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The official Sonic Twitter account was fairly standard as far as corporate accounts go. Then they got a new community manager and things were never the same...

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    Twitter Takeover 2 
  • Sonic and Eggman take to Twitter to answer people's questions, with hilarious results.
  • Eggman has a message for Assassin's Creed, who also happen to be celebrating the birthday of Ezio Auditore Da Firenze.
    Eggman: Dear Assassin's Creed, hello! It's me, Dr. Eggman! I found something that belongs to you!
    Ezio: What is this place? Where am I? What are these odd glowing gemstones?
    Eggman: That's right, it's him! Enzio! Or Easy-O, however you say it.
    Ezio: No no, my name is Ezio Audit—
    Eggman: That's nice. [Ezio sighs] Anyway, if you want to see him in your world again, send pictures of kittens our way as soon as possible, or we're keeping him! Thanks.
  • Sega sends in a question if Sonic and Eggman hang out a lot or are frenemies. Eggman immediately insists on them being mortal enemies...before asking Sonic if he wants any leftover chili dogs in the fridge.
  • A question asks if Sonic 2006 has finished loading yet.
    Sonic: Heh...Some people say it's still loading to this day.
    Eggman: Here I just thought it never happened.
    • The same animated compilation above has Eggman turn into his model from Sonic 2006 as he speaks.
  • Sonic and Eggman respond to the Game Grumps, with Sonic getting a bit finicky at the mention of a certain game from his past.
    Sonic: Oh, hey, it's them. The Game Grumps. I know these guys.
    Eggman: Oh yes, I particularly like that time they played your best game.
    Sonic: Uh, my best game?
    Eggman: Y'know, the one with the princess and stuff, truly heartwarming story. You almost won that Oscar.
    Eggman: Well, clearly not this.
  • Sonic and Eggman respond to a question in Spanish, which Eggman understands. He then proceeds to sing La Macarena. This became a Brick Joke in the third Twitter takeover when both Sonic and Eggman convince Shadow to join their singing, and in the fourth when Tails joined in.
  • Sonic and Eggman discover SiIvaGunner.
    Eggman: SiIvaGunner asks "What's your favorite high quality rip?"
    Sonic: Well, let's take a listen...Uh, are these real?
    Eggman: Well, says here that he only uploads high-quality rips, so must be.
    Sonic: Not bad, SiIvaGunner, not bad at all.

