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Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages, so all spoilers below are unmarked! You Have Been Warned.

  • Miles' biography of Peter has "can rattle off dad jokes like no other" listed as one of his "abilities".
    • At the end of Peter's training sessions, he has Miles fight against one hologram, and then two holograms of the Vulture, all the while doing a very old-school impression of Vulture's evil screaming. One gets the feeling that the creators wrote this scene just so that Yuri Lowenthal could really cut loose with the ham.
      "Vulture": Always meddling, Spider-Man! Why won't you let me commit my senseless, overly dramatic crimes in peace?!
      Miles: Feel like Pete's working out some stuff with this Vulture imitation.
      "Vulture": I'm old! I'm old and I hate youth! Get off my lawn! Early bird specials! Casual racism that it's not worth it to challenge me on!
      Miles: [laughs] Too real!
    • Once Miles unlocks the final challenge, Peter tries to do an evil laugh but starts to cough. Miles tries to do it too, only to also start coughing.
  • During the Rhino's rampage during the first level, Miles ends up riding on his back like a cowboy and steering him out of the way of civilians. One of the places he ends up smashing through is the studio of J. Jonah Jameson's podcast. Jonah, who had been trying to figure out what to call Spider-Man that was worse than "menace" is immediately inspired to give a string of G-rated profanity.
    Jameson: "He's a menace!" Eh, too soft... "He's a low-energy menace!" Too easy... Maybe, "He's a weak-minded—"
    [Rhino explodes through the wall with two Spider-Men in tow]
    Miles: Hey, Jonah, looking good!
    Peter: Very festive!
  • Beforehand when they start the fight, Peter was fighting Rhino solo, we get some classic Spider quips here and there.
    Peter: Great arm! You ever pitch? Seriously; you're triple A, easy! Whole new career, just waiting for you!
    Peter: Aleksei — favorite holiday music — nothing post-1965! Go!
    Rhino: [yells in anger]
    Peter: Love that one! Mine's... Fa la la la la, la la la laaaa!
  • While trying to steer Rhino through the mall to avoid damage, Miles anxiously asks Rhino to think of non-destructive hobbies. Rhino gives out that he enjoys fly fishing... because he has sadistic control over life and death.
  • Miles finds out when he gets his new suit from Peter that his mentor listens to all of Jameson's podcasts about him automatically. Not being a masochist, he immediately switches the dial to something more flattering.
    • And upon starting the mission to help Howard get some of his pigeons back, Miles discovers that Peter added in the Howard Protocol: "Pigeon Facts". He tries, and fails, to unsubscribe.
      Peter: [in the most trolly tone possible] You have opted IN!
  • While helping his uncle thwart some sabotage of the New York subway, Ganke asks Miles if he told his uncle he's Spider-Man. Miles said he almost slipped, but his cover is good. The very next scene Aaron and Spider-Man meet, Aaron points out he figured out Miles was the new Spider-Man when he saw him on TV. Miles' sudden bit of panic is hilarious.
  • One of the side missions has Miles rescuing Spider-Man, the Bodega Cat!
  • One of Miles' stealth takedowns when he's on the ground with his enemy has him tap the enemy on the shoulder... using a Venom-powered finger. When they realize Spider-Man just poked them, they immediately turn around to try and slug him, only to get paralyzed mid-punch and fall over while Miles just shrugs.
  • Peter calls in after the bridge explosion, having seen it on the news. But he's struggling with the Language Barrier, and initially wasn't sure if the anchor said "the bridge exploded" or "the bagel was fumigated". When Miles tells Peter that he'll handle this alone, Peter trusts him, and signs off while wondering why there are 7 different words for "bathroom" in Symkarian.
  • During the Training Montage that leads to Miles revealing the Classic Suit, there's two moments:
    • When he's messing with the web-shooters, he accidentally hits a button and shoots a lot of web onto the ceiling, causing him to jump and look up at the mess.
    • There's a brief scene in the middle of Miles hanging upside down, attempting to drink coffee much like he saw Peter do at the start of the game... only for Miles to start choking because he couldn't swallow it properly. For added measure the motivational rap that was playing throughout the montage briefly and abruptly stops here.
  • When Miles first infiltrates the Underground, he texts Ganke an update.
    Miles: I'm in.
    Ganke: What's the plan?
    Miles: [shrug emoji]
    Ganke: Dude.
  • During a sidequest Miles has to clear large icicles off of a crane. He spends the whole mission rattling off terrible ice puns.
    Miles: Ice to meet you! ... Ugh, this is why Pete gave me a C in quipping.
    • A few characters will complain that Miles' quips are awful, compared to Peter.
  • After stopping random crimes, Miles will sometimes assume a deeper register in his voice in his attempt to come off as more authoritative.
  • J. Jonah Jameson's radio show continues to be fodder for laughs, as he once more jumps through increasingly distant hoops to blame everything that happens on one or both of Peter and Miles. In the post-game, he's forced to admit (extremely grudgingly) that Spider-Man has once again saved the city, only to turn around and reiterate that it wouldn't have needed to be saved if not for Spider-Man!
