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Ohhhh boy. I am going spend hours doing this. Can't I summarize it any further? I am so going to be here for a while....

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     Prologue: An Emissary from the FYOO-CHUR 
  • The frequent lampshading by Sonic and Blaze as too why there are so many ancient evils waiting to be set off in their worlds.
    Sonic: What, again? What is it with the ancients sealing so many ancient world-destroying legendary evils or weapons away and not bothering to, you know, destroy them?
  • Amy's attempt at drugging Sonic in a love potion is pretty much a flop. To the extent that they have to use Prison Rape threats to get her to stop for a while since love potions are practically date rape drugs and they can by all accounts, throw her in prison.
  • Big's Beyond the Impossible fishing from the punchbowl.
  • Rouge's innuendos kept flying over Kunckles head. He even states that living in isolation on Angel Island made him play with the local landscape and treat the objects there like actual people. Cue Rouge storming off from his stupidity. She even proceeds to wonder what she ever saw in him.
    Shadow: He's handsome, very strong, not that bright, and owns the largest, most valuable, most powerful jewel in the entire world?
  • Shadow being the third wheel in the love triangle.
  • Silver jumps in and crashes their party, much to everyone's dismay.
    Knuckles: Oh great, this guy again.
    Vector: Didn't we just run into him the other week?
    Cream: (in an irritated tone) What apocalypse do you suppose he wants us to avert this time?
  • According to Silver, there are no chili dogs in his time. Sonic actually gasps in horror.
    Silver: Huh? Oh, that's not why I'm here this time… Though I should probably remember that, that'd be a good excuse to come back later. No, I'm here for a far graver matter!
    Sonic: Graver than a world without chili dogs?!
    Shadow: There ARE worse things, faker.
    Sonic: Blasphemy!
  • When the cast list what would have happened to them should their origins be erased, while the various cast worry about being aborted from time or being normal, the very bottom has the Chaotix thinking that their detective agency will not be formed and Amy will not be Sonic's stalker. Sonic IMMEDIATELY asks Silver to just let Eggman Nega retcon Amy's origin so that he would not have to live in fear of her constant stalking. Silver refuses, to avoid more complications in time, much to his dismay.
    Charmy:The three of us might never have met or formed the Chaotix detective agency!
    Espio:…Why is that a bad thing again?(gets smacked by Vector)
    Amy:I might never have fallen in love with Sonic!
    Sonic:…Hey, do you think maybe we could let Eggman Nega change just her past and nobody else's? I mean, really, would the world be a worse place if Amy weren't excessively stalking me all the time?
    • Even before they start talking, Espio is still having second thoughts whether letting the Chaotix detective agency exist is a good idea.
      Charmy: Yeah, the three of us might never have met, for instance, or we might never have formed the Chaotix Detective Agency! Wouldn't that be awful?
      Espio:…Can I have some time to think that over?
  • Upon asking what they have to do to avoid being retconed, Sonic asks Silver what do they have to do. His response?
    Silver: Absolutely nothing!
  • Tails getting his knowledge of quantum mechanics from binge watching every episode of Doctor Who.
    • Shadow secretly being a fan of Doctor Who.
    • The fact that the entire cast thinks that the show is better source of time-based advice over Silver, an actual time traveller.
      Silver: Really? You're trusting advice from an admittedly really awesome-sci-fi TV show over an actual, real-life time traveler?
      Everyone: Yes.
  • Since his origin is not among those affected, Shadow wants to leave since he thinks this whole storytelling will amount to nothing more than a clichéd 'superpower of teamwork' lesson. Rouge proceeds to give him a very good reason to stay.
    Rouge: Now hold on a minute Shadow, I can see where he's coming from.
    Shadow: You do?
    Rouge: Certainly. I can see all sorts of benefits we can get from learning more about each other… Humiliating blackmail, for example....
    Shadow: I second this insipid yet irritatingly compelling idea of Sonic's.

     Chapter 2: Sonic's Tail 
  • When Sonic starts telling his story, the air around them starts to distort. He immediately stops and asks what is going on. After Silver replies that his recorder works by allowing the audience to actually see the flashbacks, Sonic resumes. Suddenly...
    Sonic: Okay, what that was that?!
    Tails: Is that another side effect of your recorder?
    Silver: No, I've no idea what's making that noise.
  • Sonic's origin has him defying and taking shots at many standard superhero origin clichés. Much to his dismay, everyone that isn't his relative, girlfriend or stalker thinks otherwise.
    Espio: Wait, you had a house? In the suburbs?
    Sonic: Well, yeah, what'd you think, I was homeless or something? (cue awkward pause and most of his friends don't make eye contact) Seriously?!
    Knuckles: Well, uh, it's just…
    Vector: You just seem like…that type…
    Sonic: What type?
    Rouge: You know…a free spirit, wandering everywhere without a place to tie you down…always traveling, never staying in one place for too long…
    Sonic: Just because I like running all over the place doesn't mean I'm a homeless vagrant or anything! I'm fast enough that I can get home from just about anywhere I want if I want a nice warm bed or a roof over my head or a free meal.
    Tails: Or mine, if he's feeling lazy.
    Sonic: That reminds me, it's my mom's birthday soon, I should probably get something for her…
    Kunckles:…You have parents?!
    Sonic: Yeah, why, did you think I was…oh come on, really you guys?! (sees the guilty looks on his friends' faces) Look, just because lots of heroes are orphans doesn't mean I am, too! That's an unfair stereotype! Not all of us get into the game because of an exaggerated feeling of grief or loss!
    Shadow: Should I be offended?
    • Upon the subject on parents, the rest of the cast talk about their respective parental status. As for Shadow...
      "MARIA!" Shadow shouted. Everyone stared at him. He flushed. "Sorry. Force of habit."
  • Sonic's mother lets her son hang out with a mad scientist all the time. For example,
    Sonic: MOM! Can I help Doc Blue with an experiment?"
    Sonic: I don't think so.
    Bernadette: Is there a high likelihood of whatever he's doing destroying the planet, tearing open a hole in the fabric of space and time, or turning you into a human?
    Emile: I cannot say with 100% absolute certainty that none of those events will occur, because nothing in life is ever completely certain, and any fool who says otherwise is either lying or an idiot. However, I am relatively certain that the chances of any of those eventualities happening are slim to non-existent. ESPECIALLY Sonic turning into a human.
    Sonic: Thank goodness.
    Bernadette: Well, all right then. Just so long as you're back in time for dinner, honey!
    Sonic: Sure thing, Mom!
  • Doctor Emile Blue is the grandson of one of the scientists on ARK, who is a close friend of Gerald Robotnick to boot. Sonic tried to tell Shadow that but he keeps getting interrupted.
    Shadow: (After getting the idea from Rouge to tell the victims' families about the events of Space Colony ARK) I believe that would not be a bad idea, Rouge. But Sonic… Why did you never tell me that you knew someone who was descended from one of the scientists on the ARK?!
    Shadow: You did?
    Sonic: Yeah!
    Cut to the events of Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Generations where he tries to tell him but keeps getting interrupted.
    Sonic: Okay, another time then.
    [Present Day]
  • Upon the subject as to why would Shadow keep working for GUN considering his history with the organisation, Charmy states that the most likely reason is that he would be unemployed and had to pay off the damages he caused in Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog. He begrudgingly agrees.
  • According to Shadow, the reason the moon was blown in half in Sonic Adventure 2 was that Eggman gave too much power to the cannon when he was simply trying to carve his face on it.
  • Despite having the Required Secondary Powers for Super Speed, One-Hit Point Wonder application to Sonic's world is pretty much lampshaded by the cast.
    Flashback!Sonic: (After shrugging off hitting solid concrete faster than the speed of sound) I'm pretty sure I can take a hit!
    Rouge: Then why is it that if you so much as TOUCH an enemy or hazardous obstacle, you lose rings and a second hit would kill you if you don't have any left?
  • It turns out that Sonic didn't introduce his girlfriend to his family despite promising them otherwise, cue Tails reminding him about that and Blaze immediately looks forward to his embarrassing childhood stories. Apparently, Sonic isn't even his real name!!

