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WARNING: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Funny Moments pages. All spoilers will be unmarked.

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     Main game 
  • In the opening scene, we get a pan-around of Peter's apartment. We see a stack of magazines with Norman Osborn on the cover, along with a few Nerf darts, implying that Peter uses those magazines as a Dartboard of Hate.
    • We also see sticky note reminders all over the place, notes such as "The suit stinks!! Laundry, Peter!", "Find out Yuri's b-day", and "Need catchphrase... 'it's webbin' time?'"
  • One of the ways to fast travel around the city is to take the subway. What follows after that is a cutscene of Spider-Man inside the subway with regular people on his phone while no one even seems to pay him any mind.
    • One of the "time is passing" screens is Spidey sitting around with a bagel and coffee from not-Starbucks, implying he walked in and ordered in costume.
    • One of the scenes actually explains why people on the train wouldn't bat an eye at Spider-Man, as the "Real" Spider-Man sits and chats with someone wearing a cheap imitation Spider-Man costume.
    • During the third act when the city is under martial law, Spidey fast travels outside of the train...which includes a Sable Agent looking out the window right over his head and failing to notice him.
  • The start of the mission "Keeping the Peace":
    Spidey: Now that you quit smoking, what do you tell people when you come up here?
    Yuri: That I need a break from their crap.
    Spidey: Fair enough.
  • PhilChang and his A.I. account Changbot, before he gets it working properly.
    Changbot: According to the parameters my creator has configured, I shall now post scientific #facts every 10^4 microseconds. Starting now.
    PhilChang: Wait, that's not right.
    Changbot: The circumference of the Sun is approximately 2.720984 million miles.
    Changbot: Scientists estimate that artificial intelligence will become fully sentient by the year 2073 and will enslave humanity within 457 days. #cantwait
    PhilChang: ChangBot ABORT ALGORITHM
  • Officer Jefferson Davis teasing Spider-Man in his first appearance.
    Davis: You know we can't have vigilantes trespassing or doing illegal searches...
    Spidey: Yeah, I know...
    Davis: Which is why I brought a warrant. So what do you say we do some perfectly legal searching?
    • Briefly later:
      Spidey: So, that warrant cover breaking down doors?
      Davis: Not without a lot of extra paperwork.
    • When Spider-Man and Officer Davis manage to sneak into the boathouse, you're then tasked with finding scratch marks that indicate secret doors. You can also investigate the doors leading into the waters of the docks.
      Spidey: Found a scrape... oh. I guess normal doors don't count, huh?
      Davis: Good guess.
  • When Electro starts a prison breakout, Spider-Man tries to get the inmates to go back to their cells the "polite way".
    Spidey: Everyone go quietly back to your cells and lock the door behind you okay?... Please?
  • While chasing Electro, Spidey tries get him to give up who he’s working for.
    Spidey: If you tell me who you're working for, I promise to take it easy on you.
    Electro: FRY!
    Spidey: No one ever takes me up on that offer...
  • Vulture's sudden appearance.
    Vulture: [to Spider-Man, while tackling him in midair] Long time no see! We're going to have so much fu- [gets his face full of web]
  • When finally cornered by Electro, Scorpion, Vulture, Rhino, and Mr. Negative, this conversation ensues.
    Mr. Negative: Remember, he said not to kill him.
    Spidey: Good idea. In fact, we don’t even have to do this at all if you don’t want to.
    Rhino: We definitely want to!
  • Peter trying to distract Aunt May while the volunteers at F.E.A.S.T set up a thank you party.
  • This conversation between Spider-Man and Miles highlighting how many superheroes are in New York Citynote .
    Spidey: Look, next time leave the fighting to the pros.
    Miles: Okay but what if there aren’t any around?
    Spidey: Heh, good one.
  • The New York City Open Gameplay trailer has Jameson getting a call from a “Peter Patterson” as the two debate Spider-Man's actions.
