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  • Johnny as Bentley. Not just in the Sly games, But in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Sonic Adventure 2.
    • There's also his Manic Depressed Luigi voice.
    • Later, he started using a "Sarcastic Muppet" voice in response to certain jokes.
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  • Since getting into Metal Gear Solid, the various word plays in reference to the "La Li Lu Le Lo", such as in the intro to Johnny's Merry Gear Solid review.
  • During the Pokémon Master Race for charity, which lasted more than 24 hours, Johnny made the incentive that if their total donations went past $9,000, then he'd sing the DK Rap in Bentley's voice. Not two minutes later, they reached $9,001, so Johnny did just that.
  • After playing Metal Gear Rising, Johnny inserts the word "revengeance" whenever a character's looking for, you guessed it, revenge.
  • Johnny's reaction to Elliot's body pillow in the tenth anniversary video.
    Johnny: What the fuck is this for, lonely nights? You have a girlfriend!
    Elliot: She's not here all the time.
  • Selene is Johnny's new alarm clock.




Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis Review

Sonic Unleashed Review (the old one)

  • Johnny makes an incredibly goofy face while talking about his first reaction to seeing the Werehog.
  • While discussing just how fast Sonic goes in this game, we see a montage of Sonic boosting through the game, coupled with images of Johnny flailing around in his chair.
  • Johnny can't help but laugh at the image of Sonic potentially falling into the now-exposed core of the planet, complete with the caption "LOL The End" appears on the screen.
  • This bit:
    Sonic: Uh oh, did I fall on him? (referring to Chip)
    Johnny: LAWSUIT!
  • The reaction Johnny has upon seeing Chip go nuts over a dessert? A disgusted "No. No."
  • For the Wii version, Elliot bursts into Johnny's room to ask if he'll do that one, interrupting Johnny's gaming session. The game Johnny's playing? Resident Evil 5.
    • When Johnny says he doesn't like the Wii version, Elliot makes a face similar to Macauly Culkin in Home Alone.
  • Elliot: I'll show you how to play it!
    • While shoving the Wii Mote in Johnny's face.
  • Elliot gets cut off from telling Johnny that he'll shove the Wii Mote up his ass.
  • After realizing that their arguments really mean nothing in the grand scheme of things, Johnny and Elliot reconcile by playing Rock Band.

Resident Evil 5 Review

  • As one would expect, Johnny is utterly bewildered at the sight of Chris PUNCHING A BOULDER!
  • While discussing the story, there's an on-camera bit where Johnny's talking. His brother Mark can be seen playing the game in the background, and he just happens to overhear Johnny say that Jill Valentine is under Wesker's control and was the woman in the mask.
    Mark: What? It is? Oh man, fuck this shit!
  • The "dramatization" of the AI character wasting all its ammo on a downed enemy. Good thing all the guns had infinite ammo.
  • Showing off the alternate costumes, Johnny notes that the Warrior Outfit makes Chris look like a football player, so he shows Chris punching a boulder overlaid with a "DOWN! SET! HIKE!"

Superman 64 Review

Sonic and the Black Knight Review

  • Johnny and Elliot arguing about the Wii Mote controls, with Johnny saying he looks like a jackass while fighting Merlina.
  • The conversation at the end.
    Johnny: Can I PLEASE trade this game back in to Game Stop?
    Elliot: Shut up and give me the controller!

SonicR Review

No More Heroes Review

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review

  • When the video begins, Elliot interrupts Johnny by jumping onto his back, so Johnny has to introduce the video while trying to throw Elliot off.
  • Given that the case for this game is red, and most Wii games come in white cases, Johnny likens it to putting a red M&M in a bowl of rice.
  • And now, the Super Gaming Brothers present: JOHNNY AND ELLIOT'S MULTIPLAYER MAYHEM! Highlights include:
    • Elliot off-screening Johnny.
    • The two of them losing their Penguin Suits to a Koopa.
    • Elliot off-screening Johnny again, though this time it was as Johnny was trying to get a Starman.
    • Johnny and Elliot try to beat a Koopa Kid. Hilarity ensues.
    • Elliot dropping Bowser into the lava, while Johnny's still on the bridge.

Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II Review

Contra Review

Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat 4 Review

  • After Elliot signs off, he randomly says "And support Ghostbusters." The end of the video is the credits screen with the Ghostbusters theme playing.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV Turtles in Time and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Hyperstone Heist Review

  • The video begins with the song "Pizza Power" from the Coming Out of Our Shells Tour playing.
  • One scene has Johnny throw a random Foot Soldier at the screen while chuckling "You bitch."

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Review

Metroid Review

Metroid 2 Return Of Samus Review

    • Will you stop that!
  • Johnny starts the boss fight with the Queen Metroid... by ignoring her completely.
  • Johnny absolutely melts at the sight of the baby Metroid, before saying that if Samus was the first thing he saw upon birth then he'd die of shock.

Super Metroid Review

  • This time, the Screw Attack shout waits until AFTER Johnny mentions the power-up.
  • As the enlarged baby Metroid is draining Samus's health, Johnny yells out "I'm too purple and badass to die!"
  • The song that Johnny plays over the self-destruct sequence is interrupted by Johnny stopping by to rescue his little animal buddies.

Metroid Fusion Review

Metroid: Zero Mission Review

  • The self-destruct sequence has Johnny and Elliot singing "Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now", along with Johnny getting stuck behind a slow-moving robot.
    • Many fans noted that this is the only Metroid review to not feature the Screw Attack yell before Johnny killed the fucker doing that. Maybe the guy just needed a break?
  • Mentioning the Unknown Item music and how it can bump up the drama of any given situation, Johnny and Elliot perform a skit where the music plays over the revelation that there's no more Pepsi in the house.
    Johnny: Hey, can you go grab me a Pepsi?
    Elliot: John, we've been out of Pepsi for a week.
    Johnny: *stares dramatically while Unknown Item music plays*

Sonic the Hedgehog Review

  • Johnny and Ryan argue about who should do the Month of Sonic. After a bit, they decide to do it together.
  • Johnny inserts a clip from Robot Chicken, showing Sonic running over a spike trap. Which was in response to a creepy Japanese advertisement for the game.
  • The short animation from Johnny while talking about Scrap Brain Zone.
    Robotnik: Send. In. Everyone.
    Motobug: Which one?
    Robotnik: EVERYONE!
  • Ryan's narration at the end, which Johnny interrupts to question just what the hell Ryan's doing.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Review

  • So, does anyone know what Elliot was going to do with that ladle?
  • So what's Johnny's reaction upon seeing Slicers? "I HATE SLICERS"! Including a montage of Slicers attacking him, ending with a particular scene from Scanners.
  • When discussing Oil Ocean Zone, Elliot wonders what would happen if a lit match fell into the oil. Cue an animation of Sonic doing just that, complete with the world blowing up. According to some fans, it looked like Sonic pulled that match out of his ass.

Sonic CD Review

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Review

  • The return of the Metroid Zero Mission Unknown Item tune when Johnny activates the Level Select.
  • Speaking of the Level Select, Johnny's attempts to access it, complete with Elliot and Ryan trying to "give him support".
    Elliot: We had pancakes; you owe me for this! And Ryan, you shut up!
  • Johnny won't be having the review interrupted by Duane and Brando's Knuckles Rap.

Sonic & Knuckles Review

  • When discussing the music, Johnny and Elliot start playing DJ Hero, while Ryan's Mario doll starts bopping its head. Upon seeing this, Ryan punches the doll off-screen.

Sonic 3D Blast Review

  • Johnny's opinion of 3D: "This shit doesn't work."
  • Elliot barges in to see what Johnny's playing. Upon learning it's Sonic 3D Blast, he instantly turns around and leaves.

The End of Month of Sonic 2

  • Johnny and Elliot can't help but notice they're doing the same thing they did before, just in different clothes.
  • When Johnny starts putting all the Sonic games together, Ryan utters "Think of the children!"
  • Sonic 3 CD and Knuckles and Knuckles.
    • Even funnier since someone actually made a fangame out of it.
  • Johnny realizes that he forgot to plug in the Game Genie, even though Ryan's protesting by saying "Didn't you break the game enough already?" Johnny doesn't listen, and plugs in the Game Genie, giving them access to Sonic 4 Episode 1.
    • When they access Sonic 4 Episode 1, Elliot dons a pair of sunglasses to play it. Look closely, and you'll see that those are the 3D glasses Johnny used in the Sonic 3D Blast review.

Metroid Prime Review

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I Review

  • Before the game came out, Johnny and Elliot did an April Fools review, which not only had them say that Goro and Nemesis were in the game — by way of their models being copied and pasted — but they also included a very convoluted way to get the good ending, which apparently included taking a massive dump in the kitchen sink.
    • Complete with footage of Mark walking past said sink and reacting in shock.
    • There's also something about a toaster.
    • During the end, Johnny and Elliot start laughing at the absurdity of it all before saying "April Fools, everybody."
  • For the review itself, Johnny questioning why Tails doesn't appear but a rocket with his logo does.
  • While discussing Eggman's Pinch Moves, one of them ends up doing a certain spinning attack, which Johnny calls attention to, which leads to him being interrupted by a certain shout.
    Johnny: Is he doing the Screw Attack?
    Random Voice: SCREW ATTACK!
    Johnny: GAAAAAH!
  • Pausing the video at one point to ask "Why is that speed booster there?"
  • When discussing Mad Gear Zone, he's unnerved by the unholy trio of Metropolis Zone and especially loses it upon encountering Slicers again... only to mention that since Sonic has the Homing Attack in this game, they're nothing to worry about anymore.

Metroid: Other M Review

Saw Review

Sonic Colors Review

Super Mario Bros. Review

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (aka the Japan Mario Bros 2) Review

  • Johnny hates this game so much he decides to turn on CENSORED MODE.
    Johnny: Okay, let me try it out. *bleep*! Okay, good.
  • Johnny giving out a Big NO (complete with footage of him shouting it at the TV) when it seemed he hit a dead end only to find an hidden block that allows him to proceed.
    • Finding out that the Hammer Bros actually move toward you in this game.
    • Footage of his constant failures and struggles with the game. At one point he finds himself stuck in a narrow space with a black shell koopa heading for him. He starts hopping up and down and by pure luck hits the Koopa's hitbox saving himself.
  • "The mushroom... killed me? But I thought we were... friends."
  • It's funny, if a little sad, but Johnny almost says "The Super Gaming Brothers" at the end of the video, before realizing that that title won't work anymore.

Super Mario Bros. 2 USA Review

  • Johnny briefly forgets that CENSORED MODE is still turned on. After "turning it off":
  • While fighting FryGuy, Johnny plays the Benny Hill music to sped up footage.
  • Since the Dream Machine is not only the source of Wart's power, but also the only thing that can kill him, and he keeps it in the same room, Johnny concludes that the only reason he doesn't appear in any Mario games after this one is because he's the walking definition of "dipshit".

Super Mario Bros. 3 Review

  • While discussing the worlds, Johnny decides that Sky Land was given its name because the developers were running out of time, and Ice Land is summed up as "Ice Land is slippery; fuck this world."
  • Pipe Land's music sounds like something someone listens to when they get high, so Johnny makes a short animation of Mario doing just that.
  • As Johnny notes that Mario jumping with a Star Man looks familiar:
    Johnny: Huh. Kind of looks like a Screw Attack.
    Random Voice: SCREW ATTACK!
    Johnny: Alright-alright, I kinda ran into that one... But who keeps saying that?

Super Mario World Review

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Review

  • Dark Samus entirely misses the shot at her original self. Cue soundbyte "No, I missed!"
  • Samus herself keeps the gun pointed at the player in one scene.
    Johnny: Always the careful one she is...
  • "SCREW ATTA-" "Shut. Your FACE!"
  • The Light Suit looks quite goofy for Johnny. Especially kneecaps.
  • Referring to Metroids from the previous games as Demonic Spiders. Leading to this meta-comment:
    Johnny: Yeah, it's a bit of TVTropes lingo there - but Goddammit, that site is awesome!
  • Samus gets blasted by something, which causes the framerate of the game drop considerably. Cue Johnny himself appearing in black-and-white filter with the similarly lagging camera:

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing Review

  • Elliot's introduction shows that not only does he have hair now (the last time anyone saw him in Month of Sonic 2, his hair was still short), but is also the first use of the guest star title cards. Elliot also does a silly little pose while the main theme of Super Smash Brothers Brawl plays.
  • Elliot slaps Johnny's hand away when Johnny touches Elliot's hair.
  • At the start of the review, Johnny mentions an old video where he and Elliot destroyed the game and roasted hot dogs over its flaming corpse, only to discover that the game is still on his computer. Johnny likens it to a homeless bum who won't leave a convenience store.
  • You can tell that the brothers' hatred towards this game is not forced, even when Elliot's praising the fact that the trucks can transcend the speed of light while going backwards.
  • Johnny's anger is compounded with the words he's saying being overlaid on the screen in big red letters.
  • Johnny compares the out of game boundaries to a white void that even Exdeath would call paradise.
  • During one of the on-camera parts, Johnny's talking about how Superman 64 is a much better game than Big Rigs. Next to him is Elliot, who's texting. Without missing a beat, Johnny turns to Elliot and asks: "How's that phone, by the way?"
    • This phrase gets into Running Gag territory for the future Let's Plays.
  • The ending credits provide this gem:
    Big Rigs is copyrighted to Who Gives a Fuck

Batman: Arkham Asylum Review

  • As he's discussing the Riddler trophies, we hear The Riddler himself chastise Johnny, asking if he's looking up the location of the riddles and trophies on the Internet. Johnny quickly denies this, before turning around and going back to GameFAQs.
  • One fight scene has the 1960's theme playing. Johnny also edits in the sound effects, which include Boosh, Pow, and Queef.

Castlevania Review

  • Johnny's excuse for the Belmont-Dracula feud since the lore for the series hadn't been established yet? Dracula borrowed the family's lawnmower and never returned it, so Simon is going on a rampage to teach him a lesson.
  • Johnny wonders: what the Hell are the blueprints of Dracula's castle? Cue the Castlevania Concept Sketch - which is a tic-tac-toe board with the words "Needs More Candles" written in the corner.
    • Along with a random pot roast on the side.
  • After mentioning that Simon can replenish his health via said pot roast hidden in a wall:
    Johnny: Just look at the thing: it looks fucking delicious.
  • "Die, motherfucker!" Said to Death himself.
  • "Well, it seems that Simon can get pretty well-equipped for this adventure, this game is probably a breeze..." No. No...
  • "Let me put it bluntly: Castlevania... is hard. Fucking hard."
    • "Well, what causes it to be hard? Is it the enemies? The level design? The controls?" The answer: "All of the above."
    • "And sometimes, shit like this can happen: *cue Simon falling off the staircase on the way to Dracula* What the fuck?"
  • Calling Simon's walking "The Belmont Strut" for the first time.
  • Commenting on the name Mix Shrecks by saying that it feels like Count Orlok practicing his DJ business, complete with a picture.

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Review

  • Johnny shows off the three boss fights: he walks past Death... twice, easily whips Carmilla, and Dracula himself stands no chance.
  • After getting a piece of Dracula's body:
    Johnny: Can I just whip the fucking thing and prossess the piece that way?
  • While waiting for the game to change from night to day, Johnny takes a drink of Dos Equis, explaining that he's not a big fan of Rolling Rock.
    • In fact, the whole video is like a huge Shout-Out to the Nerd, considering that not only this game is the first that Nerd done a review on, but Johnny himself admits to being directly inspired by his work.
  • Upon seeing hearts as currency instead of ammunition, Johnny questions if Kano is stealing both his opponents' hearts - as well as their wallets.
  • "During the night, the enemies take more hits to kill, and Simon becomes a werehog- I mean, never mind..."
  • "The bad ending is better than the normal ending! What the shit?"

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse Review

Super Castlevania IV Review

  • Killing the Mummy with a "Taste my limp whip, vile fiend!"
  • Once again, Johnny expresses his glee at being able to control his jumps in mid-air.
  • The return of an old nemesis: Knockback.
  • "Hell, even the fucking tables attack Simon! Furniture as enemies, hm..."
  • Whenever Johnny hits the Rock Monster, he says "Ow!" as the screen flashes.
  • Having a hard time with Slogra - the first boss of the Boss Rush.
    Johnny: Jesus Christ, this fucking bird-man always gives me the red ass!

Castlevania: Bloodlines Review

  • The reason Belmonts don't appear in this game, according to Johnny? Dracula finally returned the family lawnmower and has no hard feelings toward them.
  • While showing off Eric's Super-Jump, Johnny ends up nearly sandwiched between a gear and a wall before leaping out of the way.
    Johnny: Super Jump, indeed!
  • "Die, zombie!" Cue Ludicrous Gibs.
    Johnny: Holy shit...
    • On that note, Castlevania: Bloodlines is rated GA (General Audience). Even if it is the bloodiest entry in the classic Castlevania series.
    Johnny: Damn... we were pretty hardcore in the 90's!
  • This:
    Johnny: What a stellar-looking statue- *whips its head off* Fuck you, Michaelangelo, I'm John Morris!
  • "Anti-gravity platforming in my Castlevania?"
  • The Sega Genesis sound chip makes Johnny think that the soundtrack itself busts out wet farts.
  • The final form of Dracula has a mouth for a crotch. A mouth that spits fire...
    Johnny: Yeah, you might wanna get that looked at...
  • "Wait: tomorrow is November 1st! You know what that means!" *Looks at a Sonic Generations poster* "Uncharted 3 is coming out tomorrow!"

Sonic Generations Review

  • Referring to Sonic's birthday cake as a Birthday chili dog.
  • Upon saying that the Modern Era section of the game contains Crisis City Zone:
    Johnny: Jesus Christ, it never fucking ends!
  • This tidbit about the Egg Dragoon fight:
    Dr. Eggman: Time for a change of pace!
    Johnny: Wanna play the Drinking Game? Take a shot every time Eggman says that line during the fight. You will think you had 12 fingers, 3 nipples and 2 dicks by the time you're done!
  • This standout example before the Time Eater fight:
    Classic Tails: Dr. Robotnik!
    Classic Eggman: Nobody calls me that anymore.
    Johnny: You'll always be Dr. Robotnik to me, you fat piece of shit...
  • When Johnny talks about the music, the "Pingas!" can be heard several times.
  • When Johnny shows off the 30 Second Trials, he shows that he managed to beat out none other than Clement, complete with a "Take that, Clement!" This spawned a series of videos where the two of them tried to one-up the other in Classic City Escape, which eventually ended with Johnny's laugh.
  • At the end of the review, Elliot reminds Johnny of his second Sonic Interview cartoon, which Johnny promises to be out by Christmas, which didn't happen due to reasons. When Johnny makes that promise, Elliot throws the box for Sonic Genesis (GBA) at his head and commands Johnny to "Get back to work!"

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II Review

  • Dr. Eggman revives Metal Sonic with "The Power of Pointing".
  • While Johnny is happy that Episode 2 got rid of the wonky physics, he still gets riled up at a large amount of springs and speed boosters...
  • Describing one of the team-up attacks as "The 69 Attack".
  • Mentioning the Death Egg Mark 2...
    Darth Vader: What?!
  • Since Johnny dropped the ratings starting with this video, he's not sure how to end it...
    Johnny: ...yeah, that Metal Sonic figure is still fucking awesome! And this Sonic's figure is too not bad, too - although his head is way too fucking heavy, I can't never stand it upright! *Figure falls off* Goddammit...

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Review

  • "Piccolo's Mako... Makenko... Make... Oh, the Hell with it..."
  • One scene has two Android 17s just smacking their heads against each other.
  • The way capsules are unlocked during cutscenes shows that it tends to get in the way of the mood of certain cutscenes, even creating Mood Whiplash in the process. He uses the scene where Trunks is killed by a stray Death Beam from Cell, followed immediately by a notification popping up saying he unlocked Cell. Johnny then gives a silly thumbs up.
  • Johnny admits to nearly breaking out into a fit of laughter at how hammy many of the characters are in the Story Mode - the crowner being Cell's wonderfully operatic "TIME TO DIIIIEEEEEE!" before firing his Kamehameha at Gohan.
    • Similarly, there's Frieza's "KEEEEEYYYYY! Pidgey!"... as well as Captain Ginyu's "Milky Cannon!" attack.
  • Johnny is about to end the episode, and in all of a sudden he gets interrupted by several random voices at once: "Review Metroid Prime 3 already!" And that happens twice.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Review

  • Before Johnny can even get to the game, Elliot hijacks the video via Skype and reminds Johnny about Metroid Prime Hunters and Metroid Prime Pinball - the latter of which he somehow manages to throw through the TV.
    • On a meta note, many viewers claimed to have tried to answer a Skype call when Elliot appeared, due to using the Skype ringtone.
  • Johnny gives quite the "creative" nicknames for characters of Metroid Prime Hunters: "Name Not Important" (Weavel), "Who Cares?" (Noxus), "Whatever..." (Trace), "Fuck All!" (Spire), "Empty Space" (Kanden). Strangely, Sylux retains his name - probably because "everyone likes this asshole the most".
  • Upon noticing a copy of Samus, Johnny quickly prepares to blast it with the NES Zapper...
    Admiral Dane: Gandrayda, enough!
    *cue Gandrayda reverting herself back to normal and giggling*
    Johnny: Ah... bitch!
  • Dark Samus easily dispatches the Bounty Hunters... but Samus herself evades the shot. Once again, the soundbyte "No, I missed!" is heard in the background.
  • "Ah... you can almost taste that radiation..."
  • "SCREW ATTA-" *loud gunshot*
  • Johnny gets a bit loud when discussing the motion controls:
  • Johnny addresses Samus' status as a Heroic Mime. He even tries to give her some speaking lines during Ghor's corruption. The result, needless to say, is hilarious:
    Johnny (as Samus): Hey, stop that! Get away from him, come on...

