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  • Most dialogue in the whole game can be considered this, but people have their favorites.
  • Not even 15 seconds after the Corneria stage begins proper and Slippy already gets himself into trouble. This is the first spoken line of dialogue after you take control of Fox's Arwing:
    Peppy: Slippy, get back here!
  • On the easy Corneria route, you fight Granga in a bipedal mech. If you shoot either of its legs off, it just falls over and becomes immobile for the rest of the fight, while Granga continues to trash talk you as if he still has a fighting chance. He also lets out a Big "NO!" every single time you shoot him, meaning his fight in practice sounds like:
    Granga: Nooooo! N-Nooo-N-No-Nooooo! Noooo! No! N-Noo—MY EMPEROR, I'VE FAILED YOUUUUUU!!
    • In 3D, if you wait before finishing off Granga after his mech falls over, he continues to trash talk you while knocked over before eventually realizing:
    Granga: Hey... I can't move!
  • The Forever Train Engineer on Macbeth, and his greeting to you.
    Forever Train Engineer: Here come the little hyenas now!
    Forever Train Engineer: Here ya go! (drops a load of boulders in Fox's path. Fox bypasses them/shoots them for free points easily.)
    Forever Train Engineer: ...They're not taking me seriously.
    • If you hit all eight switches and shoot the master switch, the train is sent barrelling towards a weaponry bunker at uncontrollable speeds. The Engineer's last words are oddly hilarious.
    • The engineer repeatedly says "Step on the gas!" in order to stay ahead of Team Star Fox, especially near the end. If he says this right before you reroute the tracks, his last words become even funnier, as they come off like Attack! Attack... Retreat! Retreat!.
  • Say it with me now:
    • Now type that sucker into Google!
  • Just the tone Wolf uses when he says "Can't let you do that, Star Fox".
    • For another good Wolf line, somersault when he's chasing you. In 3D, he gets more lines.
    Wolf: What the heck?!
    Wolf: Seriously?
    Wolf: Oh, dang it!
  • The Sarumarine Captain's Bristolian accent.
    Saurmarine Captain: Disrespectful little whelps! I'll teach ye some respect!
    • One good line from this boss happens if you force him underwater - by shooting off one of his launchers before destroying the two exhaust ports, causing him to dive down to retrieve it - and then destroy the periscope he's using to aim at you with his spiked ball on a chain.
    Sarumarine Captain: I can't see anything. Fire anyway!
  • The Shogun Warlord's Bostonian accent as he shouts "COCKY LITTLE FREAKS!"
    • He also enters with the line "Don't party just yet!", with the heaviest emphasis on the first syllable of the second word. Bostonian accents tend to drop r's at the end of syllables, so...
  • Andross's pun when he shows his true form is this, either as intended, or for narm.
    Andross: " Only I have the brains to rule Lylat!"
  • Occasionally on Katina, Peppy will accidentally shoot down a friendly fighter.
    Peppy: Enemy down...wait, that was one of ours!
  • Shooting at Falco occasionally sprouts this gem:
    Falco: Hey, Einstein! I'm on your side!
    • In 3D, it is instead:
    Falco: Hey, genius! I'm on your side!
    • If you accidentally hit Falco again, he gets more lines in 3D. It's the tone for each one that sells it.
    Falco: Do I look like a bad guy?
    Falco: Learn to aim, Fox!
    Falco: Ugh, Fox!
  • When facing Andross, when he does his inhale attack, you can shoot a Nova Bomb into his mouth. Not only does it cut the attack short, you get treated to the sight of Andross eating it in confusion, followed by it exploding inside him, causing his face to puff out and smoke to billow from his ears and nostrils. All topped up by him screaming/shaking his head in rage.
  • During the credits, when the team is flying together with the sunset and the Great Fox in the background, Slippy gradually falls behind the rest of the group.
  • At the end of the game, after the credits, you see an invoice from Star Fox charging General Pepper for their services. If you rack up enough of a bill (each point is worth $64), Pepper reacts with a Big "WHAT?!".
    • Earn slightly less and he'll say "This is one steep bill, but it's worth it."
      • Earn as little as possible and he'll refuse to even comment.
  • In the original version, a cute and funny Easter egg in the title screen lets you move the "64"/Star Fox logo around, as the team looks at it in curiosity.