    • Peter keeps thinking up new names every time he and Jameson appear in trailers like this. What's one of the aliases he uses? Ben Reilly.
  • “Spider-Cop”, Spider-Man's law enforcement persona and a constant source of groaning from Yuri, including a Private Eye Monologue out loud, which she can clearly hear. She practically has an Oh, Crap! moment when he prepares to use it for the first time.
    Spidey: You're in luck, Yuri. [starts using an intentionally gruff voice] Your favorite tough but lovable, grizzled, seen-too-much detective is in town.
    Yuri: What? No. No, no, no, no! You promised you wouldn't do that any—!
    Spidey: Spider-Cop.
    Yuri: ... Please, no.
    • And then there's her reaction when he decides that Spider-Cop is going to "retire".
      Yuri: Oh, thank god. I need a drink.
      • Which becomes sheer Irony knowing that he routinely brings it back up.
    • When Spidey declares that he has a lead about Devil's Breath:
      Spidey: I think I just got a lead.
      Yuri: A lead? You sound like a cop...
      Spidey: Don't you mean... Spider-Cop?
      [Yuri hangs up]
      • Even cuter when at the end of the game, seeing that Peter's mood is kinda low, Yuri tries to cheer him up by asking about the possible return of Spider-Cop. She quickly regrets it.
    • Spider-Geddon revealing that Spider-Cop actually exists!
  • Spider-Man crashing a Halloween party and meeting a bunch of partygoers dressed as members of his Rogues Gallery. These include classic Vulture, Rhino, the Lizard, and Mysterio. Eventually, the big guy in the Rhino suit is hypnotized by Mr. Negative, and you're forced to fight him; you actually get to battle the classic Rhino in the game... and it's some random dude in a cheap Halloween costume.
    • You can also spot a slightly overweight shirtless guy in a Spidey mask. That's Greg Miller of Kinda Funny, who tweeted pictures of himself to Insomniac in that exact outfit asking "Is it September 7th already?" almost daily for a few weeks before the game released. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
    • You can attend the party in the ESU suit if you've already unlocked it (easier in NG+) It's Peter in his civilian clothes, just with a mask. He'll still be complimented by the details in his suit.
    • Or you can show up dressed as the Bombastic Bag-man. Everyone will not only believe your Spider-man, but praise the quality of your costume. Despite fact you are literarily wearing a Fantastic Four suit with a Bag over your head.
  • There's tongue-in-cheek graffiti all over the city, including a building-sized drawing of the front page of the Daily Bugle... with Jameson as a literal crybaby (and a bib that says 'Spiders Are Mean').
  • Mixed with Heartwarming: The game takes a crack at the Spider-Man 2 game, with one of the items being a hand-drawn picture by a boy whose balloon Spider-Man saved. Heartwarming when Peter happily reminisces that it’s small gratitudes like that that make being Spider-Man worth it.
    • Funny enough, if you look at the social feed in your map, someone will be angry at Spider-Man for just watching a kid's balloon float away.
    • Another playful jab at Spider-Man 2, also in the backpack collectible side missions, is the pizza hat from one of Peter's old jobs where he mentions his powers didn’t prevent him from “smushing the pizzas”.
    • Yet another jab is during a sequence where he has to stop a train. He attempts the same technique he used in Spider-Man 2 with different results.
      Spider-Man: That totally worked last time!
    • Even funnier if you have the free DLC Raimi suit equipped for extra irony.
  • Spidey's pop-cultural references are lost on The Vulture.
    Spider-Man: Yo, Adrian, it's me, Spider-Man!
    Vulture: What are you babbling about?!
    Spider-Man: Nobody ever gets my jokes.
  • Spidey starts an old rhyme when fighting Electro, but back-dials it when he realizes where it was going.
    Spidey: Missed me, missed me, now you gotta- You know what, forget I said anything.