     Chapter 3: Amy's Fortune 
  • Amy's level of obsession with Sonic goes from insane fangirl to Bedlam House patient due to the fact that she was his very first fan despite at that time, he was still a normal hedgehog.
    Sonic: How did Amy fall in love with me? Well, that's an easy one; she fell in love with me after I saved her on Little Planet!
    Amy: Actually, Sonic, I was in love with you WAY before that!
    Sonic:…Really? Well, uh, I was not aware of that.
    Shadow: Were you one of Sonic's rabid and insane fangirls, then? I'd imagine even back then he must've had a lot of them… For reasons which continue to elude me.
    Shadow: You're one to talk, Shads, Have you ever MET your fanbase?
    Shadow: (shuddering) Unfortunately, I have.
    Amy: Pshh, those wannabes? I was in love with Sonic for YEARS before he became a mainstream hero!
    Sonic:…I suddenly find myself even more terrified of you than I usually am, Amy.
    Vector: Yes, hipsters are rather terrifying.
    Kunckles: What, were you stalking him even before he got his powers or something?
  • Amy's first time at a fair.
    Sonic: Geez, Amy, and I thought you were annoying NOW, What, did you mellow with age or something?
  • Amy's mother's decision to make out with a belly dancer, what sells it was her inner dilemma.
    But wait, what about Amy? She was aware she wasn't exactly the best parent, but there was no way she would be so bad as to abandon her daughter because of a magnificent, luscious, scaly…


    Something caught her eye, and suddenly she realized a solution to her little dilemma. (In retrospect, she would realize that it was actually a rather terrible solution, but in all fairness, she was still recovering from a bad breakup, nursing a hangover and currently surging with hormones, so she can be given a little leeway in this instance. Or not. Depends on how you feel, I guess.) "Amy, sweetie, do you want to get your fortune told?"
  • In Amy's fortune telling, Gypsy showed her the hero in Amy's future which is Sonic, complete with a throwaway line about how hot he is. Sonic pretty much calls bullshit on this (the fortune teller's way of describing of him of course). What sells it is what happens later...
    "I don't believe you!" Knuckles yelled. And if KNUCKLES, one of the most gullible people on the planet, didn't believe you, that was really saying something.
    • When Amy is worried that since she isn't the main hero but the Tagalong Kid compared to Tails and Knuckles, she will get kidnapped a lot. Gypsy tells her it won't happen as often as she thinks and as any consolation, she will be present for Sonic's adventures more than the rest of the cast.
      Vector: Well, to be fair, most of us DO have a life outside of you.
    • At the segment where Gypsy uses the multiverse shipping theory on Amy, Sonic is baffled that he and Amy are actually a possibility. The punchline? So does everyone else.
      Amy: Oh, come on! Is the idea of you and me being together in some other reality REALLY that hard to swallow?!
      Sonic: Yes. (everyone else nodded in agreement)
      Tails: Yeah, I have trouble picturing it too.
      Knuckles:I can't see it, sorry.
      Cream: I'm sorry, Amy, but it does seem to be a bit of a stretch.
      Amy: Traitor.
      • Shadow sees the multiverse shipping theory, and proceeds to find out about the Sonshadow fanbase. He is horrified beyond words. Sonic decides to not to let this once-in-a-lifetime chance to mess with him slip by, so...
      Shadow: Wait, wait, back up a second. What was that about Sonic being partnered with a red and black male hedgehog in several other universes? I'M a red and black male hedgehog!
      Sonic: Well, now that you mention it, Shadow… I HAVE always thought you were kind of handsome, in a dark, brooding way…"
      Shadow: Don't even JOKE about that, faker! I may be many things, but gay isn't one of them!
      Vector: Shadow, I had no idea you were so homophobic!
      Shadow: What?! But that's…I'm not…I'M NOT HOMOPHOBIC!
      Sonic: Methinks you doth protest too much. Sometimes those who deny it the loudest are concealing a truth they desperately don't want anyone to know about… Are you secretly in the closet?
      • When Sonic finished revealing the relationship chart in the cast, it turns out that Espio and Shadow are the only ones left for Amy. Espio states that he has a vow of chastity while Shadow resorts to saying that he is gay just to ward off Amy! Not to mention one more gem...
      Cream: You've got a crush on me?
      Charmy: D-dammit, Sonic!
  • When Amy states that there must be an escape clause for her curse that was brought forth by breaking her crystal ball, Gypsy proceeds to say out one of most ridiculous escape clauses in fictional history. It has to be her true love, who will not be Sonic, on her 5,973,124,566th birthday, beneath the light of 12 full moons, 70 half-moons, two quarter moons, and 1000 Crescent moons sharing the sky at the same time as 50 red dwarf stars, one supermassive blue star, and a smattering of red and yellow regular-sized stars orbiting a black hole while riding on the back of a 17 legged incredibly dapper giant cosmic crab with a top hat, monocle, and mustache raping the carcass of a giant mauve star whale on the surface of an asteroid made out of an alloy that's exactly 57.3% nickel, 12.5% copper, 10.4% iron, and the rest is made of a mix of neptunium and bubble gum in a nebula shaped like a horse head wearing a rainbow afro 100,000 light years from here in a parallel universe, after she've been bitten and injected with the incurably lethal venom of the Lesser Bolarian Arachnochimp, at EXACTLY thirty-two minutes and forty-three seconds after Eleventy-nine AM, Galactic Standard Time, during a Multiversal Equinox, an event that only occurs every one trillion years and the latest one was about…seven months ago. Oh, and she'll be eaten by a Space Dragon immediately after.
  • Understandably sympathetic, the cast offer to help her break her curse. She immediately says that she wasn't cursed due to her own delusions, turning it into a never-ending loop.
    Sonic: Oh, for the love of…
    Blaze: Well, there goes most of the sympathy I had for.
    Kunckles: Wait, but if you think the fortuneteller is a phony, then how do you explain how she was able to quite clearly predict Sonic's existence, or all that other eerily specific and accurate stuff about the rest of us?
    Rouge: Don't bother, Knuckles, I think it's pretty clear by now that 'logic' and 'Amy Rose' don't belong in the same sentence. She probably wouldn't be able to notice the hypocrisy of her story, even if you pointed it out to her with a big neon sign.
    [Later on the subject on how she got her Piko Piko Hammer]
    Amy: The Piko Piko hammer? After I got kicked out of Gypsy's tent, we went to try one of those 'test your strength' games. You know, the ones where you hit a lever with a hammer to try and ring the bell? I hit the bell on the first try, and my mom and Hood both agreed that I had some natural skill with it, so I started training with hammers as I grew older –after all, I couldn't be a heroine who helped Sonic save the world if I didn't have a few skills or two, right?
    Knuckles: But the only reason you even knew about that was because a fortuneteller you believe to be a phony told you that would happen! That doesn't make any sense!
    Rouge: Just forget it, Knuckles. Some battles just aren't worth fighting.
    • Apparently after the first one, she went to every single fortune teller to ask about her love life. The ones she considered genuine are the ones that said she will have a future with Sonic, after a "little prompting" from her hammer, while the ones she considered fake are the ones who told her that she won't. After getting a lifetime restraining order to stay away from all fortune tellers, she went to tarot card reading and even the cards are telling her that she won't be with Sonic. Her curse pretty much makes sure that she can't comprehend the very idea that she won't be with Sonic. According to Rouge, she was even briefly committed to an insane asylum, only to be kicked out because they got sick of her talking about Sonic all the time. Her mental state is summed up here:
      Tails: Amy, has it ever occurred to you that maybe the reason the cards and everyone else keep telling you that you will never be with Sonic is, quite possibly, because you will never be with Sonic?
      Tails: Oh, no reason…
  • Amy proceeds to ask Silver whether she getting married to Sonic in the future, which obviously is no while gripping her hammer very tightly.
    Silver thought carefully. He quite quickly came to the realization that if he gave Amy an answer she did not like, she would probably cave his head in with that hammer of hers. He did not want his head to be caved in. He liked his head. He needed it to do stuff. After some very careful consideration, he finally said, "There will be a very beautiful wedding in your future."

    "EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Amy squealed so shrilly that the others flinched and Rouge cried out in agony and clutched her head due to her supersensitive hearing. "Oh, thank you, Silver! Thank you so…waaaaait a minute… You didn't say WHO was getting married! And for that matter, you didn't even explicitly say that it was ME getting–"

    "Team Chaotix!" Silver cried desperately. "It's your turn!"
    "Oh boy!" Charmy cheered.
    "Oh, joy," Espio sighed.

  • Author's afterword.
    And that's that story done! Was I a bit cruel to Amy here? Maybe a little… But it was all in good fun, wasn't it? And to be fair, she HAS been getting a bit more and more deranged in her affections towards Sonic over the years, though that might just be my interpretation. She wasn't always this crazy regarding him, was she?

