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  • Carlyle's review of Bratz, especially Korey and Leon's reaction to him casually bringing up Jon Voight.
  • Leon's fart noises in the review of Over Her Dead ody.
  • The Disaster Movie review, which begins with Korey trying to commit suicide because the movie was so bad. It's also notable as the first time the lowest rating possible, a "Fuck You", is put in place.
  • The Bangkok Dangerous review where most of Korey and Cohost's time is spent mocking Nicolas Cage's awful narration and absurd looking hair piece.
  • The Lakeview Terrace review where Korey notes that the white man and black girl couple isn't quite as much a stigma as the black man and white girl couple, culminating in him suggesting the same concept except with Samuel L. Jackson and a white woman being menaced by an angry Queen Latifah.
  • In the review of Friday the 13th (2009), it's hypothesized that it's not that Jason Voorhees doesn't want people smoking weed on his property. He just don't want them smoking his weed.
  • LEOG, Volume 1, Issue 18, where most of the first hour is spent trying to recap Batman R.I.P., and how they completely lose it at any possible moment, but especially when they bring up "Weapons Grade Crystal Meth".
    Beau: I am God!! I can't fly, but I can kill!!!
  • The video review for Halloween II (2009), full stop.
  • The beginning of the Saw VI review.
    Korey: Saw VI.
    Cyrus: Some ol' bullshit. G'night, everybody!
    All: G'night!
    [Ending sequence]
    • Don't worry, it's a fake-out.
    • The crew's different Saw-related traps they have to go through: Korey has his area gradually lowered into a grinder, Carlyle is forced to watch both Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie at the same or he'll be forced to shoot himself, Cyrus watches a mint copy of Action Comics #1 being burnt, and Leon... is forced to watch Saw VI.
  • The audio review for Did You Hear About the Morgans?. The tangents they go off on about The Andy Griffith Show and Hugh Grant having conniptions are hilarious.
  • Remember Me: Leon's applause during the clip of the "Disney Dad" standing up for himself.
  • The Edge of Darkness review, particularly when they mock Ray Winstone's ability in the movie to sneak up on people even though he's grossly overweight and should make a lot of noise moving around.
  • The ending for the audio review of Inception, when it devolves into the crew calling Leon out thinking the soundtrack was too loud.
    Cyrus : That soundtrack better get off my lawn!
  • Korey's review of Vampires Suck.
  • The review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 especially when Korey explains why he thinks the movie is "Better Than Sex". It has Cyrus and Leon in the background humming "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic" dressed as Hogwarts students. But, the real kicker is when Co-Host 3000 rises from below in the background dressed as Darth Vader and humming the Imperial March.
  • Korey, Professor Jeff and Jason started a Loading Bar playthrough of Skyrim, in which they decide to make their character a Khajiit and name him "Garfieldius", cue to cat jokes and Jeff and Jason trying to convince Korey to kill everything in sight.
    • Made all the better in Star Wars: The Old Republic when Jason and Jeff decide to pick "Garfieldius" as the name of their overweight smuggler.
  • Professor Jeff and Jason Murphy Batman: Arkham City playthrough: "Batman bitches!"
  • Jason gets increasingly bored and frustrated during Professor Jeff's now legendary "speedrun" of Super Metroid (it's here). On part 10 (of 2), to pass the time and to punish Jeff he begins reading an abysmal fanfic, in which a teenage Samus is impregnated by Ridley. The sombre tone in which he narrates the entire thing (including spelling errors) causes Jeff and everyone watching to crack up.
    • The readings actually start on Part 7 (listed as Session 2: Part 3), where Jason reads a fanfic based around the characters of Super Smash Bros., where Samus and Zelda form a lesbian relationship. One notable section has Link asking Yoshi for his opinion on the matter, only for Yoshi to fail in offering a response, as he canonically cannot speak cohesively.
      Jason: (reading) "Yoshi tried to answer the question-" (starts to laugh) "...but he couldn't, since he had no ability to actually speak whatsoever."
      (Jason and Jeff break out laughing)
      Jeff: It's the authenticity that really sells it, ladies and gentlemen.
  • All of the Twilight film reviews. Each one is priceless in its own way.
  • The guys complaining about how Ravenna didn't let the king have any sex before killing him in the audio review for Snow White & the Huntsman.
  • The Sinister review. Four words: The Return Of Carlyle!
  • The Cloud Atlas audio review, most of which discusses either the unconvincing Yellowface make-up (and how good a job Co-Host might do if given the chance), Hugo Weaving looking like Mrs. Doubtfire and Old Gregg, and Corey's terrible Agent Smith impression.
  • The Happy Hour playthrough of Sleeping Dogs (with guest commentator Brian Brushwood) is a highlight, especially the section in Part 2 where Jason Murphy continuously dies in the rooftop battle, leading to Jeff taking over and completing the battle in one attempt.
