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The official Sonic Twitter account was fairly standard as far as corporate accounts go. Then they got a new community manager and things were never the same...

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    Twitter Takeover 2 
  • Sonic and Eggman take to Twitter to answer people's questions, with hilarious results.
  • Eggman has a message for Assassin's Creed, who also happen to be celebrating the birthday of Ezio Auditore Da Firenze. And since Roger voiced Ezio...
    Eggman: Dear Assassin's Creed, hello! It's me, Dr. Eggman! I found something that belongs to you!
    Ezio: What is this place? Where am I? What are these odd glowing gemstones?
    Eggman: That's right, it's him! Enzio! Or Easy-O, however you say it.
    Ezio: No no, my name is Ezio Audit—
    Eggman: That's nice. [Ezio sighs] Anyway, if you want to see him in your world again, send pictures of kittens our way as soon as possible, or we're keeping him! Thanks.
  • Sega sends in a question if Sonic and Eggman hang out a lot or are frenemies. Eggman immediately insists on them being mortal enemies...before asking Sonic if he wants any leftover chili dogs in the fridge.
  • A question asks if Sonic 2006 has finished loading yet.
    Sonic: Heh...Some people say it's still loading to this day.
    Eggman: Here I just thought it never happened.
    • The same animated compilation above has Eggman turn into his model from Sonic 2006 as he speaks.
  • Sonic and Eggman respond to the Game Grumps, with Sonic getting a bit finicky at the mention of a certain game from his past.
    Sonic: Oh, hey, it's them. The Game Grumps. I know these guys.
    Eggman: Oh yes, I particularly like that time they played your best game.
    Sonic: Uh, my best game?
    Eggman: Y'know, the one with the princess and stuff, truly heartwarming story. You almost won that Oscar.
    Eggman: Well, clearly not this.
  • Sonic and Eggman respond to a question in Spanish, which Eggman understands. He then proceeds to sing La Macarena. This became a Brick Joke in the third Twitter takeover when both Sonic and Eggman convince Shadow to join their singing, and in the fourth when Tails joined in.
  • Sonic and Eggman discover SiIvaGunner.
    Eggman: SiIvaGunner asks "What's your favorite high quality rip?"
    Sonic: Well, let's take a listen...Uh, are these real?
    Eggman: Well, says here that he only uploads high-quality rips, so must be.
    Sonic: Not bad, SiIvaGunner, not bad at all.
  • Another question clearly wants Sonic and Eggman to hint at the existance of Sonic Adventure 3 by counting the Adventure games. What was the result?

    Twitter Takeover 3 

    Twitter Takeover 4 

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