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  • Some of the Private Events have this. Some famous examples go to...
    • A two-part private event where Ilia tells Roddick the story of Cinderella...and not the Disney version either. This proceeds to scare Roddick, who in another Private event, has a nightmare that he's Cinder-Roddick, complete with Ilia as the stepmother, Millie as the Fairy Godmother, the rest of the female party members as the stepsisters, and Ronyx as Prince Charming. When he wakes up to find a worried Millie standing over him, he freaks out and runs away.
      Roddick: The Fairy Godmother?! Noooooooooo!!!
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    • Welch spills a love potion on Roddick that makes everyone fall in love with him.
      • Heck, almost anything Welch does is good for a laugh.
    • The Private Actions on feline martial arts.

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