    Twitter Takeover 3 

    Twitter Takeover 4 
  • How did Sega decide to celebrate the release of Team Sonic Racing? You guessed it: a DAMN 4th Twitter Takeover, now adding Tails to the roster.
  • When Sonic is gushing over Tails after a fan asks what he likes about him, Shadow's response?
  • Eggman doesn't remember what happened in the end of Team Sonic Racing Overdrive. Sonic and Tails agree that this is for the best.
  • At one point, someone asks what their favorite snacks are. This prompts Eggman to hijack the question in order to have Sonic give a shout out to the sponsor of the 4th takeover: Chaos Cola, having been promised a free mini-fridge. Sonic is less than pleased about having to read it, citing the script in the most annoyed, deadpan monotone imaginable. Shadow then chastises all of them for being "corporate shills".
  • The Gushers Twitter account asks Sonic to explain a picture of him circa Sonic Adventure 1 saying "I like Gusher". Tails, being a textbook case of Genius Sweet Tooth, asks them to send some over to his workshop. Shadow then chastises him for being a "corporate shill", even quoting the "Silence, brand." meme... then proceeds to solicit them for Gushers.
  • The annual singing of Macarena returns. Then things get awkward when Tails actually knows the full song, causing the others to become perplexed and fail hilariously at keeping up. By the end, all four are confused.
  • One fan calls Shadow's speed into question compared to Sonic's, citing his use of rocket boosters. Shadow...doesn't take it well.
    • The amount of animatics for this scene is staggering.
  • Favorite breakfast choices. Sonic & Tails have chili dogs. Eggman has waffles. Shadow continues to have his raw coffee beans.
  • Eggman gets asked how he keeps his moustache looking good. As it turns out, he uses gel and then trims it. Everyone then starts wondering what he would look like if his moustache was shaved off. Eggman then Screams Like a Little Girl when they all attack.
  • The four are asked about their favorite memory. Sonic's is stopping the ARK from crashing. Tails' is meeting Sonic for the first time, followed by his adventure on Cocoa Island. Eggman's is beating Sonic, which he's only done a few times. Shadow's? Being dead.
  • One fan wonders what Shadow's ultimate day would be like. After some prodding, Shadow does exactly what you'd expect.
    Tails: (mimicking Shadow) "Dear Diary, today I brooded. And brooded some more. And then raised some Chao."
    Eggman: Hey, that's not bad, Tails.
    Shadow: Quiet, fox. My ultimate day would consist of a nice two handfuls of coffee beans in the morning, followed by a playthrough of the world's greatest video game...
    Sonic: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric?
    Shadow: No! Shadow the Hedgehog.
    Tails: Probably should've seen that one coming.
    Shadow: Then I head outside to do mysterious things, like saving people in need at the last moment, or picking up cool, dark clothing that I'll never wear.
    Eggman: And then after that?
    Shadow: Finally, I head home, and put on a good movie, like Chao In Space 3 (which features me). It's much better than Chao In Space 2.
    Sonic: ...Yeah. Thanks for the question, Menno!
    Shadow: Wait, I'm not done ye-
  • One tweet asks Tails "what does the fox say?" Tails and Sonic promptly have a hushed conversation about angry lawyers before Tails starts singing "I Wanna Fly High" (which Eggman calls him out on), while Shadow reacts with confusion to the other three.
  • It's been 15 years and Shadow still hasn't found that @#!& 4th Chaos Emerald. And yes, Shadow's speech is actually censored. All of his attempts to bypass it fail.
  • Ross from the Game Grumps asks if Eggman could actually be faster than Sonic while rolling. Tails and Eggman actually do the math while bringing up a scenario in which Eggman had no bones to slow him down, which naturally freaks him out. The answer turns out to be yes, but only after 7.8 miles. And during the entire Tweet, Shadow keeps messing up the group's name, calling them the "Grumpy Guys" and the "Grumpy-Grumps".
  • Sonic is once again asked about his feelings for Amy. This time, he runs off, with his picture even dropping out of the frame to accentuate it.
  • This time, Sonic, Tails, and Eggman get asked what their favorite anime is.
    Eggman: Oh, mine's a bit dark. You might not like it. It involves Ghouls and the like.
    Sonic: Ha! Mine's easy. Sonic X! Not that I'm biased, or anything. How 'bout you, Tails?
    Tails: I like the one with the kid who becomes a hero. ONE FOR ALL!
    Shadow: Mine's still the one with the girl and the scissor blade. It's the greatest anime of all time, and none of you will ever change my mind.
  • Someone decides to ask Eggman for a paid internship in his Empire.
    Sonic: Whoa whoa whoa, Kimmyko, let me stop you right there. You REALLY don't want this internship. Trust me.
    Tails: Hey, I could use an intern! I—I mean, I couldn't pay you in anything but gold rings, but—
    Eggman: Will you two stop trying to poach my new hires?! People wonder why HR can't find quality candidates, and now I realise it's you two! Kimmyko, I don't pay my interns. Because it's the most evil thing I can do. But I'd be happy to have you join the Eggman Empire.
    Shadow: Between us, I recommend going your own way. You don't need Eggman or Sonic & Tails. Trust only yourself.
    Eggman: Exactly. Trust yourself to IGNORE SHADOW AND FOLLOW ME. Welcome aboard.
  • Good ol' Caddy asks the crew why they collect rings when an anagram of Sonic's name is "Coins".
  • The gang get philosophical for a moment.
    Tails: Chris Scullion asks, "Do ghosts and spirits of our deceased loved ones exist, or are they merely mental projections constructed in our own minds as a coping mechanism, as knowing they still have some presence, albeit a merely ethereal one, gives some comfort?"
    Shadow: Don't worry, I got this one.
    Shadow: Yes.
  • One question asks Eggman how long it took him to concoct his plan to trap the other three via the Twitter takeover. He's about to put his scheme into motion... but Tails already disarmed all the traps, Shadow destroyed the robots above them (He let loose a Chaos Blast earlier), and Sonic had Knuckles trash Eggman's lair while they were answering questions. As it turns out, the takeover was a plan to lure Eggman away from his base.

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