Pokémon Generation One (Red, Blue, and Yellow) Review

  • Johnny's utter bafflement that people in the Pokémon world can't leave their house because of a few blades of grass.
  • Lavender Town, home to Severe Mood Whiplash!
  • When it's time for the battle against Giovanni, a Johnny-animated version of Red pumps a shotgun.
  • Johnny's reason why Pikachu would become the mascot of the entire Pokémon franchise:

Pokémon Stadium Review

Pokemon Trading Card Game Review

  • When discussing how he got Metal Gear Solid by trading a Pokémon card, Johnny accidentally calls Kangaskhan "Genghis Khan".
  • During Ryan's memories with the game, clips of a card game between Johnny and Matt are inserted. At one point, Johnny knocks over the table and starts (fake)punching Matt.
  • Matt's comments at the end of the video:
    Now that we're done with this, can we get back to Yu-Gi-Oh!?

Pokémon Snap Review

Pokémon Generation Two (Gold, Silver, and Crystal) Review

  • Ted and Ryan won't let Johnny start the review because they're too busy badgering him about the Month of Pokémon going a week past its deadline.
    Ted: I didn't know this was the Month PLUS ONE WEEK of Pokémon.
  • When Ryan mentions the day-to-night cycle:
    Johnny: Does the player become a werehog?
    Ryan: No, John, he does not become a werehog!
    Johnny: OK, good.
  • This bit:
    Ted: So, what name are you gonna give this ass?
    *Johnny types THISASS in Rival's Name? menu*
    Ryan: Oh... classy.
  • The argument about Bugsy's gender which concludes with this:
    Johnny: Fuck it! Bugsy has Bug-type Pokemon at its disposal.
  • Johnny is easily annoyed by some of the whining from Ted and Ryan. Both guests are equally annoyed when Johnny easily owns Whitney's Miltank and Morty's Gengar, starts killing the Roaming Legendaries, and spends extra time raising a second team (consisting of Pokémon like Tyranitar and Dragonite). All of which fills Johnny's delight.
  • Once John ends the review (and with it his Month of Pokémon, since he hasn't played Gen III), Ted suggests a month of Kirby. Johnny laughs off the requested franchise as undeserving of reviews, angering Ted into wanting a battle with Johnny (he even gets the exclamation point that appears above Trainers looking for a battle). Johnny refuses until Ryan impatiently urges him, and the two trade Bring It phrases before starting their battle.

Batman: Arkham City Review

  • "Every time this guy (Hugo Strange) appears on the screen, the word DUMBASS is just illuminates on his forehead to me."
    • Complete with the word "Dumbass" doing just that.
  • Johnny starts off trying to speak with an impression of Christian Bale's Batman voice, but goes into a coughing fit after a few seconds.
  • Johnny doesn't exactly know how to pronounce Ra's al Ghul's name, so he just settles to call him Mr. al Ghul.
  • Speaking of the DUMBASS comment above, someone took count of how many times Johnny said that particular word in this review, and got well over 20. It gets to the point where every other word out of Johnny's mouth in this review is "dumbass".
  • This:
    Johnny: The word "mook" was uttered 11 times during that last paragraph. And don't ask me to count how many times I said "Pokémon" during "Month of Pokémon"; I can't count that high!
    • Someone did, and they counted Johnny saying "Pokémon" over 120 times.

Sonic Adventure Review

Sonic Adventure 2 Review

  • Johnny spends about a minute pointing out problems with Eggman's plan, wondering how a genius like him could make such mistakes. The video then cuts to a scene in Sonic & Knuckles where Eggman blows up his own base trying to destroy Sonic with a laser. Johnny responds: "Okay, you've made your point."
  • When Eggman blows up the moon, Johnny shows two different reactions — one is the general audience reacting with shock, the other is a longtime Sonic fan laughing and drinking his soda.

Sonic Heroes Review

Shadow the Hedgehog

  • When the Black Arms (i.e. "aliens") appear in the game's first cutscene, an annoyed Johnny wordlessly drops the controller and leaves... only to force himself to sit back down and pick the controller back up seconds later, sighing in exasperation all the while.
  • Listen to his rant here (you have to wait a while). Oh man.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Review

  • When Shadow kicks Silver in slow-motion:
    Johnny: I always look forward to that...
  • Johnny gets gradually more irritated by the overall absurdity of the plot - especially the main cast's inability to prevent something that could've been easily averted...
    Johnny: Somebody, for the love of God, DO SOMETHING RIGHT!!!
  • After Mephiles kills Sonic, Johnny learns that the only way to bring him back to life is to use all seven Chaos Emeralds. Thankfully, Sonic himself was Only Mostly Dead.
    Miracle Max: It just so happens that your friend here is only mostly dead. It's a big difference between "mostly dead" and "all dead". Please, open his mouth!
    *Cue Princess Elise kissing Sonic; cut to Johnny drinking his beer in contemplation*
    • And of course, the Princess herself hesitates to erase Solaris from history.
    Elise: I don't care what happens to the world!
  • Johnny says that the only NPC of interest in the hub area is a man playing the accordion.
    Johnny: That's a great stuff there, accordion man. Now play me the Polkamon!
    *Cue the Accordion Man doing just that*
  • The entire montage of the characters saying: "Long time no see!"
    Sonic: How long is this gonna go on?!

The Legend of Zelda Review

  • Johnny points out the absolutely useless map on the game's HUD:
    Johnny: Well, fuck that.
    *Goes on the Internet and pulls out a map for the game, all set to the Item Get jingle*
  • Johnny thinking that Darknut sounds like a porno version of The Dark Knight.
  • Johnny brutally points out how difficult the AI can get in Ganon's Dungeon... and sheds a new light on Blue Wizrobes:
    Johnny: Ganon's Dungeon is filled with a lot of dead ends with hordes of Wizrobes waiting to ambush you!
    Johnny (as a whole horde of Blue Wizrobes complete with echo): Fresh Meat! Fresh Meat! Fresh Meat!

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Review

  • Casually referring to the Wizrobes as "the Ku Klux Klan".
    • And interrupting himself at the end of the review by saying: "I got this hat at Momocon."

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Review

  • Having trouble with pronouncing Agahnim's name and deciding to call him Jerry for the rest of the review.
  • Johnny having trouble with the Moldorm. Cluster F-Bomb ensues.
  • Johnny notes how Wizrobes got significantly easier compared to the original game:
    Johnny (as a Wizrobe): Fresh Meat! Fresh- WHOOOP! *gets killed by Link*
  • Johnny provokes the Cuccos to attack him.
  • The episode ends with the Japanese hip-hop commercial.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Review

  • Johnny is quick to notice that some enemies are borrowed from Super Mario Bros. 2. Including Wart.
    • When Kirby suddenly shows up:
    Johnny: Oh, you crafty bitches!
  • Upon waking up Wind Fish, Koholint Island is erased from existence. And Link is still stranded in the sea. Johnny quickly thanks Wind Fish with "Yeah, thanks, asshole!"
    • He also tells that Marin got out of the dream as a seagull in the secret ending...
    Johnny: But Link is still lost at sea... I mean, what the fuck?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Review

  • Johnny's reaction to the words: "Whilst thou get the girl? Or play like one?"
  • Noting that Link is too young:
    Johnny: The kid is barely 9 years old in this game... boy, is he in for some shit!
  • "The Master Sword: The Blade That Gets Shit Done"
  • Ganondorf is able to get to the Temple of Time because of Link who left the door open. Cue Johnny with a "Wah-wah" comment.
  • Johnny lampshades the fact that the Sages are pleading Link to stop the evil Ganondorf to save the world:
    Johnny: That's why I'm here in the first place - to stop the world from becoming even shittier...
  • *cut to young Link* "Sup," *cut to young Zelda* "You!"
  • Getting aggravated by Kaepora Gaebora of all people.
    Johnny: Goddammit, no! Go away, Kaepora Gaebora! Go away! GO AWAY! *sigh* You're not going away, are you?
    Kaepora Gaebora: Fuckin' real!
    *cue Johnny's shocked expression*

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Review

  • Referring to Happy Mask Salesman as Mr. Smiles.
  • Johnny finally gets the reason for the 72 hours limit.
    Johnny: I mean... SHIT...
    • He also determines that each day in Termina is 18 minutes long; thus Link has 54 real-time minutes to save the world. Cue the shocked Doc Brown.
  • Johnny once again bothers Cuccos while killing time for the sidequests.
  • This bit about the Stone Mask:
    Johnny: What? You couldn't tell from the design that it makes you pracitically invisible? Come on, really?
    • The picture of Link with said mask is the icing on the cake.
  • The bosses' names: Goht (Goat) and Gyorg (George).
  • "God, I hate playing Ocarina songs on the analog stick!" *Link gets the wrong note* "Fuck!"

Braid Review

  • This game's story is LOADED with symbolism. Any gamer who tries to comprehend it will "explode like a fucking atomic bomb".
    *Cue the actual nuke going off*
  • In one of the levels called "Fecal Companion" (that's an actual name, BTW), Johnny gets aggravated by the task of dragging the key with him over the entire course.
    Johnny: The key is very fucking fecal, indeed!
  • To get one of the hidden stars, Johnny needs to wait 2 HOURS for the cloud to shift in its direction. That is, the 2 hours in real time. Johnny's anger over this issue speaks for itself.

Super Meat Boy Review

Cave Story Review

  • This bit:
    Johnny: May I ask: who the Hell names their kid Misery? You're just asking her to be part of a Dark Side in due time!
  • The overall aggravation about getting the best ending...
    Johnny: What the fuck, game?
    • While on the same topic, Johnny pictures a kid casually strolling to his home... only for the 5,000 feet mountain suddenly appear out of nowhere, with said home at its peak. In other words, the literal Difficulty Spike.
    • The Bloodstained Sanctuary... which Johnny describes as The Fucking Hell - both in literal and figurative sense. Especially the ridiculous amount of bosses that needs to be defeated... with NO CHECKPOINTS!!
  • Also, this bit about Curly Brace:
    Johnny: Look at that cute smile when she's obliterating that monster...

Bastion Review

  • The review is narrated by some man that got hired by Johnny.
    • Some conversations between the Narrator and Johnny are also funny.
  • The protagonist of Bastion is known only as the Kid.
    Narrator: No, it ain't that Kid... but I can hear John's PTSD from here.
    *cue Johnny himself screaming in defeat*
  • The "contract signed with WB Games" is just a piece of paper with the words "Talk A Lot - Don't Say Much" written on it.
  • Apparently, Narrator doesn't have any idea about the word "McGuffin". To him, it sounds like a breakfast sandwich.
  • At one point, Elliot himself asks Johnny who he's talking to, thinking it's the Tails Doll again.
    Johnny (to the Narrator): Are you the Tails Doll?
    Narrator: No.
    Johnny: It's not the Tails Doll, Elliot!
    Elliot (off-screen): Okay...
  • The Narrator gets rocks as a payment at the end of the episode.
  • The outtake with the background motorbike noise.

Dust: An Elysian Tail Review

  • Noting how the creator of this game - Dean Dodrill - expected to complete this game under 3 and a half months; but the game itself was released after 3 in a half years of hard work.
    Johnny: Never underestimate your work, folks! It can bite you in the ass...
  • The Mysterious Wall Chicken...
    Johnny: Nothing mysterious about Wall Chicken - it's fucking delicious!
  • The leveling-up system bit:
    *During the dialogue with NPC, the sudden explosion occurs*
    Johnny: FUCK! Holy shit... I can't remember the last time I played the game where leveling-up was represented by a character fucking exploding in the glimmer of light!
  • Noting that this game sports the progression system similar to that of Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia: certain locations on the world map unlock as the player gets further and further along in the story. The players are free to choose any of these unlocked locations - whether to advance the plot further or to accumulate the necessary amount of experience.
  • The odd color scheme of the titular hero.
    Johnny: It looks like he's fighting in his fucking pajamas!
  • Johnny is suddenly terrified upon seeing some of the games from Summer Steam Sales levitating over his head, as if they ask him to be reviewed next.

Minecraft Review

  • At the end of Day 2 in Survival Mode, Johnny briefly sidetracks into Animal Crossing.
  • During the Day 3, Johnny suddenly gets attacked by two skeleton archers.
    Johnny (to the character who is shot with arrows that protrude out of his body): Ugh, sorry, dude...
  • Johnny's losing of his inventory, as he himself puts it, "demoralized the fuck out of him". He lashes out at some skeleton as if it was a punching bag.
  • Hitting an adorable pixelated pig with a tool.
  • Johnny ends the episode by teleporting out of his couch, kinda like certain Blue Bomber would do.

Mega Man Review

  • The picture of Mega Man sitting on the sidewalk with a sign "Will work for E-TANKS".
  • This:
    Johnny: Mega Man - Champion of Justice. Now get your metallic ass out there and start shooting shit up!
  • Mega Man "skyrocketing towards death".
    Johnny: No, seriously, did you see how fucking fast he fell down there?
  • Johnny has some problems with Mega Man's traction, and this tidbit on the very small platform is what really sells it:
    Johnny: Easy. Easy... *grabs the item finally* There we go. *jumps into the bottomless pit anyway*
  • Referring to Mega Man's Arm Cannon as a Lemon Shooter.
  • This bit about Magnet Beam:
    Johnny: Fuckin' love this thing... Fuck you, dissappearing blocks! Fuck you, pogo-bot! Fuck you, bottomle- *falls into pit again* AAGH!!!
  • Johnny's violent reaction to the FUCKING YELLOW DEVIL.
    • And he later calls it a "fucking jerk".
  • Johnny notices that Mega Man left Dr. Wily alone after he defeated him. His reaction:
    Johnny: What, did Mega Man just: "HEY! CUT THAT SHIT OUT!!! OKAY, BYE-TEE!!!"
  • From the Mega Man Powered Up portion:
    • "Possibly racially insensitive Oil Man"
    • (Fucking) Yellow Devil is able to speak in the ancient language of "BUMO".

Mega Man 2 Review

  • Addressing the absurd North American cover of the game:
    Johnny: Was Capcom deliberately fucking with the artist responsible for creating international box arts?
    • It took one single look at European cover to simply proclaim: "Let's just move on..."
  • "Mega Man: Champion of Justice. Doesn't know how to call police."
  • The problems with knockback return once again.
    Johnny: Seriously, that's one archaic design choice I'm glad time has forgotten about... *cue being knocked back into bottomless pit* Ow, come on!
  • Noting how Metal Blade essentially outshines Mega Man's own Arm Cannon.
    Johnny: Mega Man can fire metallic object in 8 directions, but not his Mega Buster... *shrugs*
    Johnny: Metal Man is afraid of his own weapon? The hell?! Huh...
  • The "year-long hike across seasons" that Mega Man goes through in the ending.

Mega Man 3 and Mega Man: The Wily Wars Review

Mega Man 4 and Mega Man 5 Review

  • This line from 4:
    Johnny: Wasting no time, Mega Man begins his journey to cut that shit out.
  • Johnny bopping his head and spinning around in his chair during the "Weapon Get" theme.
  • Johnny's epic-looking face during the Toad Man battle.
  • From the same game, when discussing Flash Stopper:
    Johnny: It also makes the likes of Pharaoh Man a complete joke. Look at that: he can't do shit now.
    *cue the animation of Mega Man unloading a shitload of pellets at the helpless Pharaoh Man*
  • Dr. Cossak's giant grabby-grabby claw.
  • Dr. Wily forced Dr. Cossack to do his bidding while he... played Sudoku, apparently.
  • Wily Capsule appearing on top of charged Pharaoh Shot and destroying itself.
  • This:
    Johnny: So, Wily is defeated once more, and then he... easily escapes via rotating door... The fortress explodes, and the credits roll. The fu- Wow! That's an ending! Why don't we just head into Mega Man 5 now and see how they managed to follow that masterpiece of storytelling.
  • In 5, Proto Man is described as a "jumping douchebag who gets kicks out of Jolly Old Fat Man".
  • Apparently, Robot Masters can be easily ordered in packages of 8 to cause problems.
  • Johnny thinking that Proto Man's fortress looks like a spaceship. Then it promptly flies off.
  • Johnny waiting until the Mystery Tank fills up all of Mega Man's weapon energy.

Mega Man 6 Review

  • The game just doesn't feel right being played on a newer HDTV... so Johnny goes into the storage room to get his old TV, which he claims to be much heavier than it looks.
  • Johnny imagines the First Annual Robot Master Tournament as a "Robot Wars competition with more personality".
  • The summary of the game:
    Johnny: There's 8 bad guys, you're one good guy, Bam, Boom, Pow, Kablooey, final boss time!
  • Noticing the word FAILD.
  • Johnny is shocked that Mega Man finally does something to capture Wily. Namely, he ties up the good doctor with rope.

Mega Man 7 Review

  • Nathan's arguments with the trapped Tails Doll:
    Tails Doll: You there! Yes, you, with the silly hat! Are you talking to Johnny?
    Nathan: Aye, what?
    Tails Doll: Tell him he's an asshole!
    Johnny: Lovely. Anyway, what's up?
  • Nathan pleads with Johnny to let him join - if only for the bearded dragon.
  • Dr. Wily gets misspelled yet again - as Dr. Willy.
    • Also, this:
    Johnny: Nathan, I've played six Mega Man games at this point, I think I can handle another Willy.
    Nathan: That... sounds...
  • The picture of Mega Man with the Metool hat.
  • The alternate theme to Shade Man's level is the main theme to Ghosts and Goblins, which leaves Johnny sitting in the fetal position for a while before screaming in terror.
    • During the battle with Wily, Johnny lists the hardest games he played in the past. When Nathan once again mentions Ghosts and Goblins, Johnny only screams in angst.
  • This dialogue:
    Nathan (as Proto Man): Did you collect R, U, S and H circuit plates yet?
    Johnny (as Mega Man): No.
    Nathan (as Proto Man): No need for the sarcasm. By the way, what do you think of my invisible coffee mug?
  • After getting the last weapon, Mega Man teleports away; and when he comes back for the cutscene, he finds Dr. Light's lab completely shitwrecked.
    Johnny (as Mega Man): That was only 3 seconds-
    Nathan (as Dr. Light): Don't judge me...
  • This:
    Johnny: Okay, Mega Man, he's [Wily] down once more, now it's time to whip out that magestic rope of yours and-
    *cue Mega Man suddenly charging his Buster*
    Johnny: ...or you can just straight up kill the bastard...
  • Lampshading the Unflinching Walk scene (which is absent from Anniversary Collection).
  • When Nathan finally leaves, he dons his Clyde costume, leaving Johnny a little dumbfounded.

Mega Man 8 Review

  • Lampshading the fact that Mega Man can actually shoot in multiple directions... only in cutscenes. "And that's just horseshit", indeed.
  • Johnny is clearly seen giggling at the horrible voice acting.
    • Said voice acting causes Johhny to call Dr. Wily Dr. Wahwee for the entire review.
  • Johnny notes that Rush got a lot less useful in this game. He even falls asleep!
    Charlie Brown: Man's best friend...
  • Johhny takes a spotlight on a particularly long scream by Mega Man when he's grabbed in a cutscene.
  • Ad-lipping the line "screw up" in the outtake.

Mega Man & Bass Review

  • Johnny's excitement over the fact that Bass averts the Denial of Diagonal Attack trope entirely.
  • Johnny gets a little hot under the collar at how hard the game is, particularly as Mega Man.
    • "What... Pinhead designed these stages?!"
    • Sniper Joe getting an easy drop on Mega Man.
    Johnny: Yeah, thanks for that cheap shot, asshole!!
    Johnny: I play video games to escape and have fun, not to have an excuse to break a fucking monitor!
  • The whole list of problems surrounding the second boss battle in King's second stage:
    1. You're constantly moving across platforms and hovering over bottomless pits.
    2. A fist attack that can destroy said platforms, leaving you pretty much fucked if you're Mega Man.
    3. A flashbang attack that completely blinds you - the player - leaving you unable to see what you're doing for a second.
  • Learning that King was controlled by none other than Dr. Wily.
    Johnny: This story fucking blows!
  • The GBA version adds another problem to the already hard game: SCREEN CRUNCH.
    Johnny: Bullshit parts just got a whole lot... bullshittier.
  • At the end of the video, when Ryan appears to talk to Johnny, Johnny's holding the NES zapper at Ryan's head, thinking the Tails Doll is finally returned. Ryan, naturally, is confused.
    • Ryan laments the fact that he didn't joined Johnny for the Mega Man review.
    Johnny: Since when does it become a fucking wall that I need to get my associates the heads-up for this sort of shit?!

Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 Review

  • "Holy shit! A female..."
    Johnny: Have fun nuking the shit out of enemies with large-ass cannon shots!
  • In Plug Man's stage, Johnny frantically tries to slide under the platform to get the screw. Ryan reminds him that Mega Man doesn't have the slide nor the charge shot for this game.
    *cue Johnny staring dramatically at the camera*
  • Johnny is glad to see that the Energy Tanks came back after being absent in Mega Man 8 and Mega Man & Bass.
    Ryan: Eh, going with an E-Tank withdrawal there...
    Ryan: No... no... I was... just curious...
  • Noting that Mega Man 9 has the option to enable sprite flickering.
    Johnny: But why the Hell would you wanna do that?
  • "Roboenza Virus..."
  • "Deadly footballs, baseballs, lockers... Lockers?"
  • Johnny briefly slips into pirate accent upon seeing Wily Machine 10.

Ghosts And Goblins Review

Sonic Lost World Review

  • Johnny lamenting the fact that he would review the latest Sonic game in the franchise one way or another - even if it means that he would become a billionaire.
    Johnny: Nope, still not a billionaire...
  • Noting that Deadly Six plan to destroy the world by sucking up all of its energy. Cue Dark Helmet, Colonel Sandurz and President Skroob chanting: "SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!!!"
  • The confusion about certain Wisp power-ups quickly stops at the sight of yet another Slicer.
    Johnny: Motherfucker... *cue using Homing Attack at said Slicer* Ugh! Asshole...
  • The overall summary of the 3DS version:
    Johnny: Is this another Sonic Generations 3DS - something that was made on the cheap just to have a handheld version of a game on a system that more people were likely to own compared to the Wii U?
  • The overall problems with recording footage of Special Stages from 3DS version make Johnny "look like a damn fool" with all of the turning and spinning he needs to endure in the process.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review

  • The new villain, Yuga, is praised by Johnny for not only being legitimately intimidating, but because his name is much easier to pronounce than Agahnim (sorry, Jerry).
  • "The Master Sword: The Blade That - Once Again - Gets Shit Done"
  • This:
    Johnny: Link's Awakening is still a fine game. Think I'll save myself a bunch of ignorant comments by saying that... Hopefully.
  • Seeing the Moldorm yet again... only to easily destroying it with the Hammer.
  • Teleporting into the Dark World reminds Johnny of the Parallel Brooklyn sequence from the god-awful Super Mario Bros. movie.
    • The name of this Dark World, by the way? Lorule.
    *Cue the sarcastic laughter from Jim Carrey*
  • The brief introduction to Princess Hilda, complete with a business card.
  • Johnny notes that Lorule's dungeons can be completed in any order.
  • "Now why the fuck do I have Majora's Mask hanging on my wall?"
  • Johnny's send-off:
    Johnny: Thank you guys for watching, have a nice night... and what the Hell?
    *cue the Japanese hip-hop commercial for A Link to the Past*
    • Also, noting that there is no reimagined version of said commercial.

Batman: Arkham Origins Review

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Review

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Review

  • After Richter beats Dracula at the beginning of the game, we cut to an animation made by Johnny where Richter is holding a press conference, and the conversation goes something like this:
    Richter: And that's how I easily destroyed Count Dracula once and for all.
    Someone in the back of the room: THAT'S BULLSHIT!
  • Upon seeing Alucard's awesome new moveset, Johnny proclaims "That was one hell of a beauty sleep."
  • Alucard's Meteor attack is much better than the one in Dracula's Curse, causing Johnny to understand just why Dracula uses it so much.
  • "A second castle appears, (in Kermit the Frog voice) ONLY UPSIDE DOWN, OH NO!"
  • When he brings up the PlayStation at the end and asks his viewers to join him, he lip-syncs over Alucard saying "But you probably won't listen to me, will you?" from the game CD's hidden music track.

PlayStation Review

  • How Johnny got this console in the first place? His father traded several Super Nintendo games for it... without telling him beforehand.
    Johnny: What the fuck is ALART?
  • While talking about Parappa The Rapper, Johnny notes that the titular character raps about everything. Including taking a shit.

Crash Bandicoot Review

  • At the beginning of the game, while discussing the development, Johnny mentions that its code-name was "Sonic's Ass Game", which he then says can describe a Sonic game someone doesn't like. Cue Elliot with the rim shot.
    Johnny: Thank you and good night!
  • When talking about how he managed to die a lot in this game, Crash just happens to get burned to a crisp.
  • Comparing Crash's idle animation to Crash looking like a drug dealer constantly on the lookout for the police.
  • Johnny dancing to the invincibility music.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Review

  • When talking about how he got the game for Christmas back in 1997, Johnny brings up that he actually ended up opening Final Fantasy VII first, so he just spent the rest of Christmas Eve watching Austin Powers.
  • Bringing up the new Nitro boxes.
    Johnny: Just one touch - *Crash explodes* - and you'll be playing that didgeridoo in the sky in no time.
  • "Why is Crash going along with Cortex's plan? Because Crash is dumb: no ifs, ands, or buts. Hell, the title of the game is CORTEX STRIKES BACK!"
  • Upon realizing that both this game and Batman & Robin came out the same year at roughly the same time, and both feature a gem-powered laser beam, he notes at the end that he smells an ice-cold conspiracy, before quickly apologizing for the bad joke.

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Review

  • Johnny admits that he wants to get all the Platinum Relics in the game at some point in his life...BUT IT'S SO DAMN HARD!
  • His text during the credits has him wondering how Elliot would fare at the game now, before deciding that the kid's had enough punishment during the Let's Play a few years back.

Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash Review

  • The character animations lead to a skit with Johnny and Elliot imitating the mouth movements, bad joke included.
    Johnny: Hey, Elliot!
    Elliot:: Hey, John.
    Johnny: Did you know that Crash Team Racing took some inspiration from Diddy Kong Racing on the Nintendo 64?
    Elliot: I did not know that, John! By the way, how did that lockjaw surgery go?
    Johnny: Well, it was a real mouth opener.
    *laughter from both Johnny and Elliot*
  • This:
    Johnny: But there is no feeling worse than doing so well in the race and having all that suddenly stripped away because of a goddamn time warp, a barrage of missiles, or a fucking invincibility mash from opposing players. Oh, it's a great time for the opponents - but my God, do you wanna tear their heads off...
  • On Crash Bash starting up with rather intimidating music:
    Johnny: Am I playing Crash Bash or Resident Evil?
    Johnny: Hurray! Mood Whiplash!
  • One scene has the three brothers trying to decide what game they should play.
    Johnny: OK, boys, what it would be?
    Elliot: How about Tank Wars?
    Mark (slaps Elliot): No, let's do Medieval Mayhem.
    Johnny (laughs): You oblivious assholes... Those games are locked! Looks like it's Pogo Pandemonium for the eighth time.
    *Mark and Elliot fall back in shock*
    Mark: Ah! You... FUCK!
  • When Johnny struggles to decide what to review next, he ends the video by doing Crash's victory dance. This, like Johnny's Amiibo face, has led to a slew of memes videos and gifs.
  • The outtakes, which involve Johnny laughing at Mark's antics, Mark slapping Elliot too hard, and Elliot laughing too early at Mark yelling: "You FUCK!"

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Review

  • Johnny gets so mad at the jumping controls that he... decides to cook some eggs.
  • His comments on the game's main theme, which is called G.I.A.N.T. E.G.G., but the kids don't sing the A.
    Johnny: Mmmm, that's some good Gint Egg...
  • A blink and miss it bit of Caption Humor - when Johnny says that the game "depends on how you like your eggs", a subtitle appears at the bottom of the screen that says 'Fried.'
  • Despite Johnny hating the G.I.A.N.T. E.G.G. theme, the video ends with him dancing to it, while continuing to fry eggs.

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 & 3 Review

  • The intro in general, complete with a jazz music.
    It's Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 and 3! Starring: Son Goku, Prince Vegeta. Majin Buu! Featuring: everyone else who's not Goku, Vegeta, or Majin Buu. Musical guest: Tower of Power! And here is your host, Johnny!
    • While mentioning the fact that the composer of the original soundtrack for Budokai Trilogy - Kenji Yamamoto - was fired for plagiarism, Johnny gets interrupted by a sudden Laugh Track.
    Johnny: That's not funny, you fuckers!

Guacamelee! Review

  • One of the reasons fans asked Johnny to review this game? The name of the main character: Juan, as in, Johnny's real name.
  • "A luchador, a luchadora, a skeleton matador, and a chicken".
  • Upon noticing what looks like a Chozo Statue:
    Johnny (to the figure of Samus): How much longer must I wait, faithful Bounty Hunter?
  • "The Dashing Derpderp"

Sonic and the Secret Rings Review

  • Lampshading the fact that the fans decided to choose this game instead of Knuckles Chaotix or Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed.
  • Noting that Sonic himself is crashing at somebody's house while said somebody is taking a snooze. Johnny is quick to call him World's Fastest Hobo.
  • Erazor Djinn gets mistaken for Majin Buu.
    • Also, he is essentially a deity who harnessed the deep hatred against humanity and decided to conquer the world of Arabian Nights.
    Gilbert Gottfried: WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!!
  • Noting that the mythological characters - Ali Baba, Sinbad and King Shahryar - appear as Tails, Knuckles and Dr. Robotnik respectively.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Review

  • Noting how the name of this game is taken straight to the point. Johnny then expresses regret that the previous Mario titles didn't bear the moniker Super Mario Bros. Platforming.
  • This bit:
    Johnny: Our plot begins with Bowser kidnapping Princess Toadstool... Meanwhile, the sky is blue, humans breathe oxygen to stay alive, and Jimmy Hoffa has yet to be found!
  • Johnny's dumbfounded reaction to Bowser "kissing" Mario is priceless.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Review

  • While talking about how he was introduced to the game through a commercial during his Saturday Morning Cartoons, Johnny takes a moment to discuss his disgust at the unmodest bastard in the commercial.
  • Noting how Baby Mario survives quite a long fall toward the titular island.
    Johnny: This should effectively make large pits a non-issue for Mario. Motherfucker can fall over 10,000 feet as a baby and be perfectly fine - but can't fall more than 6 feet in Donkey Kong!
    *cue Mario losing a life by falling from the platform in Donkey Kong*
    Johnny: FAKER!
  • Yoshi shitting his eggs to throw them back at enemies.
    Johnny: G-rated Feces Tossing - only on Nintendo!
    • He also gets fire-based, ice-based and rapid-fire attacks... from watermelons.
    Johnny: Yoshi's Island ain't fucking around!
  • The entire montage set to the Athletic theme.
    Johnny: GODDAMMIT POOCHY!!!"
  • At the end of World 5-8, Johnny notes how Kamek goes into his "inner Jeff Goldblum". He also reads his line in corresponding voice.
  • That epic look on Yoshi's face after the battle with Prince Froggy in World 3.
    • Another example comes from swinging ghost, whose expression just says: "Hey man, not cool!"
  • "This is indeed a disturbing universe..."

Super Mario 64 Review

  • Johnny begins the episode by using his best Charles Martinet's impression.
  • The air quotes during the word "Plumber".
  • This:
    Mario Head: Hey! Are you ready for Mario-cise?
    Johnny: Mother of God...
  • Johnny's interactions with the Mario Head from Mario Teaches Typing 2.
    • The best one?
    Johnny: Couldn't you just tell the Star to come towards you, Mario? *referring to a star in one of the 100 Coin Missions*
    Mario (singing): When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore!
    *cue Johnny facepalming*
    Mario (still singing): When an eel lunges out -
    Johnny (immediately panicking): Unagi?!
    *Unagi lunges out at Mario while letting out a loud roar. Cut back to Johnny, his empty chair is spinning rapidly as Johnny himself had quite clearly run for the hills*
    Mario: That's a moray! Get it? A moray eel? I said a funny...
    Johnny (off-screen): FUCK YOU!
  • Wario in Super Mario 64 DS is less athletic than Mario, Luigi or Yoshi, but he makes up for it with his Super Strength... which turns out to be redundant as the others can defend themselves perfectly fine, so Johnny proceeds to dub him the "Black Brick Bitch".

Super Mario Sunshine Review

  • The game case itself tries to bribe Johnny with liquor. Yes, this does happen.
  • Referring to F.L.U.D.D. as a Super Soaker CPS 3200.
  • When Shadow Mario takes Peach, Johnny tries to get her to move by making the "Get the fuck out of the way" motion with his hand. Peach, of course, just stands there and gets kidnapped, causing Johnny to facepalm.
    Johnny: Oh, for fuck's sake...
  • Johnny gets a laugh at the thought of Peach possibly being Bowser Jr.'s mom.
    Johnny: She had to think about that. Holy shit, she fucked Bowser, didn't she? Oh man, you ask for a different plot in a Mario game - and you get implications of a one-night stand between Princess Peach and Bowser! I will never ever again complain about the simplistic plot of a Mario game...
  • These specific obstacle courses for several Shine Sprites? They can FUCK RIGHT OFF
  • Drunk. Johnny.
    • Let's elaborate. The game ends up having too much bullshit for him to deal with, especially in the post-game missions when he's trying to get all 120 Shine Sprites. It gets to the point where he prepares the flask that the game tried to bribe him with at the beginning of the video and starts drinking out of it, getting progressively more and more inebriated until he passes out in his chair mid-sentence. Highlights include:
    Aaaand theeeeen there's the Blue Coins...! You remember these from Mario 64, right? They were great! They gave you five coins, but those Hundred Coin Missions still sucked dick... But here, they're currency. For what? Shine Sprites! Ya see these two? *referring to two Tanuki* You can exchange their Shine Sprites for Blue Coins - and the citizens never think to arrest these jerkoffs. You know, they say the Shine Sprites are goddamn essential for sustaining life itself on Isle Delfino, yet here these two are, selling them like fucking heroin!
    Later, referring to the burning Pinata: Hey there... Oh man, looks like you're on fire! It's too bad... Arright, seems you didn't felt the need to run into the ocean that's just to your left. I'll put ya out... with Yoshi's juices... Good to see you back, buddy... There ya go, putting that fire out... with those guttural, acidic juices... YOSHI JUICE FOR EVERYONE!
    • A few hours after passing out in his chair, he's seen drinking a cup of coffee, clearly suffering from a bad hangover.
  • This incredible summary:
    Johnny: The main quest is a great time, the rest of it just sucks balls!

Super Mario Galaxy Review

  • On his way to the Peach's festival, Mario sports quite a "goofy-fucking-looking running animation".
  • Johnny attempts to discuss the power-ups without accidentally making some kind of joke about them. He fails.
  • His utter glee that Nintendo remembered, as he put it, that Luigi was a thing.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

  • Johnny can't help but be amazed that Nintendo somehow managed to abridge the plot of a Mario game.
  • His reasoning the game took so long to come out? Yoshi.
  • Lampshading the quite expensive soundtracks for both Galaxy games.
    Johnny: Nintendo, PLEASE, get these babies on ITunes! A crime like this cannot go scott-free...
  • Elliot joins Johnny for the Co-Star mode.
    Elliot: Alright, what do I do?
    Johnny: Just, I dunno... point at the screen and do shit.
    • "Holy shit, you can grab Purple Coins!"
  • This comment at the end of the episode:
    "The Perfect Run took 62 of my lives. But I managed. Go Team Luigi."

Super Mario 3D Land Review

  • As for the original Super Mario Land, Johnny recommends it for the "next trip to the shitter".
  • "It was a dark and stormy night. Bowser kidnaps Peach."
    • The plot of the game summed up in three seconds, ladies and gentlemen.
    • Not to mention, Bowser himself acts like a Troll to Mario.
  • Johnny freaking out at the sight of a Poison Mushroom... only to calm down when he finds out you can destroy it with Fire Mario.

Super Mario 3D World Review

  • Lampshading the Cat Suit power-up in general, complete with some insight on Johnny's actual cats.
  • Having fun with a microphone feature.
  • Johnny questions why Yoshi doesn't make a return, thinking the green dinosaur was asking for more money, before whispering: "I don't mean that, come back!"
  • "5,000 fart jokes" during Johnny's adventure.
    Johnny: High-quality shit there, man...
  • One scene, while discussing the multiplayer, has Johnny and Elliot gang up on Matt to kick his ass. Must be cathartic, seeing how much of a dick he can be in the New Super Mario games...

Hyrule Warriors Review

Bayonetta 2 Review

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal Review

  • Johnny "Boomifies" his appearance for the review by wearing a wig, sports tape, and sunglasses.
    • In The Stinger, he is seen attempting to remove the tape, noting that he should've shaved his arms first... as he painfully continues to pull them off.
  • "Rise of Lyric begins with Sonic being massacred by enemy fire..."
  • The Chaos Emeralds are called Chaos Crystals, for some reason.
    Dr. Neo Cortex: Of course...
  • Johnny sincerely thinks that Werehog of all things was better than the sloppy combat in Rise of Lyric.
  • In Shattered Crystal, Johnny is not particularly fond of Knuckles' deformed face. Probably because Knuckles himself "stores nuts in his mouth for the winter".

The Super Smash Bros. Series Review

  • Johnny naming his Amiibo Light Suit Samus "iSamus".
  • Matt using a Mii named "Dikenmouf".
  • Showing off the Training Room has Little Mac going up against Samus, complete with a Megaton Punch.
    Johnny: Shake it off, shake it off.

Freedom Planet Review

  • Johnny's way of showing how radically the game changes tone:
    Carol (watching TV with Lilac and Milla): Hey, Lilac!
    Lilac: Hm?
    Carol: How come Torque doesn't wanna hang out with us?
    Lilac: He said he had some work to do.
    Carol: Eh, he's probably just scared of getting cooties...
    *The trio all giggle, with Johnny joining in*
    Johnny: Okay, I think that's enough fun. *Presses a button*

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Review

  • This gem:
    Johnny: Laser-shooting walking vaginas? Heh, seen it... I think... Happy Holidays, everyone!
  • This game is fair in terms of its challenge and contains no tricky bullshit.
    Johnny: Even when shit is all over the place in many different colors! Rainbow shit, people - that's a thing in this game.

Cory in the House Review

  • The fact that Johnny actually reviewed the game is a CMOF within itself but special highlights include:
    Johnny: Is this how I look when I run? I mean, I am quite the heavy fuck.
    • Johnny commenting on the abundance of slurpees and stating that Cory needs them because "he's a chunky chunk fuck".
    • Johnny's reaction to the game having a Laugh Track.
    • The remark that the game contains so much weird stuff that it should really be called Cory in the What the Fuck.

Mary-Kate and Ashley: Sweet 16 - Licensed to Drive Review

  • Johnny thinks about this game as a collection of every single female teenage stereotype known to humanity, namely:
  • "The mini-games have these kids driving jetskis, ATVs, sail boards, the professional photographers, apparently..."
    • Speaking of mini-games, the following scene has Johnny portraying what he imagines the design process for these would've been like, complete with one guy writing down the ideas of another.
    Guy No.1: Mini-game Number 1?
    Guy No.2: Collect things... ATVs.
    Guy No.1: OK, and mini-game Number 2?
    Guy No.2: Collect things... Jetskis.
    Guy No.1: Genius!
    Guy No.2: I'm tired. Let's call it a day.
  • While Johnny tore the game a new one as he usually does for bad licensed games, the crowning moment of the review was his snippet of footage he made of himself, Elliot, Matt, and Mark playing the game. The group is sent into a fit of laughter when one of the characters on the board drives off the road, keeps going, and phases through a mountainside while ending their turn in a blue void.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Review

  • The intro and outro of the episode are done in homage to the classic SpongeBob art-style, complete with Johnny's best impression of the titular character.
  • The game itself doesn't make Johnny laugh, unlike the show.
    SpongeBob: I think I have fudge in my pants...
    Johnny (sarcastically): Yeah, thank you for that.
  • Johnny notes how SpongeBob can create only bubbles and rockets out of bubbles.
    Johnny: I thought SpongeBob was the one with-
    SpongeBob: IMAGINATION... *forms a rainbow from his hands*
  • Patrick can't jump with watermelon in tow - but he needs to be fast, or said watermelon will explode!
    Johhny: Oh, fuck off! You're telling me that didn't count? What a pile of Alaskan bull-worm...
  • Getting aggravated by the onslaught of enemies in Mr. Krabs' Dream.
    Johnny: I'm not in the middle of pre-hibernation week, you assholes!!

Psychonauts Review

  • Poking fun at seersucker suits by showcasing Ohto running away in fear after his black-and-red suit was torn off.
  • While Johnny discusses Raz's psychic abilities, he shows off a bear he came across while proudly proclaiming: "I set this one on fire."
  • His rant about how Raz is what Silver should have been, after which he apologizes by saying he didn't mean to go on such a long tangent, before saying that he actually did - since he wrote it, after all.
  • As Johnny is searching for the next game in his box, the dreaded Resident Evil ambient is heard in the background... only to abruptly stop when the next choice for the First Donators Marathon is revealed to be Mega Man Network Transmission. When Johnny leaves, the shadow of Tails Doll suddenly appears in the frame.
    Tails Doll: Ah, I really should've removed the other games in the box first...