  • The fight with Scorpion and Rhino sees them bickering Like an Old Married Couple, which Spidey lampshades. Additionally, it's entirely possible to trick Rhino into running over or throw a boulder to Scorpion, removing him from the fight. Bonus points if Scorpion is defeated mid-sentence.
    • Prior to Scorpion showing up, Spidey has this crack for Rhino:
      Spidey: Look out, Rhino! Poachers!
      Rhino: You. Are not. FUNNY!
    • And, of course, the fact that Spidey just locks Scorpion in a cargo hold with a pissed off Rhino and leaves them to fight it out.
      • Given that Scorpion isn't seen again, apparently Rhino won the fight.
  • At one point early game, Peter and MJ meet up at a local diner discussing things, which doesn't end well when Peter has to go off and do his Spider-Man work. Despite the New Old Flame tension between the two, a certain voice speaks up from the short order cook behind the counter.
    Stan Lee (as cook): Love seeing you two together again! You always were my favourites.
  • Anytime Peter's cooking is brought up. A Noodle Incident that is brought up more than once caused MJ's entire apartment to be evacuated due to a fire or some sort. There's just something hilarious about the idea that Spider-Man is a borderline Lethal Chef.
    • Heck, when Peter's asking to help in the kitchen at the homeless shelter, Aunt May promptly shoos him off with this very topic.
    • The fact that his cooking turns out to be actually pretty good when he doesn't burn the place down somehow makes it all the funnier, as his chicken curry is, apparently, "legit." (It should be noted, that even then he just barely missed burning down another kitchen.)
  • At one point, Peter's visiting MJ at her apartment, and after nearly burning their dinner, they get an alert that the Demons are up to something. Mary Jane looks away for less than ten seconds before glancing back to Peter - who's already in his Spider-Man costume. Instead of the usual "go on" response you'd expect, however, she promptly is aghast when she realizes something:
    MJ: Did... did you just leave your clothes on the kitchen floor?
    • Cue Spidey awkwardly fumbling his words, reversing into the kitchen to pick up his clothes and stumbling on out her window with no idea how to respond to that one.
  • In Photo mode, if you zoom in on a rocket that was fired at Spider-Man you get details on what kind of rocket it is. The last bit of detail on the rocket? "Guaranteed to kill spiders".
  • You know how you tend to walk around your house while having a conversation with someone over the phone? Well, that's what Spidey does while texting MJ. This includes standing sideways on a cell tower, walking right off the edge of a building, reading his texts while web-swinging, and hanging upside-down on a crane.
    • The conversation itself. It follows the boss fight against Mister Negative on the subway train, so Spidey is texting MJ that it's over... unfortunately, she thinks something else is over and Peter is quick to panic and type as fast as he can to clarify that he's talking about the Mister Negative thing.
  • The suit you unlock by completing the game 100%? Peter wearing nothing but his mask and boxers.
    • What makes this suit even funnier is that, in the game, Peter gets his suit torn and comments he needs to patch it up, before any one takes a picture of his three chest hairs. Turns out, if you look very close on the mask & boxers attire, Peter actually does have only three chest hairs!
  • One of the suit powers you can use? "Quips". Yes, we mean taunting your foes mid-fight. Oh, and you can even use it outside of fights.
    Spider-Man (While swinging if "Quips" is used): Why couldn't it been "With great power, comes pie"?
  • Silver Sable's a character the story tries to take very seriously when she and her security company get involved in Manhattan. But it's not hard to crack up at how for all of their gear and hype, they're Red Shirts galore that can't win a single battle against organized crime gangs like the Demons despite arguably outmatching them in tech and numbers. Until they're focused on killing you.
  • It’s clear that Spider-Man isn’t as included in the superhero community as he is in most interpretations as shown if you take a picture of the Wakandan Embassy. Peter will theorize on how Black Panther got his powers.
    Spider-Man: Wonder if King T’Challa got his powers from a radioactive panther? The dude's tough but that’d still probably hurt.
