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As a subpage detailing certain moments within the series, there are Unmarked Spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

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The Main series

     Season 1 
Episode 1
  • Thalleous, having finished his Opening Narration via the 11th Wall of Time, finds out that Hawken had slept through almost the entirety of said narration.
  • Thalleous says that he will ride to Mount Velgrin to investigate the lead of the Voltaris provided by Hawken, and Hawken wants to tag along.
    Hawken: Fear not Thalleous, for I am prepared to fight! (pulls out a fish)
    Hawken: Wait, w-wait somewhere around here I have a weapon, unless I lost it. (pulls out a stone sword) Ah! Here it is!
    • The look on Thalleous' face as Hawken is looking for his sword is also incredibly funny, as if he's trying to say Really?.
Episode 2
  • Grim's antics in this episode include:
    • Deciding to trade in his iron scythe for an enchanted one at Etherea. Jalkar's reaction absolutely sells it.
    You don't buy from the people you're stealing from!
    • Falling flat on his face when he and Jalkar are escaping from the Etherean guards.
    • Being the reason why he and Jalkar lose the Dragon Egg... by bumping into Jalkar because he wasn't looking forward.
    Oh.. Grim... YOU IDIOT!
  • Thalleous talking to Senn and Ria about their combat training.
    Thalleous: Is Ria still besting you?
    Senn: No.
    Ria: Yes.
    • Senn's annoyed expression at Ria saying that is very reminiscent of siblings trying to prove each other wrong.
  • Thalleous telling Senn and Ria not to tell Osivian about their Songs... right as Osivian walks up behind them all.
    Osivian: Thalleous?! Is that you?
    Thalleous: O- osivian! (Senn and Ria pocket the Songs Thalleous just gave them)
  • Lucan's attempt in trying to weasel his way out of Mining Duty. Key word being attempt.
    • His first attempt:
    Mining duty? You sure that paper doesn't read milling duty?
    • His second attempt:
    Lucan: Say... what about road repair duty? Or home animal domestica-
    Marcus: Well this isn't a request, it's an assignment.
    • After failing, he simply storms off, stealing a large portion of the cake that Marcus had specifically told him not to touch. Marcus' face absolutely sells it.
  • Going back to Sendaria, Ria is hurrying off to a Song shrine to experiment a little with the Song Thalleous gave her, only for Senn to be there as well, having had the exact same idea.
    Senn: Ria, what are you doing?
    Ria: What? (putting her Song away) Nothing. What are you doing here?
    Senn: (putting his Song away) Nothing.
  • Senn is caught evesdropping on Thalleous and Osivian, and is met with Thalleous who stares him down, the same way a parent finds their child sneaking around past bedtime. The behind-the-scenes video even shows that Senn was sunk into the ground a little to make Thalleous seem that much more imposing.
Episode 3
  • Lucan moaning about his assignment to the Basalt Mines.
    Lucan: A miner... a miner! Of course they need more miners. Uhhh, there's no shortage of quilters or bakers, Nope! Nope... just miners. Huh, typical.
  • When he enters the building by the entrance of the mine, he meets his guard Eddy... passed out after having drunk most of the "beverages" he made the previous night.
    • Eddy, after introducing himself and admitting he drank everything, has this to say to Lucan:
    Eddy: Potato?
    Lucan: Er, no thanks... I ate on the way here.//
    • This becomes doubly funny when you figure out that Lucan was probably referring to the cake he stole from Marcus in the previous episode.
  • Eddy's drunken ramblings:
    Eddy: I've worked here at the Basalt Mines all my life and boy I'll tell you (takes a swig from his bottle) I have guarded like you've never seen... my father was a guard, my brother was a guard, my sister was a guard- wait I don't have a sister... and I'm tellin' him "No you shouldn't eat spider eyes, they're poison in one bite," but he eats it anyway... uncle was riding a pig off a-
    Lucan: S-stop- would be quiet for a second!
  • Sam is behind quite a few funny things in this episode, such as:
    • Covering his eyes just before Abbigail is about to touch the Dragon Egg.
    • His dull expression when Abbigail points out that they couldn't get something to eat that night because of his barking.
    • Stealing Mr Finch's pack full of food while he's talking to Abbigail.