Mega Man Network Transmission Review

  • Johnny questioning who the main villain is supposed to be, what WWW is supposed to mean (World Three), and why MegaMan.EXE's arm cannon sounds like Emmett Brown's DeLorean reaching 88 mph...
  • "...or you can rely on Mega Man's default weapon, the Mega Buster, which when starting off - MEGA BLOWS!!"
  • This tirade:
    Johnny (as MegaMan.EXE): Lan! I'm trying to save the fucking world here, and the best you can give me is reaching into your bag and throwing random shit at me without looking at it? I need fucking help here, man! Fire Man's kicking my ass!
    • This is also accompanied by a shot of Johnny wearing his hat backward and throwing a notebook at a sprite statue of Mega Man.
  • "Oh shit, it's a robot Billy Hatcher!"
  • Johnny's reaction to the next game he pulls out of the box.

Ecco the Dolphin Review

  • "I mean, people talk about how Resident Evil 1 and Silent Hill made them evacuate their bowels, and yet here I am talking about a dolphin with stars on his head. Yeah, that's how you know he's special, fucking stars."
  • Johnny rage-quitting the final boss battle of the first game.
    Johnny: NO MORE!!! ECCO DIED SAVING HIS FAMILY, (salutes) A TRUE DOLPHIN HERO! Get this shit outta my Genesis!
  • Johnny finding a card featuring Sonic the Hedgehog and friends, advertising an anti-violence PSA and...
    Johnny: 'No one wins with violence. For more information, please contact National Committee to prevent... child abuse?!' What the fu-''
  • Upon seeing the final note from Tails Doll, Johnny decides to crumble it up, eat it, spit it out, then step on it.

Bubsy Series Review

  • Johnny getting sidetracked by his uncle's collection of Atari Jaguar games, and then giggling after encountering the infamous "Where did you learn to fly?" head in Cybermorph.
  • "Bubsy can glide on propeller fans to get higher distances. Did you know you can also do that with the boss' gun residue? No? What, are you stupid? Of course you can do that! Come on!"
  • Johnny trying to get Bubsy's attention on the title screen of Bubsy 2:
    Johnny: Bubsy! I'm over here, buddy, you're - you're sorta looking the wrong way d- *Bubsy turns around and rolls his eyes* Oh you motherfucker!
  • Johnny commenting on the Nerf Gun power-up:
    Johnny: Could they give Bubsy a rapid-fire model? I'd rather go Rambo up on this sum'bitch!

X-Men Legends Review

  • "Someone's in danger, we should go save them!" And that's the majority of the adventure.
  • Johnny mentions that Iceman only exists to create ice bridges for his teammates to get across. The following skit works well due to Patrick Stewart voicing Professor X in this game:
    Johnny (as Professor X): Listen up, here's the course of action.
    Professor X: Cyclops, you'll lead the team into the warehouse and gather intel on Magneto's plans. Storm, you will provide cover for the X-Jet to approach the area safely. Wolverine, you'll scope out the area and keep a lookout for enemy threats. And Iceman, you will be placed on... ice bridge watch.
    Professor X: Ice bridges.
  • The constant car alarm sound that interrupts Johnny in the outtake.

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Review

Journey Review

  • The brief philosophical description... of the sandwich.
    Johnny: Meanwhile, while the person was explaining all of that, I already eat the damn thing because it's food - and I was hungry!
  • Johnny gets interrupted by the terrifying howl... and the certain carnival music.
    Johnny: Ow, fuck me...

The Five Nights at Freddy's Trilogy Review

Shovel Knight Review

  • Johnny mentioning that Plague Knight getting his own DLC was because his boss fight was so notorious before agreeing with Gilly that it was because of his bendy straw.

Skullgirls Encore Review

  • When discussing the amounts of Fanservice:
    Johnny: They shake, they bounce, they flash and they mutate.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch Review

  • Johnny's rage at the patient with Octodad's masquerade as a nurse:
    Johnny: Octodad, Head Nurse Bitch!

The Shantae Series Review

  • Shantae is attacking her enemies with her hair.
    Johnny: The ultimate of headbangers, folks...
  • The first experiences with the original Shantae are summed up as Shantae: Leaps of Faith.
  • Tinkering with the debug mode in general.
    • Also comparing levitating Shantae to "mind-controlled Superman chasing Terry McGinnis".
  • Johnny's reaction to seeing his old enemy - the Slicer - in Pirate's Curse.
  • Johnny performing Shantae's dance to ensure that Half-Genie Hero would be a good game.

Papers, Please Review

  • Johnny's "dance" to the main theme.
  • He changes the pronunciation of the title between his natural voice and robotic one throughout the entire review.
  • Johnny lets one of the civilians on his merry way... only to get M.O.A. Citation.
    Johnny: Son of a bitch! That fucking sucks, and that's the money I'm not earning!

The Hotline Miami Series Review

  • The beginning of the episode itself.
  • These games are full of violence, and are essentially chaotic acid trips. So much so when Johnny got to the credits of the first game, he was seriously expecting to see Kefka Palazzo's name among developers.
  • The colourful shows during playing Wrong Number force Johnny to shower himself with a bottled water.
    Johnny: These games are fucked up!
  • Getting run over by a car. Repeatedly.
  • Getting the FNAF Alarm... again.
    Johnny: Wait, what? Fucking hell, already?! HEY ELLIOT!
    Elliot (off-screen): Yeah?
    Elliot (off-screen): Already working on it!
    Johnny: Oh, wait for me, goddammit! I'll get that coffee...

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Review

  • Johnny once again solemnly swears that there won't be any Jump Scares in this episode. He then notices that Elliot isn't in the room, and he finds him in another room huddled on the floor:
    Johnny: Get your ass up!
    Elliot: No!
    Johnny (cracking up): You're not getting out of the review...
    Elliot: I CAN TRY, DAMMIT!
  • Referring to these dreaded animatronics as "godforsaken dancing Terminators".
  • Elliot notes that the protagonist's brother is a total dickwad.
  • Johnny's justification as to why Foxy bolts for the closet when he enters the bedroom, and not the kid:
    Foxy: This is a nice closet!
    • The entire short put into the review is hilarious in itself, mostly thanks to Power Echoes.
  • This argument:
    Johnny: The 8th game better be called Freddy Takes Manhattan.
    Johnny: Well, that's the 9th game.
    Elliot: And the 10th game will be about Freddy in space!
    Johnny: And then we get the crossover with Jason Voorhees, and it'll be called Freddy... vs. Jason...
    Elliot: Sh-

AVGN Adventures Review

  • Johnny's way to "pop the game in" is to pop the NES-style cartridge with AVGN Adventures sticker into the Steam icon.
  • For obvious reasons, Johnny is not holding back in the swearing department.
    • And then here's his take at the Nerd rant:
    Johnny: Mother of fuckballs, I want to crack my controller in two after dying from bullshit like death blocks and the fucking ground control! I slipped off the edge more times than Luigi with butter under his greasy shoes! I was in rage when I discovered that deers can go through walls! And who the fuck thought that the naked grandma-witch on a broom was a good idea?!
  • Noting that the dreaded death blocks make the player "explode like Michael Moore".
  • The DualShock 4 suddenly emits different colors.
    Johnny: Does my controller, like, channeling the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, or something? Jesus!
  • All this relentless adventure that Johnny had to go through... was only on the Normal difficulty.
    Johnny: If you can conquer this shit on Oldschool or higher - give yourself a fucking medal!

Splatoon Review

  • In the vibe of Capcom Sequel Stagnation trope, Johnny proposes several names of the (fake) Splatoon updates: Super Splatoon and Ultimate Super Splatoon.
  • Johnny can't help but wonder what kind of game it would be if the paint was red...
    • Also, the players sporting pink paint are said to sport Pepto-Bismol in their arsenal, and the players with the green paint are armed with Morning Snut.
  • Splatoon, apparently, takes place during the post-apocalyptic times where the squids and octopi rule the world with no humans in sight.
    Johnny (matter-of-factly): That's fucked up.
  • Johnny wishes that Splatoon would sport some battleground akin to the Isle Delfino because FUCK ISLE DELFINO
    • Also, the lack of the co-op story mode which could be considered in the potential sequel...
    Johnny: Couch multiplayer is still a thing, goddammit! We're not all connected to The Matrix just yet, THERE IS STILL A FUCKING TI-

Batman: Arkham Knight Review

  • Johnny shows off the glitches in the first release of the game (before all the update patches were released), which includes Batman's body disappearing, Barbara's body not loading, Batman getting stuck in place ("Robin, there seems to be some impenetrable force field. Quick! Get me the Anti Impenetrable Force Field Bat Spray!") and rain coming down in his office with Lucius failing to notice.
    Johnny: Lucius! Lucius, it's fucking raining inside my office! All my leather seats and my computer- Lucius! Answer to Batman!
    • It all culminates in Johnny quipping: "This is not a good night for the Caped Crusader...", before suddenly getting run over by a car.

Super Mario Maker Review

  • When Johnny points out the similarities to Mario Paint, it cuts to him drawing on Mario Paint. The end result? Bacon.
  • A Call-Back to his Super Mario Bros. review about how the people of the Mushroom Kingdom were transformed into the very blocks Mario hits/destroys... and replicating the idea thanks to the sound effects options available.
  • After Gilly the Kid starts bashing people over camping out and committing murder over Amiibos:
    *While dusting Amiibo Johnny: H-h-hey, that person fell on my knife!
    Gilly: What?
    Johnny: Nothing, what murder!? *Puts Amiibo back and looks suspicious.*

The Metal Gear Saga Review

  • Since you don't fight the eponymous Metal Gear in the NES game (rather, a large computer screen), Johnny muses that the point of the game is to interrupt Big Boss's game of Minesweeper.
  • "LIEUTENANT Solid Snake. God, that just sounds like something from an 80's action movie..."
  • And then there's Johnny's utter disbelief about the password system:
    Johnny: If you just want to skip to the end, you type in "Fuck Me" at the password screen. "Fuck Me!" They got away with that! How do you miss something like that?!

Metal Gear Solid Review

  • Imagining Solid Snake as a perverted freelance photographer.
  • The Twin Snakes version of Psycho Mantis spotlights Super Mario Sunshine. Cut to Johnny having it next to him on the couch and glaring at it.
  • John's sympathy for McDonnel Miller.
    Johnny: Poor Miller; killed offscreen like a chump.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Review

  • Showing off Snake's new dodge roll.
    Johnny (excitedly): WHEE! WHEE! WHEE! *falls on a flight of stairs* Ow...
  • "A random ninja pops out, acting as a messenger for the La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo. *Whispering* That means The Patriots, it's a stupid code word."
  • Shouting "Taint flip!" whenever he has Naked Raiden flip.

Merry Gear Solid Review

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Review

  • This moment when he's talking about the infamous ladder climb.
    (Snake Eater Theme plays)
    (Stops climbing half way up)
    Johnny: (as Snake) Oh, wait... I forgot my gun.
    (Proceeds to climb back down)
    Johnny: (as Snake) Uhh... Better take the shortcut.
    (Cut to Snake falling down the shaft)
  • Noting how one Soviet soldier seems to be taking a rather quiet Sunday stroll- IT'S FUCKING WEDNESDAY *cue Snake CQC-slamming said soldier into the ground*
    • "One more time, that impact!" *cue another CQC-slam* "Hm... tasty!"

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Review

  • "Thanks to the drum barrel technology- I'm sorry, Snake... *cue Snake vomiting*
    Johnny: I had to sit through all these agonising April 30th Codec conversations just for them to cut the knot between games???
    Snake: Not happy about that? Get over it.
    Johnny (who's replacing Raiden on the Codec screen): Yes, sir...
  • Referring to this game as "Snake's Ass Game".
    Johnny: You'd better embrace it, because that thing's staring at you the whole way through, baby. That's a rock solid man-ass! Hey look, it even glows when you put it in a microwave. Ugh... stupid sexy Snake...

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

  • These "phenomenal shit-eating faces" from Jetstream Sam and Sundowner.
  • Poking fun at Sombrero Raiden.
  • When Raiden is seen riding a motorcycle, Johnny is quick to remember Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • Noting how radically different the gameplay is from the rest of Metal Gear games.
    Johnny: Isn't that obvious enough? You cut a fucking Metal Gear Ray unit in half!

Metal Gear Ac!d and Metal Gear Ac!d 2 Review

  • Johnny explaining the story of the first Ac!d game.
  • General Wiseman is an obvious bad guy in the sequel. No doubt thanks to his Slasher Smile.
  • Venus and her very large... "Cranium! Look at that noggin' - her head must be, like, 90% skull!"
  • Comparing Metal Gear model from Ac!d 2 to a toy from Happy Meal.
  • Johnny notes that he actually enjoys getting spotted by enemies in Ac!d 2, because that means it's fucking party time!Note 
  • "Solid I, Robot"

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Review

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review

  • While petting the wolf-dog, a supply large supply box drops on Snake's head.
    • And later, while he's driving his Jeep at Mother Base, Johnny runs into a wall because he's not looking where he's going.
  • There's something funny about the image of a large bear being lifted back to Mother Base with nothing but a balloon.
  • When hopping aboard the D-Walker, Johnny cries in a hilariously high pitched voice "Now away, noble steed!"
  • This bit after explaining how Mother Base gets built up over the course of the game and what you can do when you're there.
    Johnny (as Snake): Gentlemen, let's raise some morale...
    Johnny (as the soldiers): AH SHIT!
    *Cue montage of Snake beating up his men with Spanish Fly playing in the background, capping it off by hitting a few soldiers with the Rocket Arm and then hitting himself in the face with it*
  • Since Big Boss is now voiced by Kiefer Sutherland instead of David Hayter, Johnny decides at one point to refer to Big Boss as "Jack Bauer with an eye patch."
  • After thanking everyone who joined him on his online escapades, Johnny dives into the group while screaming "Now give me a hug!"

Earthbound Beginnings Review

  • At the beginning, Johnny finds out that he needs to type in the favorite food after giving names to the characters. He wonders if the menu will also ask his social security number and CAPTCHA to make sure he's not a robot.
  • "The fucking lamp suddenly springs to life and attacks me! What the fuck?"
  • "Guygoo? Geegoo? Giegue? Gyigas!" Despite being raised by Ninten's grandparents as a human (or dog, whatever...), it wants to destroy humanity. The best part? Johnny doesn't give a fuck about that.
    • Also calling it Giggity.
  • The ability to inflict pain with swear words...
    Johnny: YEAH, FUCK YOU, YOU LITTLE PRICK! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT NOW? - that's basically what's happening...
    Johnny: EAT SHIT AND DIE, MOTHERFUCKER!!! There we go...
  • Fuck You: The Spell
  • ''During my 3rd hour-long grinding session that I didn't record because IT'S A GRINDING SESSION"

EarthBound Review

  • Getting shocked by the high prices for the EarthBound cartridges.
  • Getting ChuggaConroy for the review by showcasing the photo of Johnny with him from the PAX East.
  • Johnny decides to leave Poo's name unchanged BECAUSE HIS NAME IS FUCKING POO.
  • When it comes to great video game protagonists, they're highly regarded for their heroism, but they're total "cardboard boxes" in terms of personality. Johnny even switches the pictures of Mario, Ness and Link with the literal cardboard boxes to emphasize this.
  • Very wierd facial expression of Tasahir the Loch-Ness monster:
    Johnny: Does this look like the face of mercy, motherfucker?
  • When Johnny gets nauseous from the status conditions, he immediately thinks about beef stew:
    Johnny: Hey, I could be on fucking deathbed - but you'll never get me to hate my beef stew! And I fucking know my beef stew... *cut to Johnny cooking said beef stew*
  • Getting aggravated by the randomly popping photographer who takes pictures of Ness, and also imagining him as a bearded pervert.
    Johnny: You're trying to pull shit like this in America - and your ass goes to fucking jail! <...> Sweet Jesus... leave me alone, you fucking creeper!

MOTHER 3 Review

  • "Roughousing with friendly FUCKING DINOSAURS???"
  • "Oh, look at the cute little frog in a sports convertible! It's so adorable!"
  • Pointing out that the random lightning strikes hit only those who don't have Happy Boxes in their houses:
    Johnny: Christ! Imagine if Best Buy summon the Light of Judgement if you didn't own the TV... I'm now imagining Best Buy being like Kefka Palazzo!
  • Getting distracted by the Club TITIBOO.
  • Lucas falls down from the great height into the haystack... Sounds familliar?
    Johnny: You could fall from fucking orbit and be alright as long as you landed in hay!
  • Johnny's reaction to characters having an actual drug trip.
  • While mentioning super-toilet, Johnny inserts the clip "Aaaah!!!".
  • Showcasing Reggie Fils-Amie setting one of the fans on fire with a Mario fireball.

Undertale Review

  • In this game, some monsters would be persuaded to go away. Johnny says it feels like "turning down another agent of Greenpeace".
  • Describing the dodging mechanic.
    Johnny: It can get super-hectic at times: going from a simple game of dodging straight projectiles to HOLY FUCK, WHEN DID IT SUDDENLY BECOME A SHOOT-EM-UP FROM HELL???
  • The overall summary of the Genocide approach:
    Johnny: You wanna be a bastard? You don't get to enjoy, you don't deserve any satisfaction! Killing is wrong, how dare you trying to fully complete the game? We're gonna give you the hardest encounters in this game because FUCK YOU! The XP and LV don't actually mean Experience and Levels, but rather Execution Points and Level of Violence, you fucking prick- I GET IT.
  • "Using the child as your vessel - I'm sorry, that sounded a bit demonic..."
  • At the end of the review, Johnny gets interrupted with the dreaded "9's" screen and howling wind which signifies the appearance of Chara. Thankfully, Johnny himself manages to finish the review in time.
    Johnny: Thank you guys for watching, have yourselves a fantastic- *Chara reappears* ffffuck me... OK, you guys better just scroll down, turn the volume down... just close it- *Chara scares the fuck out of Johnny* WOAH, FUCK ME!!
    *Cue Chara slashing at the screen. The red 9's fill the shaking screen*

The Street Fighter Series Review

  • Johnny tries to start reviewing the original Street Fighter... only to get curb-stomped by Sagat. Cue Johnny dropping the controller.
    • From the same game, while discussing Sagat himself:
    Johnny: When he's not after your pride - he's after your fucking pocket change...
    • His weird face at the Vs. screen is (probably) the result of "the allergic reaction to success".
    • Sagat also returns in Street Fighter II:
    Johnny: ...he's still a very tall man with longer reach and- TIGER! TIGER! TIGER UPPERCUT! TIGER-
  • From the Street Fighter The Movie: The Game portion:
    • Johnny is legitimately baffled at Sawada's special attack... which turns out to be a simple slide:
    Johnny: Like, his insatiable need for a hug needs to be a fucking super-attack!
    • Also, Zangief's "stun animation":
    Johnny: What do you think Zangief's doing here? This shit isn't the stun animation - that's me trying to blend in in the nightclub. *Cue Johnny performing said "animation" along with Zangief*
  • As of Street Fighter Alpha series, M. Bison also "studied the art of monetary fuckery from Sagat".
  • This bit from Street Fighter EX series:
    Johnny: Whoa, man! If that isn't the biggest "Booty Warrior"-face Ken would give, I dunno what comes close - maybe Adon in Street Fighter Alpha, but Ken is a close second... and Dhalsim thinks it's A-okay.
    • The gesture Dhalsim makes in this moment speaks for itself.
  • The entire descripion of Gill from Street Fighter III deserves a couple of laughs.
  • The art-style of Street Fighter IV is quite surreal for Johnny, probably because:
    Johnny: Everybody's hit the gym like a motherfucker!
  • The questionable hair-style of Ken from Street Fighter V makes Johnny think that he was modeled in clay-doll workshop.

Mighty No. 9 Review

  • Johnny himself was a backer of the Kickstarter project for this game. His name is featured in the credits as Mighty No. 3254.
  • Noting that the 3D character models practice ventriloquism.
  • Saying that one of the special weapons is essentially an "extremely pissed off Crash Bomber", and how it easily destroys everything.
    Johnny: It's like, "Fuck you, I don't have the time for this bullshit..."
  • Johnny is not particularly fond of conversations... during the boss battles:
    Johnny: It's just, "Let me deal with the robot first, and then we can share our stories telepathically later, alright?"
  • The Retro skin for Beck looks more like a Minecraft skin.

Overwatch Review

  • Johnny prefers to be on the offensive side of things while playing Overwatch.
    Johnny: I wanna be in action, get shot down, hear from my other team members and continue to piss them off because fuck them!
  • Noting how Zarya's barriers absorb all of enemy gunfire.
    Johnny: You got a D.Va trying to nuke you with her ultimate attack? Fuck outta here... now go back to drinking your fucking Mountain Dew!
    • Immediately after this:
    Johnny: And for the record, I don't hate D.Va players - I just hate D.Va. Fuck her!
  • "I should probably see some medical attention."