  • Even though it's a stepping stone in seeing Doctor Octavius's eventual fate, it's kinda funny when he flips out over the prosthetic arm dropping a coffee cup and then cursing out Norman Osborn.
    Peter: Well, I know who you're not voting for next election.
  • The first stinger is about Peter getting Miles' help to move into his new apartment. Miles, who was bitten by a radioactive spider 3 months prior, starts telling Peter that he's been going through strange changes in his body. Peter assumes it's puberty, and even as Miles denies this, Peter is understandably horrified when Miles says "Let me show you". He then jumps up to the ceiling, and Peter decides to reveal his powers as well.
  • One of the backpack items you can find is a business card from Nelson and Murdock. Peter mentions that Matt Murdock gave it to him, just in case Spider-Man ever needed a lawyer - and immediately starts wondering how a blind guy somehow knew that he was Spider-Man.
  • One of the many one-liners Spider-Man can potentially throw at his enemies is: "I don't suppose we can settle this over fruit pies??"
  • J.J.J.'s radio show, "Just the Facts with J. Jonah Jameson", is just a treasure trove of loudmouthed hilarity. Starting with the clearly incorrect name.
    Producer: This is "Just the Facts with J. Jonah Jameson" where listeners like you discuss the issues affecting our city with Pulitzer Prize-winning—
    Jameson: Two-time!
    Producer: Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning former publisher of the Daily Bugle—
    Jameson: Hey! Plug the book!
    Producer: And as always, if you order Mr. Jameson's book, Spider-Man: Threat or Menace, within 24 hours of our broadcast, you'll get an autographed copy at no extra charge.
    Jameson: No personalizations! Don't ask, not gonna get it! [suddenly calm] Welcome to "Just the Facts with J. Jonah Jameson", alerting you to the threats you don't even know about.
    • When one caller calls in to commend Spidey for helping to stop supervillains, Jameson has some words for the caller.
      Caller: I just wanna say that I've never seen Manhattan so safe and peaceful. Compare what it was like when Spider-Man first showed up to now.
      Jameson: Okay, fair enough, I will. Then, we had police and firefighters doing a wonderful job. There was crime, sure, but nothing they couldn't handle. Of course, we do have things now that we didn't have then: maniacs who shoot electricity out of their eyes... walking piles of sand... NAZIS MADE OF BEES!
    • His story on the Rhino:
      Jameson: I got an interesting tip today, remember that barbaric beast named the Rhino? Apparently, last night he almost escaped from his cell in The Raft. How, you ask? Well, no one there seems to know, but they assure me he's been relocated to a "more secure" cell. Now I'm no expert on supermax prisons, but isn't the whole point of them that there isn't anything else more secure? I mean he's a seven hundred pound maniac with an indestructible horn! If there's a more secure cell, WHY WASN'T HE IN IT?!
    • Post-game, after New York has been saved, Jameson will begrudgingly thank Spider-Man for saving New York...before immediately doubling back and claiming that he has a good source that has told him that Spider-Man has been listening to his radio show the entire time so by correlation this means all of Jonah's criticisms have pushed Spider-Man into being a better, more honest hero. He closes with taking credit himself.
    • One of the early parts of the game involves JJ going on a rant about being in a lawsuit against the Scorpion, because Gargan is actually suing him for the mutations Jameson funded for him.
    • Wearing the Spider-Punk costume actually has a unique JJ line pop up just for it, where he begins complaining about the mere idea of a punk Spidey and how he never really cared for punk even back when it was the "in" thing. Then he has his own sort of internal Fridge Horror as he ponders if it's some sort of metalhead, mohawk-wearing shoddy copycat knockoff and that there might be more of them.
      Jameson: Jared go to break. I need to lie down.