  • Abbigail "attempt" at explaining what the Dragon Egg was to Mr Finch:
    Mr Finch: And what's this you were rolling up to the house?
    Abbigail: Oh that? Nothing much. It was just a big purple stone.
    Mr Finch: "Nothing much?" This is a Dragon Stone Abbigail.
Episode 4
  • Jalkar telling Grim to not lose the Dragon Egg again.
  • Niika and Lucan's first interactions include a few funny moments:
    • Lucan realizing that he still had raw beef on his sword when he tries to fight her the first attempt.
    • Lucan subsequently charging at Niika, only to fall flat onto his face.
    • Niika's comments on Lucan's attempt to draw out the Necromancers:
    Niika: The Necromancers aren't interested in rotten flesh, you'll just attract the undead.
    Lucan: (with an Oh, Crap! expression on his face) I think I may have attracted both!//
  • Sulliman's Establishing Character Moment.
    Sulliman: Thalleous Sendaris?
    Thalleous: Sulliman.
    Sulliman: (shuts the door on him)
    • When entering the house, Senn and Thalleous are forced to stoop quite low in order to get through the door, emphasising the size difference between Humans and the Ardoni.
Episode 5
  • Most of what we see in this episode's segment for the Necromancer arc:
    • Lucan being confronted by a Necromancer on Niika's whereabouts:
    Necromancer: The felina female who was with you the other night, where is she now?
    Lucan: Ugh. Which night are we talkin' about? I get my Felina girls mixed up.
    Necromancer: Don't fool with me, scum!
    • Niika's interrogation of the Necromancer:
    Niika: Well here I am. Now it's my turn to ask questions.
    Necromancer: I'm not telling you anything! The Necromancers will soon rise and cover the world in darkne- (Gets punched out by Niika)
    Lucan: What- Niika!
    Niika: What? You heard him. He said he wasn't going to tell us anything. Or were you enjoying his little speech?
    • Lucan, in the Necromancer's robes, complains about being hot and itchy whilst wearing it, like a child being forced to wear clothes that they don't like.
    • Lucan then, very nearly, exposes his criminal past to Niika.
    Lucan: Oh, and uh, take our prisoner back to the Riverstead prison while I'm away alright?
    Niika: I didn't know Riverstead had a prison.
    Lucan: Well... it does.
    Niika: Are you sure?
    Lucan: Pretty darn.
    Niika: How do you know?
    Lucan: What? Nothing- it just does. I should go.
  • Jalkar and Grim's attempt on taking some horses to escape from Conchord's borders. Key word being "attempt". Such highlights include:
    • Grim flopping over the fence whilst carrying the Dragon Egg.
    • Grim then getting tackled by Sam off-guard.
    • Jalkar telling Grim to get his own horse instead of sharing with him.
    • Jalkar then getting thrown off the horse he was on (Cloud) when the owner realises what the commotion is all about.
Episode 6
  • Lucan's... noises when he tries to impersonate the necromancer he's disguising himself as. Somehow, Xaria, the necromancer he comes across in the tunnels, falls for it, and brings him to the Necrobase.
    • The noises that Lucan makes while disguised sound eerily similar to that of the Villagers in regular Minecraft.
Episode 7
  • The Necromancer arc's segment once again has a few moments to laugh at.
    • Lucan once again tries to disguise his voice so as not to blow his cover when the Necromancers approach Niika's treefort. This time, his voice comes out as a gruff human pretending that his flint and steel (which Xaria told him to use to burn down Niika's treefort).
    • When retreating to the river in order to get away from the burning treefort, Niika is incredibly hesitant to go into the water, since her species, Felina, can't swim. How does Lucan solve this? By shoving her into the river mid-sentence and swimming in after her. This results in the petrified Niika clambering onto Lucan as he's carrying her across the river
    Lucan: Ow, watch the claws!
    Niika: (after they reach the other side) Don't you ever throw me in the water again!
    Lucan: (sigh) Yeah, yeah.
  • The tension that builds when Senn is about to talk to a Magnorite, assuming it won't be friendly (from what we saw in Episode 4 and now Hogtown's reaction), until it's revealed that said Magnorite, Igneous, is friendly Book Worm who was only trying to find a good place to read.
