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  • In general, McQueen can be a font of comedy, due to his Deadpan Snarker tendencies, in addition to how his Seen It All Old Soldier attitude clashes with the younger and more Hot-Blooded officers who serve under him. Not to mention the comfortable way he is able to trade snarks with Commodore Rossnote 
    Lt. Col. McQueen: Yes you would sir. But we'll talk about your mother when I get back.
    [Commodore Ross fails to suppress a laugh]
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  • Lt. Wang's impression of Colonel McQueen retiring from the military to become a plumber, including a Call-Back to their first meeting with McQueen in the pilot episode. Leading of course to a hilarious case of Right Behind Me.
    Lt. Wang: ... It's the highest form of flattery, Sir.
  • Another episode has the squad hiding from Chig troops, who are trying to flush them out by playing recordings of wounded troops begging for help, or alternately by playing insulting messages to get a rise out of the humans. Having lampshaded this not five seconds earlier, Wang is ready to leap out of the woods unarmed and defenseless to kill some Chigs when he hears "Hey Marine, The Cubs Suck!"
  • The Squad are all in their bunkroom, faces buried in pillows as they try desperately to breath. The source of the contamination: Hawkes, who is laughing his ass off and blaming it on InVitro biology (they don't process cabbage as well as natural humans).
    • The cherry on top? McQueen walks in, takes one breath, and comments, "That cabbage was pretty good tonight, wasn't it, Hawkes?"
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  • In the pilot episode, the Wildcards get into a brawl with the Angry Angels, with everyone in both units jumping in save for two: Cooper Hawkes and TC McQueen, warily watching each other from opposite ends of the bar. When Cooper puts his beer down to stand up, McQueen puts his down as well, as an implied threat. Both tank-bred Super Soldiers pick up their beers and continue quietly drinking while the natural-born humans beat the shit out of each other all around them.

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