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Funny / Sonic Boom Legends Halloween Special

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Just like the main series, the Halloween Special is filled to the brim with good humor. Note that the page will be updated when more chapters are released.

    Chapter 1 
  • When Alkira and Sophia are setting up for the party, Alkira makes a quick quip about Forge being Sophia's "future husband." It takes Sophia a good few seconds to realize what Alkira just said.
  • As usual, Wake can't help but prank Dawn, and he does so by setting off a glitter bomb inside the library.
    • Dawn apparently wasn't the only one who got glitter on her.
      Mel: How much glitter do you put in those bombs, Wake?!
  • After Erik breaks a cup-stacking record, he can't seem to get Shift's attention. So, he ends up having to blow up a paper bag to break his concentration.
    • Afterwards, Shift isn't exactly happy about it.
    • Better still, after the two make up, Shift finally decides to tell Erik what's on his mind, to which the okapi immediately, and correctly, guesses it's about Sienna.
      Shift: W-what?! How did you know it was her?
      Erik: Okapi intuition.
  • Shift admits to Erik that he wants to ask Sienna out to the party, and just like Sophia before, it takes the okapi a few seconds before realizing what Shift just said.
    • And before Erik can say anything super loud, Shift gives him a mouthful of his glove.
      • Evidently not a sweet-tasting mouthful, either, since Erik immediately takes a breathe mint.
  • Later, when Fixer and Forge are preparing the giant candy basket for the Village, Fixer suggests that Forge should ask Sophia out to the party. Forge's reaction is nothing short of hilarious.
    Forge: *drops the candy basket* I should WHAT?!
  • And then, poor Quayla ends up getting her foot caught under the heavy candy basket. And when Alkira and Sophia enter the scene, they're not happy, especially not Sophia. And you can tell Fixer and Forge aren't excited to deal with them.
    Forge: Uhhh, I Can Explain.
  • Later, when Quayla and Alkira are discussing what happened with Quayla's foot, they correctly assume he was thinking about Sophia, much to her embarrassment. They start gushing about if the two went out together for the party, and turn back to Sophia to ask her opinion on the matter... only to find that she'd already high-tailed it out of there.

    Chapter 2 
  • As a Shout-Out to Jimmy Neutron, while flying throughout the town, looking for a host, one of the ghouls comes across Wake laughing at and mimicking a TV show, where a character does the Slap Dance. note  The ghost is similarly amused by it, and even ends up repeating it. However, the head of the ghosts is watching him unamused, and when the ghost notices him, the ghost responds with a nervous giggle.
    • The head ghost ends up ordering him to get back to work, to which the ghost sadly agrees. There's something about seeing one of these previously straight-forward frightening ghouls so disappointed to stop dancing is a gem.
  • Even though the rest of the scene is pretty intense, there's something darkly hilarious about seeing Possessed!Sophia using two baguettes as katanas. It's like Deadpool, if he was a possessed Sonic character.
    • As she's walking away, Knave watches as she goes, not knowing what's going on. What do you think his reaction is? Fear? Worry? No, just.. bewilderment. To him, it was the second strangest thing he'd seen all week, first being when Quayla and Erik mixed together peanut butter and chocolate in a blender.
      Knave: Seriously, who puts peanut butter and chocolate together? note 
  • When the dancing ghost from before is about to claim it's first victim, Dawn, and the rabbit sees it, she just assumes that it's Wake in a costume. The ghost's reaction is just pure confusion.
    Dawn: Nice try, Wake, but that silly little costume isn’t fooling me.
    Ghoul: ... Huh?
  • Right before we get to the scene where Maniac has to fight off Possessed!Fixer, we do get a small, funny moment where Maniac hears a crash from the Workshop, her first assumption is that Fixer is making a Buster 2.0. And that genuinely worries her.

    Chapter 3