    • Igneous' completely non-chalant attitude to getting a glass bottle thrown at his head.
    Senn: Isn't that bothering you?
    Igneous: Oh no - I'm, used to it.
  • A subtle moment where an angry Grim goes off to face Abbigail after being left behind by Jalkar, where he jumps into the river, completely killing the moment. Though it becomes a lot less funny when he starts beating Abbigail in their little fight.
Episode 8
  • The entire scene before Senn and Igneous reach Biggerton:
    • A now-lone Jalkar tackles Senn and tries to steal Timber. When Igneous calmly tries to explain that Timber is Senn's horse, Jalkar stabs him. Only for the knife to not even penetrate his rocky skin because Igneous is a Magnorite. Igneous, now rightfully pissed off, punches Jalkar a good distance away, earning shocked reactions from both Senn and Timber.
    • As Jalkar runs away with the Dragon Egg still with him, Igneous tries to apologise to him:
    Igneous: W-wait! I didn't mean to hurt you! I really don't know what came over me.
  • When Senn and Igneous later enter a tavern in order to get information where to get a map:
    • Igneous is barely able to get through the doorway, scraping the top of his head on its roof.
    • A patron at the bar leans on the fourth wall, which then leads to this exchange with the bartender:
    Bartender: Those same people used to worry about legends such as Herobrine.
    Patron: Ah-ah! Don't say his name! It's bad luck.//
    • This patron is basically relaying the fears that many Minecraft players have of Herobrine.
    • During this conversation, an individual known only as "Green Thing" is seen trying to open a bottle of water, when Igneous walks up to the bar, he promptly runs away due to how much taller Igneous is.
    • After they leave, a random citizen is seen kicking a drunken patron, the same one who stumbled out of the tavern just as Senn and Igneous arrived.
  • Lucan's Big "WHAT?!" when he finds out that he's been ordered to accompany Kiyoshi in the attack on Mount Tempus.
  • After a Guardian fails to use its Tractor Beam to get Senn under the water, Igneous has this to say:
    (Four Guardians surface from the river. Cue Oh, Crap! faces from Senn and Igneous)
Episode 9
  • Lucan and Niika are having a heartfelt conversation before the Felden fleet sets off to Mount Tempus, and then Kiyoshi interupts
    Kiyoshi: Hurry it up Lucan! We're ready to sail, unless you'd rather swim.
  • Timber's utterly deadpan reaction to the Guardians launching Senn out of the water.
Episode 10
  • When Senn is pondering on where exactly they are supposed to go (after a chat with Hubris Nestoris), Igneous just walks away, completely oblivious to Senn's talking.
  • After Senn and Igneous are officially acquainted with Galleous, the latter suggests that they head to the lower level of the forge. Said lower level has absolutely nothing that makes it any more comfortable than the upper level.
    • What is seen to be comfortable however (for Igneous at least), is the presence of a lava forge, which makes the Magnorite very happy.
    Igneous: Oh, lava, thank goodness! (Plunges his head into the lava and drinks it)
  • A subtle (and incredibly cute) moment is when the newly-hatched dragonet pops her head above the rock she climbed down, peering at Abbigail in confusion.
    Season 2 
Episode 11
  • Luna accidentally burns down a barn while Abbigail is slaughtering members of the Unyielding Legion. She attempts to use her wings to put it out, which only makes the situation worse.
  • Abbigail threatens that Luna will bite the legionnaire's head off. The camera then cuts to Luna, who is trying to douse the fire she made with a bucket of water. Abbigail then corrects that Luna will bite the legionnaire's head off as soon as she's done dealing with the fire, which causes Luna to shake her head in objection.
  • When Merlin comes to deliver Galleous' message to Abbigail, he gets offended by getting called a messenger bird and insists that he's a highly certified communications emissary. Luna is not impressed and tries to eat him.


     Season 1 
Episode 1
  • The opening shot of the Deathsinger protecting himself against Enderdragon fire, initially had the flames going straight through him, rather than around him.
  • How did they get the sound effects for the fight scenes? By scraping a piece of metal on a table and recording it.
  • The utterly bizarre Deleted Scene that involves Hawken throwing a snowball and taunting Tygren.
