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And thus, a million memes were born.
Because the page was just too long for them, the Super Gaming Bros. examples have been moved to their own page.




  • Johnny as Bentley. Not just in the Sly games, But in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Sonic Adventure 2.
    • There's also his Manic Depressed Luigi voice.
    • Later, he started using a "Sarcastic Muppet" voice in response to certain jokes.
  • Since getting into Metal Gear Solid, the various word plays in reference to the "La Li Lu Le Lo", such as in the intro to Johnny's Merry Gear Solid review.
  • During the Pokémon Master Race for charity, which lasted more than 24 hours, Johnny made the incentive that if their total donations went past $9,000, then he'd sing the DK Rap in Bentley's voice. Not two minutes later, they reached $9,001, so Johnny did just that.
  • After playing Metal Gear Rising, Johnny inserts the word "revengeance" whenever a character's looking for, you guessed it, revenge.
  • Johnny's reaction to Elliot's body pillow in the tenth anniversary video.
    Johnny: Elliot, what the fuck is this?
    Elliot: For the lonely nights!
    Johnny: Alright, wha- You have a girlfriend!
    Elliot: She's not here all the time...
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  • Selene is Johnny's new alarm clock.



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