    • Also, Crystal Corndog, mixed in with Jason and Jeff's Bane impressions.
    • Brian's commentary all throughout really adds something refreshing to the proceedings.
      Brian: Hi, I'm Brian and I'm a fish rapist.
      • Along with his addressing the police chief as a sports coach.
        Brian: (as Wei Shen) Sorry about that, Coach.
        Brian: (as the Police Chief) Chief! I'm your Chief!
        Jason: Turn in your whistle.
  • The Rise of the Guardians audio review begins with Corey mentioning how - as Leon told him - he starts every review with a long, drawn-out "Boyyyy", and how going back and listening to each one felt like the ending of The Usual Suspects.
  • Korey parodies the flashback sequences from Speed Racer.
    I remember orange juice. I was four years old when my mom gave it to me fresh squeezed.
  • Brian Brushwood returns to Happy Hour with the playthrough of New Super Mario Bros. U in which Jeff becomes the deity of Mario World, with Jason and Brian dubbing him "Beard Man".
  • The stinger at the end of their Get Smart review where Carlyle slaughters the rest of the crew for mocking his "Full Price" rating.
  • Their review of Movie 43 All of it.
  • In the audio review of Marmaduke, Co-Host jokes that the theater was so empty that the theater patrons literally had to call someone back from his break just to set up the projector. The situation was so surreal that Korey brought it up again in the audio review of Escape from Planet Earth.
  • Their audio review of Beautiful Creatures is pure gold from beginning to end, with the entire crew showing off their terrible "genteel Suthuhn" accents, as well as making so many puns about "ticklin' the ahhh-vories" that Brian ends up terrified anything he says will be interpreted as homoerotic innuendo.
    Korey: Oh, Leon, those were the days, boy, when Cyrus was sittin' on the porch with Brian, fanning themselves in their rocking chairs, and you and I were out there in the field pickin' cotton.
    Leon: Yeah, that's why I got mad watching Django Unchained, I was like, "Hey, ain't nobody ever come here and shoot up these guys for me!"
    Brian: Uh, this is the part where Brian sits quietly in the corner.
    Korey: Aw, Brian, come on. Can - can I git something fo' yuh, sir?
  • The beginning of their review of the Evil Dead (2013) remake, where Korey is possessed by the Necronomicon. Then it turns out he was actually just drunk.
  • So many moments of "Red Dead Ridiculous".
    • So much so that they'd need an episode-by-episode recap to cite them all.
    • Are YOU a "Cocaine Princess"? Or are you a "Lady-Boy Tequila Slave"?
  • Korey, Cyrus and Co-Host's utter shock when Leon admits he doesn't know how to use a webcam in the review of The Internship.
  • Korey changing Benedict Cumberbatch's name to Chamberpond and Cumberbacon in the Star Trek Into Darkness review.
  • Then he and Co-Host go on a tangent about how they didn't expect Cumberbatch to have a commanding voice, and started to joke around how he's going to sound as Smaug with Co-Host saying "Elementary Bilbo".
  • In The Smurfs 2 review, Leon's reaction to Korey revealing that he got emotional during the climax.
    • Not to mention how baffled Leon gets when he sees that Korey and Co-Host are surprised by his giving the film a "Fuck You" rating.
  • The review for We're the Millers starts out rather slowly, but at about the halfway mark descends into all-out war between the reviewers as it's revealed that Korey and Co-Host disliked the film while Cyrus and Leon enjoyed it.
  • In their review of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Korey sums up the ENTIRE film as such:
    Korey: ... If you haven't seen Twilight, Percy Jackson, Beautiful Creatures, The Crow, Resident Evil (2002), Blade, Star Wars, your sister's diary full of gay porn fantasy fiction, and yes Harry Potter... then boy have we got a movie for you.
  • The review of Elysium quickly descends into political incorrectness.
    • Imitating Kruger's accent. "What's wrong with this fucking guy?"
    • The first thing they say is that the film stars Matt Damon "in the world's most elaborate coat hanger."
    • After talking about how gloriously the movie blows people up, Korey says he'd like to go out that way. And he'd be perfectly okay with having a bunch of fireworks stuffed up his ass!
  • Co-Host's solo adventure on the screening of the One Direction documentary/concert movie This Is Us: Once all the tween girls in the theater noticed him entering the place they all started to applaud him and cheer him on, because they thought he was someone's dad that brought his kid to watch the movie, and they him labeled as "the most awesome dad ever". It got even more awkward for him when the girls started to take photos of him with their cellphones.
  • In the review of Last Vegas, the crew spends more time talking about Korey's experience of going to personally shut up a loud theater patron (which he didn't end up doing since she turned out to be a girl with an intellectual disability), than about the movie itself.