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  • Just about all of the facial expressions can get a chuckle out of at least someone. It IS Tyson Hesse, after all!
  • Sonic and Dr. Eggman getting into a classic hand slap fight over a Chaos Emerald whilst they're both caught in one of the latter's traps. It's funny to see these decades-old enemies brought down to the level of children.
  • In episode 2, Eggman effortlessly smacking Sonic sky-high with his drills, complete with rings flying out of him, and Sonic face-planting right back at where Tails landed the Tornado.
    • Upon his rematch, Eggman can only watch both Sonic & Tails surround him in silence before the pair suddenly start beating the crud out of him.
    • When Sonic & Tails are about to finish him off, Eggman is unable to do anything as his face slowly shows how screwed he is.
  • In episode 3, Knuckles' paranoia goes into overdrive here:
    • The way he shuffles around the Master Emerald is hilarious enough, but his reaction to Ray the Flying Squirrel wanting to touch it? Grab him by the head, load him up like a shotput, and launch him over the horizon (complete with "continue" sound effect).
    • Knux gets a thought bubble as he imagines potential thieves for the Master Emerald: Eggman and Heavy King looking menacing... and Sonic, waving with a hilariously dopey face. Not to mention that this very same Sonic starts mocking Knuckles when he thought that the former stole the Emerald.
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    • After beating up some Badniks, Knux realizes the Master Emerald is gone, and frantically looks for it under a tiny rock.
    • Just the name of the episode is a hilarious in-joke: "Part 3: & Knuckles".
  • Upon reuniting again in episode 4, Ray lightheartedly punches Mighty in the arm. The armadillo returns the favor, but accidentally sends Ray flying immediately instead.
  • In Episode 5, after watching Metal Sonic power up using all of the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic just makes a smug grin and prepares to charge at him while Tails visibly facepalms at Sonic's response.
    • In the middle of their battle, Ray just casually watching both Sonic and Metal Sonic duking it out as they stop their fight for a moment and appear to be dumbfounded by him. This continues even when Mighty comes in before he suddenly gives Metal Sonic a swift kick.
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    • The ending of Episode 5... where after a hard-fought win and some clever hacking from Tails, Metal Sonic was disabled. Then, just as it seemed like it was about to power up using the Master Emerald, Knuckles comes in out of nowhere (being late tailing everyone else) and punches out both Metal Sonic and Eggman clear into the distance in one comical swing. He then huffs away with the Master Emerald while everyone else is utterly dumbfounded, including Sonic, who has nothing to offer but a shoulder shrug to the camera. Smash Cut to Sonic, Tails, Ray, and Mighty eating chili dogs as the "zone clear" music plays.
    • Even better is the implication that Knuckles was so blinded with anger that he mistook Metal Sonic for the real Sonic and completely missed the fact that he had to pass by Sonic on the way in and the way out.
      • And the best part? Word of God confirmed that Knuckles did indeed mistake Metal Sonic for the real Sonic, and that a short sequence where Knuckles actually noticed Sonic was cut for time.
    • At the very end, Tails coughs a little and makes a funny face that makes him look like a character (or rather many characters due to the same usage of expressions) from Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  • In Episode 6 (the Christmas special), Metal Sonic, following his fight with the five, ends up broken in the forest with Eggman just leaving him there for months and months. Amy finds him frightening at first, but seems willing to save him from getting struck by the tree... Until she bonks him several times with her hammer anyway after doing so. Although Metal Sonic is probably just too broken to do anything about it, the way he reacts to everything could easily also just be him feeling sorry for himself. Or maybe he's just indignant about being dragged to Eggman's home as a Christmas present.
    • The best and saddest part is perhaps that Metal Sonic can in fact move and act of his own volition, but is in an enormous depressive slump and just could not find the motivation.
    • Sonic's "Why did you do that?" expression at the end. Not to mention that he came out of nowhere just to question it.
    • When Metal Sonic and Eggman first land in the woods, Metal Sonic lands on top of a Flicky that was just eating in the area. When Amy finds him (remember months later), she stands him up and the Flicky pops out of his torso cavity and gives him a swift kick in the head before flying off for trapping him for all that time. Tyson Hesse even draws an illustration of what happened to the Flicky inside.
    • Amy slapping a bow on Metal Sonic's forehead, who gives an annoyed glare at the camera, before she rings the doorbell. One could only wonder what was going through Eggman's mind once he saw his most feared creation holding a flower with a cute bow on his head.

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