    Tygren: My name is Tygren Voltaris. (blocks the snowball)
    Hawken: Yeah yeah, we're not afraid of you. Thalleous can take on all seven of you. (Thalleous gives him a worried look) Uhh.. Right? Thalleous?
Episode 2
  • David's minor geek out over the sound effect for Grim's scythe.
  • The Wilhelm Scream at the end of the section describing the struggles with water effects.
  • The incredibly intense-looking scenes before they aced the fireplace in Osivian's quarters.
Episode 3
  • David points out how silly it would have been for the zombies to have their regular Minecraft skins, and how odd their moans would have been in the series.
  • Eddy's original scream would kept going for a while after his death, sounding a bit like a Broken Record in how it was heard.
  • This little gem:
    ''We also meet Sab... Sabbigail and Am? I almost said Sabbigail and Am.
    • The fact that the screen goes black when he realises what he said.
  • These Darn Leaves
    • I guess it was time for them to leaf the series.
  • David admitting he got a little bit crazy with all of the birds he added into the background of the series.
Episode 4
  • Why was the castle in Abbigail's Dream Sequence so dark? They hadn't finished with the castle at the time of making that scene.
  • The way that the fight was being animated, meant that Jalkar's arm detached from his body, flying into Abbigail's face when he delivers his One-Hit KO to Abbigail.
  • "The Beacon, it's super... The Beacon, it's super AWESOME!!"
  • The brief scene of the builders trying to figure out how to build a circular path.
Episode 5
  • David struggling to say "solidifying" at the beginning.
  • Among the memes that came out of the new animators being brought onboard, one involved Thalleous holding a shotgun in one hand, and and assault rifle in the other with a serene expression on his face.
  • Initially, they forgot about the unconscious Necromancer; One can only imagine the thought of a random necromancer in the jungle without his robes.
Episode 6
  • When David was recording for this video, a truck kept interrupting, causing several funny moments to come directly from that when talking about Lucidius, resulting in David getting cut off by sounds that the viewer themselves cannot here.
    • First Time:
    David: As if he's kinda flickering between life and death *loud truck noises*
    • Second Time:
    David: There's a nice little detail that I'm... *It's still there* C'mon truck, go away.
    David: Maybe it's what happens when you do to many Songs, and aren't prepared... *truck noise intensifies* Is that truck gonna drive off or what? Go away!
  • Afterwards David has this to say:
    Maybe it's what happens when you do to many Songs, and aren't prepared for it. Either that, or you just need to plug the Ardoni back in and charge 'em for a bit.
  • Among the background loops for the undead in the Necrobase includes:
    • A Zombie banging his head against the wall.
    • A Zombie trying and failing to climb out of the pit.
    • A skeleton eating a piece of meat, only for said piece of meat to fall through them.
  • The original design of the Necrostaff was a Wither Skeleton Skull on a fence post.
  • 2D PLANES!!! *yay*
  • David struggling to say "cut straight to the To Be Continued" near the end of the video.
  • David almost forgot about one last tidbit at the end, complete with a Record Needle Scratch before he narrates the next part.
Episode 7
  • David showing that he didn't finish editing the script for this behind the scenes commentary before recording it:
    • First time:
    David: Episode 7 opens with... with the Xaria. I wrote "with the Xaria"... discovering Lucan's identity.
    • Second time:
    David: Endermen... are woke. Endermen... Endermen are woke, that's what it says in my script. I don't think I really previewed this script before I read it.
    David: He gets his arm chopped off yo. Okay, yeah I definitely didn't finish editing this script, oh well.
  • There's a very hard-to-see optical illusion, where it looks as if Xaria's wearing a small green bowtie. David spent a long time trying to fix what was later said to be a non-existent problem.
  • The animators having fun with the pig loops in Hogtown, complete with an unused, stretched pig being launched away like slingshot.
  • Igneous being displayed with Obi-Wan's "Hello there!" face.
  • 2D PLANES!!! *yay*
  • What do mean missing??
Episode 8
  • The original render made it look as there was "a nuke going off", leading to an incredibly bright version of Senn and Igneous' opening conversation.
