. But the truth is, he's as fine a Captain as Starfleet has.
  • The long Reaction Shot when the bridge crew sees the Romulans for the first time. On seeing their resemblance to the Vulcans, Ortegas whips around (with a zoom-in on her shocked face) to look at Uhura, who looks at Sam, who looks at Pike, who looks at Spock... before cutting to a wide shot and another zoom-in on Spock's reaction. The dramatic musical sting (a re-orchestration of the classic Romulan theme) that accompanies it really puts it over the top.
  • Admiral Pike notes how it's not every day you get to die twice to save the future. You know, because both he and Captain Pike are the same person. It's good to see his jokes don't get any better in the Bad Future.