Star Fox and Star Fox 2 Review

  • While discussing one of the earliest 3D racing games, Johnny gets a little dumbfounded when he notices the completely black wall in his path. Thankfully, it was just a poorly-rendered tunnel.
    Johnny: Alright... pants no longer shat on.
  • Referring to Star Fox team as a Ragtag Bunch of Space Mercenaries.
  • "Alright, that's enough of Star Fox! Let's talk about Star Fox."
  • Noting how Fox McCloud is fluent in many languages while communicating with his team.
    *cue the unintelligible vocal banter from Star Fox team, followed by Mario and Luigi*
    • Of course, Fox's teammates also get too much shit due to their "usefulness".
  • This bit about the hardest path:
    Johnny: I appreciate the diversity, it's just... Jesus, fuck!
  • Calling Andross' projectiles "Bathroom tiles".
    • In the sequel, Andross himself is called a "real shitty shit".
  • "Meteor with a trollface"
  • Johnny managed to get two prototype cartridges of Star Fox 2: one was bought from Too Many Games, and Johnny got another one as a donation. And these cartridges were obtained in the span of 10 minutes!
    Shop employee: Fuck my life...

Star Fox 64 Review

  • Watching the Star Fox 64 commercial in a nutshell.
  • The over-the-top voice acting for Star Fox team. Also, noting how their faces "freeze to death".
    • On that note, calling Falco Lombardi "a massive cock-mongrel" also counts.
  • Cut to Johnny playing Star Fox 64 3D on his 3DS:
    Johnny: Just look at me - I mean, fuck...

Star Fox Adventures Review

  • The tongue-twisting name RareWare transforms into RawrWawr.
  • For some reason, Warp Stone reminds Johnny of Shrek.
  • Noting how Slippy's blank expression looks like he's witnessing the Apocalypse.
  • Johnny getting the Metroid Alarm. Twice.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force Review

  • Johnny introduces the characters in the game as if he was advertising 90's action figure line.
  • Mentioning the ridiculous armor of the titular Federation Force troops and comparing it to Iron Monger.
  • This line when mentioning the Screw Attack:
  • The Johnny Squad.
    Johnny: What do you get when you combine 3 assholes to make YouTube videos together? The JOHNNY SQUAD!
  • "Mountain Dew Bitch"

AM2R: Return of Samus Review

  • Johnny saying that he would give Super Metroid Redesign hack a shot. Cue correcting himself with Caption Humor:
    Derp. I meant not saying I NEVER will.
  • Noting how Samus could destroy all 38 Metroids on the planet in a short amount of time.
    Johnny: That's one hell of a GPS tracker!
    • Also, this:
    Johnny: Through sheer will and determination, it's only a matter of time before the word "Metroid" is wiped from the Space Dictionary - except "No, it doesn't", "No, it doesn't", and "No, it doesn't"!
  • "Damn. DAMN."
  • In stark contrast to AM2R, Johnny remembers how the Metroids from the original Metroid 2 were easy enough to kill...
    Johnny: Except Zeta Metroids - those can get fucked!

Star Fox: Assault Review

  • "The manual still has quick synopsises... Synopses?"
  • Luckily, Fox McCloud finally uses his gun - a point which was poked fun of in Star Fox Adventures.
  • Johnny is not afraid to give this game shit for showcasing the map on the center of the screen - a shit that Ecco the Dolphin for Dreamcast also got.
  • The autolock system is similar to that of Shadow the Hedgehog... but with better controls.
    • The word "BETTER" emphasized in quotes.
  • Returning to Dinosaur Planet was cathartic for Johnny. All these handicaps from the previous game? Gone. Now he can use actual fucking weapons! Except...
    Johnny: I just wish the enemies were Sharp Claws... or fuck, General Scales - give him some proper fucking closure!

Star Fox Command Review

  • Johnny mentions that he witnessed this game during his first college year.
  • Johnny notices that some characters make this game easier, some - harder. For example:
    Johnny: Try using Leon to shoot the missile down, because he FUCKING SUCKS AT IT
  • Johnny points out that you can use samples of your own voice that replace the normal vocal sounds. At first, he adds in some factoids, but then follows it up with "AAAAAAAAAAAH", the result is what he dubs "Star Fox: Belch On Command".
    Johnny (giggling childishly): I am 29...
  • Johnny trying to explain the ridiculous story.
    Johnny: It's a fucking soap opera!
    • The absurd reasoning of the split between Fox and Krystal? Fox is afraid that Krystal might get in danger on the battlefield...
    Johnny: So I guess that Slippy, Falco and Peppy were expendable, you furry fuckhead?
    • And despite said split, both still engage in conversations which are summed up as "He said, she said" bullshit.
    • Also, this statement:
    Johnny: We have multiple unfocused storylines that sacrifice coherency for the sake of I-don't-fucking-know what!

Star Fox Zero Review

  • This game is summed up as a REBOOT REBOOT to the original Star Fox.
  • Referring to Monarch Dodora as a "dickheaded twin-headed bird dragon".
    Johnny: Now fuck off and die!
  • In Star Fox Guard, Johnny praises the "heavily armed video cameras".
    Johnny: Shit, if only I was equipped with these in Five Nights at Freddy's game...
  • At the end of the review, Johnny suddenly gets smacked in the head by the Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice game box. In the next shot, Johnny gets dressed up into the familliar gear: Fingerless Gloves, sports tape, wig and sunglasses.
    • The outtakes include Johnny shouting "FUCK!" as Mark helps to put sports tape on his hands, and Johnny himself cracking up when he sees the game.

Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice Review

  • Johnny once again sports his "Boomified" look.
    • PKSparkXX is seen playing along with Johnny. He does Double Take when he finally sees Johnny in costume.
    PKSparkXX: My man... What are you wearing?
    • After getting the title card, PKSparkXX persuades Johnny to review Sonic Free Riders. Needless to say, he fails.
  • Yet again, Knuckles stores nuts in his fucking mouth.
  • Thinking that Mike Pollock is clearly saying "Shit snail" to Sonic.
  • Johnny has much easier time to remove the sports tape from his hands. The previous Sonic Boom review certainly helped.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location Review

  • Once more, Johnny solemnly swears that there will be no jumpscares in this episode. Note how Johnny makes that promise with his LEFT hand, meaning that he lied this time.
    • A few minutes later, Elliot - who's wearing a werewolf costume - jumps to Johnny from behind the couch, causing Johnny to scream like a little bitch.
    • Another - this time real - jump scare happens later on while discussing the game, which leads to Elliot slapping Johnny while Johnny just grins with satisfaction...
    Elliot: I thought you said there were gonna be no jump scares, you dick!
  • While discussing the atmosphere, Johnny randomly screams: "Scroll back up, you pussy!"
  • Elliot's rant about the mini-game after Night Four has the words "SUPER HAPPY RANT TIME" overlaid on the screen.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Review

Sonic Chaos and Sonic Triple Trouble Review

  • Triple Trouble has springs everywhere. a lot. Leading Johnny to point out that half the time, he's going "BOING! BOING! BOING!" and how he's glad that he's on the Game Gear and not Rise of Lyric.
  • After pointing out that the box art for Sonic Chaos has the AOSTH version of Robotnik on it, and the fact that it looks like Sonic's poking him in the nose, Johnny dubs Robotnik over with a goofy-sounding "Duh".
  • There are tubes in these games. Of course...
    Johnny: What's with these 8-bit games and FUCKING TUBES?!

Sonic Labyrinth and Sonic Blast Review

Tails' Skypatrol & Tails Adventure Review

  • The intro animation for the video, fittingly named "Dissonant Serenity".
  • Tails' Sky Patrol is a game where Tails cannot touch the floor or walls - or else he dies instantly. Which is why Johnny promptly calls it Miles "Tails" Prower In: THE FLOOR IS LAVA.
    • Also, referring to this game as a Do-or-Die Skypatrol.
  • Poking fun at the mint candy - Tails' canonical favorite food.
    Johnny: Now I can see why - it keeps him high! *cue the rim shot* This shit rhymes itself! DON'T DO DRUGS, KIDS
  • Johnny still has his Game Gear from 1995.
    Johnny: Thanks for only telling me this now, Elliot! I thought that shit was lost in the Sands of Time years ago!
  • This bit during the Tails Adventure bit:
    Johnny: Sure, the island's inhabitants need to be rescued, and the Chaos Emeralds need to be found. But these assholes... interrupted Tails' beauty sleep. And I'm sorry, they need to die.
  • Lampshading the overall Crazy-Prepared-sort of character that Tails sports in his Adventure game.
    Johnny: Where was this Tails in the Adventure games?
    *for a brief fraction of a second, the Sonic '06 case pops up with the caption: "THIS DOESN'T COUNT!"*
  • "Haters-gonna-hate walk"
  • Tails is able to use Chaos Emeralds individually, unlike his pal Sonic.
    Johnny (to Sonic): Take some notes, you blue fuckboy!
  • The portable RAIDO in Tails' arsenal.
  • The ending animation, which depicts smiling Tails walking away from an exploding ship in an amazing homage to the ending credits of Mega Man 7, complete with credits theme.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Review

  • "Mighty Number FUCK"
    • The overall structure of this game also reminds Johnny a lot about Mega Man, and...
  • The Mayor of Scuttle Town is being a dick to Shantae yet again by calling the termination of her duties as a guardian to Sequin Land.
    Gilbert Gottfried: WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!!
    • EVERYONE, as Johnny points out during the plot synopsis, are being dicks to her too.
  • Jake Kaufman yet again delivers the amazing soundtrack.
    Johnny (while Shantae is dancing): I wanna dance my ass off to some of these tunes!

Sonic Pocket Adventure Review

The Sonic Advance Trilogy Review

  • Poor AntDude wasting all that time getting to Magfest... only for Magfest to already be over by the time he gets there.
    • He tries to get two Guest Title Cards. Johnny berates him for it.
  • During the Advance 2 portion of the review, AntDude says that Cream the Rabbit is packing the so-called Weapon of Mass Destruction... a cute Chao companion called Cheese. Johnny gets a little bit dumbfounded, confusing Cheese with an actual tactical nuke.
  • "This fucking music is so good..."
  • AntDude is quick to point out that Johnny collected all Gold Medals in Sonic '06.
    Johnny: Firstly, that was only with Sonic - and secondly, I'm a fucking idiot. This is different, man...
    Jirard: So, what's the Sonic game you're playing?
    Johnny: Sonic Advance 2.
    *Beat, with Jirard looking a bit confused*
    Jirard: Good luck, buddy!
    *cut back to Johnny's frown*
  • When Johnny starts getting a little angry at the level design for Sonic Advance 3, CENSORED MODE is suddenly activated - much to his confusion. It was all AntDude's doing.
    Johnny: Don't mess with my audio effects!

The Sonic Rush Trilogy Review

Sonic Racing Games Review

  • Noting that Silver makes an appearance in Sonic Rivals:
    Johnny: Is this asshole just not allowed to have a good future now?
    Johnny: Oh, fuck you and that cop-out!
  • Johnny takes a minute to complain about having a European copy of Sonic Rivals 2.
  • Noting that one of the songs from Sonic Riders sounds like someone is "literally fucking the soundtrack".
  • Johnny's first attempt at the first track in Sonic Riders left him a stuttering mess.
  • In order to finally play Sonic Free Riders, Johnny is forced to use the Kinect. Hilarity Ensues...
    • First off, he takes time to poke fun at Kinect itself: it sports the filter that resembles the Predator vision. But the icing on the cake is the delivery of this line:
    Johnny: You can't hit a moving target while bitching, COME ON!
    • Calling himself "a fucking stalker".
    • While raising his arms to grab rings, Johnny briefly says: "Givin' you my energy, Goku!"
    • "Moving around at the speed of cramp..."
    • "Fly high... lesbian fox!"
    • Johnny says he looks like he's about to end an episode of a sitcom, complete with freeze-frame in mid-jump and the words "Written, Reviewed, and Edited by This Numbnuts" overlaid on the screen.
    • Probably the funniest part of that portion was towards the end, when he accidentally started another race when he was trying to sign off and stop recording footage...
    Johnny: Damn you... Damn you... DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL...
  • His brief confusion at people like real life professional stock car racer Danica Patrick being in Sonic And All-Stars Racing Transformed alongside a Shogun and a Football Manager (those last two are exclusive to the PC version but still.)

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Review (Revisit)

  • Johnny's surprise at what his past self said about the game.
    • And he's shocked he had hair back in 2008.
    • He also takes time to make fun of the fact that he never bothered to change the batteries in the smoke detector.
  • In the backstory of The Dark Brotherhood itself, Sonic goes away - possibly for a couple of years... And because of this, Johnny thinks that the events of the Sonic Storybook Series transpired during Sonic's overdose.
  • Referring to Imperator Ix as Ziggy.
  • Noticing one of the Chaos headbanging:
    Johnny: Goddamn! What sort of heavy metal is he listening to if he's swinging his head that violently?

Sonic Unleashed Review (Revisit)

  • Elliot has the same reaction as a lot of people when Johnny brings up Sonic Unleashed for mobile devices.
  • In the middle of the video, Elliot suddenly dons his werewolf costume, and keeps it for the rest of the review. Cue Johnny giving him a very confused and hilarious look.
  • Could just be the timing, as the movie debuted in theaters a few days after this review went up, but Johnny refers to the Gaia Colossus as "A Megazord that would make even Zordon blush".
  • This unexpected bits:
    Johnny: We've gone beyond the slower methodical approach from the past games and went full out— YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA-
  • At the end, Elliot laments the old days, where they would talk shit to each other about which game was better. Johnny suddenly gets an idea: He and Elliot play Sonic Free Riders multiplayer!

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Review

  • "The Master Sword: The Blade That Fucking Matters"
  • Johnny's rant against the ocean. It only lasts about ten seconds, but it's worth a chuckle or two:
  • "Under the orders of this mysterious and elusive... Ganondorf"
  • While showing off the camera in the Wii U version to take selfies, one of the selfies has Link smiling while Ganondorf himself gets ready to stab him in the back.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Review

  • "The Master Sword: The Blade That Tips 20%"
  • When Johnny shows off the two hookshots, he starts singing a rendition of the Spider-Man theme song.
    Watch out! Here comes Skulltula-Man!
  • Johnny being unnerved by some of the manic or nasty grins Midna shows off. "When she isn't thinking about poisoning my drink..." and "Given the opportunity, I think she'd actually EAT Navi..." are just some of his reactions.
  • Using the boots that let him walk on the roof is compounded with a loud clang with every step.
  • The mini-game that has Johnny using a device that mimics his hammer swings has Johnny constantly getting hit in the head with the large hammer.
    (bonk) Ow. (bonk) Ow. (bonk) Ow.
  • The way Johnny hypes up the final battle between Link and Ganondorf in a brilliantly epic style...before Link pulls out the fishing rod and takes down an utterly pathetically distracted King of Evil.
    And so, its come to this, a one-on-one confrontation between Link and Ganondorf! A duel of fates, destinies clashing face to face, the Triforce of Power versus the Triforce of Courage! And it'll take Link every bit of his soul, to help defeat the King of E- Ooh, look at the fishing rod! Here, Ganondorf, here, look at the fishing rod! Look at the fishing here Ganondorf, here Ganon- Bing, Boom, Slash, Bam, GAME OVER, RETURN OF DUMBASS
    • That image of Ganondorf screaming in agony plays over the closing credits.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

Kingdom Hearts Review

  • The repeated image of Johnny petting his PlayStation 2.
  • There's a brief scene of Johnny gushing over his favorite Disney and Final Fantasy characters, which ends when he gets to Sephiroth and pleads for the guy to stop kicking him in the dick.
  • While talking about the overall series, he mentions that not every game needs a number after it to be relevant....Except for 358/2 Days, which has too fucking many, as the text says.
  • Johnny pretends to have trouble lifting one of his Keyblades.
  • After giving a rather hefty infodump, we get a scene between Donald and Goofy from Deep Jungle.
    Goofy: Did you get that?
    Donald: No.
  • Johnny listing the characters from Final Fantasy. When it comes to Squall:
    Squall: That's Leon.
    Johnny: Yeah, whatever, Squall!
  • While going over how the Disney worlds are mainly just retellings of the stories of those worlds, he mentions how Agrabah has you keeping Jafar from taking the Genie's lamp only for him to get it anyway, and now you have to deal with Genie!Jafar by smacking the shit out of Iago.
    Gilbert Gottfried: WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!!

Knuckles Chaotix Review

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Review

  • The review begins with Johnny and his friend Russ first playing Kingdom Hearts II way back in 2006. Johnny's idea of portraying his 19-year-old self is with a messy afro.
    • Also, the whole flashback is in black and white - even though 2006 was just over ten years ago.
    • Russ shows a lot of confusion at the things seen in the first three hours of the game, with Johnny continuously saying: "They were in the last game." Which Russ thinks it means the original Kingdom Hearts. It gets to the point where Johnny finally snaps:
    Johnny: Chain of Memories, Russ! They're all answered in Chain of Memories! Jesus! Fuck anime!"
  • "Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Plus Combo PacKKGH"
    • That hilarious-as-fuck face of Johnny on KKGH moment.
  • Johnny's reason for Sora, Donald, and Goofy camping out? Pluto is an asshole.
  • Johnny essentially calls the game "an abridged series of an abridged series."
  • While discussing how the player can summon Donald and Goofy via cards, Johnny mentions how Goofy wrecks shit up with his shield attacks, but Donald... not so much.
    • Complete with Donald being wreathed in flames.
  • Comparing the card mechanic to Yu-Gi-Oh! results in this:

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Review

  • Johnny lampshades his Schedule Slip right in the very beginning.
    Johnny: Will there ever be a point where I follow Kingdom Hearts video with another Kingdom Hearts video?
  • Johnny doing the Crash dance along with Caddicarus.
    • That menacing Death Glare with filters on when Johnny says: "That's how that works."
    • Speaking of Caddicarus:
    Johnny: He's such a nice man...
  • Johnny tries to replicate the running-in-place gig from Crash's dance routine. Unfortunately, his legs are hurt like Hell after that, thanks to Johnny's composure.
  • The obnoxious drawback from the first Crash Bandicoot game - being able to get the Box Gem only in one single life - was finally corrected in N.Sane Trilogy release. Johnny is quick to gush about this with Zoidberg noises while Crash himself hilariously deforms in the air.
  • Johnny shows that he did the 100% Completion of the original Crash Bandicoot more times than necessary.
    Johnny: I got nothing left to prove, goddammit! I just wanna FUCKING RELAX!
    *cue Crash getting bombarded with missing boxes*
    • Despite all other tweaks, the platforming can still be N.SANELY N.TENSE.
    • Also, the Stormy Ascent level which was cut from the original game because it was considered to be too difficult.

Kingdom Hearts II Review

Sonic Mania Review

  • When stating the plot of the game, he makes a passing comment of how sporadic he is with his Kingdom Hearts reviews
    Johnny: So in a journey across time and space... Sora, Donald, and Goof- -ahem, sorry, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles...
  • He tries to remain normal for a majority of the review, but by the end of it, he puts the nostalgia glasses on and doesn't take them off, going full Motor Mouth with everything he likes and callbacks to his old Sonic reviews. Also counts as a Heartwarming moment to see Johnny so damn euphoric!
  • His reaction to Knuckles & Knuckles mode.
  • Writing his channel's logo in rings with Debug Mode while also skipping Chemical Plant zone because he doesn't like the Mean Bean Machine boss.
  • The entire fanboy diatribe at the end is chock-full of pure happiness and contains just as much Rapid-Fire Comedy in itself...
    Johnny: Sonic Mania is a nostalgia-filled love letter to old fans, but can be a tad alienating and maybe even slightly confusing to newcomers as far as visual appeal goes. That said, seeing as I AM a longtime fan... *excited squealing* JESUS CHRIST, THIS GAME LOOKS INCREDIBLE! The color palette is so rich, there's so many more frames of animation! Sonic, Tails and Knuckles all look so great - oh, it's GREAT to see them like this again! Where's my Saturn release? I'LL BUY TWENTY! And the music, Tee my man... Holy shit, this soundtrack is like my next cup of coffee laced with COCAINE! All the remixes of the old zones are top notch, and the music for the new zones is SO FUCKING GOOD! Press Garden Act 2 - GodDAMN, I love this stage: it's so serene, and the music - EEEAAAAH! The controls are perfect: none of Sonic 4's stop-and-go bullshit, I roll down hills and loops, and I go faster and faster, and there's actual fucking flow to my movements! BLUE SPHERE! Oh, it's GOOD seeing this come back! We got layouts returning from Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and we got some brand new layouts- I fucking missed the Perfect again for the fifth time, but I got plenty more chances to get those medals! AND THE MEDALS! Ooh, I can unlock a Sound Test and listen to these songs like in Sonic CD, and DEBUG MODE IS BACK! I can make stupid shit with rings and end stages early because FUCK PUYO PUYO! Knuckles & Knuckles! One's a beatnik, one's a Rastafarian! Is that the Death Egg Robot in Green Hill Zone? THERE IS NO GOD!! HOLY SHIT, BALOOKLALOOK- Its ME who's riding the Egg-O-Matic! EAT SHIT, ROBOTNIK!!! I can use a Flame Shield in Oil Ocean! Oh my God, I CAN SET THE OIL ON FIRE! I've always wondered what would happen if you threw a match into this place since my old Sonic 2 review, and they answered that! THEY ACTUALLY FUCKING ANSWERED THAT! I AM THE GOD OF HELLFIRE!!! SUPER SONIC! YEAH, I can comfortably grab all the Chaos Emeralds and abuse this son of a bitch JUST LIKE BEFORE, and I also don't have to worry about hearing the invincibility theme loop every 5 Goddamn seconds - seriously, that shit was THE WORST! Just don't transform near a spinning drum- Knuckles, what the fuck are you doing? Tails - you too, is this a fucking trend?! And where's your FLICKY ARMY OF DEATH? Sonic, cut that shit out! Yeah, I ran into a few collision issues here and there, but it rarely affected my total experience and maybe that too is a call back to Sonic CD on the Sega CD! JESUS, THIS GAME-
    *cut to Johnny* a textbook example of nostalgic pandering, but I DON'T FUCKING CARE! Sonic Mania is amazing, you should GO FUCKING BUY IT, SHOW SEGA WHERE THE MONEY IS, AND HOPEFULLY THIS WILL LEAD TO MORE ORIGINAL SHIT! It's like Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy! I LOVE THAT GAME! Just how I love Sonic Mania! Fu- what are you waiting for?! Go fucking buy- I'll see you in Kingdom Hearts! GO BUY- GO FUCKING-
    *cut to credits* DAMN, THIS IS SO GOOD...