    • Whenever Spider-Man has to do something weird to complete a sidequest, JJ will chime in about it. For example, when Spider-Man retrieves all of Howard's pigeons, he has this to say:
      Jameson: PIGEON-NAPPING!! Why?!! What possible purpose could there be for such aberrant behavior? I've thought about long and hard, and I think I've figured it out: He's eating them. We've always assumed Spider-Man is a man with the attributes of a spider. But what if it's the reverse? What if, somehow, a spider gained the powers of a man! And he's stalking his prey! Somewhere, there's a giant web with those poor pigeons stuck in it, waiting to be devoured... and will it stop at pigeons? WILL WE BE NEXT?
    • After complaining about grown adults dressing up like Spider-Man, JJ brings on a caller who talks about his girlfriend who bought a sexy Spider-Girl costume to spice things up in bed. JJ is horrified at the thought of it.
      Jameson: J. Jonah Jameson is not one to be judgmental. But you, sir, are an extremely disturbed man! GOODBYE!
    • After the end of Silver Lining, Jonah completely loses his shit when he learns something most terrifying... And it's glorious.
  • At one point, Spidey is poisoned by the Scorpion and is put through a psychedelic trip similar to Batman: Arkham Asylum's Scarecrow events. Once he gets through with making the antidote and comes to, he realizes something - he's mysteriously stripped down to his Spidey-Print boxers and his mask. Cue quick fade-out/fade-in to get the costume back on and Peter invokes Let Us Never Speak of This Again.
    • If one looks at Spidey's social media, turns out despite the crisis going on, people noticed this and comment on it.
    • This suit is actually obtainable in-game - as the 100% completion reward.
  • A minor moment: Miles is just finishing setting up a table of supplies at F.E.A.S.T., only to immediately push everything off the table to make room for a severely injured Spider-Man.
  • At the conclusion of one of the quests, a police officer asks Spider-Man if he's really from a different world.
  • At the end of the Black Cat sidequests, when Spidey finds out that he was on a wild goose chase just so she can get her gear back from the NYPD, Yuri is amazed at how well he got played. Spidey quickly catches on that she might be smiling on the other end of the line, causing Yuri to hang up quickly, snorting in humor as she does.
  • During the boss fight with Tombstone, despite the hideout burning around them, he and Spider-Man spend the entire battle having a rather cordial conversation with both trying to convert the other into having a Face–Heel Turn and Heel–Face Turn respectively. It's funny that despite being a murderous biker gang leader and drug dealer, Tombstone is arguably the nicest of the villains.
    • At one point, after Spider-Man hits him with the drug to make him vulnerable, Tombstone is concerned that his tongue feels funny, and asks if that's supposed to happen. It's the only time in the fight you hear genuine concern for his own well being.
  • When fighting Sable agents, Spidey suggests that if they wanted to be sure to get his attention they should put a spider symbol in the searchlights. Then reconsiders, because "We might get sued".
  • Rhino getting increasingly frustrated when he has a hard time looking for Miles at the docks.
    Rhino: This is like chase of goose. I hate chase of goose!
  • At the beginning of one of the Base Challenges, Spider-Man says this:
    Spider-Man: Yuri, this place is full of Fisk guys with suspicious bulges... Er, guns! I-I'm talking about guns! Obviously.
    Yuri: [sounding very unamused] ... I can't order a raid over bulges.
  • Spider-Man has his own Twitter account. "NYCWallCrawler" is filled with many funny little gems as you go about your business in the game. For example:
    MirandaBB: JJJatHome (Jameson) so savage he hasn't discovered fire yet.
    • People have been mailing Spider-Man onesie pajamas to J.J.'s PO box. It's gotten to the point that he's threatened legal action for harassment.
  • After completing all of the Photo Locations, there is an optional "Secret Photo Locations" side quest you can do as well. One of the locations is a tagged mural of J. Jonah Jameson as a baby, crying for more Spider-Man photos.