     Chapter 4: The Chaotix Mystery 
  • Kunckles' reason as to why he even hangs out with Sonic and company.
    Knuckles: My job is to guard the Master Emerald first and foremost, The only reason I leave it to go on adventures with you guys is because you practically drag me kicking and screaming if I don't just say yes whenever you stop by.
    Rouge: And because you're secretly bored and lonely and crave a distraction from your dull job?
    Knuckles: No!
  • Chaotix managing to break the Master Emerald 10 times in a span of a few days, no wonder Knuckles kicked them off Angel Island. In hindsight, he shouldn't have.
  • Chaotix set up shop in the city where absolutely nothing happens, meaning that the only thing that is paying is them for their shenanigans.
    • The only thing exciting to ever come to the city to recent history was Eggman coming to their famous bistro to get a bite, he even paid in full instead of conducting villainy!
    • When the Chaotix beat up a mime, the entire city threw them a parade. Let's just say this sentiment is not a local thing...
      Espio: I still don't get why, it was just a mime. He wasn't doing anything evil.
      Vector: Espio, he was a MIME. He's inherently evil. That's all the excuse you need to beat one up.
      The others nodded in agreement, except for Big, who was fishing, and Cream, who did not agree, though it was less because she liked mimes and more because she hated violence in all its forms.
      Amy: What a wonderful future!
      Blaze: It's the same in my world.
      Amy: What an awful place!
  • Apparently, Tails being a two-tailed fox gets him all the girls in school.
  • Omega is disgusted by a duck dating a robot. By the end of the chapter, he is more than happy to ask people out if they impress him with vivid action sequences.
  • When Fang states that South Island (Sonic, Tails, Mighty and Ray's home island) is average as a vacation spot, Sonic loses it.
    Sonic: Just 'all right?!' How dare he! South Island's the best damn place in the world!
  • When Fang was asked to leave his weapons behind at the bistro's entrance due to a mime incident, it took him 15 minutes to fully unpack all the stuff.
  • This...just this.
    Charmy: On the bright side, Bomb and Bean got married! The wedding was great! Well, until they blew up the chapel and killed most of the guests.
  • Vector's Noir narration about how Mighty disappeared and they became detectives. It's so long winded that all it did was utterly confuse the cast and/or make them depressed.
  • Espio's desperation for cash due to how poor they are.
    Espio: (After Vector refuses to take cash gifts despite being in heavy debt) Don't listen to him! We need as much money as we can get our hands on!
  • Mighty's return, or to be more precise, how was behind Vector the whole time while everyone spontaneously never talked about him until now.
    • The reason why the other Chaotix never told Vector that he was right behind him? They were to see how long it would take for him to figure it out and placed a bet, only for Vector to not notice him long enough that if they pointed it out now, it would make them look like jerks. As for the rest of the gang, Sonic thought Vector knew and never thought about he was considered missing in the first place.
    • To comfort Mighty, Sonic says that he made some big mistakes too. One of them? It was going out with Amy on a date. The punchline? He agrees.
  • Knuckles' track record of guarding the Master Emerald is so abysmal that everyone wonders why he was chosen in the first place.
  • How did Mighty disappear? He was hit by a GUN military truck thinking that he was Sonic during the events of Sonic Adventure 2. The driver realized the mistake, brought him to the hospital while metaphorically shoving him under the rug to avoid a trial.
    Sonic: Seriously?! Ugh, those things are the WORST! Especially after they got upgraded with rocket boosters, missiles, and buzzsaws… I swear, I don't know what gives me more nightmares, those things, or whales…
    Sonic: (After staring into the distance for a long time) Gee, thanks Knux, now I'll never be able to sleep again.
    [After saying the reason he was hit]
  • Mighty states that there is a Greater-Scope Villain in his own tale of saving the world. Everyone else saw it coming.
    Mighty: And then, of course, it turned out the whole thing was being orchestrated by an even greater evil.
    Sonic: Well, yeah, obviously!
    Amy: Isn't it always?
    Blaze: Been there, done that.

     Chapter 5: Knuckles' Genealogy 
  • Kunckles using the Superman origin story since his actual one isn't anything special.
    • On the subject of comic book heroes, the cast couldn't help but feel sorry for the fact that they have to be constantly rebooted over and over again in terms of both movies and comics.
  • Kunckles actual story has him simply hatching as a baby near the Master Emerald and being told by Tikal that his entire race is gone. She was stuck as Kunckles' babysitter to prevent him from accidentally killing himself.
    • Apparently, Tikal doesn't think Rouge is the best girlfriend for Knuckles.
      Rouge: I've met her a few times, usually after I've stolen the Master Emerald and was waiting for you to catch up to me to take it back, I don't think she feels like I'm the right sort of girlfriend for you.
  • Kunckles kept complaining why Tikal always clammed up about how his species went extinct in the first place, cue Tikal appearing from behind him to state that it is time to know. Charmy's reaction sells it.
    Charmy: Gah! Ghost! GHOOOOOOOOOOOOST!
    Tikal: Actually, I'm not a ghost so much as an individual who has transcended mortality and is no longer bound by the shackles of time or physical existence.
    Charmy: Gah! Individual who has transcended mortality and is no longer bound by the shackles of time or physical existence! INDIVIDUAL WHO HAS TRANSCENDED MORTALITY AND IS NO LONGER BOUND BY THE SHACKLES OF TIME OR PHYSICAL EXISTEEEEEEENCE!
  • The second reason Tikal came down? Chaos and her were angry that they weren't invited to the party.
    • When she is going to leave at the end of the chapter, Tails wonders why they need chili dogs despite not needing to eat. Apparently, Tikal knows this, but Chaos still wants to eat anyway.
  • Tikal's sense of time is a bit wonky from being out of linear time. She proceeds to ask Blaze when the baby is due and whether her Borogvia campaign is settled. At this time, Blaze certainly isn't pregnant and she hasn't invaded that particular country yet. Sonic and Amy's reactions sell it.
  • All the bad stuff about Kunckles? It turns out it's In the Blood.
    Knuckles: My respect for my ancestors drops by the second.
  • On the subject of how wealthy the cast is...
    Blaze: I rule the most prosperous nation on my planet.
    Tails: I've got millions from patents and royalties.
    Shadow: The money I put in the bank fifty years ago has matured handsomely.
    Rouge: I'm ridiculously rich, but I didn't exactly get it through legitimate means, so I suppose it doesn't count.
    Cream: I'm actually very wealthy.
  • The Brotherhood on the topic of ascension and the first thing they think about was that they lose physical existence or to be more precise, physical sensation and/or pleasure.
    Athair: How do you know that? Have YOU been a God? Do you know anyone else who's been one who can tell us what it's like? Did you get a hotline to Aurora when I wasn't looking? Plus, it sounds like we'll have to give up our bodies if we do this, and I LIKE our bodies! I enjoy having a physical existence! I take pleasure in eating, and exercise, and even having sex! Are you certain we can do all that if we ascend to the Chaos Force?
    Thunderhawk: He actually has a good point, I wouldn't mind being a God, but not if it means giving up sex!" The other Guardians murmured, and nodded in agreement.
    Sojourner: That's a good point, actually, Dmitri can't do any of that stuff anymore, but he seems to be all right for the most part, albeit a little bitter, but then again, who wouldn't be if they were just a head stuck in a jar? Maybe this wouldn't be so bad…
  • When the cast thinks that Amy would wipe out an entire species just for a slim chance to win Sonic's heart, she actually agrees!!
  • When the Brotherhood of Guardians considered smashing the Master Emerald, they think it's sacrilege. Cue everyone looking at Knuckles.
  • When the reason the echidnas are even around? Gods' intervention aka Deus ex Machina.
    Tails: A Deus ex Machina? Really?
    Sonic: Well, why not? Those happen to us often enough.
  • Knuckles learning that he has a brother named Knecapeon. It immediately made Sonic think up of another body part...
    Sonic: Yeah, that's… Wait…Knecapeon? That sounds like…(laughing out loud) Knuckles, your little brother is named KNEECAPS! Hahahahaha!
    Knuckles: Wh-what?! No he isn't, he's named Knecapeon, a proud and…noble…oh, who am I kidding? His name is Kneecaps. What was my mother thinking?!
    Espio: Considering that she named you Knuckles, apparently she has a thing for body parts.
  • When Tikal asks Omega to move 5 feet to left, Omega refuses. Shadow proceeds to say that this is coming from an ancient nigh-omniscient mystical being, maybe he should listen to her.
    • After she left, sure enough, where Omega was standing a minute ago would be the spot Shade would teleport herself to.

     Chapter 6: Shade's Saga 
Troper's Note: Due to the impact of this chapter and to preserve the sanity of the person who has to type all this, all following examples for this folder will be unmarked to save time.
  • Shade puckering up to kiss Knuckles...right in front of Rouge. Cue awkward pause at the realization.
  • Silver's tendency to slip up and than clam up at the last moment, which only serves to make the cast even more curious to what happens in the future.
  • Chaotix's introduction to Shade.
    Vector: We're the Chaotix! I don't believe we've crossed paths before, but we ran into a few of your Marauder colleagues back when you were trying to invade our world.
    Shade: Oh yes, I believe you were mentioned in a few of our scouts' reports.
    Vector: Yeah?
    Shade: Yes, they said that if all of Earth's defenders were as incompetent as you, succeeding in our plans would be child's play.
    Charmy: Yeah, that sounds about right.
  • Shade warping to Mobius using a Chaos Emerald as a waypoint. Her logic is that the Chaos Emeralds seem to have a way of turning up wherever the cast goes, or the other way around.
  • When Shade was told how the Knuckles clan were destroyed, she wasn't surprised.
    Shade: Ah, yes, that DOES sound like something a high-ranking echidna would do, especially one from a descendant of the Knuckles clan. No offense, Knuckles, but from what I recall of your ancestors, doing something incredibly stupid and self-destructive out of petty selfishness or desire was one of their defining features.
    Knuckles: I probably would be insulted, if that weren't absolutely true. Fortunately, I'm nothing like that. Much.
  • Upon the subject of finding living space for the released civilizations from Twilight Cage.
    Shade: Rouge, if you could secure a home for us, we would be forever in your debt.
    Rouge:(baring her fangs)Thank you. I'll remember you said that. I may hold you to it…especially the 'forever' part.
  • When the cast got carried away and wanted to ask Shade about her origins, Silver had to emphasise that her origin is not in danger. Not to mention, if there are any changes they would have seen it by now.
    Silver: But she'd better make it fast!
    Amy: Don't listen to him, Shade! You can take as long as you need.
  • Amy pretty much jinxed everyone with this line.
    Amy: Yeah, how bad could it(Shade's origin) be?
    Shadow: Did you really just ask that?
  • Ix pretty much called what was going to happen in the future for him.
    Ix: Hmmph. Interesting, so you don't know what makes you special, either… I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Well, that just leaves one question remaining: what to do with you. On the one hand, you've demonstrated a level of initiative, courage, and personal strength I haven't seen from a trainee in a very long time… you INTRIGUE me, Shade, and that's not something I can say for a lot of people. On the other hand, you murdered your superior officer for a pig. A PIG. And if you're willing to kill a superior for a pig, you might be willing to kill another superior someday for something else. Heck, you might even try to kill me one day! Not that you'd ever succeed, of course, but you might certainly try, which would be inconvenient for the both of us, I think.