  • The name Biggerton, came from how the writers needed a "bigger town" than Hogtown, which simply became Biggerton.
    David: Rumour has it that right down the street is Smallerton and Averageton. *Beat*
  • Green Thing, "everyone loves Green Thing". Apparently, Judo the Animator worked more time animating this largely background extra, than the rest of the tavern sequence. Crosses over into heartwarming when the amount of detail put into the character really shows.
  • David struggling to say "Felinas".
  • When talking about maps, David quips that the maps around Niika's treefort were given the "Youtube thumbnail treatment" (circles and arrows to point things out).
  • When talking about the Dragon Stone and Ardoni story arc crossing over.
    David: And this definitely won't be the last meeting between story arcs that's for sure. *Beat* Why would I say it like that?
  • Jackson Trent, the voice actor for Igneous, did "some sweet improv" at the River of the Guardians scene, adding some of his own lines in the conversation.
Episode 9
  • It's revealed that David hand-animated every chunk of ice in the sea after the narration of Episode 1, leading up to the Walls of Time.
    David: I hope someone appreciated those little icy bois.
  • One of the builders for the Mahoa Docks, Mackinnator, ended up calling it "Duke Duke Docks", which then lead to those builders being called the "Duke Duke Tribe".
  • Some of the gravestones for the burial scene showed some odd examples that the creators went through, such as:
    • The first type looking as if the head and limbs of the Ardoni were simply chopped off, which the creators couldn't unsee.
    • Two others looked like an egg and two-dimensional trapezoid, respectively.
    • One was simply a slab of cobblestone with a sign saying: "RIp here lies ded ardoni".
    • The final design shown was a miniature face of the fallen Ardoni on the gravestone itself.
  • David calling the Ardoni war council meeting "the rave scene", complete with dubstep music and warped clips of the Ardoni present.
  • The creators called the different Songs bland/funny names. Such as:
    • "Donut Trail Song" (Aggro-vortex).
    • "Shockwave Song" (Aggro-quake).
    • "Energy Ball Song" (Aggro-sphere).
    • "Jumpy Boi Song" (Mobili-bounce).
    David: Honestly I need to come up with better names for these Songs.
  • This little line about Sam's death:
    David: It was always the plan from the beginning that Sam wouldn't make it to Season 2. *Beat* I'm talking about the wolf not my co-director.
  • Discussing Jalkar's death scene.
    David: Initially my plan was for her [Abbigail] to actually... cut his head off!
Episode 10
  • The very first sentence of the video:
    David: Oh boy. Episode 10, here we go!
  • David nerding out over the Acacia trees they made for Ataraxia.
  • CLEAN!!!
  • David belching after discussing the music from the shakuhachi (a woodwind musical instrument).
  • The poorly-tracked screenshots over the layout, which After Infinity used for writing the series.
  • David had a lot to say about Ataraxia:
    David: Okay, time to move on from Ataraxia. (immediately) PSYCHE I got a lot more to say about it.
  • ''The land becomes more fantasy.''
  • The return of the truck.
    • The first interruption:
    David: He's back for more.
    • The second interruption:
    David: Are you kidding me? Welcome to Texas.
    David: Honk.
  • Melon Boy dropping melons.
  • Hubris Nestoris, your turn.
  • David struggling to explain the similarities between Ardoni siblings.
  • In the layout for the battle at Mount Velgrin:
    • The place where the portal would be is replaced with a circle that has "wub wub I'm a portal" on it.
    • The Aggro-shock ability looked as if the victim was being surrounded in towels.
  • The lightning storm... It's super.
  • David describing The Reveal of the battle between Deathsinger and Tidesinger:
    David: This is what the Ardoni stor... Stork?
  • Their nicknames for Deathsinger included "Deathy boi" and "Burgersinger".
  • Their main nickname for Tidesinger was "Tide Pod".
  • David's literal hiccup while discussing the Songs of Deathsinger.
  • Jumpy boi's a good boy. Who's a good boy? Jumpy boi's a good boy.
  • Armour-lock is insane, I love it!
  • The creators treating Supporium as the Hufflepuff of the Order of the Songs. They joked that is the "Miscellanium Song" and "Uselessium Song".
    Oh no Thalleous, not Supporium.


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