    • In one of Jameson's podcasts he tries to justify his support of Roxxon security when he was so opposed to Sable Security before. His reasoning being that Spider-Man keeps breaking into their labs. He asks his viewers "What would you do if a man in a skin-tight suit entered your bedroom?" only to be disgusted when his comments are immediately filled with people responding this as if it was a set up to a sexual encounter.
      JJJ: No, wait, this was rhetorical! Jared! Shut down the comments! You people are SICK!
    • After spending the entire game singing the praises of Roxxon, Jameson tries to save face at the end of the game by claiming that Spider-Man was the true cause of all the conflict and opens up his line to get listeners who agree with him to call in. No one does. At all. You can practically hear the Chirping Crickets.
    • During the credits, we hear one of JJJ's shows ranting about the FNSM app, deciding to use it to order some saganaki in order to somehow smear Spider-Man. Miles' response? To actually give him said dish with a cheerful attitude, even going so far as to set it on fire in order to properly prepare it as per Jameson's instructions. JJJ reacts how you'd expect.
      Jameson: JARED! CALL 911! SPIDER-MAN'S BROKEN IN AND IS KILLING US WITH FIRE! [beat] I'll be damned if this isn't delicious. Go to commercial, Jared, I've got some feasting to do. Oh no, you should have ordered your own! This is mine. MINE, JARED! Ow, that's hot.
    • During one of his podcasts, he yells at Jared about the amount of sugar he takes in his coffee. Not one, not three, but TUH-HOO!!! He insists on pronouncing "two" in a fashion that reminds one of the Tootsie Pop owl.
  • People repeatedly keep trying to offer Miles well-intentioned rewards that he can't possibly cash in on while keeping his identity secret. A barber offers him free haircuts on the house for saving his business only for Miles to wonder how that'd work with the mask. The man's reaction is that he's done weirder. Danika meanwhile offer Miles to come have coffee with her at a coffee shop, only for Miles to point out it'd be weird with the mask on.
  • The rematch with Rhino as Miles and Tinkerer attempts to escape from Roxxon. Rhino has been equipped with additional armor to nullify Miles' venom blast, which he refers to as "Zappy Pops." Over the course of the fight, Miles and Phin slowly wears the armor down until it fully breaks apart.
    Miles: Ready for some zappy-pops, big guy?
    Rhino: I do not... like you.
    • The last leg of the fight has Rhino insisting that he is not getting tired. Neither Miles nor Phin believe it.
  • A weird example that crosses with Tearjerker and Heartwarming. Rio discovers Miles' secret identity by just walking into her apartment and stumbling into Miles, in his Spider-Man costume, after he was seriously injured.
  • Simon Krieger's give-no-shits attitude throughout the game is creepily sociopathic, but otherwise hilarious. His chiming in on Miles and Phin's Final Battle is him explaining how destroying Roxxon Plaza and Harlem will do no damage to the company, aka gloating villainously. But his "alright, later kids" sounds like he just told Miles and Phin that he'll be coming home from work late and that there's already dinner ready in the fridge.
  • One of the costumes that you unlock in the post-game has Miles donning a backpack and carrying around Spider-Man the cat, who is wearing a Spider-Man mask of his own. The cat sometimes even jumps out to provide some extra assistance when Miles does a Finisher.
  • One of the funniest moments occurs late in the game as Miles finds and infiltrates the Underground's second base. If the player pays attention, they'll notice that the hideout is located right across the street from Avengers Tower!! Refuge in Audacity has got to be the only way they manage to get away with it! Either that or the Avengers must be conveniently out of town again...
    • Even funnier is that you'd think that Tony Stark would have surveillance or something that have picked up on all the activity going on their literal doorstep!
  • While investigating the Mason's old shop, Miles notices some guitars that he and Phin helped Rick repair. Rick apparently claimed that one of them used to belong to Alison Blaire, but Miles thinks he's full of it.
  • Much like the previous game the Social Feed is a gift that keeps on giving:
    • One user theorizes that the Spider-Men are a mass produced tool of the corporate elite. Miles actually replies, "thanking" him for this information and wondering if they were supposed to be getting paid the whole time.
    • Another user keeps posting excerpts from their fanfiction where Spider-Man is a Vampire named Spider-Count.
    • Then there's a joke about Clickbait:
      NoMusclesSuperHero: Looking forward to the never ending parade of clickbait about NYC having two Spider-Men.
      BobaGremlin38: "What two Spider-Men means for NYC - Number 6 might surprise you!"
    • One person refuses to get the FNSM app... on the grounds that their phone screen is too crowded.
  • One FNSM mission involves you tracking down the stolen car of a medical technician. Should you choose to attack the car thieves head on, one of them has some choice words for his companion.
    Thug 1 (Harry): Told you guys we shoulda used that lot in Jersey! But ohh no, "Spider-Man'd never bother us, Harry!" "We're small time!" "We'll go under his radar!" Well, look who was right again: Harry.
    Thug 2: Man, Harry, come on. We're all entitled to make a few mistakes. Don't you think I feel bad enough already?
    Harry: Oh boy, brother, trust me. You do not feel bad enough. Nowhere near bad enough.
    Miles: I'm siding with Harry, bro!