    Sonic: Heh, if only he knew.
    Tails: This is what is known as 'dramatic irony,'
  • The sheer disbelief from Shade that their best weapon was casually smashed twice by Sonic. Apparently, the rest of the cast destroy weapons of mass destructions as a hobby!
    Shade:… You fought the second-most powerful weapon my civilization ever devised at its full strength, TWICE, and WON?!
    Sonic: Yep! And the first time, I didn't even need to go Super!
    Tails: Yeah, we kind of destroy ultimate super weapons of ancient civilizations a lot.
    Cream: I destroyed one I found in my backyard just last week!
    Blaze: It is a regular pastime for myself as well.
  • This entire exchange. I have no idea just how many lines it just crossed...
    Gladius: I raped their women.
    Ix, and everyone else on the dais, stared at the robot in confusion.
    Ix: Er…how? I was led to believe you did not have the necessary…parts, unless there was something about your design specs I missed? I'm aware that we gave the right… Necessary parts to Gizoids designed for prostitution, but I didn't think that you…
    Charyb: No, he lacks the necessary parts.
    Scylla: WE certainly don't, and I see no reason why he should have them.
    Gladius: Oh, I didn't have the necessary parts… So I grew them.
    Ix: You… Grew them.
    Gladius: Yes, may I show you?
    Ix: Um… Very well…
    Gladius stood up, the metal plates on the front of his pelvis rearranging themselves, and then…
    Everyone stared once again. Several people around the city, watching on their televisions or the big hologram, fainted. Others started drooling.
    Charyb: Well, those are certainly the necessary parts.
    Scylla: Are… Are those FUNCTIONAL?!
    Gladius: Oh, yes. I experimented with slaves, prisoners of war, and Procurator Shade to make sure I was doing it right.
    Shade's cheeks turned red as everyone stared at her.
    Ix: Procurator Shade, can you confirm this?
    Shade: I, ah, can. He was… Good. Very good. Among the best I've ever had, in fact.
    Ix: The best?
    Shade: Yes. One of, at any rate.
    Ix: Huh.
    [After Scylla and Charyb scanned and recreated Gladius' parts after being ordered to]
    Ix: Put those away, all of you. This is an award ceremony, not an orgy.
  • According to Silver, on the topic of sexbots, he is often the one that has to pay them to spend time and not the other way round.
  • Knuckles understandably don't want to know how robots can have sexual organs.
    Espio:…But, if you don't have the right parts, how can you-
    Vector:… And exactly what are those-
    Knuckles: I don't think we need to know that.
    Tails: Actually, I'm kind of curious-
    Knuckles: I REALLY don't that we need to know that,
    Shadow: It's really not that bad, there's just a little wiring involved-
    Blaze:…How exactly have you two managed to sleep together?
    Rouge: With great difficulty.
  • Ix pretty much sums up why he is not falling for a certain cliché in fiction on the subject of Gladius.
    Ix: It goes like this: civilization creates ultimate warrior to destroy their enemies. Ultimate warrior gets really strong really fast. Civilization fears ultimate warrior will turn on them. Civilization tries to kill ultimate warrior. Civilization fails because ultimate warrior is ultimate warrior. Ultimate warrior destroys civilization. The end. Rinse and repeat, I've seen it happen again and again and again, and I swore never to be that stupid myself. Yes, I'm concerned Gladius may eventually turn on us, but as of right now that is just a possibility, and I'm conscious enough of self-fulfilling prophecies to not do anything stupid like try to kill him before he's shown any signs of overtly trying to destroy us. That'll GUARANTEE he'll try to destroy us. Happens every single time.

    Shadow: Story of my life.
  • According to Shadow, how did Professor Gerald Robotnik get the Eclipse cannon to be built on Space Colony ARK in the first place? He told them that it was to be used as an asteroid defence system. explanation 
  • Upon the topic about what could a failsafe for Gladius...
    Sonic: Easy, they could've called me in, considering that I beat him both times he was at his peak.
    Knuckles: You weren't even born then.
  • When the story is getting too horrifying, Cream understandably wants to leave.
    "Well, at least nobody's killing a beloved pet pig!" Charmy said. Cream glared at him. He winced. "Right, too soon."
  • When Shade admits that she still respects Ix despite all his faults due to growing up under his Cult of Personality, the cast has a certain example that they love to point out...before getting derailed as always.
    Sonic: Oh yeah, that guy's the worst. He's the guy whose granddad or great-granddad is still on the books as supreme ruler of the country even though he's been dead for decades, and claimed his family has the divine right to rule because of some phony unicorn cave he cobbled together, right?
    Blaze: I did not know this world had unicorns.
    Cream: Oh yes, they stop by my house all the time.
    Blaze: Somehow that does not surprise me, Cream.
    Amy: I've been trying to attract some for years, but they always avoid me.
    Mighty: Are you sure you, ah, qualify?
    Amy: (grabbing her hammer)Are you insinuating something?"
    Mighty: N-no! Not at all!
    Espio: And besides, we all know she's saving herself for Sonic.
    Amy: That's right! I am!
  • Omega is infuriated about the world's robot prejudice, no thanks to Eggman and a lot A.I. Is a Crapshoot fiction. His own behavior really isn't helping his case. Not to mention when tries to find the correct them for it...
    Omega: (when told that racist isn't the correct term for what his is referring to)…WELL, IT'S-SOMETHING-IST!
    [[Later when she states she she have to deal with Nicole upon arriving in Mobius]]
    Shade: I'm NOT prejudiced against robots! Many of my close friends are robots! I've SLEPT with robots!
    Shade: Oh for the love of… Can we just continue the story already? We're near the end.
  • Nicole's creation is pretty much one of the rare cases where A.I. Is a Crapshoot is a good thing.
  • After Gizomochao's debut,