  • One of the backpack collectibles is a vial containing Sandman to isolate him from spreading in the air and environment. Except the backpack collectibles are practically both resupply stations and have been left around by Spider-Man over his eight years of fighting crime. How long as Sandman been stuck inside a dark backpack with the neverending hustle and bustle of Manhattan all around? Who cares!
    • Said backpack is webbed to the top of Avengers Mansion, one of the tallest landmarks in NYC's skyline. Better hope Flint's not afraid of heights, either.
  • Once you've reached the maximum level, the game will give you a message telling you to keep earning XP for a health and melee damage bonus. Sure enough, earn enough XP and you'll get just that... in the form of one extra point of health and a 1% boost to melee damage.
  • Another backpack item is a gym t-shirt which Peter hasn't washed for eight years.
  • Some of the quips Spidey makes during base raids are incredible:
    Spider-Man: [a fresh wave of Demons arrive] Oh no! Commodities brokers!
    Spider-Man: Sable Agents, help! I'm being attacked by Sable A-Oh, wait a minute...
    Spider-Man: More reinforcements?! This is only acceptable if you all showed up in clown cars!
    Spider-Man: Admit it, you were just waiting in the next room hoping the other guys would finish me first.
  • The rest of the scene is rather dark, but in the scene where the Sinister Six attacks Spider-Man on the Raft, there's some humor in the fact that every time Vulture tries to attack Spidey, he gets decked in the face. Every time, to the point where he fails to land a hit until after Spidey's rendered near-helpless.
    • Even funnier, Vulture will most likely be the first villain you defeat in the fight with him and Electro. The guy cannot catch a break.
  • The entire Vulture and Electro boss fight provides some of Peter's best material.
    Vulture: Our long feud ends tonight!
    Spider-Man: Feud? I thought we a had a healthy give and take! Man, have I misread this relationship!
    • Midway thought the boss fight.
    Vulture: He doesn't stand a chance!
    Electro: Yeah! We got this!
    Spider-Man: Again, hate to be the pessimist, but I don't think you guys are assessing the situation accurately.
  • Spidey frequently tells people "Please don't ask me to do the hand thing." And yet, when taking selfies, what does he do? The hand thing. Every. Single. Time.
  • Next time you're playing New Game +, try the Velocity Suit's special power to a charging Kingpin. Upon impact, both Spidey and Kingpin will fly across the room to opposite directions.
     The City that Never Sleeps 
  • In The Heist, social media account NotTheDailyBugle gets some good shitposts going:
    INSPIRING: Stop waiting for an opportunity! There's never been a better time than now to start an animal-themed criminal empire.
    EXCLUSIVE: Raft guard says Martin Li, "mostly just spends his days playing pranks on himself."
    TOP STORY: Wilson Fisk on prison life, "it's really helped me keep a workout regimen. I'm in the best shape of my life."
    SCANDAL: J. Jonah Jameson caught on secret tape saying basically exactly what he says on his show every day.
    HEARTBREAKING: A lonely shopkeeper: "Now that Spider-Man is around, nobody has come into my bodega to rob me in weeks.
  • Partway through The Heist, JJJ starts ranting about how people on social media are Shipping Spider-Man and Black Cat. Which leads to a hilarious attempt from him to explain what "Shipping" is to his listeners, ending with:
    JJJ: If you want to get into 'shipping', then JOIN THE NAVY!
  • During The Heist, Miles will call to ask a question, but will sound distracted. Miles then ask Peter if he is doing "Spider-Man stuff." When Peter admits that he is, Miles gets excited, asking Peter what he is doing specifically.
  • With Black Cat as a main character in The Heist, cat jokes are to be expected. One rather unexpected one is Black Cat moving along a wine shelf shoving the bottles off it until she finds one she wants. Meanwhile, Spidey is up on the ceiling, in the corner. Like a spider.
  • When you first encounter Black Cat in The Heist, she immediately begins flirting with our friendly neighborhood wallcrawler, asking if he's been working out, to which Spidey stammers "No, I mean... a little bit." As if that wasn't enough, after asking if he's single, Felicia says she's "just curious", to which ol' Webhead replies with "Yeah, I hear that's bad for cats."
