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  • Patsy: Well, sir... I'm a Jew.
    Arthur: ...Well, why on earth didn't you say so, Patsy?
    Patsy: I'm sorry, sir, but... it's just not the sort of thing you tell a heavily-armed Christian.
  • "I'm All Alone". Arthur singing about how alone he is? Sad. Patsy standing right there? Really sad. A bunch of other knights joining in Arthur's lament of how alone he is? Priceless.
  • The Reveal of the Lady of the Lake's true identity.
    Arthur: Lady... I would have your true name.
    Lady: It's... Guinevere.
    Lancelot: ...Holy shit.
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  • His name is Lance-a-lot, and in tight pants-a-lot!
  • Arthur: I thought you were a fairy.
    Lady of the Lake: No, that's Lancelot.
  • "The Song That Goes Like This." Each time the Lady of the Lake and Galahad try to bring the song to a close, the key just modulates again. By the final chorus, they're screaming "Oh, GODDAMMIT!" at the orchestra.
  • The battle between King Arthur and the Black Knight is 100% pure hilarity.
    • "It's only a flesh wound!"
    • "You stupid bastard, you've got no arms!"
    • In the touring production, at least, they distract the audience from setting up the "legless" special effect by having a man come on asking for "a'msnote  for the poor"
  • In "You Won't Succeed on Broadway", Sir Robin, his Minstrels and the Knight Chorus re-enact the Bottle Dance scene from Fiddler on the Roof... with grails on their heads. Robin's first mention of "if we don't have any Jews" is usually met with a full minute of laughter as well.
    Robin: You may have dancing mana-mano,
    You may bring on a piano,
    But they will not give a damn-o
    If you don't have any Jews!
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  • "Run Away". "Fetchez les can-can dancers" is one of the funniest lines in the show, and much squeeing ensues from the girls.
  • Meta-funny: "Diva's Lament" ("Whatever Happened to My Part?") is great fun on its own, but then Sara Ramirez won a Tony Award for singing it — her line of "I've no Tony Awards" had to change because now she had one.
  • Sometimes local performances of Spamalot bring their own crowning moments of funny; in one performance at Manchester, New Hampshire's Palace Theatre, the performers who were playing the French Knights were corpsing so much that they could barely get through the part because everyone in the theater were in tears laughing their asses off.


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