     Chapter 7: Rouge's Fable 
  • Team Dark had their own adventure where they saved the world and Sonic is not involved in any way, he is a little grumpy about that.
  • Like Sonic, Rouge takes pot shots that the stereotypical "jewel thief" origin clichés.
    • Amy thinks that Rouge grew up on the streets as a vagrant in the slums which made her value money and resort to thievery to survive. Never has she been more wrong.
    • She also immediately thinks that the next stage of Rouge's life in poverty is to sell her body to survive. Rouge is very pissed about it.
    • As the final nail on the stereotype, Rouge says that she is a princess. She isn't the poor girl in the slums; she is the girl that OWNS the city!!
      • The reason Amy went to this line of thought? It was because of how Rouge dresses and acts.
  • When Cream realizes that she is once again getting censored from all the stuff that is too adult for her to know, at this stage she is getting tired of it.
  • The one time that Knuckles actually thought that he was listening to a metaphor? When Rouge told him that she is a princess.
  • Knuckles thinking that Rouge being a vampire is no big deal, not because of his open-minded ness but his ignorance.
  • When pointing out the core difference between her and the rest of the gang, Rouge asks if all this information is a deal breaker.
    Shadow: Say yes say yes say yes say yes.
    • When Knuckles says that he will not break up with her until he gets more info, Shadow grunted in disappointment, only to nearly fall over from Omega giving a pat that is a little too strong for him.
  • Knuckles lack of knowledge of vampires stems from the fact that Angel Island has poor reception and when Rouge took him to see a vampire movie, he thought it was a comedy because she spent the whole time laughing at the inaccuracy.
  • Threatening Cold-Blooded Torture on a 6 year old? Cruel as hell. Threatening Cold-Blooded Torture on a 6 year old because she nearly said your race's equivalent of the N-word that is pretty much responsible for destroying any dignity your kind had? Crosses the Line Twice much?
    Cream:And can you spark-
    Rouge: Cream, darling, I love you dearly, but if you finish that sentence I'm afraid I will have no choice but to lock you in the deepest, darkest dungeons of my Castle, where you will be tortured constantly in new and inventively ever-changing ways, each more horrific and awful than the last, for the rest of your natural life, and then quite a few decades if not centuries beyond that as we prolong it through unnatural means, before ripping your soul out of your body and enslaving both it and your lifeless husk to serve me forevermore.
    • The reason why the 'sparkle' trait in vampires came about? It's because the one of vampires that are busy creating the Our Vampires Are Different trope to cover up their real weaknesses added that trait as a joke!!! Sadly, that individual is unaware that a certain author decided to use that very trait in her book series....
  • When Cream realizes that she lives in a Fantasy Kitchen Sink where All Myths Are True, she has only one thing to say:
    Cream: I think I'm going to sleep with the lights on for the rest of my life now.
    Rouge: Probably a good idea.
  • Blaze states that her way of ruling is being big and explosive, which had pissed off quite a few ancient cabals who had been secretly ruling her world.
  • When Knuckles realizes that once he marries Rouge, he would up being king. Thankfully, Rouge explains that he would just be the chief consort since he would botch it so hard as he obviously can't even guard his emerald properly.
    • On the topic of kingship, Sonic states that he would actually be the real deal once he marries Blaze since he is King Arthur. His eagerness fades when he realizes that King = Paperwork.
  • Shadow is pretty much the prime example why parents are needed.
    Shadow: I never had a mother. Just the Professor and Maria. I think I turned out okay…more or less.
    Vector:…That's…very debatable.
  • After the Description Porn of herself when she was younger,
    Blaze: Excuse me, but was all that really necessary?
    Amy: Yeah, that was basically just you gushing over how pretty you used to be.
    Rouge: Used to be? I'm an immortal vampire princess who will forever be young and beautiful, I think I can afford to be a little vain if I want.
  • The Imagine Spot where the cast tried to comprehend Rouge's beauty when she would fully mature. Only Shadow succeeded, everyone else couldn't.
  • Sonic immediately states the elephant in the room which is whether he needs to go after Blanc.
  • One of the skills that Blanc considers to be important when you are a ruler? Sleeping with your eyes open.
    Blaze: Truly a valuable skill for any great ruler. It is not an easy technique to master, but one well worth learning. My esteem for your mother rises by the second, Rouge.
    Sonic: I've tried it a few times, but I keep snoring too loudly, and nobody falls for it.
    Blaze: We can work on that, beloved. If you do become King, you may need to do it one day.
    Sonic: Can't I just let you handle all the boring stuff while I go out on adventures?
    Blaze: No, because I like going out on adventures too, and it would be very rude for you to go on one without me.
  • The purpose of one of Amy's charities is to put sweaters on penguins.
    Shadow: It's a rubbish charity anyway. It's not like penguins need sweaters.
    Cream: Maybe not, but they look so cute in them!(Everyone considered this for a moment, and then reluctantly conceded that she was right.)
  • On the subject on how old is the vampire dynasty:
    Rouge: We've been around since before the ancient echidnas were anything more than a bunch of brainless, fight-happy thugs.
    Mighty: So, not too long ago, then?
    Knuckles :Hey!
  • When the cast tries to convince Shadow to them what is Nightmare Green, Cream resorts to using her trump card.
    "Please, Mister Shadow? Just a little hint?" Cream asked, giving the black hedgehog her biggest bunny-rabbit look. (Like a puppy-dog look, only cuter.)
  • Rouge, like any other young girl, ran around with stuffed toys and blankets. The cast finds it hard to imagine her as such.
    Espio: Suddenly, I find you a lot less intimidating now that I know you went around everywhere with a blanket and a stuffed animal.
    Cream: It must've been so cute!
    Rouge: Right! Back to the story!
  • On the topic of Sonic's love life.
    Mighty: You know, Sonic always was into older women…
    Sonic: (cheeks turning red)Oh, shut up, you.
  • Let's just say the current choices of the president of the United Federation aren't very good.
    Rouge: I know the names of all the President's mistresses, as well as how many children he has out of wedlock and where they can be found.
    Amy: What?! But that can't be right, he was elected on a family values platform!
    Mighty:… And you believed him?
    Vector: Yeah, whenever politicians run a campaign based on something like that, they've always got something dirty on the side, it's textbook!
    Amy:… Well, now I know for sure I'm not going to vote to reelect him…
    Cream: Mommy never voted for him, she voted for the other guy.
    Shadow: Actually, the other guy was a shape shifting alien. Who, in retrospect, might actually have been a better leader than the current President.
  • On the idea that the GUN Commander has an actual name.
    Knuckles: He has an actual name? I always assumed his mom just named him 'GUN Commander.'
    Vector: Why the heck would you think that?
    Knuckles: My mother named me Knuckles and my brother is basically Kneecaps. If something like that could be our birth names, why couldn't 'GUN Commander' be someone else's?
    • Apparently, he is also a closet Shadow cosplayer. Shadow can only shudder with revulsion while everyone else needs Brain Bleach.
  • Rouge has a night form just like Sonic's during the events of Sonic Unleashed. It is definitely better looking than his. He couldn't help but be jealous.
  • Mighty pretty much sums up the problem with the Black Arms, it's that they are just trying too hard to be edgy until they crossed the threshold into walking clichés.
  • Shadow thinks that Eclipse is a better rival than Sonic. He couldn't help but be envious.
  • When Team Dark starts wondering what kind of name should an adaptation of their adventure be greenlit, Shadow immediately insists on his name. The three members start arguing who had more Character Development that would justify their proposed titles.
    Okay, okay, I'm willing to compromise," Shadow said. "How about Shadow the Hedgehog 2: the Adventures of Team Dark?"
    Rouge threw her drink in Shadow's face. Omega grabbed a table and hurled it at the black hedgehog, knocking him over. "I'll take that as a maybe," he said weakly.
    • He was still stuck under the table for the rest of the chapter.
  • The reason why Rouge is so willing to talk about her backstory? It's because she has been secretly using subtle hypnosis to convince the audience to never spill it out under any circumstances.
    • When Knuckles immediately think hypnosis is why he keeps giving the Master Emerald to her, she says no.

    Chapter 8: Blaze's Legend, Pt 1 

     Chapter 9: Cream's Fairytale 
  • Understandably thinking that this is a Breather Episode, Knuckles proceeds to blab that this origin will be less dark or grim than its predecessors. The cast proceeds to call him out for jinxing it. It's surprisingly Lighter and Softer, the origin that is. The reveal of her family members however...
  • Being a Breather Episode, Omega wants to leave until he listens to the next story. Tails refuses to let him leave.
  • The sheer magnitude of how rich Cream's family stuns the cast. Rouge even complements her display of wealth while the Chaotix realised that they are out of their league even more than usual in terms of Love Interests.(Charmy for Cream and Vector for Vanilla)
  • Knuckles asks why would they need such a big mansion for a family of that consists of just several members. Cream proceeds to list the rather sizable staff of servants, and numerous members of their family-of which her mother is the head of and is very large—either passing through or in permanent residence.
    Mighty :Yeah, considering that they're rabbits, it makes sense that she'd have a very large family.
    Cream: Why?
    Mighty: Err…
    Vector :Also, is that racist? I'm not sure if that's racist or not.
    Charmy: Is it racist if it's true?
    Espio: It can be.
  • Why doesn't Vanilla ever invite the cast to her house?
    Cream: Because while Mommy respects you and thinks you're all very nice people, and is glad that you're all such good friends to me, given how often and easily things are broken and utterly destroyed around you, she'd rather not have you anywhere near something as valuable, expensive, and irreplaceable as most of the things we have. Plus, she's afraid Rouge would try to steal everything in sight.
  • The sheer amount of filtering by Cream when she talked about her mother's work. When the cast realizes what kind of a person Vanilla really is, they immediately ask Cream to go play out of earshot while they discuss the implications. Cream herself catches on that she is getting played, but decides to go along with it anyway.
    • When she is out of earshot, the cast pretty much figure out that Vanilla is a crime boss, cue Knuckles stating that he didn't catch on because of the filtering.
  • Of all the times Silver wants to spill the beans, he chose now to confirm that Vanilla is Donna Cottontail when the cast is considering an investigation because he wants to watch the spectacle.
    • Amy response to this reveal?
      Amy: I can't believe it… My best friend is the daughter of a crime boss… I feel so… so… Underwhelmed and unsurprised, actually, given some of the other stuff I've learned today.
    • The cast now has to deal whether or not to drop the bombshell on Cream, since the impact of this sort of thing definitely won't be mitigated with age. Not to mention, when she finds out sooner or later, she won't be happy at all. The final decision?
      Sonic: Oh hell, I can't do it.
      Blaze: Neither can I.
      Shadow: I don't have the stomach.
      Rouge: Same here.
      Espio: We can't keep it from her forever.
      Vector: Nope, but that doesn't mean we have to tell her now.
      Amy: No, you will not.
      Omega: OH, FINE.
  • When the Omochao attendant of the Chao Garden comes out, Knuckles jumps back in fright, along with everyone else. Considering Shade just revealed what they really are, it is very justified.
  • The constant cringing whenever Cream talks about her mother's work, leading to the cast stating various stuff just stop Cream from catching them red-handed.
  • When Cream asks what happens to unwanted Chao,
  • Cream's father? EGGMAN!!!
    • The entire cast subsequent Heroic BSoD is something to behold. Especially Vector.
      Cream: Yeah, I think I'm starting to understand why I never told any of you before now.
    • Unable to comprehend, Shadow ends up doing The Talk, only to freeze midway due to sheer Fan Disservice. Sonic even has a Thousand-Yard Stare from the mental images.
      Sonic: I think I begin to understand at last why Shade almost went insane when she first encountered Gizomochao. Some things are just too horrible to contemplate.
    • Understandably concerned how could such a couple even exist, Cream states that it was before the whole Take Over the World business started.
      "Awwww, that's adorable!" Amy cooed, before remembering she was gushing over the romance of her arch enemy, a rather ugly and morbidly obese older man, and had to struggle not to throw up.
  • When the cast is addressing the Elephant in the Room which is why would Vanilla let her 6 year old daughter risk her life everyday, Cream states that she has Alonzo, a literal elephant in the room accompanied by half a dozen ninjas as her bodyguards.
    They exchanged confused looks. "Who's Alonzo?" Vector asked.
    "He is," Cream said, nodding at something behind them.
    They turned… And were astonished to discover that, leaning against one of the picnic tables and sipping a cup of punch, was an absolutely gargantuan elephant dressed in a black two-piece suit with a white shirt and red tie with a dapper Fedora. "Hello," the elephant said, tipping his head to them.
    "What… Where did he come from?!" Cried a startled Mighty.
    "I have the ability to smell the blood and hear the heartbeat of everything for miles… How did I not notice his?!" The astonished Rouge demanded. She frowned in thought, and then her eyes widened. "For that matter… I still can't…"
    "Oh, I've been here the whole time," the elephant said. "You just didn't notice me. Much like the armadillo, except in my case it's because I'm very stealthy instead of the rest of you being stupid and unobservant."
    "…Ouch," Sonic winced.
    "That hurts," Knuckles complained.
    "Kind of accurate, though," Tails admitted.
    "Yeah, especially in Vector's case!" Charmy agreed, causing the crocodile to flush.
    "You're a giant elephant! How can you be stealthy?!" Asked an incredulous Shadow.
    "With a great deal of effort. If you think that's impressive, though, you should get a load of those guys," the elephant said, nodding to the side.
    They turned again… And saw about half a dozen black-clad ninjas standing there the food table, munching on chili dogs. They stopped what they were doing when they noticed they were being watched, and waved cheerfully.
    "I… Did not detect them either," said a stunned Rouge.
    "Have they been here the whole time as well?" Asked an astonished Blaze.
    "Yep. And you didn't notice them because they're REAL ninjas who are actually good at their job instead of posers like the chameleon," the elephant grunted.
    "… Words hurt…" Espio moped.
  • When Alonzo tells the cast to continue as if he and the ninjas are not here, Knuckles understandably says that it is a bit hard to pretend they are not here even if they ignore. Cue Alonzo telling them to close their eyes (for Omega it is his optic sensors) and count to 10. After the cast counted to 10, true to their word, they disappeared. When the cast wonders they could just have secretly left, cue Alonzo saying right in their ears:
    Alonzo: Nope, I'm just REALLY stealthy.
  • After putting the two and two together and realizing that he is not alone in this world anymore, Shadow immediately hugs his great-niece Cream, complete with Tender Tears. What ruins it is that while everyone else is gushing, his team members are secretly recording it for blackmail later on.
  • When everything is said and done, Knuckles proceeds to blab that Vanilla is a crime boss, reasoning that having Eggman for a father meant she can take anything. He is sadly mistaken and was nearly strangled by Shadow, while Alonzo whispered in his ears that he is so getting cement shoes later on by Vanilla.
    • Meanwhile, Cream was in such a daze that Blaze had to quickly continue her story to distract Cream from putting the two and two together, even resorting to pull out the unicorn card. It works a little too well...
      "Did I mention I got to ride a unicorn?" Blaze asked desperately.
      "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Cream, Amy, and, surprisingly, Espio cried shrilly.
      There was a pause, and everyone stared at the chameleon. "Wh-what? I like unicorns, okay?!" He snapped.
      "In his defence, it's a very good show," Tails said.
      "Thank you," Espio said in relief.
      "Though that does not excuse the unmanly squeal," Tails continued. Espio groaned.