    • When Felicia asks him if he's working out, notice that Spidey's puffing out his chest and putting his hands on his hips, as if to subtly show her that, "Why yes, yes I have, care to see? Please?"
  • At one point during The Heist, Spidey spends a good few minutes trying to convince himself that Felicia's son couldn't be his.
    Spider-Man: Having a hard time focusing. I can't be a dad. I mean, technically I can be, but... ugh. I need to tell MJ, she'll know what to do. But how am I gonna tell her? I should do it in person— No. If I do it in person, it'll seem like it's a definite thing, when it is NOT a definite thing. At least not yet... But if it's not definite, why am I even telling her? Like, it could be nothing. [beginning to panic] But if it's nothing, why am I freaking out?! I should just stop freaking out! STOP FREAKING OUT!... That didn't work at all. Still freaking out.
  • In the Swedish subtitles, one of Spidey's quips when using Web Blossom is Darkwing Duck's Catchphrase.
    Spider-Man: Nu blir vi farliga! ("Now we get dangerous!")
  • The Turf Wars DLC introduces Sable tech that had never been deployed during their occupation, including a series of burrowing tanks that deployed troops after exploding up from underground. Heaven knows how Osborn would have justified their use considering how much property damage is wracked up from the deployment of just a few. Maybe that's why Sable didn't use them.
    • Spidey tries and fails miserably to come up with a catchy name for them, ultimately deciding to go with "digboys".
      Hammerhead Thug: What did you just call them?!
      Spider-Man: Uh... digboys?
      Hammerhead Thug: What the hell is wrong with you?!
  • Spidey's social media has a few posters comment that with the way things normally go in this universe, it's surprising Hammerhead doesn't dress like a shark.
    • Others speculate what animal the next supervillain will be themed around (one person is betting on it being a red panda).
  • Again during Turf Wars, Miles continues to try and jump into being Spider-Man's sidekick, more than a bit overzealously. When Peter presses him after a Suspiciously Specific Denial, Miles admits that he's at the hospital and we get this exchange...
    Peter: You're at the hospital?! Why, what happened? Did someone come after—
    Miles: No, no, no, nothing like that. It's just uh... I, uh, kindajumpedoffabridge.
    Peter: YOU WHAT?!
    Miles: I jumped... off a bridge. In Queens.
    Peter: Are you okay? I'm coming to get you.
    Miles: No, no, no, I'm totally fine. Well... I broke a toe. Did you know that there's nothing that they can do for that? They just kinda just... wish you luck.
    Peter: [exasperated] Miles, you can't be doin' stuff like that.
    Miles: [slightly miffed] I know that now.
    • Additionally amusing is that Miles jumped off a bridge and the only injury he got is a broken toe.
  • One of the Silver Lining DLC rants from JJJ has him complain about Spidey and Silver Sable having a big shootout with Hammerhead. The worst part about it? The traffic caused by the fight made him miss a dentist appointment, leading to the obvious conclusion:
    Jameson: SPIDER-MAN causes TOOTH DECAY!
  • Peter discovers the real name of what he calls a "digboy" in Silver Lining, and we get this gem:
    Peter: XRT-89... Subterranean Troop Deployment Vehicle... THAT's the real name? Pfft. I'm sticking with digboy.
    • Later, even Sable is questioning his choice of names.
      Peter: A digboy, of course!
      Sable: Did you say... digboy?
      Peter: Yeah! Way better than the real name, don't you think?
  • After Spidey and Sable team up and take out some goons, Spidey excitedly asks for a high five. When Sable finally gives him one, she walks away, smirking when Spidey says "ow".
    • Even better is at first, Sable refuses to high five him. Partway through going through Hammerhead's file, the two have an epiphany moment over his weakness that they say in unison. Then Spidey slowly raises his hand for a high five again. It's only when Sable leaves that she finally gives him one.
