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  • Commander Up's story about his injury and why he's such a softie has to be seen to be believed. The fact that it's Joe Walker crying onto Joey Richter's shoulder and sitting on his lap the entire time makes it that much funnier.
    • The end of that scene where they nuzzle their noses together just put this troper in hysterics.
    • And the whole "Christmas Shoes" part was just brilliant.
    • "Hotdog style. Not hamburger."
    Up: I've never really told this to anyone before.
    Bug: Well you've never been on someone's lap before now either!
  • The Take That! to Glee in act 2.
    Up: Damn that G.L.E.E.! They're always making twisted abominations of everything!
    • Joe's wink to the audience (and camera) is priceless.
      • Even better - the wink was actually directed at Darren Criss, who was in the audience that night.
    • February's actress herself is visibly holding in laughter.
  • Taz's inspiring speech to Up
    Taz: Or that taught me calculus. Calculus was tough!
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  • February's dumb blonde moments.
    I'll take off my helmet. (realizes her helmet is already off) Let record show I'm super ahead of schedule.
    As the Shience officer...
  • This:
  • During "Beauty", Bug starts getting into the song (because he can understand what all the bugs are singing) while February just stares at him with a "WTF?" expression on her face.
  • The whole scene between Pincer and Junior.
    I... am not a dumbass. He's a dumbass!
  • February and Bug's kiss. Joey Richter's Aside Glance to the audience is just icing on the cake.
  • You are the bravest sonuvabitch I've ever met in my life!
  • The blue grasshopper-esque bug trying to make Bug think planting eggs into mammals seem like the greatest job in the world:
    Egg-planter bug: "So, ya still think being an egg planter is lame?"
    Bug: (after a moment's pause) "...yes."
    • For that matter, Nick Lang's blue over-enthusiastic instructor bug in every scene he's in.
      Why don't you just got ahead and devour the nearest mammal!
  • After Bug is sentenced to be an egg-planter forever and never leave the Hive, the Mosquito Brothers come by and try to mock him. Bug then says something along the lines of "Oh, sure, kick me while I'm down, why don't you" and they gladly try to slap him (with their own grunting sound effects) while he just stands there. While this is going on, Joey casually scratches the back of his neck. When the mosquitos see it isn't working, one of them says "What the hell?"
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  • This little exchange.
    Commander Up: You just stared down a gigantic spider, and in my book that makes you one tough son-of-a-bitch.
    Bug: Thank you sir! (raises his right arm into a salute) I am a tough bitch!
  • The whole bit where Roach gets selected as a Queen Impregnator.
  • Commander Up's speech about how he pee pees like a big boy.
    Commander Up: I do not pee pee sitting down! I never did it and the one time that maybe you heard about it was because the gravity was on too high. So you try peeing while the gravity is THREE times too high! Alright! I don't pee pee sitting down! I pee pee like a big boy, dead God dammit. I pee pee like a big boy so stop making fun of me!
  • "All hail Astro Boy!"
  • Junior's reaction to Bugette's larvae.
    Are... Are they friendly?
  • Junior getting choked.
  • "Cool it skank. You do not know me."
  • Taz. Just Taz. All her lines are hilarious.
    Taz:Put your hand on that wall.
    Krayonder: What? Why?
    Taz: Put your hand. On that WALL!!!
    • Also
      Taz: You'd better unfudge yourself or Commander Up will unscrew your head and drop the wishing pennies down your throat.
    • "Now take a walk off my knife!"
    • And who could forget:
      Taz: I will wrap you up in a tortilla, and EAT YOU. As a snack.
    • Taz: If you don't go out there and die for something... I will KILL YOU FOR NOTHING!!
    • Taz: "Oh, don't throw the knife? OK."
    • Taz: "Oh, does that hurt you? WALK IT OFF! *repeatedly stabs herself with knife - which folds instead of penetrating*
    • Taz: "Get your zappers and set them to pew. Pew pew, pew pew!"
  • Every reference to Dead God.
  • That moment when, after Up has killed the Mosquito Brothers, the puppeteers leave their puppets on the stage floor and just casually walk off midscene.
  • Up, providing support.
    Up: Rangers! I want every single one of you to get back to your dormitories right now and take a bubble bath! We deserve bubbles on our skin.
  • "You expressed your true feelings! That makes you one tough son-of-a-bitch!"
  • February saying Junior only wanted her for her body, not her mind, and pointing to her chest.
  • Junior: "Yeah, he's about to have an accident with his head and my zapper. EvilLaugh...AND THEN I'LL SHOOT HIM!
  • Junior during Kick It Up A Notch Reprise: "Yeah, I'm smoking pot!!"
    Junior: I don't give a RAT'S ASS about your hive! That's why I'm using this gun to asplode this shit.
  • Everything Krayonder does after being stabbed, but especially:
    Krayonder: You stabbed me!
    • I thought the point was that the knife collapsed into itself instead of penetrating the skin, and Krayonder was just being a wuss.
  • After watching the captain's log of a failed expedition to Bug World, which culminates in the captain being cut in half by Pincer, Bug nods and says "That was a good video. Until the end, when it got sad." It really must be seen to be believed.
  • Part this, part Tear Jerker. When the Overqueen appoints a certain bug to keep the peace:
    Bug: Well, I do know a few bugs that would be pretty good at that. Have you ever met Bumbly? Or Bugette- oh...
  • Tootsie Noodles and Krayonder talking about Megagirl
    Krayonder: Tootsie, let me spell it out for you dude. That thing is a R-O-B-O-T man!
    Tootsie: You can't fool me with numbers, Krayonder!
  • Tootsie in general:
    • Tootsie:A horse ate my an' horses got a feud
    • Tootsie: I just saw irrefutable proof the science killed God. It's comfy to know he was once alive though. I like to think that when he died he went to heaven
    • Tootsie:I once had a flirtatious relationship with a stack of hay, but that was kinda strange 'cuz the stack of hay was my cousin
  • Taz's constant Gratuitous Spanish, which begins to make less and less sense until eventually she encounters a giant spider and bellows "FELIZ NAVIDAD!"
  • Pincer's puppeteers are all in their costumes-even Taz and Tootsie.

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