     Chapter 10: Blaze's Legend Pt 2 
  • Blaze's hatred of the whales came from having to kill their Mad God via castrating him to summon a massive shark with an Overly Long Name to eat him, earning the hate of the entire cetacean species. Her attempts at reconciliation always ended with her trying not to get eaten.
  • The Phoenixes in the Sol dimension being constantly compared to the echidnas, much to Knuckles' frustration.
  • Cosmo's set-up lines before telling Blaze that she is going to adopt her into the family made her look like she is going to confess her love for her. Cue flustered lines from both sides to clear up the misunderstanding.
  • This exchange between Blaze and Cosmo before the former goes to wake up Honey.
    Blaze: You really are a true friend, you know that?
    Cosmo: Well, soon enough, we'll be MORE than friends.
    Blaze: It's things like that that make people think we're gay for each other, you know that, right?
    Cosmo: Go wake up your daughter already.
    Blaze: Blaze chuckled and turned away. "Sure thing… Mother."
    Cosmo: Mother?! I'm going to be your sister, not your mother! Honestly, I'm too young to be a mom!
    Blaze: And I'm not?
    Cosmo: Which of us is several billion years old again? If anything, you're old enough to be MY mother!
    Blaze: Ha! In that case, maybe I should be the one doing the adoption here!
    Cosmo: Oh, don't you even start!
  • Blaze states that the local historians would embellish her speech. Her actual words before the battle?
  • The Lampshade Hanging of the idea of the Boss Rush and distaste for Escort Missions since Blaze has to bring Cosmo along.
    • Tails state that it is hypocritical of them to call out on people who do escort missions since they bring the Chaotix with them all the time.
  • After the monologuing is done, the Big Bad will always try to recruit the hero. Blaze lampshades that it always around this time that it happens. So immediately shuts down Dark Oak's offer without even hearing him out since she is going to say no anyway. What surprises him is that while the usual hero would refute his points, she actually agrees with him on the topic that Solana and the rest of the world needs to conquered and more importantly, changed for the better.
  • When proclaims that "impossible is not a word in her vocabulary, cue Knuckles asking why did she just say it.
  • Charmy defending his stupid question as to whether Blaze died from Cosmo's backstab by telling them how Death Is Cheap in the Sonic franchise.
  • Knuckles not knowing what a sleeper agent is and takes the word literally.
  • The Lampshade Hanging that Final Bosses always have more than one form, given the franchise's history that's understandable. Amy wonders which phase is his "giant monster form". Blaze says that it is his third. During Blaze's fight, she couldn't help but wonder why they didn't go full power from the start, with Cosmo saying that neither did she. So when Gaim appears, she immediately asks if he is using the Kiwami Arms. Upon saying no, she is exasperated.
  • Although Knuckles sums up a pretty good justification for why Gaim would appear, that didn't stop the rest for calling it out as an Ass Pull due to lack of foreshadowing on their part. Not to mention, they would be hypocrites since these kind of stuff happens to them all the time as stated by Tails.
  • Gaim's reaction to finding out that his catchphrase was spoken by two others before his debut.
  • Charmy thinks that the Marvellous Queen is better then Shadow's motorcycles. Shadow's response?
    Shadow: Bite me, insect.
  • The competition between Blaze and Gaim as to who has been in more weird scenarios throughout the entire fight. Blaze had to concede the moment Gaim included the movies.
    • The reactions to those abovementioned scenarios from the cast.
  • On the topic of strange scenarios, Knuckles somehow managed to bake himself into a birthday cake for Rouge by complete accident.
  • The Lampshade Hanging as to why the Helheim attacks are in Gratuitous Japanese.
  • Blaze's reaction from eating the lesser golden fruits.
    Within moments, she had completely consumed the fruit, messily splattering Gaim's cape and the front of her coat in sparkling juice. As she desperately licked her paws to get the last traces of juice into her mouth, she heard Gaim chuckle and flushed, realizing she'd made a spectacle of herself. "Good, isn't it?"

    Trying to school her face into an expression of stoic calm, she said, "If you tell anyone of this, I shall kill you."
    • Sonic and Tails actually had some whenever they visit. Sonic admits that it is almost as good as South Island Chili dogs.
  • Espio is offended that all ninjas have to be knowledgeable in Japanese lore. Cue getting told that those that actually trained had mandatory courses on that topic.
  • Charmy wondering why Blaze and Gaim are having a flashback when their opponent is in the middle of a horrifying transformation.
    Amy: (beat) No…
  • In here, the Yomotsuheguri seems to be a more completed version since the original one from Kamen Rider Gaim was still experimental and therefore less powerful. So Gaim has no idea what's going to happen. Blaze's response?
    Blaze: Giant monster.
  • The glorious calling out of the naming department for Dark Oak's Phase 3 form which is the same as his first form in the showdown from Sonic X. note 
  • After an awkward attempt at making Blaze recount the Noodle Incident that made her lose the connection to the Sol Emeralds, on the topic of soul-scarring trauma Knuckles decides to change the subject by talking about the time he walked right into a Primal Scene between Tikal and Chaos. Tails is interested For Science! as he insists since he still didn't hit puberty. This in turn steamrolls into another Seinfeldian Conversation:
    Tails: Actually, I'm kind of interested-
    Sonic :Really?
    Sonic: Science. That's your only reason to be interested?
    Sonic: Oh, so you WEREN'T being a perverted little Fox that time I caught you snooping around Cosmo's underwear drawer-
    Tails: I lost a bet with Honey, all right?! And besides, that wasn't Cosmo's underwear drawer, she doesn't even wear…um… Aaaand let's move on from that awkward topic before anyone can ask how I know that.
  • After beating Phase 3, the duo thought it was over. Cue Final Mova entering it's Phase 4. The exasperation from both of them can be felt by the readers.
    Blaze stumbled, but regained her footing quickly before she could fall off the side of the branch. Her vision swirled, and she had to squeeze her eyes shut and take a deep breaths as the adrenaline from all the fighting wore off and she abruptly remembered that she was, as a matter of fact, terrified of heights. "Off the top of my head, I can think of two possible explanations for that."