  • MJ and Peter's phone call where she notes the female-centric nature of the DLC, and ponders Peter interacting with all these glamorous dangerous women, and how MJ baits Peter into getting flustered while lording over how thoroughly she has him tied around her finger:
    MJ: You seem to have a lot of women in your life lately.
    Peter: And all of them challenging. Except for you, of course.
    MJ: Huh. You don't think I'm challenging?
    Peter: Uh... no. Unless you want me to think you're challenging. In which case you challenge me. In all the right ways.
    MJ: [laughs] Okay. Well done.
    Peter: Thank you.
    • Really, just the fact that the subplots of the main game and the "City That Never Sleeps" expansions can be summed up as "Spider-Man struggling with the women in his life." note 
  • The final post-credits scene of Silver Lining, Peter takes Miles above a gargoyle and takes him for his first field training sense. Miles' body language is all nervous and tense, and the the cutscene ends with him jumping in a comical manner while also screaming his head off.
  • Some of the conversations you overhear while thwarting crimes in progress are golden, like this exchange between a cop and the criminals he's chasing:
    Cop: Pull over! You are driving a stolen vehicle!
    Criminal: Stolen? This is my sister's car!
    Cop: And she wants it back! Because you stole it!
     Meta and other 
  • Spider-Man PS4 has gone gold note . And Insomniac Games is just sitting here...
  • On the E3 recap stream, the team go through their favourite fan-theories about the Hidden Villain's identity, which include the Jackal, evil Tony Stark and Aunt May. They also ask each other what was the weirdest question they were asked at E3; one of them was "So what do you think Death Stranding was about?".
  • Mr. Sunday Movie's "Everything You Can Do Review". Where he lists everything you can do in the game. And nothing else.
    Mr. Sunday: You can run, and run, and run, and run, and run, and run, and round and round and run, and run, and run, and...
  • You can activate photo mode at at anytime during gameplay. This includes stopping to take a selfie.
  • The ability to change costumes, even in cutscenes, can undercut some more serious moments:
    • The moment where Spidey teaches Miles how to fight, resulting in Miles landing a hit on Spidey’s jaw becomes unintentionally hilarious if the player chose a more armoured suit. Instead of worrying that he hurt Spidey, one would think Miles would be clutching his fist in agony.
    • The complete lack of reaction by anyone to to the flaming skull of the Spirit Spider suit, especially the one guy in the subway who falls asleep next to you.
    • Assigning the Iron Spider’s legs to the less technologically advanced suits. Seeing those robot arms pop out of one of the homemade costumes, or worse, the mask and underwear only suit, just looks bizarre.
  • A gif of a shootout between 4 SWAT units one side and a single guy on the other, both sides shooting their weapons in full auto bursts at a distance of 10 meters yet somehow not hitting a single shot, invoked the 'I know that feeling' laughter... of the X-COM community.
  • Insomniac's Spider-Man is in Spider-Geddon. Shirtless Spider-Man (Greg Miller of Kinda Funny) is in Insomniac's Spider-Man. Greg Miller is canon to the Marvel Universe.
  • Spider-Man just got NG+! And this amazing picture is what came with the advertisement!
  • In an advertisement for The Heist J. Jonah Jameson says that Spider-Man can't apprehend Black Cat because he keeps thinking with his web-shooters.
  • The game's script is over 3000 pages. Partially from all the quips.
  • It can be hard not to giggle when Spider-Man talks to Yuri, since Yuri Lowenthal is voicing the webslinger it comes off as a meta case of Name's the Same.
    • Even funnier is that Yuri Watanabe is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal's wife Tara Platt. So for those keeping track that means Yuri frequently talks to Yuri who is married to Yuri.
  • The game's prequel novel Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover has the author's dedication note that says, "For Claudia, my long-suffering wife. She had no idea what she was getting into."


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