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Review

  • Not in this video itself, but in the first Kingdom Hearts video, there's a brief shot of the Kingdom Hearts timeline, and even though Johnny says not every game needs a number after it to be the main title, a subtitle appears under this game reading "Except this one, which has too fucking many".
  • This:
    Johnny: So do we get some sort of characterization for the rest of the Organization members? NOPE!
  • At one point, Johnny refers to himself as a "sexual can of Spam".
  • Johnny admitting to falling asleep while on a Neverland mission.
  • Hoping that Axel, Xion and Roxas would get diabetes after eating truckloads of ice cream over the course of the game.
    • Even Johnny admits his dislike for a particular line in the game by simply saying: "That line, though? Sucks." Yeah, you all know the line.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Review

  • Johnny's jab at his own Schedule Slip regarding the Kingdom Hearts marathon constantly being interrupted by other games.
    Johnny: What's this? Following up one Kingdom Hearts video with another Kingdom Hearts video? It's like this is some sort of marathon or something.
  • The cover gives us this gem:
    Johnny: Don't know who these other two are, but why is Roxas here?
  • Johnny figures that if Xehanort wants to find Ventus's body in Castle Oblivion, he'll have to get past that card battle mechanic.
    • Of course, there's also the whole "To find is to lose and lose is to find" memory wiping thing.
  • As a nice callback, after Johnny gives a lengthy explanation about why Roxas looks like Ventus due to the latter taking refuge in Sora's heart and Roxas taking on Ventus's appearance, we get this:
    Goofy: Did you get that?
    Donald: No.
  • The return of the Metroid alarm.
  • Johnny's remarks about how the game doesn't even try to hide the fact that Master Xehanort is the bad guy. Especially the delivery of these lines, complete with close-ups on Xehanort's face:
    Johnny: Just fucking look at him!!!
    Johnny: What do you fucking think???
  • Johnny mentioning that the reason Master Xehanort wants to start another Keyblade War...was because he was curious.
  • "And if you think it couldn't get any worse for the man, we've still got the game's climax." Cue Emperor Palpatine laughing while wearing a Disney hat.

Metroid: Samus Returns Review

  • One bit of the theme song has Samus descending an elevator, with the theme music acting like elevator music.
  • While showing off the game's exclusive Amibos, Johnny spends a few seconds poking the Metroid Amibo while saying "Give me Hyper Beam".

Kingdom Hearts coded Review

  • After the intro, Johnny doesn't even introduce the game. He just stares at the camera for a few seconds while holding his DS.
  • "We get a re-tread of a re-tread of a re-tread! What in the blue fuck?..."
  • The entire Spaceballs bit when Mickey and company find themselves digitized in the journal.
  • Due to the fact that the game tries to turn the word "hurt" into a noun, Johnny mentions how the game's writing "fills him with hurt".

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Review

  • How does Johnny start this review? By asking his viewers to join him for one last trip to hell.
  • At one point, there's a random clip of some guy getting hit by a machine that keeps slapping him while he's trying to sleep.
  • Johnny doesn't like the drop meter, and while in the middle of discussing it, he suddenly drops....Into an Ant Dude video. Anthony continues as though nothing happened until HE drops, and Johnny has just enough time to take a drink of coffee while flipping off the drop meter before he can potentially drop again.
  • This line:
    Johnny: This game has time travel. ''disgusted sigh''
  • To round out both the video and the marathon, Johnny takes a few seconds to poke fun at how he kept getting distracted by other games in between.

Sonic Forces Review

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back Review

  • "What the actual shit?" at the beginning.
  • Bubsy didn't had any pounce attack before because "you know, HE'S A FUCKING BOBCAT".
  • Johnny's infuriation by Bubsy's talking during the game which culminates with this:
    Bubsy: Double Pounce! Multi-Pounce! Ultra Pounce!
    George Carlin: SHUT THE FUCK UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
  • For Johnny, the new Bubsy game itself being worth $30 is fucking laughable.

Super Mario Odyssey Review

  • This video is full of nods and callbacks to the Mario 64 review, and it starts right from the very beginning.
    Mario: Hey, are you ready to Mario-cise?
    Johnny: Mother of God...
  • There's a bit of the intro with Mario, dressed as Luigi, and Pauline dancing seemingly in time with the theme music.
  • When Johnny start talking about the possession ability, we suddenly cut to the vomiting scene from The Exorcist.
  • While possessing a Cheep-Cheep, Johnny runs into Unagi's bigger, scarier cousin, Maw-Ray. Maw-Ray lets out the same roar Unagi did, and when we cut back to Johnny, all we see is his hat on the now empty couch, as he has clearly run for the hills.
    Mario: That's a moray! Get it? A moray eel? I made a funny.
    Johnny (offscreen): FUCK YOU!
  • One scene has Johnny possessing a Moe-Eye and just staring at the screen for a few seconds.
  • When Johnny starts talking about the alternate outfits Mario can purchase, he shows off the NES golf outfit, upon which "Living In America" starts playing. The Mario head decides that that was his idea of showing off American advertisements, before randomly doing his impression of an airplane.
  • Johnny is absolutely ecstatic when he finds out he can possess Hammer Brothers and Charging Chucks.
    Gilbert Gottfried: WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!!
    Johnny (absolutely giddy): That's me! He's talking about me!
  • Several scenes involve Mario running around in nothing but his swim shorts and the hat, which comes to a head when he's running around in the swim short sand aviator cap while running around New Donk City.
    Johnny: Ah shit, Grandpa got out of the attic again! Grandpa, no, that's not your Vespa! Someone get him off that thing before he gets someone — Oh, I'm so sorry! What the hell are you doing, Grandpa?! (that last scene as Mario's hopping around a snow level in nothing but his shorts)
  • Johnny sees Poochy and has the appropriate reaction.
    Oh fuck.
    • And then he yells at Poochy when he hooks him with the Lakitu.
  • When Johnny starts talking about how the Cappy hat doesn't fit his head, Mario chimes in with this:
    Mario: Hey, you got a good joke for Mario?
    Johnny: Your face!
    • And then, when Johnny signs off, the Mario head just floats away. Johnny just walks off, completely done with this shit.
  • ”Goooooooooold~”

Cuphead Review

A Hat in Time Review

Go, Diego, Go!: Great Dinosaur Rescue Review

Dragon Power (or rather, Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazoexplanation ) Review

  • Johnny brings up the Harmony Gold dub, complete with the infamous scene where Korin calls himself "Whiskers the Wonder Cat."
  • Him making fun of Bulma's (sorry, Nora's) mouth movements by overlapping it with "Wah wah wah, wah wah wah wah wah".
  • The reasoning that the translators for the game thought the Dragon Balls were actually a dragon's "balls," just like what Goku did in the original manga.
  • Referring to Buyon as Jabba the Hutt.
  • When talking about the well-known scene where Master Roshi (sorry, the Hermit) asks to see Nora's panties, it's instead changed to burgers and sandwiches. The following scene involves the Hermit being surrounded by sandwiches and is implied to still have a Nosebleed.
    Johnny: Did we just witness a burger orgy?
    • Later: "(Goku's health) starts at a reasonable 100, but it'll soon drain faster than the Hermit with a Big Mac."
  • Every single boss in the game is a war of attrition... except for Yamcha (sorry, Lancer).
    Johnny: The next time someone asks you what Yamcha's spirit animal is, you don't say "wolf," you say "Toad Man."

Naruto: Clash of Ninja Review

  • As Johnny's about to introduce the video, he gets a call from Elliot informing him that the new SGB video is ready to go. When Johnny mentions that he's reviewing this game, Elliot uses a teleport-jutsu to appear in a puff of smoke, scaring the hell out of Johnny.
    Johnny: What the fuck?!
  • Johnny wonders if the overly repeated "Believe it" is Naruto's catch phrase; Elliot comments that Johnny is about 10 years too late on that observation.
  • Johnny has to stop one of his comments about the game to question why Naruto suddenly turned into a woman.
  • Since Elliot's already here, Johnny decides to let him pick a game from the donator's box. The first thing Elliot sees upon seeing it? "This thing is dusty as shit."
  • Elliot leaves the same way he came in, interrupting Johnny's outro line and nearly making him spill his coffee.

Enter the Matrix Review

  • Throughout the review, Johnny does his best Morpheus impression, complete with sunglasses.
    Johnny: Greetings. Welcome back. I must apologize for the wait; I've been a little... preoccupied. (takes off sunglasses and turns off Matrix Code filter; in normal voice) No, on a serious note, I hate this time of the year, planning for cons— PAX East, MomoCon, TooManyGames, not to mention it's tax season, and that's always a f— (puts sunglasses back on, filter reactivates)
  • Johnny actually got two versions of the game from different fans.
    Johnny: If I look at the GameCube version, the story ends, you wake up in your bed, and you believe what you want to believe. If I look at the PlayStation 2 version, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
    (camera pans toward GameCube version)
    Johnny: (nods) Very well. (inserts disc into GameCube and turns on the power)
    (the main menu is shown; graphics and audio glitch, then an error message is displayed)
    Johnny: (in normal voice) Welp, looks like we're staying in Wonderland...

The Stanley Parable Review

  • Johnny lists the things that Stanley can do in this game.
    Johnny: You can open and close doors, you can can turn computer monitors on and off and push buttons to maybe open a secret passage, or stop a cardboard baby from getting incinerated!
    • An achievement... for the jump. "Yeah, no shit!"

Dark Souls Review

  • Johnny's theme song goes on as normal, until we see footage of Johnny fighting a boss and dying.
  • Referring to one of the bosses as a chunky-chunk fuck.
  • "I have no idea what I'm doing here, so fuck it"
  • A particular moment occurs at the end, where Johnny claims that there is something that is far more difficult and horrifying compared to making the review, and that is... raising his new newborn kitten, Selene.
    • Adding to the humor is when Johnny tries to bro-fist Selene after inviting her to the family.
    Johnny: That's the beginning of our friendship, Selene. Gimme a bro fist!
    Selene: Meow... (kitten turns away)
    Johnny: OK, you'll do it later...
  • Instead of the usual credits theme at the end of the episode, we got the "Sun-Worshipper" monologue from George Carlin himself.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Review

  • Johnny notes how the castle at the distance resembles a human hand.
  • Unlike all the members of Belmont Clan, Zangetsu is able to jump on stairs. Unfortunately, he can't jump off them when needed. That's the reason why Johnny notes that Zangetsu practices safety protocols... selectively.
  • "Old-school, unforgiving, miserable knockback".
  • Zangetsu can kill his would-be companions upon meeting them - and he gets their powers in return! No wonder why Johnny is quick to call him an asshole.
  • At one point, Johnny uses the soundtrack from Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. And it surprisingly fits well... that is, until he falls into the bottomless pit by accident.

Castle Crashers Review

  • Honest Biggums interrupts Johnny playing with his kitten with a phone call.
  • Honest Biggums gets 2 title cards, one with his real name and one with the name Johnny gives him, "Big Gums".
    • And despite Biggums' pleas, Johnny keeps calling him "Big Gums" throughout the review.
  • The credits have Johnny's character headbanging while Biggums' character is doing an Irish jig.
  • Johnny is playing with Selene the kitty throughout the video, culminating in:

Mega Man X Review

  • Johnny's observation of Dr. Cain's computer at the intro screen in general.
    Johnny: HOLY shit, over 32,000 TERABYTES of memory? This motherfucker's got the entirety of Pornhub in there, god damn!
    • "Probably 20 USB-ports up his ass or some other shit"
    • Johnny comparing the bright, colourful and happy atmosphere of Mega Man Classic and its generally kid-friendly protagonist to starting up X for the first time, reading all his schematics and Dr. Light's warning message and learning that THIS MOTHERFUCKER WILL KILL YOU
  • "Hey, how's it going, everybody? Yeah, I'm Sigma, hey!"
  • "The world is not yet ready for this sleeping technology, but they were perfectly okay with Clown Man"
  • Johnny's reaction to the Hadouken requirements:
    Johnny: Dr. Light, what the fuck is wrong with you, man?
    Dr. Light: That's a good question.
  • Killing Vile with a "Yeahhadoukentothefacemotherfucker!"
  • Johnny looks at the iPhone port. His smile and optimism: gone.

Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X3 Review

  • "WOOOOOOAAAAAAH" with a precious shots of wireframe objects.
  • Palpatine's laugh returns once again when Johnny mentions that Mavericks are planning to "turn Zero to the Dark Side".
  • Johnny's guesses about Zero's creator:
    Johnny: Could it be Dr. Cain? Dr. Light? Perhaps Willy?
    *cue the laughter from a certain Mad Scientist*
  • Johnny's guesses about X's eradication of his old weapons:
    Johnny: What the fuck is that about? Did he leave them in the wash? Did he outgrow them, or leave them in his duffel bag?
    Certain Merc with a Mouth (with photoshopped head of X): GODDAMMIT!!!
  • Johnny's reaction to the awesome armor upgrades of X2:
    Johnny: Dr. Light, where the fuck was this shit earlier?
    Dr. Light: That's a good question.
  • As Johnny notes to his amusement, the Sigma Virus wireframe graphic at the end of x2 kept his wacky Stallone lip from X1 intact.
  • While watching the intro of PlayStation version of X3, Johnny notes one shot in which Dr. Doppler can't keep his mouth closed.
    *cue certain goat scream*
  • "X must destroy Zero." (Beat) "I'm sorry, wha-"
  • Johnny's explanation of Zero being so limited of use in X3? "He's on his union break, motherfucker!"
    • Surprisingly, he doesn't even mention the fact that Zero is unavailable for the rest of the game if he dies once.
  • "Dr. Light, wha- what're you doing? Why you're being an abusive father now?"
  • The reaction to Bit and Byte's combined form's name: "Godkarmachine O Ina- OH WOW"

Mega Man X4 Review

  • The montage of all the "questionable" voice acting in this game, which ends with this:
    Dr. Light: That's a good question.
  • While mentioning the Sky Lagoon crashing into Earth, Johnny inserts the clip "Oh, shit...".
  • The fact that neither Zero nor the Repliforce Colonel are willing to actually calm down and talk their situation out like Iris would want because HRRNNGBUTMUHPRIDE
  • The Repliforce fighters have to escape to the only place where they will be safe from Maverick Hunters...
  • Johnny doesn't feel anything about Iris' death in general, mostly due to her and Zero's relationship feeling very forced. Summed up by this quote:
    Johhny: Fuck it, maybe I've gone Maverick...
  • Johnny saying that Sigma had a memory lapse after reminding Zero that he was the commander of the Maverick Hunters - and Zero was a Maverick in the first place; yet the dialogue afterwards says that he was "surprised" that Zero was a Maverick himself.
    Sigma: Where's that Red Maverick that wiped out Gamma's unit?
    Johnny (as Sigma): Wait, Zero! You were a Maverick?!
    • Justified because Sigma "really got his shit wrecked" at that time.
  • When Johnny mentions the two separate arm parts, he believes that he "finally caught Dr. Light's messages on a good day."
  • Johnny is not particularly fond of the charge shot sound because it overlaps the stage music with WHREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...
    • The near-perfect delivery of this sound is what really sells it.

Mega Man X5 and Mega Man X6 Review

  • Johnny's reason for playing X5's original PlayStation version and not the recently released X Legacy Collection 2 version? He liked the localized name Duff McWhalen more than original Tidal Whale.
  • His reaction to the infamous Squid Adler landchaser section's cheap shot (as in Johnny has a fraction of a second to jump or else ride right into a death pit before the game finishes saying "READY?" at him) is a deadpan "Nope I sure wasn't!"
  • Johnny's confusion about the X5's Parts mechanic results with this:
    Johnny: Did you catch any of that?
    • Which is overlaid by Douglas' (sorry, Doglas') frowned face.
  • This bit at the end of plot synopsis (X5):
    Johnny: Do you remember Dynamo? The fuck happened to him?
  • When Johnny brings up X5's call-backs to past Mega Man games (Classic series and X alike), he makes one of his own by mentioning the FUCKING SHADOW DEVIL.
  • Calling Gate's Powered Armor "Sentai Gear".
  • His reaction to the infamous "I hid myself while I tried to repair myself" bullshit is to explain why Zero's alive again in X6.
  • Johnny compares Mega Man X6 with Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) in terms of limitless game-breaking possibilities. What really sells it is this sarcastic comment he gives afterwards:
    Johnny: That ain't an accolade, for the record: that's just me being a stubborn dumbass.
  • Johnny rants at the end of the episode. Then realization comes:
    Johnny: Oh shit! The camera's still on!

Mega Man Xtreme and Mega Man Xtreme 2 Review

  • One of the intro cutscenes of Xtreme 1 depicts X as if he is sleeping while standing.
  • Making fun of Vile's Japanese name, even calling him Vava Fett afterwards.
  • Sigma's "cat-like grin".
  • Johnny gets annoyed while fighting the double-headed sphinx boss in Xtreme 2:
    Johnny: Seriously, fuck this guy! Who designed this dickhead? The guys who made Mega Man & Bass?

Mega Man X7 Review

Mega Man X8 Review

  • While Johnny is happy that weapon upgrades are shared among the three main characters, he can't help but notice "the lack of proper English" on "Weapon Get" screen:
    Johnny: Oh shit, now it feels like I'm collecting Shine Sprites from Super Mario Sunshine!
    • To compound this, he plays the Super Mario Sunshine victory music over this screen, which is then followed with a zoom-in on Zero and WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR?!?!? playing.
  • Judging the return of Vile - who the game tries to pretend has been X and Zero's arch-nemesis for the longest time, despite his only appearances apart from this game being way back in X1 and X3:
    Johnny: "Arch-nemesis", my ass!
  • The heroes's faces never emote past "I-think-I-left-my-wallet-in-the-taxi-cab" sort of expression.
  • Comparing Palette's hair piece to someone ripping a stapler in half and slapping it on her head.
    • Speaking of the rest of female Navigators, we get this:
    Johnny: They gave Alia boobs now, because I guess it wasn't obvious enough that she was a girl before. And this new Navigator, Layer - I mean, I love a good underboob, - but this is a bit much...
  • There's a bit where Johnny is just repeatedly shooting a miniboss as Axl to gather chips, if only so he can highlight just how easy it can be to rack up the money.
  • When he encounters a certain type of enemy:
    Johnny: These things are more expendable than the Servbots from Mega Man Legends!
  • While looking over the Legacy Collections in general, Johnny makes note of their product gallery, and how it painstakingly details all the books and toys this subseries got over the years. Of course, he also has a chuckle at the Mega Armor Series "Iron Buster" X figure - and how he has a helmet on that's way too big for his head, looking more like a goofy cosplayer. The second chuckle comes from one of the books it lists - Maverick Report, the front cover of which decided to play up X's conflicted nature by having him crying on the cover.
    • Johnny also goes over the Collections' Rookie Hunter mode for new players. He does it by comparing the damage done by enemy collision in the original Mega Man X3:
    *loses almost half of his life bar* Fuck...
    • the damage done by the same factor with Rookie Hunter mode turned on:
    *loses a fraction of his life bar this time* Much better.
    • Compounding this, Johnny asks his fans to give the Collections a try... and attempts to appeal to their good nature by asking them not to "make X cry" while showing the cover of Maverick Report again.

Mega Man 11 Review

Mega Man X: Command Mission Review

  • Johnny sums up the game's plot before the full synopsis by taking the box of the original X game and literally stretching it out - complete with a goofy sound effect.note 
  • When Colonel Redips is revealed to be Big Bad all along: unenthusiastic DUM-DUM-DUUUM
  • Referring to Cinnamon as "White Mage Bitch." Twice.
  • Johnny wondering if the Reploids can have robo-children by fucking.
  • X doing Michael Jackson's pose. ("Aaow!")
  • The advertisements at the end of this episode also have moments:
    • One of the shirts that Johnny requested has his - as he put it - "shit-eating" face.
    • Call-Back to Sonic Mania: referring to Tee Lopes as "sexy motherfucker".

