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Funny / Spider-Man (1967)

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  • From the very first episode:
    Betty Brant: Spider-Man! How did you get trapped?
    Spider-Man: That's what I keep asking myself.
    • From the same episode:
      Dr. Octopus: My plan is deceptively simple...
      Spider-Man: Just like you.
  • "The Witching Hour" has a moment where Green Goblin leaves an unconscious Spider-Man in Jonah's office and Jonah calls the police to arrest the webslinger. The cop, however, asks what exactly to charge Spidey with.
    Jonah: Well... he's Spider-Man!
    Cop: I can see that he's Spider-Man.
    • Later when the Green Goblin tells the Demon Ghosts to destroy Spider-Man they leave and after commanding them to come back he begs with "Please!"
    • Peter brings some pictures of the Goblin stealing a magical tome to Jameson:
      Jameson: The thought of Spider-Man with supernatural powers makes me shiver!
      Peter: But... that's the Green Goblin.
      Jameson: So he got a new costume!
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  • Spidey's battle against the Green Goblin, Electro, Vulture, and Dr. Boddy has some great moments, such as the Goblin's reaction to a pumpkin bomb being knocked back at him.
  • The infamous adage:
    Villain: Spider-Man!
    Spider-Man: You were expecting Count Dracula?
  • Jameson's attempt to get into a military base wearing a disguise in "Horn of the Rhino".
  • Just that scene where Spider-Man rescues Jameson from the Vulture, but won't untie him until he says "Please." As expected, Jameson blusters in protest, but the moment when Spidey is about to walk out on him, Jameson swallows his pride and says "Please?" with a humiliated smile.