    Gaim nodded. "The first is that this place is starting to fall apart now that the Golden Fruit is gone, and Dark Oak – – or rather, that THING he became – – can't sustain it any longer…"

    "Or… We aren't through yet," Blaze said warily.

    They looked each other unhappily. "I really don't want to turn around," Gaim complained.

    "If there's something back there, it won't go away just because we're ignoring it," Blaze said tiredly.

    Gaim sighed in resignation and turned to look behind him at the same time as she did. The fire and smoke from the explosion they had caused was already dying down, revealing that while they had burned off all of the biomass occupying the tree's crown, in doing so, they had revealed what looked an awful lot like some kind of a giant seed… Or perhaps, a cocoon? Whatever it was, it was pulsating, and cracks were starting to form on its surface, sickly light pouring out from the fissures. It was significantly smaller than the biomass that had been encasing it… But the power levels they could sense from it were staggering, and growing rapidly by the second.

    The two heroes exchanged exasperated looks. "A third form," Gaim complained. "Of COURSE it had to have a third form."

    "Well, technically, this is the SECOND form, if you don't count Dark Oak as form one," Blaze corrected him, aware as she did so she was just being pedantic.

    "It damn well better be the final one this time," Gaim griped, attaching his sword to his gun and grabbing a few locks. "Think we can finish it before it hatches?"

    "Has anyone in the history of ever successfully managed to?" Blaze snarked, forming fire in her hands.

    "Not to my knowledge, but there's a first time for everything," Gaim commented, raising his blade.
  • On the topic to getting rid of weeds, Omega suggests burning.
    Amy: How do I get rid of the weed without burning down the whole garden? (Chapter 8)
  • The very idea that Omega is a fan of Disgaea actually makes way too much sense.
  • Shadow pretty much guessed how Blaze entered Burning Blaze for the first time: Looking within yourself like he did.
  • Blaze has only one thing to say about Elise upon hearing about her lack of crying for 10 years.
    Blaze: I don't know if that makes her one of the strongest individuals I've ever met, or a complete and utter sociopath.
  • When Iblis touches on the identity of the person that helped Blaze stop him, it has no idea. Cue Silver sneezing.
  • Omega says that Shadow's "This is who I am" speeches while good gets repetitive after a few times, much to the latter chagrin.
  • Since Gaim was in a similar situation, he suggests asking Blaze to do the same thing as he did to defeat Dark Oak. She proceeds to call out for the spirits of the fallen to help her, only for a lack of response.
  • There was a time Amy thought of smashing Cream's head in because she thought Sonic is taking an interest in her, not thinking through that Sonic would never even consider since it would make him a pedophile.
  • When they bring up Shadow's Heel–Face Revolving Door history, they suspect it might be due to a Literal Split Personality. He tells them to fuck off, only to immediately take it back for Cream since she is his great-niece.
  • Mighty makes the big mistake of saying that since Iblis is in Blaze and is awake 24/7, it meant that Sonic would be also be having sex with it whenever him and Blaze make love. Amy's response is immediate before he could finish the last word.
    Amy: (grabs her hammer, clutching it so tightly her fingers were forming grooves into its shaft) Yes, Mighty, when she and Mr. Sonic are doing what?
    Shadow: I suggest you consider the answer to that question very carefully, because if I don't like what I hear, I'm going to be very cross, though possibly not as cross is Amy.
  • Iblis, a force of nature suffers from crippling social anxiety issues. Justified that before it was alone and the only 'interaction' with mortals is destroying them doesn't make it any less funny.
  • Gaim's Back from the Dead due to his powers. The suddeness of his response coming out from his Lock Seed actually made Blaze yelp in surprise.
  • The collective "No" from Blaze, Iblis and Gaim when Dark Oak goes back up for Phase 5. The entire cast, by extension the readers is saying that it's getting old with 5 phases.
    Amy: It's still not dead?!
    Vector: Oh, come on! This is getting old! This series of never ending boss battles, while admittedly action-packed, is just getting ridiculous!
    Charmy: Yeah, can't this thing just die already? I'm getting bored! I want the story to end already! It's gone on long enough as is!
    Blaze: Don't worry, we're almost done.
    Charmy: We'd better be, or I will get very cranky.
    Shadow: None of us care.
    Charmy: When I get cranky, I start singing.
    Shadow: Oh God no! Your voice is irritating enough as is! Finish the story, Blaze! FINISH THE STORY!
  • Upon the topic on what to name Phase 5, with Phase 3 being Final Mova. Blaze decides to call it the "Very Definitely For Real This Time Absolutely Totally 100% Really Really Really Final Mova, Honest" and makes a note have it said as such when she goes back.
  • What made Blaze start the habit of sleeping with her eyes open? When she realized that she would be busy rebuilding the country 24/7 for the next few months and decides to form this habit to get as much rest as possible.
  • The lesser golden fruits increase performance in bed. Vector decides to ask for some. Espio's reply?
    Espio: Wouldn't you need to actually get some in the first place to necessitate the use of them?
  • After Blaze finished her story, the cast sums up the opinion of the readers about how long it was and how long it took to get it written.
    Charmy: Then… We're free! WE'RE FREE! AHAHAHAHAHA! Free at last! Free at last!
    Mighty: It kinda was.
    Amy: It felt like we were listening to that for years!
    Rouge :Now, Amy, that's a gross exaggeration, ONE year, maybe, but definitely not multiple.
  • Blaze actually had the thought of conquering Sonic's world. Cream is understandably shocked. Blaze states that she is going to give Cream her own continent. Cream's reply?
    Cream: (beat) Which one?
  • Big being in the background for so long that everyone except Silver forgot he was even here.
    Charmy: Which makes him a better ninja than you.

     Chapter 11: Big's Fish Story 
  • How did Big meet Froggy? He just caught him while fishing, that's it. The rest of the cast and by extension the readers who were probably hoping that someone like Ri2 can make Big interesting can't help but be disappointed.
  • Even with the whole Never the Selves Shall Meet in full effect, Mighty couldn't resist asking if Silver could just simply bring the ones that aren't involved in the origins to help. Silver still refuses since Mighty will not be able to resist beating the crap out of the Chaotix for turning his life into a walking joke.
  • Sonic inviting Silver to come back and tell them what happened since if not he would just drop in uninvited to bug them anyway.
  • When the Babylon Rogues arrive, Shadow states that he would rather deal with Eggman.
  • According to Blaze, during the Rio Olympics, she tried to teach Princess Peach to hone her fighting skills so that she doesn't have to rely on Mario all the time. Sadly, it didn't stick. The cast couldn't help but wonder if Peach actually actually gets off getting kidnapped.
  • Knuckles and Storm having a verbal fencing match on who is more gullible. It ends with Knuckles actually making Storm a fool of himself. The Chaotix wonder if it is time for flying pigs to come.
  • How did the Rogues even find out about the whole origin story telling? Omega has been secretly doing a livestream on his blog the entire time the moment Silver started asking Sonic. Thankfully, anything sensitive about the cast being said will be met with sudden disconnections.
  • When Jet proclaims his status to Silver, Silver actually says that he's never heard of him until now. Cue the rest of the cast, even the other rogues snickering. It doesn't even end there for him...
  • The male cast's sudden crossing of legs when the abovementioned testicular cancer and the cause is said. Thankfully, Tails discovered it when he himself bought one and fixed everyone else's as well when they brought theirs to him for repairs.