Haunted Castle and Castlevania Chronicles Review

  • To start with, Johnny's utter bafflement at how many ports there are of Castlevania 1....Even though this is coming from the guy who owns way too many copies and ports of the original Sonic the Hedgehog.
    Johnny: It's like some unwritten law where every time a new system comes out they have to put the original game on there.
  • From the Haunted Castle portion:
    • When Johnny starts playing and sees the amount of damage a single zombie can do, the only thing he can say is a half-shocked "Shit".
    • Like with Dark Souls, the theme song is interrupted by Johnny dying, only this time with Simon's death scream and the Game Over music.
    • His interpretations of the goofy expressions Dracula has on both the advertisements and the game's title screen, ranging from "What the fuck is that smell?" to "What's this I got here? What is that?"
    • Johnny can't help but note that the opening to this game is note for note the opening to Ghosts and Goblins. Simon/Arthur is hanging out with Serena/Prin-Prin but then that lousy Dracula/Satan kidnaps her.
    Johnny (as Dracula): 'Sup, bitch?
    • Simon's walk cycle.
    Johnny: I wouldn't call this a Belmont Strut, it's more like a "Belmont Stomach Cramp". He ain't looking for his wife - he's looking for the nearest public restroom...
    • Noting that Simon's damage animation makes it look like he's about to start break dancing.
    • And speaking of odd postures, there's Johnny's replication of how Simon looks on the map screen, complete with his back turned, half-squatted and goofily holding a cross out in front of him.
    Johnny (non-chalantly): It's like, what the fuck is this? Who does this shit?
  • From the Castlevania Chronicles portion:
    • Calling the Castlevania Judgement version of Simon "Buff Light Yagami".
    • At first, it sounds like he's praising the game, given how much he seems to gush about the graphics and the music... before suddenly yelling: "FUCK THIS GAME".
    • The jittery mouth of a particular monster.
    • Speaking of the music, Johnny at one point - and also during the ending - starts dancing to the Arranged mode remix of "Vampire Killer." To quote one of the comments:
    Shin Computer-Monster: BREAK DANCING JOHN-NNNNNYYYY!1!

Fortnite Review

  • The reason Johnny has finally caved in and reviewed this game (well, besides Holiday season YouTube revenue)? Because his little cousins - Lucio and Dominic - asked him.
    • It then jump cuts to him standing deadpan still while his cousins and friends do the Fortnite dance.
    • And then in the opening credits, Johnny attempts to do the dance anyway - the keyword being attempts - only for him to fail and complain that it was much harder to do than his "Castlevania Dance" in the last review.
    Johnny: Nah... I ain't doing that shit.
  • The utter bafflement about certain online players - after one of them insults Johnny's personal space:
    Johnny: Well, fuck you too, you little shit! If these are the people my cousins hang out with - we're fucked...

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review

  • Johnny's first impressions about the Adventure Mode's Big Bad - Galeem:
    Johnny: This motherfucker just straight up nukes everybody! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!
    Xehanort: Keyblade-
    Johnny: BAM!
    Bubsy: What can-
    Johnny: BAM!
    Diego: ...come to help you find your family!
    Johnny: BAM!
  • Johnny showcases Cruel Smash... all one half-second of it.

Celeste Review

  • The beginning of the episode itself, complete with grown-up Selene.
    Johnny: So, what do you think, Selene? Ready to start off 2019?
    *Selene gives an Aside Glance as if to say: "Whatever..."*
    Johnny: Yeah, I know, I hate January too.

Hollow Knight Review

  • While pointing out that this game is a Metroidvania-style adventure, Johnny showcases the same O-face he used back in his Sonic Mania review.
  • "Everything in this world is positively fucked"

Smite: Battleground Of The Gods Review

  • The acronym MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) sounds quite odd for Johnny himself. Thankfully, it's not bad as MMO (pronounces as "Momo") and RPG (pronounces as "R-Pig").
  • Cupid's cutesy design "sticks out like an arrow to the heart".
  • Xing Tian gets bitch-slapped for being bad at dating.
  • Scylla delivers Death Glare that could rival even Midna's. As Johnny says:
    Johnny: I just wish she didn't look like she's gonna eat my soul with that satanic stare...

Resident Evil 2 Remake Review

  • Taking a page from his direct inspiration, this video has a framing device. Said framing device? Johnny finding himself in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse while folding his laundry, and getting trapped in his basement by his zombified brothers...
  • Upon seeing Zombie Elliot:
    Johnny: What the fuck? *cue Elliot attacking him*
  • He starts getting a little annoyed while recreating the fixed camera angles from the classic games (and the intentional lag between transitions).
    • "The door is jammed. And you don't know why."
  • When Johnny looks outside and sees the city on fire, his face just screams: "Well, I'm fucked..."
  • While fending off Zombie Mark, Johnny comes across a toy gun named Lucille.
    Johnny: Well, Lucille it is! *pumps the gun*
  • After this nightmare, Johnny sees the game, with a note from Capcom saying "Enjoy".
    Johnny: Ooh!
  • Johnny is convinced that this is happening because he referred to Ni Zan as female, apparently.
  • This:
    Johnny: Let's go out with a bang before I have to bang something else - Phrasing...
  • Johnny cuts off his theme song, saying that things are so grim it doesn't deserve to play:
    Johnny: I just shot my brother in the fucking face! What the Hell's the matter with you?!
  • The scariest thing in this game, according to Johnny? Those late 90's gas prices.
    Johnny: What the fuck happened in the last 20 years?
  • Johnny can't help but relate to the fat zombie who wants his candy bar.
  • While pointing out that zombies aren't easy to kill:
    Johnny: These things just won't stay down! Isn't that right, Mark? *Zombie Mark suddenly lunges at Johnny* OH SHI- *couple of grunts, then loud gunshot*
  • Mr. X and his "$9000 trench coat."
    • Speaking of which, one scene has Johnny narrowly avoiding a swipe from X while also giving off this hilariously high-pitched scream.
  • The ending itself. Highlights include:
    • Johnny once again gets interrupted by Mark and Elliot, just as he was about to deliver a message to Ted.
    • Just as his brothers are about to kill him, Johnny suddenly shoots up in bed and realizes he was dreaming, all while Selene gives him the look of "Dude, what the fuck?"
    • Zombie Mark suddenly attacks Johnny while the latter is having his usual morning coffee... complete with a Wilhelm scream.
  • The outtakes. ALL OF THEM.

Kingdom Hearts III Review

  • Johnny is seen lifting his Big Fucking Keyblade.
    Johnny: That shit weighs a ton!
    • The way he starts the review:
    Johnny: Goodness! Is it finally time to look at the... Final Fantasy VII Remake? No, it's Kingdom Hearts III!
  • From the plot synopsis portion:
    • Johnny's gushing about Toy Story content finally making its way to Kingdom Hearts universe. Nothing is compared to BUZZ LIGHTYEAR, indeed.
    • Referring to Xehanort's new Organization XIII as Blackstreet Boys.
    • Johnny is legitimately confused about Replicas - and if they are actually Heartless by definition...
    Roxas: Shut up!
    • Feeling that Sora, Donald and Goofy are actually DVD commentators.
    • Heartless possessing the dinosaur toys, leading to:
    • Ventus is still resting in the Castle Oblivion where Aqua hid him from Xehanort's wrath. Johnny notes that the muscular atrophy is nonexistent in Kingdom Hearts universe.
    • Johnny describes the Union Keyblade wielders as an "Internet band of shitposters".
    • Xion herself was suddenly brought back to life for no reason whatsoever. Johnny is understandably baffled:
    Johnny: She is just there. What the fuck?
    • To complete the process of creating the Keyblade, Xehanort provokes Sora into attacking him... by killing off Kairi - who is pretty much Demoted to Extra at this point.
    Johnny: Fucking hell, poor Kairi! A means to an end until the last breath. What an utter... utter waste of potential!
    • The most bullshit part of the plot, according to Johnny? The spirit of Master Eraqus returning to have an "old-time buddy chat" with the defeated Xehanort. The bewilderment ensues:
    Johnny: What a croc of shit! This is the same guy who manipulated countless people, did untold harm to countless worlds to spead darkness all across, and he's also kinda the reason Master Eraqus fucking died! And now they're trying to tell me that this dude had good intentions? Fuck off with that shit! Even as someone who checked out a while ago, you can't ask me to swallow that... no, sir!
  • Surprisingly, this game is lacking a lot of Final Fantasy representatives. Including Squall...
    Johnny: Yeah, whatever, Squall!
  • The Gummy Ship boss battle theme includes, of all things, the snippet from The Angry Video Game Nerd theme.
  • Johnny is glad to finally see ACTUAL TOWNSPEOPLE. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The bit where Sora is cooking meal like a chef.
  • At the end of the episode, Johnny manages to scratch the ceiling with his Keyblade.
    Johnny: Oooh... shit!

Spider-Man (PS4) Review

  • Johnny notes how empty his game room feels now that his futon has "transcended to a higher plane of existence". note 
  • Saying that Willem Dafoe is his favorite actor. Concluding with this:
    Johnny: Pity about the whole hang-glider thing...
    Green Goblin: Oh...
    *cue Green Goblin rammed into a wall*
  • Describing the NES game Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six as a Spider-Man in the Sinister Dick-Punch. note 
  • Bruce Campbell himself as a narrator of the tutorial segment in a Spider-Man game based on the first Sam Raimi film.
    Bruce: I'm gonna grab a ham sandwich. Oh, munch-munch...
  • "This looks like a job for... the fantastic bag-man? What is this costume?"
  • The confusion about Electro and Shocker. Johnny fondly remembers the latter due to him "losing his goddamn mind in the animated series over him."
    • Also, confusing Black Cat with Catwoman.
  • Calling Tombstone an "indestructible husky motherfucker".
  • The obnoxious and conceptually ridiculous character called Screwball.
    Johnny: If I'm about to hear the word "photobomb" one more time, I'm gonna kick a fucking toddler!
  • Hammerhead getting decked into a robotic armor.
    Johnny: What the fuck? It's Big Riddle from the Batman Forever game, and that's just a cardinal sin - you never remind me of Big Riddle!
  • "I'm just John." Overlaid with the picture of Johnny with a shit-eating grin holding packaged Mega Man and Sonic amiibos in his hands.
  • The Task Master kicking the ever-living shit out of Spider-Man, sending him flying with a Goofy scream.
    • Fortunately, Johnny retaliates immediately afterwards.
    Johnny: Nobody kicks Spider-Man off the roof and gets away with it!
  • Lampshading one of the sidequests - namely, pigeon hunting.
    Johnny: What the Hell am I doing here? I'm chasing pigeons! Is this something Peter Parker does a lot in the comics?
  • "Spider-Man's... swing at the formula."
    *Cue some guy laughing his ass off*

Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! Review

  • While discussing Pokémon GO app for the Android devices:
    Johnny: What you want me to do, get up and walk?
    • And what Johnny does afterwards? He gets his ass up and takes a stroll outside for the Pokémon GO footage. He also feels that he's intruding the Raid Battles like a "fucking baseball player".
    • Stopping by the church in hopes of catching some Pokémon.
    Johnny: You can find God... and maybe an Evolution Stone.
    • "Don't fuckle with Shuckle" note 
    • And here comes this gem:
    Johnny: Mission accomplished! I am an adult. *drinks his coffee*
  • Starting with either Pikachu or Eevee in Let's Go will not give Johnny the benefit of evolving them.
    Johnny: Wait, you don't like your cute markable mascot, you piece of shit?
  • Johnny's "demonstrations" of the different controls. With his bored face, no less.
  • The ability to high-five your Pokémon buddy...
    Johnny: Selene sure as shit ain't gonna give me any high-fives - but that's cool. Once I'll teach her how to breath fire, you're all fucked!
    • Bonus points for Selene herself sitting on Johnny's shoulder like a goddamn parrot and actually giving him some sort of "high-five"... with her front paws!
  • Leaf is obsessed with throwing PokéBalls at the player's face.
    Johnny: I dunno, maybe it makes more sense in the manga - but I don't wanna read the manga... Pokémon get chopped in half in the manga!
  • Riding on the Pidgey. Just... riding on the Pidgey.
  • Watching Raichu stuck near the couch.
    Johnny: Christ, Raichu! Suck it in, baby!

Pokémon Generation Three (Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald) Review

  • Johnny got a new futon.
    Johnny: Now we're back in business!
  • Poking fun at his own pronounciation of the word Pokémon. In his trademark Motor Mouth style, no less.
    Johnny: Is it Po-kay-mon? Is it Po-key-mon? I dunno, I don't give a shit! So I'm still calling them Po-kee-mon, so get off my back! Pokay, Man?!
  • Gen 3 dropped the color-naming convention for the protagonists altogether.
  • One of the statuses is described as Hard As Rock. And then Johnny notices one of the strategies that simply recommends to "Let it all hang out"...
    Johnny: What the fuck?!
  • The Trick Master and his own maze, in which he has several trapped Trainers.
    Johnny: The Trick Master kidnapped these poor fucks!
  • Among the features that the players can consider for decorating their secret base are Pichu Doll and Pikachu Doll... but there is no Raichu Doll for the full line-up, apparently.
    Johnny: Pieces of shit, fuck this feature! *explosion*
  • "What's my Trainer profile? NO. What's the latest trendy phrase that everyone is saying? I AM BAG. How would I describe my Magikarp? CONFUSED, DISAPPOINTED... EXISTS...?!"
  • Addressing the issue about HMs which are still a persistent problem for Johnny since his Gen 1 and Gen 2 days. One of HMs, Rock Smash, is needed to get rid of the rock that separates a loving couple of all people.
    Johnny: HMs don't believe in true love - they suck!
  • Johnny finds Slaking absurdly powerful. Doesn't stop him to showcase the clip from Zootopia, though.
  • Summing up the whole Kyogre vs. Groudon fight by awakening Rayquaza which flies over them and says: "WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!!!" On that note, also poking fun at the Legendaries in general.
    • Letting freaking Latias flee from the battle.
      Johnny: Fuck it, I'm not dealing with that bullshit again!
    • Legendary Titans (Regirock, Regice and Registeel) make Johnny think about Reggie Fils-Amie.
  • "Shout-outs to the Gym Leader Juan, because we share names"
  • The glorious return of Ted who announces that Johnny will visit Sinnoh region after many years... Johnny is quick to notice the narration only for Ted to abruptly hang up.

Hey You, Pikachu! Review

  • While advertising the sponsor for this episode, Dollar Shave Club, Johnny yet again is seen thriving in his visual humor... complete with Selene rubbing his beard, and calling himself "an Hispanic George Costanza".
  • Upon noting that the game is developed by Ambrella:
    Johnny: Oh, goddammit! They got me! *quickly flashes the middle finger*
  • Pikachu's hilariously deformed limbs...
    Johnny: This is the precursor to Manchu! And I've never thought I'd bring up Manchu in any capacity!
    • On that note, trying to get Pikachu to get the Lucky Hook.
    Johnny: No, Pikachu, the Lucky Hook! Get the Lucky Hook, baby, it's right there, that one in the center! No- *Pikachu gets a plant instead, making Johnny sigh* Alright, now we gotta head back to the shop tomorrow because Abra hates repeat customers the same day, I guess... *cuts to the next day* The hook, Pikachu, the hook! Get the hook, not the Hoenn Trumpet! *Pikachu gets the Hoenn Trumpet and plays it* Goddammit Pikachu... Yeah, play your little doots, that's fine, but we need to get that Lucky Hook! We gotta catch that Seaking! Otherwise, you're eating Bulbasaur's Mystery Soup again, and I know it gives you the screaming shits! Your ass literally becomes a rocket with that! *cuts to the next day* Yes! YES! The Lucky Hook! *Pikachu finally chooses the Lucky Hook* That's the one! Buy it! *voice turns demonic* BUY IT! C'mon, we gotta go- *Pikachu buys the Lucky Hook* YES! Yes!
    *cut back to Johnny*
    Johnny: Oh my God, that was for buying an item! Buying an item! I've had better luck getting late night food at a drive-thru!
  • As Pikachu casually tosses away things without caring about "property damage":
    Johnny: ...which hits me on the personal level, seeing as I got this little demon right here [Selene] that loves to own and rub on my toilet paper rolls when leaving the bathroom door open- AGHGETAWAYFROMTHAT
  • Poking fun at the Pikachu throwing shit at Johnny.
    Johnny: What the fuck?! Pikachus do that? That's disgusting! *on-camera* Bulbasaur, my man, your cookings turn Pikachu's ass inside out! I'm pretty sure Raichus wouldn't throw their doo-doo... butt-mud at me!

Pokémon Colosseum Review

  • Lampshading the fact that the Orre region - the main location of Pokémon Colosseum - has no wild Pokemon at all. Johnny even thinks that the so-called "unpleasant gangs and assholes" have their Pokémon ordered online from Amazon.orre.
  • Johnny was legitimately impressed by the protagonist of this game, Wes.
    Johnny (throwing the game case away): And then the game just pushes that all to decide to have a standard Team Rocket plot...
    • Also, here's the organization which is called Cipher.

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness Review

  • Another joke from Johnny about yet another sponsor -
    Johnny (putting the newspaper down): There won't be a live demonstration this time - so don't worry.
  • As for the Gale of Darkness itself, Johnny is not the only one to see the XD part of the title as an Emoticon. Cue him holding the game case while onimous music is playing in the background...
    Johnny: Wait what, is this is some... sort of fucking joke to you?
  • While speaking about the corruption themes, Johnny notes that the game itself literally corrupted his Memory Card for the Gamecube. He presents his only tool for the so-called "purification treatment"... which is a hammer.
  • The protagonist of this game, Michael, is radically different from the usual Pokémon protagonists. How much radically different, exactly?
    Johnny: The kid isn't collecting badges or trying to become the very best - he's trying to stop the terrorist organization.
    • And of course, that ridiculous motorbike which Michael drives.
  • Johnny honoring Matt's request by naming his Houndoom AND THEN I - as he himself says, "for shits and giggles." Leading to this hilarous comment:
    Johnny: AND THEN I used Flamethrower! AND THEN I gained experience! AND THEN I fainted!
    *cue Johnny face-planting himself to the floor*
  • Johnny hoped that he would battle Dr. Kaminko inside the Robo Groudon... but unfortunately, the game itself renders said scientist as an usual Pokemon Trainer to battle against.
  • Hyping up the battle with Shadow Lugia...
    Johnny (as Mr. Verich): Prepare to meet your doom! Go forth, my Shadow Lugia!
    *cue said Lugia being captured moments later*
    Johnny (as Mr. Verich): FUCK!

  • During a test stream, Johnny gets horribly lost in the Hot Coco secret area. He decides to instate "Twitch Plays Crash 3" mode, and looks to the chat for what he should do. Cue start9. Realizing it will not work, he goes back to playing the game himself... and finds the last crates immediately after.

Sonic Hacking Contests


  • Christopher Walken in the Sonic Hacking Contest
  • This year brings us Sonic the Very Useful Engine, a game that replaces various objects with a Thomas the Tank Engine face. The guys (Nathan especially) cannot wrap their minds around it.
    • This one line from Johnny sums up everyone's thoughts on the hack quite accurately:
    Johnny: Thomas is everywher*sees a Spring Yard Thomas-nik* HOLY SHIT! That—that is both badass and disturbing.
    • Friday's replay adds some easter eggs to the mix (aside from Miley Cyrus on the wrecking ball boss, already shown Wednesday), such as Star Light Zone Act 2's Incredible Hulk background music. The highlight of them all was Labyrinth Zone's drowning music (the Mos Eisley Cantina theme), leaving the group in stitches.
    • Elliot plays Sonic 2: Omochao Edition.
    • At the end of playing Sonic: Into the Void, the score for the time bonus glitches out when they enter a giant ring, giving them an astronomical (read: never-ending) time bonus.
    • Johnny's rap over the fact that one hack has two Eggman:
    Johnny: You get a load of this! You get a load of that! Get a load of this, or get a load of that! You can get a load of this, or maybe some of that!
    Elliot!Sonic: You get a load of this because you are so fat!
    • This amazing line from Elliot:
    *cue hundreds of intentionally placed blocks creating an Advancing Wall of Doom*
  • This part from day 4. While showcasing the STH2006 Project Demo (a mod that recreates Sonic '06 in Sonic Generations) with the BrainScratch crew, Johnny asks if everyone is ready for "Original the Chaos note " when starting the Iblis boss fight, which causes Ted (aka ExandShadow) to start ranting about how Iblis in Sonic '06 was pretty much just a recolor of Chaos. It's cut short when he sees that the hack's version of Iblis is indeed a recolor of the Perfect Chaos boss in Generations. Ted's reaction is priceless.
    Ted: Wait. Oh my...I was joking! I was joking!
    Ryan(Nayrman): Don't care, works better.


  • 2015's hacking contest showcases CrazySonic, a hack that mixes Sonic with Crazy Bus.
    Johnny: Rolling around at the speed of bus!
    • This isn't even mentioning everything else the hack offers, from "420BLAZEIT" mode note  to John Cena menu music to Hong Kong '97.
  • And then there was Sonic 1: Burned Edition, where killing any Caterkillers caused the game to glitch out. Hilarity (via truckloads of panic) ensues.
    Johnny: Watch out, it's Satan! *Caterkiller leaves its separate body segments in midair* A-And he drops STOOL!
  • On the next hack, he goes to a a zone...and instantly gets killed by a Caterkiller. His reaction is priceless.


