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  • Dr. Thrill and Romero's double-taunting of you is half-funny and half-annoying, but in the "boss fight" with Romero we get this possible gem:
    Romero: Which one gets smaller the higher it gets?
    Romero: Noooooo! Personally, I agree, but I don't want to make any chefs out there upset. So, you're wrong!
  • Dr. Thrill's epic freak out when you arrive and the post on Summoner Net stating that "We have no plans to interfere with his activities" are a welcome bit of levity.
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  • Dr. Thrill again! Fail Romero's quiz game enough, and he'll start to sound bored when you come back for a rematch. Dr. Thrill chimes in with something along the lines of 'Just get this over with already. I'm going to go take a nap, or maybe go stare at my Jacob's Ladder.' Though he probably (hopefully) meant the toy, he doesn't mention it any further past that, so it's entirely possible for player's to confuse it for the frenum piercings.
  • One demon personality can, during recruitment dialogue, ask you what video games you've been playing. If you respond Soul Hackers, he'll respond that he's playing it too, realize that he's at the part of the game where his character is talking to you, and have an existential breakdown. Then he realizes that somehow you didn't have an existential breakdown, which he finds so impressive he joins your party.
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  • The demon negotiations in general are comedy gold. Sometimes, a demon will demand that you speak to them rather than the one you've chosen, some have childlike personalities and will tell you that their demon teachers haven't covered sex yet before asking you how they were born, others will ask for a massage... and then there are the times you successfully recruit a demon only for it to scream that it hates one of your party members. God help you if your demon allies pitch in. "ME FAILED. IT ANGRY NOW." While angering demons gives them a chance to attack, some of the options for doing so are too good to pass up.
  • Playing Vs. Poker is worth it more for your opponents than the coins. "This hand reminds me of failed experiments."

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