    Chapter 12: The Babylon Legacy 
  • Jet started his tale, only to stop after the first line the first two times because he was expecting Silver to activate his story projector making him look like an idiot. Much to his dismay, Silver refuses to do so since his origins aren't needed.
    • When Cream suggested using their imaginations, Jet started whining, causing her to flinch. Cue Shadow giving him a Death Glare.
  • When describing Erazor, Sonic called him a big purple guy, doesn't wear a shirt, weird red hairstyle, carries a giant oversized razor as a weapon and looks like a bad Ganondorf cosplayer. When Jet asks how could he get his full description, Sonic blabs out the events of Sonic and the Secret Rings.
  • On the topic of consorts, upon marrying Rouge,Knuckles will just be a consort with no power and he is OK with it. Given his track record with responsibility, it hardly surprises anyone, much to his annoyance.
  • Sonic lampshades how he is always get picked as the Chosen One to save their world so many times to the extent that he lost count.
  • When comparing the differences between the Original and Disney version of Aladdin, Charmy can't resist asking about the original Jafar. The vizier in the original was just a Properly Paranoid sceptic who is suspicious of a "prince" that came with riches out of nowhere, the evil sorcerer who managed to steal the lamp is another person all together. So in a way, Jafar is real.
  • Amy getting the Arabian Nights and King Arthur books wasn't the only time the Little Shop That Wasnt There Yesterday came into play. Knuckles also bought a TV from it where the shows characters occasionally come out to kill him.
    Rouge:… Well, that explains why your remote control was made of stone and covered in hell runes…
  • Realizing that the Babylon Rogues descended from wish-granting genies, the kids immediately ask whether they can grant wishes for them. Storm, not knowing the art of lying for secrecy, blabs it all out loud on Omega's livestream and the fact that they have to comply no matter how unwilling they are.
    • Even when the jig is up, the Rogues weren't lying about the diluted blood part, meaning that their wish granting powers aren't big game changers; the cast tries to test their limits. While the gang ask for granting of their desires, Sonic is just satisfied with a lifetime supply of chili dogs.
  • When the cast is worried about the Babylon rogues being jackass genies, Rouge remembers that cunning isn't exactly used to describe them to pull it off. Wave doesn't even mind!!
  • When Knuckles blabs out Cream's parentage, Blaze immediately wishes for the Rogues to forget the previous 30 seconds, only for Knuckles to blab again, with Tails as the memory eraser this time.
  • After the ice cream break, Jet challenges Sonic to an Extreme Gear race. Sonic states that he left it at home since he can just run anywhere or hitch a ride on Tails' plane like a "normal person", well normal for him. Jet is actually confused!! (To understand his confusion, think of the Extreme Gear as a bike or a car.)
    • Blaze just states why can't they have a foot race. Wave states that Jet performed poorly in the Olympics, Sonic even admits that the Olympic committee had to ask him to slow down for the Mario characters!!
  • The Rogues actually thought that Sonic got his name because of he signed a deal with a local fast-food chain and not because he broke the sound barrier. Sonic grumbles that he is still facing lawsuits from them due to his name!!
  • When Jet taunts Sonic that the latter is chickening out because he doesn't want to look bad in front of his girlfriend, Blaze only has this to say:
    "Crush him."
  • Rouge decides to be the announcer girl using her chest as justification. Everyone else is convinced.
  • After getting the race to start, we cut to 5 minutes later to an ambulance driving off with the Babylon Rogues in it. What happened to Jet was so bad that we can only read the aftermath. Rouge calls dibs on their airship due to the magnitude of the hospital bill required.
    • Tails' response to this?
      "On the one hand, I should be offended that you're so callously stealing the Rogues' home while they're powerless to stop you due to one of their own being hospitalized, possibly for the rest of his life. On the other hand… Yes."
  • Jet's estimated hospital bill is so huge that Sonic chickens out and opts for the gift basket route instead.
  • When Silver finally thinks he can leave, Sticks falls from a dimensional portal nearby. Her first response to Sonic saving her is to comment why he is not wearing his sports tape. Her subsequent introduction is a giant CMOF.

     Chapter 13: Sticks' Conspiracy Theory 
  • Sticks' flashback starts with her brother Stones trying to get the family fortune from his parents. Except there are a few holes in his plan:
    • He simply trapped his parents on their vacation by giving one-way tickets instead of arranging "accidents", meaning that they could have just bought return tickets over there once they knew the mistake.
    • He tried to murder Sticks by pushing her out of the window, forgetting that they were on the first floor and she ended up falling a few inches.
    • Finally, he left the oven on which blew up the entire mansion, killing him.
  • Sticks being bored after surviving in the wild for a few years.
  • After leaving the jungle, she immediately falls down into an underground race of snails wearing metal pails.
    • In response, Cream says that she's seen weirder and once ended up in Wonderland.
  • When Sticks gives out her speech on how they will never take their freedom, the Froglodyte taskmaster just says that their lives are good enough since they just want to eat the snails.
  • Sticks' accidently killing the leader of the snails by throwing salt over her shoulder without looking if anyone is behind her and then somehow managing to cover it up in front of the gang, meaning that the readers are the only people aware of this.
  • Sticks deciding to reinforce the seal on the Froglodytes with just a surfboard. Considering that it actually worked until the garage sale later on, she's actually right.
    • Since it was Amy who suggested the sale, everyone else decide to ban her from helping them to avoid causing trouble.
  • Sticks getting tested and probed by aliens and military. The tests are actual tests that she forgot to study, the probes not so much...
    • After saying that she was rescued, Silver decides to guess who rescued her.
      Silver: Don't tell me, it was the plant people, who believed you to be their Messiah because when you were a little girl you watered some flowers that due to a freak coincidence eventually mutated into intelligent life forms that revered you for the life-giving fluid you bestowed upon them in their infancy.
    • Sticks being the role of the resistance leader in the Terminator in the future. Lampshaded by Silver.
    • Omega, after seeing what Sticks did to the robot to kill it has this to say:
      Shadow: Are you actually afraid of her?
      Omega: No.
  • When Sticks comes across a list of secret government plans, Rouge denies them happening in their world...while frantically texting SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING behind her back to someone.
  • How did Sticks stop the robot apocalypse? By simply calling the manufacturers and reporting the programming error to them to do last minute inspection.
  • Why Sticks had to go though a ridiculous travel montage? She believes that public transportation is a way to push ads to your face to get you to buy their items. Secondly, she has no money to pay the fare. When it came to boats in order to get to Seaside Island, it's pretty much the same reason.
  • Knuckles binge watching on his TV since there is nothing else to do on Angel Island, he proceeds to quickly deny that the Master Emerald was stolen because he was too busy watching TV.
  • Sticks flailing in the Undersealandia since she is not prepared for an underwater dive, only for one of the citizens tell her that the water in the city is enchanted to give the people with no ill-intent the ability to breathe.
  • Sticks managing to make herself the sole guard of her rescue target despite having a Paper-Thin Disguise.
    • How did the payback work? She used one of the missiles from the nearby wrecked sub and use it to replace the freed prisoner complete with Paper-Thin Disguise and then set off the payload to kill the captors and the buyers. The only downside was that she underestimated the payload and ended up wiping out the whole of the Soviet Union!!!!
  • The gang considering using tinfoil hats as anti-Mind Control helmets. Especially on Knuckles and Shadow.
  • Sticks blabbing that the whole premise is totally not a creation an overworked 30-year-old architect.
  • Sticks' memory seal kicking in and befuddling the cast.
  • Sticks' introductory tour of then named Unnamed Village.
    • When finally found Team Sonic, it's revealed that Boom!Knuckles managed to lose not just the Master Emerald, but Angel Island as well considering that it was never mentioned in the show.
  • Knuckles being dismayed that he is the Butt-Monkey no matter which canon he is in.
  • The meeting between the gang and their Boom counterparts. Just all of it.
     Chapter 14: Fang's Western 
  • When asked to come up with a new name, the Gunslinger gives a suggestion to Fang:
    "Was there ever a name you called yourself in secret? A name you wished you had been born with instead of the one you received? One that doesn't sound like something some emo teenager might've dreamt up because they thought it sounded cool and edgy?"
  • When reaching the Training Montage part of his story, Fang asks Omega to play some 80's music to go with it. The latter is more than happy to oblige. The song is Gonna Fly Now. This and the entire montage is a tribute to Rocky.
    • The Training Montage in general. Not even Fang is exempt from the From Nobody to Nightmare trope. Emphasis on the "Nobody" part.
    • When he did the mandatory success cheer that comes with every Training Montage, Fang asks The Gunslinger how is that got anything to do with training. He can only reply that it just happens during montages and just roll with it.
  • Silver's exit. First, he pokes fate by asking if anyone else wants to pop up out of nowhere and tell their story. After waiting for a few minutes twice, he can finally confirm that it is the last origin. Only to slip up at the last moment possible by implying that he lied about the entire story premise for a school report. When he realizes that the jig is up, he yells out his infamous "IT'S NO USE" line and blasts away everyone else before hastily escaping to the future.
     Epilogue: Back to the FYOO-CHUR 
  • Mighty being a little too delighted to see another fellow South Islander proceeds to give Muttski a hug that immediately gave cracks in the poor guy's skeleton. Sonic even tells him to let go before he breaks Muttski's spine again.
  • When Amy asks why is an old car a time machine, she gets a retort that it's still not stranger than an old British police box.
  • In Silver's time, in the list of history's greatest heroes, the Chaotix is somehow is among them.
  • On the topic on the implications of the cast's parenting skills, Charmy only has this to say:
    Charmy: Hey, as long as none of you abandon your kid for having a voice you don't like, you can't be that terrible.
    Shadow: The obnoxious bug whom I wish were mute has a point.
    Charmy: Thanks…hey!
  • When stated that the best laid plans will fall apart in the face of the enemy, Espio snarks that their future kids and enemies aren't mutually exclusive.
  • Knuckles state that if they go the future, it will result in a stable time loop. The rest can't help but agree.
  • When calculating the chances of success, the Chaotix is relieved that them coming along won't decrease the overall chances of success.
  • The guys' collective agreement that riding shotgun is Serious Business. Including Shadow.
  • The cast's realization that they forgot Big. He even has a higher contribution to the overall chances of success than the Chaotix!!
    • When he comes in, he causes the whole car to tilt to one side, something that not even Alonzo who is an elephant could do!! Everyone is bewildered. Dr Emile had to adjust the car to prevent Charmy who was sitting next to him from getting squished.
  • After the cast time travelled to the future, it's revealed that Dr Eggman didn't make it in time to tell his origin and even Eggman Nega had the same luck. Nega was about to tell his origin to his main counterpart...then the story ends.

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