  • Day 1, by pure chance, managed to get most of the joke hacks out of the way in one session alone:
    • Pepsi in Sonic 1. Said game has Johnny's "Amiibo face" as the wrecking ball.
    • The Radical Ralakimus Hack Pack (Wow!) is also a goldmine of hilarity. Standout moments:
    • Knuckles' "Red Sonic" identity crisis. Context 
      Devin: "Not enough rings". Oh well, I guess I'll turn back into Knuckles.
    • Donnie the Chao is a funny homage to one of the commentators. But then...
      • Meme Zone is a standout section in itself, with warped red, green and blue backgrounds and Donnie turning into Sanic for a section. The boss? The decapitated head of Hong Kong '97.
      • The sound that plays every time Donnie (or, in Meme Zone, Sanic) dies? NOOT NOOT!
    • Ending Day 1 is Eggmanland in Sonic Generations, which features Johnny freaking out over the horribly glitched coaster section. Mr. Hog's Wild Ride, anyone?
      Johnny: Sonic! Keep your feet inside the car at all times!
      Johnny (Later, Broken/Somewhat Deadpan): Daddy? Where do I put the quarter? Daddy, it has a mind of it's own! Father, I am no longer in control of the roller coaster!
      Intruder #2 (SuperEgg): You're doing it! You're playing a Sonic game!
  • In Pikachu The Mouse, the music at one point flatlines. The reactions are humorous. Also, one of the commutators points out that the Pikachu's head reminded him of a horrible porn parody of Pikachu. Cue common reactions.
  • "Powerpoint in a Gimp Suit".
  • In Sonic Halloween, the backstory of the Devil possessing Eggman to turn him into Devil Eggman immediately goes into Narm territory, due to bringing up an easily-missed pun: Deviled Eggman.
  • The religion of Sandwich, brought up after hearing a hidden clip of Knuckles saying "Sandwich?" in Knuckles' Emerald Hunt.
    Nathan: In the name of Bread, Cheese, and the Holey Crust.
    • Topped off with a nice raid to ProtonJon after the stream!
  • While testing a hack that simply inverts the stage along the horizontal axis, somehow Johnny turns into Super Sonic in the middle of the stage and flying off the rails so hard Sonic breaks the map. Twice.
  • Johnny's silent but hilarious reaction to the request of a Sonic Labyrinth hack.
  • In the same hack, we also get this wonderful bit of rage as John is trying to reach a spring that Tails can reach, but Sonic cannot due to the terrible physics.
  • The whole "Cool Ranch Soda" ordeal. Ranch burp, disgusting thoughts, and weird flavors. One viewer sums it up perfectly:
    Megachamp:*Vomiting Intensifies*
  • Sonic next Genesis, much like it's Source Material, is very, very unfinished, resulting loads of glitchy sprites and empty levels. Even the score isn't safe.
  • Johnny introducing everyone to SilvaGunner's version of "Open Your Heart", among other songs. The reactions are priceless.
  • Infinite Trees Zone.
  • Anytime Johny makes Big or Eggman in areas they're not supposed to be in.
    • Eggman, in case you're wondering, is DEBUG MODE, allowing him to fly around. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Eggman goes for a stroll through Sky Deck, oblivious to the constant explosions.
      Johnny: Dum-de-dum, everything here seems to be operating normally!
    • Big in the Pinball Tables... ALL OF IT.
    • Eggman in SUPER SONIC. The cut-scenes are something straight out of a hilarious corruption.
    • Super Sonic manages to escape the boundaries of Emerald Coast, with the explanation being he was high.
      Johnny as Sonic: I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog! I think I'd better lay off the cocaine, I don't have any memory of last night and I woke up with a dick drawn on my cheek...
  • One of the game's backstories starts with Sonic trying to stop the Cold War by going to WWII to stop Eggman.
  • Sonic Labyrinth 2.
  • Apparently, some sadistic, unloving, cold-hearted bastard made a mod which only contains Metropolis with more Slicers... Oh, and it's UNDERWATER. Did Tails Doll enter in this contest or something? Either way. It was hilarious.
  • The ending of 137E0 Action 1 Steak.


  • Due to yet another red Sonic hack, the contest is said by Johnny's guests to be run by Mattel. This leads to a whole slew of jokes about Mattel monetizing the stream just from the mention of the name.
  • A Day 1 hack has an entire level falling apart around Johnny.
  • Day 1 also features a Sonic 3 hack where, at one point, Johnny spent five minutes in one spot because he wanted to explore — and because he kept missing his jump. One can almost hear Ryan saying "You could just go".
  • When Nathan finally joins during Day 2, he spends about 20 minutes being incredibly confused as everyone else brings him up to speed about the previous day.
  • One of the last hacks of Day 2 (Day 2 was cut short due to Johnny suffering from a severe headache) is yet another Sonic 1 hack, only the boss is not just the first boss from Sonic 1, but is joined by two other wrecking balls that keep hitting Johnny. Johnny wants to beat the boss out of principle alone, he keeps loading up a save state until he finally beats the boss, only to die when one of the other wrecking balls hits him before he can break the animal capsule. Johnny is, of course, pissed, but everyone else is laughing their asses off.
  • Part 3 features a Sonic 2 hack that, allegedly, fixed over 100 bugs within the game. 20 seconds into the first act of Emerald Hill, Johnny already manages to clip through a ceiling.
  • Day 3 is when they got into the joke hacks. The very first one has Johnny attempting to use some bumpers to get up a vertical shaft only to encounter a poorly placed Slicer, and after the boss is defeated, Sonic just dies. And then there's the end title card which reads "And then Sonic died, LOL, Fuck you!!"
  • Tickle Me Johnny.
  • Johnny has a lot of fun with Hyper Sonic in Sonic 1, but then he gets to the final boss.
  • Day 4 has a Sonic Lost World hack that replaces Sonic with a giant snowball. Hilarity ensues.


  • Day 3 is full of funny moments:
    • After completing the Sonic Eclipse demo, we get treated to the 8-Bit Sonic 2 credits sequence, with Johnny lamenting letting Tails die. However, even Donnie spoiling that the Tails constellation is not in the sky at the very end doesn't take away from what is up there: Sans from Undertale
    • Johnny is told about an Easter Egg in Cthulu's Island, and to listen for an audio cue to start looking for it. That audio cue? "What could possibly go wrong?!" much to Johnny's disdain. However, when he does find the Easter Egg, it turns out to be a lynched Bubsy the Bobcat, leading to jokes about how something actually did go wrong.
  • Sonic Generations: Virtual Boy Edition
  • One Sonic Adventure 2 hack has everyone's heads attached to Rouge's body.
  • Day 5 brings us Johnny and Elliot's multiplayer mayhem.

Final Fantasy VII

  • Johnny "honors Matt's wishes" during the stream and names Aerith "Goddammit". The way the game's text boxes are aligned up (or just Johnny reading the text including the phrase) has Johnny giggling during the rest of the live stream sporadically. Of course, this leads to the only possible reaction to Aerith's death scene.
  • Johnny's reaction to the Highwind. "Barret, I want one."
  • During Session 16, Nathan begins sharing the heights of all the characters of Final Fantasy VII. When he gets to Aerith, he lists her height as "6 feet under".
  • Johnny decides to play around in the Gold Saucer before saving the world. This includes the Battle Arena. At one point, a Ghost Ship appears. Before Johnny can throw an Elixer and one-shot the thing, it grabs Johnny and throws him out of the battle, leading to this exchange:
    Nathan (laughing the whole time): And away he goes!
    • Johnny leaves for a bit afterwards to vent, and you can still hear him yelling "Fuck you, Ghost Ship! I hate you!"

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

  • During Session 7, Nathan talks about how excited he gets whenever John does a review of a game both are familiar with and John's opinion lines up with his own. The chat begins joking that John and Nathan are actually the same people, and Nathan begins wondering what horrible things would happen should the two touch. John asks if they are indeed two halves to one person, what their combination name would be, and Nathan replies "Jonathan" without batting an eye. John suddenly agrees they are one.


  • The opening image of the game looks straight from a 50s sci-fi movie. As such, Johnny uses a newscaster's voice to read off the text on the screen, with a dash of No Pronunciation Guide mixed in. Also:
    Nathan: This is EarthBound!
    Johnny: Brought to you by the letter B!
    • Nathan setting up the options:
    Nathan: Um, start new game... text speed, fast... stereo... I prefer banana flavor...
    Johnny: (Beat) ...huh?
  • The names for Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo: Iwata, Peach, Dumas, and... Poo.
  • John's increasing bemusement at the game's tone, not helped at all by Nathan's blunt descriptions of what's happening.
  • Poking fun at EarthBound's rarity:
    Buzz-Buzz: Where I am from, there is a well-known legend that has been handed down from ancient times...
    Johnny: It says, "This game will be fucking expensive."
  • In regards to the Minch family:
    Nathan: Their family is dicks.
    • For that matter, there's Johnny's reaction towards Lardna:
    Johnny: Holy mother of clown!
  • Frank. He has two knives, as Johnny will remind you.
    Johnny: A kid has no business fighting Frank!
    Nathan: Hey, John, you wanna know the worst part? After this, we get jumped by five police officers.
    Johnny: *sighs* For- for protection, right?
    • Frank said something nasty! "You're an accident, Ness!" "Ohhh!"
  • Nathan spots a Coil Snake.
    Nathan: Hey, snake!
    Johnny (as Snake): Yeah?
    (Because Ness is a high-enough level, the battle immediately concludes)
    Nathan: I win.
    Johnny (as Snake): Oh.
  • Near the beginning of Session 2:
    Johnny: What do we expect to get done today for Session 2?
    Nathan: Um, fight the blue KKK, get our second party member—
    Johnny: Woah, slow down, slow down!
  • Ness learns Paralysis, which Johnny jokes to mean that he's suddenly become paralyzed.
  • "Mr. Carpainter wants a girl."
  • Heckling the Runaway Five performance.
    Johnny: That's it? They walk backwards? They get paid money for this shit?!
    Nathan: Apparently not, 'cuz they're ten thousand dollars in debt!
    Johnny: What?! Oh, that's just how much money we got-- aww, fuck, I know where this is going...
  • During the fight against Giygas, Dumas gets confused... and shoots himself in the face with the Heavy Bazooka. Nathan's reaction is wonderful.

Sonic Adventure - All Emblems

  • While playing as Sonic, Johnny of course shows off the "Drunk Sonic" glitch during the first fight with Eggman.note 
  • There are a lot more bugs and glitches that prompt Johnny to come up with the Twitter tag #FuckDX
  • Battle Axe Amy and Morning Commute Gamma. That is all.
  • While going for the emblems for Big, Johnny finds himself in the water section of Ice Cap. The water physics glitch out, making it so that Big SOMETIMES swims and other times walks like he's on land. Nathan decides that Big is a god.
    • Added on to that, after getting a lure power up, Big spins up up and away!
  • Omnipotent Big.
  • "It was in my ass!" — John Ortiz, 2018
  • John trying to raise a Chao.note 
  • Tails stealing a rocket during a stage that has a time limit.

Kingdom Hearts - Lv. 1 Proud Mode

  • At the start of Session #4, Johnny introduces a soundboard, for keeping track of deaths and successes. The former sound?
    *Ding Ding* Yah-hoo-hoo-hooey!note 
  • Johnny's many attempts to defeat the Pot Centipede in Session #4. It took fifty minutes, doubled his death countnote , and sent him into pure rage.
  • Three hours were spent in Atlantica, most of that on Ursula. The rage was almost palpable.

The Legend of Zelda - Second Quest

Platformania/Fund the Charity Room streams

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - World of Light


Mario Party 5

  • After everyone gave Johnny their capsules, Mark dropped this nice one, sending the rest of the group in hysterics.
  • On the last turn, Mark decides to use his Chance Roulette capsule, resulting in him and Johnny switching stars and coins. The reaction from Elliot must be heard to be believed.
  • 59:00 into the Pirate Dream let's play. Elliot gets a Star, and the next one spawns right on top of Mark. Everyone goes completely apeshit.
  • The terror the men experience when every red space became a bowser space; meaning that shots of liquor would have to be consumed everytime they landed on a space. This includes the Tennessee Whiskey that they couldn't keep down. Even Matt (who has the most endurance, if only because he's much fatter than the other three) was out of his mind after the third bowser space.

Super Smash Brothers: Project M (Drunk)

  • "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Super Smashed Brothers!"
  • Mark grabs a smash ball and enters the landmaster. Just as he gets in, he falls in between the two platforms, which then send Mark flying in the completely opposite direction.

Super Smash Brothers: Project M

  • Matt uses the nickname "Dongs" again.
  • Elliot messed up on returning to the platform because he shoots an arrow, rather than doing the up-B attack.
    Johnny: He forgot to put the string on the arrow.
  • Matt screaming "Doooooooooooooongs awaaaaaay!" as he flies into the distance.
  • "If I'm gonna die I wanna die in style."
  • The result of Mark calling Link "the cheatest."
    Johnny: Link, of all the cheaters I know, you're the cheatiest.
  • The way Johnny finally wins a round.
    Matt as Dr. Mario narrowly fails to get back up to the arena with Up+B
    Matt as Mario: I couldn't-a make it- *boom*
  • In one round, everybody decides to play as a Mario series character (or, in Mark's case, a Mario spin-off character). What stage are they scheduled to play for this round? Green Hill Zone.
  • Some of the commentary in the finale was pretty funny. A notable line from Matt commentating over Johnny (Mario) and Mark (Sonic):
    Matt: And the battle begins against two well known franchises: Mario with the million dollars and Sonic with the million laughs!
  • During the Mark VS Johnny 1v1 match, Elliot and Matt's commentary ultimately ends up distracting Mark and causing him to lose the match.
    At the victory screen
    Mark: Will you two SHUT UP?!
    Elliot, Matt, and Johnny: [laughs]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  • In part 2 of the multiplayer battles, the first fight consists of Matt getting every Smash Ball. Then at 6:42, Matt STILL gets the Smash Ball, from a distance, from THROWING THE STAR ROD AT IT. Everyone's reaction just makes for a really good laugh. Could double as a CMoA as well. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Matt using Bowsercide on both Johnny and Mark in part 4.
  • In the end of part 5, when on the Wario Ware stage, Elliot, as Falco, gets the smash ball and uses it to end Mark, what ended up happening was right after it spawned in, Elliot must have been holding right on the control stick as it was floating over right. he very nearly died in a bottomless pit in the land master but saves himself. Matt claims that Elliot would have gone on record as the first person who died in the landmaster. Well, Karma must LOVE Matt, as in the very next part, part 6, Matt plays Falco, and gets a landmaster during the New Pork City stage, and dies via falling in the land master tank. And before that, he committed suicide with the landmaster while killing Elliot.
  • Johnny farts himself up, up, and away on the Electroplankton stage.
  • Matt somehow manages to escape Link's Final Smash. The Triforce is even visible for a split second, then vanishes for no reason. The group is in hysterics.
  • Mark throws a barrel and runs into it. Due to a slight, blink-and-miss-it glitch on the barrel, he's sent flying.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

  • In Port Town: Aero Dive, Johnny uses her Peach Blossom attack, charges up a smash against Palutena...and then the stage leaves off without him.
    Johnny: I just wanted to smack a god in the face!
  • After seeing a barrel lying down in the middle of the stage, Johnny immediately says "That barrel is going to be the end of someone". Sure enough...

Superman 64 (Drunk)

  • The very first thing heard is Matt's maniacal laughing.
    Elliot: Licensed by Nintendo, my ass!
  • Playing the game with the language set to Spanish.
    Johnny: Fuck it, Espanol!
    Everyone: (bursts out laughing)
    • Johnny's reaction to one of the Spanish menu options.
    Johnny: Oh, look! We can cast Ultima with this!
    Elliot: No John, this isn't Final Fantasy...
    • Still on the menu screen.
  • The volley of 'Solve My Maze' jokes.
    Johnny: You don't want to eat a dick? Then solve my maze.


  • The entire slappers only game.
    Russell: That was the world's worst missed hi-five ever!

GameXplain Nintendo Direct Predictions

  • Johnny and Derrick's astonishment to hear that CHUGGAACONROY, of all people, has never played through Metroid Prime fully. Johnny's reaction is taken Up to Eleven when Chugga revealed that when he was younger, he rented the game and got lost in the Frigate Orpheon, so much so that he gave up and hasn't played it since.

Mario Party 4 (Drunk)

  • The disclaimer at the beginning of the video for the first Drunk LP:
    The following is the result of 3 assholes and a teenager who thought it would be a good idea to do a Drunk Let's Play of Mario Party 4 for St. Patrick's Day. It's no longer St. Patrick's Day. The hangover was massive.
  • Johnny activates the Chomp Call. The star moves to directly in front of Elliot, and Elliot begins to pour out Matt's drink. Wanting to make it seem as epic as possible, Elliot uses the Mega Mushroom. Matt realises, laughs, and explains what just happened. Mark ends up getting the star on the next roll.
  • A quite drunk Johnny has some very choice words for Matt during the last few turns.

Sonic Genesis (Drunk)

  • Johnny says that he is so drunk that he would, in his words, f*ck a cockroach if he saw one. Cue derailing of the commentary.

Too Many Games 2015 Panel

  • "Look how loud I have to yell!!"
  • Mark's reason as to why Johnny, Elliot, and Matt haven't done a playthrough of Wii Fit.
    Mark: Look at these three guys.
    Matt: I'll break the board.
  • Johnny notices a sign designed to get his attention.
    Johnny: What does the sign say?
    Sign-holder: It says "Answer my question, Johnny".
  • Johnny's reaction to being asked to sign a Super Metroid cartridge is to declare the owner "someone with good taste!"
  • The way the first gift from a fan is given to Johnny.
    Fan: Do you have a Famicom-to-NES adapter?
    Johnny: No, but I've wanted one since I did Castlevania III.
    Elliot: Here you go!
    *Elliot drops one on the table in front of Johnny.*

Sonic X Years and Counting Videos

  • In the original:
    • For whatever reason, Elliot's showing off the cases for Sonic '06 and Sonic Genesis.
    • Tails is randomly killed by a Buzzbomber. When he responds, all he can do is laugh while saying "That happens sometimes."
    • Mario crashes the interview at the end because he was angry that Sonic took the last slice of pizza, leading to this exchange as they chase each other:
    Sonic: Genesis does what Nintendon't!
    Mario: Oh come on, that is-a so 1990!
  • In the 21st Anniversary video:
    • Classic Sonic speaking with Fax Machine Motormouth.
    • Silver getting eliminated from existence due to a Time Paradox.
    • Rouge outright admitting why she's usually put in the games before backpedalling.
    • The Classic v. Modern Eggman exchange. "C'mon, let's build Robotnik Land together!"
    • Mario clearly trying to apply the Weirdness Censor to the fact that two Sonic's are suddenly around and getting hurt over it.
      • Sonic gets so angry at Mario not getting the joke that he goes Super and sends the table flying right into Johnny's face.

Too Many Games 2016 Panel

  • "Notice me, Senpai." (Johnny holds up a bag) "And by that, I mean he actually sent pie!"
  • When the guys are answering a question about a game they wish had been imported to America, Matt brings up Persona 2 Eternal Punishment, saying he cried harder than he did when his father died after learning they weren't getting that game.
  • The video for the panel ends amazingly: Johnny decides to end the panel with a little trivia quiz where the audience members who answer win Steam gift cards. Elliot decides to ask the fourth question:
    Elliot: OK, Kingdom Hearts II again. So, yeah, you know, we just recently finished the second quest, as I like to call it-
    Matt: The second of three.
    Elliot: The second of three quests, yes. My question is: Who really shot Tupac Shakur?
    *cue everybody cracking up, including Elliot as he tries to ask the real question*

Mario Kart 8 (Drunk)

  • It's just Elliot, Matt, and Mark, as Johnny is passed out.
  • Could be because everyone but Elliot was drunk, but even Elliot had trouble controlling his kart at 200cc.

Mario Party 1 (Drunk)

  • A special non-St. Patrick's Day version, as it was recorded on the day Elliot turned 21. Suffice to say, Elliot is terrified of what's to come, and everyone else is giddy that Elliot will finally be part of the drunk shenanigans.
  • A small case of Damn You, Muscle Memory! for Johnny, as he continuously mistakes himself as playing Mario, and forgets he's playing as Luigi this time. Cost him a few mini-games, and each time is hilarious.
  • To the expected horror, Elliot passes by Fly Guy with 2 spaces left, which lands him on a Bowser space. He then rides Fly Guy to Bowser's island to avoid landing on the space. Then Bowser's random launch sends him back and he lands on THAT EXACT SPACE.
  • On the start of the last 5 turns, the unthinkable happens: the game crashes as Matt!Wario is launched from an island. Johnny, understandably, is peeved.
  • The return on St. Patrick's day seeing the title screen for Wario's Battle Canyon being said by Matt to 'give some bad memories'
  • Partway through the Eternal Star board, Johnny decides to use the sound mixer to pitch shift everyone's voices. Hilarity Ensues.

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