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There were plenty of funny moments, particularly as most of the songs were designed For the Lulz.

  • "Please Don't Pee in the Pool", especially the line "If you have to go to the bathroom, here's a thought: why not do that in the bathroom?"
  • "The Long Word Song", which is about how the word for the fear of long words is, in fact, a long word.
    "I'm not even joking, believe it or not. Though it's absurd, that's the word, I don't like it a lot. Here's one thing I know for sure so listen if you please: Whoever came up with the word did not have the disease."
    • And this verse before the chorus
    "I was in my science class when I started screaming. It was about a video the teacher was streaming. It was about a lung disease; I hope they all get better. But whoever named it gave it way too many letters!" (spoken) "I mean really, who would name a disease pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis? Not very sensitive to people who have—-"
    • The line from the chorus: "If you're afraid of big long words, here's one you should know-a"
  • "Good News & Bad News" has jokes that can be funny but at the same time morbid, so when they're done, the narrator says "Good news: that's it for the jokes, bad news, that's it for the jokes".
  • "Sometimes my Butt Makes Noises"
    • When the boy farts during a fancy dinner, the dad jokes "Yes, I agree. Could you say a little more?"
    • The joke about horses being the pros at farting and they are "an orchestra" when they fart but not all in tune.
    • The joke about guts.
    Boy: "I hope that you all like it, but if it's not so great, at least I had the guts to share it, and that makes my guts first rate. Except, that is, for now, and then, when they don't co-operate, and that brings me to this rhyme for you, where I'll tell it to you straight."
    • The boy on his dad: "If you're wondering if I've ever heard his make noises, too. Hey, no way, it's not mine to say (but if you only knew!)"
  • In "The Cubs Won", he describes flying pigs as Porky being a pilot.
  • "The Yellow In My Mountain Dew" is basically a love song where the Love Interest's features get compared to food and drink.
  • "The Day You Told Me Your Name": The narrator is in love but didn't hear the love interest the day they told him their name, so he makes up with it by a ridiculous amount of Affectionate Nickname's.
  • "The Colour Song" has some funny rhymes, including "burp-le" and "Wilbur"
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  • "The Not Exactly Nursery Rhyme Song"
    "Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find them. Hey, there they are driving off in her car and the sheepdogs are driving behind them."
    "Jack be nimble. Jack, be quick. Jack jump over the candlestick, but if you don't jump a little higher, don't blame the flame if your pants are on fire"
    "Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet. I don't know what that means. Along came a spider who sat down beside her. Is it true there's a fly in most jeans?"
    "3 bags full! That's quite a lot!" "They're just tea bags so it's really not"
    "Roses are red, violets are blue, just in case that's helpful to you, but keep in mind, if you look, you'll find, half the time it's not even true.
    "You can't make the classics much more fantastic but you can turn them into a mess"
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  • The whole song "Tinkle Tinkle in a Jar"
  • "The Presentation Song", especially "whoever named it the Civil War was probably being ironic" and "Abraham Lincoln used to live in Gettysburg, he did a speech at his old Gettysburg Address."
  • "The 13 Nights of Halloween" is basically the Twelve Days of Christmas, but around Halloween, witches send him Halloween objects every day. The last line is "Don't tell the witches, but I have no idea where to put this stuff"
  • In "The Superman Song", when the narrator can't spell "Hermione".
  • The parody of Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer called "Ten Minutes of Battery Left"
  • The line from "This Song is Awesome", which goes "This song is awesome in a stupid way"
  • The song about everything the narrator likes about mosquitoes-it's blank.
  • "I Got a Pea"
    Boy: "I got a pea, I got a pea. Why is everyone laughing at me? So if you find a little pea on the floor after I leave, I think it probably belongs to me"
  • "There's a Cow in My Soup", especially how polite the narrator is.
  • All the jokes in "Dumb Jokes"
  • The whole song "Short Attention Span"
  • "Please Pre-Freeze the Peas"
    Please pre-freeze these pretty peas or three pea thieves might flee with these. These fleeing thieves won't free the peas. They'll ignore your pleas of 'pretty please' so please before the three pea thieves come free with all these pretty peas please oh please pre-freeze these peas, so these three thieves won't flee with these."
  • "I Love U-Keleles" and "I Love U, It's My Favourite Letter"
  • When the boy's pet monster in "My Pet Monster" eats the last slice of pie.
  • "I Was Born in Oklahoma". The narrator doesn't even know why he's singing it!
  • "If Our Love Was An Outhouse", especially "I love you as far as a turkey can fly, I love you as long as a lizard stays dry, I love you as strong as a turtle can swim, I love you as deep as the doo doo I'm in."
  • "The Dog Whistle Song". It's a silent "song" consisting of rhyming text, explaining that the song is only for dogs as only they (and cats) can hear it. The reason why the animals don't respond to it, apparently, is because the dogs don't want to hurt the humans' feelings and the cats don't care about a "stupid dog song about chasing squirrels and tennis balls".
    • Extra funny in the line at the end "Thank you for trying to listen".
  • All the things the teacher didn't like in "The Teacher Song": when the narrator's secret pet skunk got scared, when he gave her an apple and asked her to pay, when he sneezed on her lunch, when he burped during a speech, when he lost all his snakes he took for show-and-tell, and when he put a water balloon on her chair. The funniest part is that the narrator doesn't even know where he went wrong.
  • While "The Summertime Song" was a bit negative, there was humour in it.
    • The running gag of mentioning bird poop, which ends with this.
      Narrator: "And did I mention bird poop? I think I did mention bird poop. So there's no need to re-mention bird poop. As long as I've adequately conveyed my fairly strong aversion to, dislike of and disdain for...BIRD POOP!"
    • "Some people ridiculously say I'm too negative, but I'm positive that there's a lot I don't like about summertime."
    • "Summertime is one of my four favourite seasons".
  • The lines in "Miss Mary Brown" in the chorus.
    "Someday, I hope she'll wear my wedding gown. I didn't quite mean that how I made it sound."
    "One day, I'll kiss her in her wedding gown. I still didn't mean that how I made it sound."


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