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As this is a Funny Moments page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Smile Sisters Duology | Drama | Ghosts

Given how some reviews say that Smile and Sisters are straight-up priceless, you probably shouldn't be surprised how many funny moments you'll come across while reading them.

Laughs galore!

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There you have it, folks - always be careful with your retainers if you ever get one.

  • Raina learning what having braces is going to be like.
    Jenny: You're getting braces, too? It's not that bad. You can't chew popcorn... or... apples... or carrots. Or gum. Or taffy. Or caramel. Or...
    Raina: (thinking) Maybe that means I'll stop chewing my nails, too!!
  • After knocking her two front teeth out, Raina sees herself in a mirror.
    Raina: Hey, mom! I look like I'm six again!! Ha ha ha ha ha!
    Sue: (thinking) She's in shock.
  • You can only watch your sister die at Super Mario Brothers so many times...
  • Raina's friends interrogate her about how she knocked her teeth; when Kelli, who's indirectly responsible for causing Raina's injury (Raina tripped while racing her to the doorstop), asks her how she's doing. Then Raina's friends begin to interrogate her.
  • When it turns out that Raina had accidentally pushed her two front teeth up into her gums: "I look like a vampire!"
  • Sue takes both her daughters to Toys "R" Us so that Raina can choose a get-well present. (Amara was teasing Raina for looking like a little kid). Amara tries to get Raina to buy the same she wants:
    Amara: Aw, c'mon... you don't really want get stupid Wizards and Warriors, do ya? How 'bout Ducktales? What if we got California Games?
    (cut to Sue buying Raina's game)
  • "...Let's walk to your house this time." "Good idea."
  • After Emily says her ponytails make her look like a baby, Raina has this internal monologue:
    Raina (thinking): I do look like a baby. But do I really care what anyone else thinks? (beat) Yes.
  • Raina has to go to an endodontist.
    Karin: What's that?
    Raina: ...I'm not exactly sure!
    Karin: Well, the name makes it sound like it'll be the end of you!!
  • Raina's face when she tries laughing gas for the first time.
  • Raina's narration of her time at the endodontist: "The cement is sealed with a red-hot metal tool, which I SMELLED as it accidentally touched the room of my mouth before I felt it."
    Endodontist: Ooooo! Sorry!
  • Sue's initial reluctance to let Raina pierce her ears:
    Sue: My ears got infected when I pierced them when I was twelve!
    Raina: That's because you did it with a sewing needle and an ice cube!
    Sue: Yes... well...
  • "I guess we'll have to take a new polaroid. Your mouth looks pretty different from the last time you were here!" Raina isn't amused.
  • Raina's face when the nurse at her dentist's office shoves the impression material into her mouth.
    Raina: (thinking) Ten more seconds and I would have puked!
    Dr. Dragoni: Now for the bottom teeth!
    Raina: Aaa!!
  • Raina gets earrings for her 12th birthday.
    Raina: Now you have to let me pierce my ears, Mom!
    Sue: (amused) I know, I know.
    • Raina gets her earrings a week after her braces are put on:
    Melissa: Cool, so you'll look normal soon?
  • "You may experience slight discomfort during this time."
  • Raina remembers that she's afraid of needles the day she's about to get her earrings.
  • Raina tells Jane that she's sure that no boy would like her messed up face. Jane insists that someone at school likes her:
    Raina: Well... Jeremiah likes me... and Abraham... and Elias... so do Dan, and Andre, and Matt P... oh, and Aaron, and Stephen... but they don't count, I mean cute boys!
  • "C'mon, Mom, let's go get me some glasses, a pocket protector, and some velcro shoes."
  • Raina's has gym right before band class:
    Emily: So you'll smell funny during seventh period.
    Raina: Emily, beginning band's gonna be me an' a bunch of sixth graders. I don't care what they think of me.
    (to Raina meeting Sammy)
    • Raina is too lovestruck after meeting Sammy to even hear what Melissa is saying.
  • Denis is safe from the earthquake; his priorities, however:
    Denis: The phone lines are so overburdened, it's almost impossible to get to anyone! And worst of all, they had to postpone the World Series!
    • Also, Amara is upset that the whole Bay Bridge didn't fall down.
    • And two days later when they have school, Raina daydreams about Sammy saving her from the earthquake.
  • Sammy runs past Melissa (Raina told her about her crush on him) and Raina. Melissa's response?
    Melissa: Wow, what a shrimp.
  • Sue takes Raina and Amara to see The Little Mermaid.
    Raina: (thinking) Whatever. I'm too old for this Disney stuff. I'm totally gonna hate this movie. I just know it. I'm totally gonna...
    (cut to Raina being totally entranced by how good the movie is)
  • Before Raina's two front teeth can be pulled out, her braces have to (temporarily) come off.
    Dr. Dragoni: When most people get their braces off, it's because their teeth are finally perfect!
    Nurse: But not you!
  • Raina's grandmother sends the Telgemeiers peanut brittle... right before Raina's teeth are removed.
  • Raina has a flashback where she accidentally pulled her two front teeth out. Denis makes her a paper stand in, and places it under her pillow, where she finds money the next day.
    Young Raina: (reading) "For Raina, from the Tooth Fairy"... How come her handwriting looks just like Dad's?
    (Sue's face is priceless)
  • "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!"
  • Raina's face looks insane when she puts on her new retainer. And she looks absolutely adorkable flipping it out to screw with her friends.
    • Too bad she can't eat corn while wearing it.
  • "Yikes! That was embarrassing... my face turned totally red. I hope he noticed!"
  • Raina is initially hesitant to ask Sammy out to the Valentine's Dance:
    Raina: I could never (ask Sammy out) do that!
    Melissa: Why not?
    Raina: I'd want him to ask me.
    Melissa: Ahhhhh...
  • Raina asking Sean out, and Sean turning her down.: "Soooooooo!!... are you guys goin' to the valentine's dance?" (internally: Say "yes," say "yes," say "yes", say "yes"...) "I dunno."
    Raina: [thinking] Darn!!
    Sammy: Hey, Raina! Are you going to the Valentine's Dance?
    Raina: I dunno.
  • Raina getting food from under her retainer.
  • After Sammy gives Raina a box of chocolates and a Valentines card, she tries not to notice the "...Price tag!"
  • Even though Raina's bullies are more mean than funny, they do tell a few good jokes.
    Karin: Who's a nerd, now?
    Raina: ...Nobody.
    Karin: Oh, so you're a nobody!! What else is new?
  • Raina walks into a locker while looking at Sean. Even funnier, the top right panel of her picture on her character page is the panel in the book right before it happens.
  • Raina's friends trick her into wearing a tube top and a short skirt. The funny part is that Raina doesn't figure out what's going on until they start laughing at her.
  • "Honey, it really is time you started wearing some sort of bra..." "MOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!"
  • Raina tries out for the girls basketball team despite having the athletic ability of a quadriplegic sloth.
    [internally] "I think I'm doing... (gasp, pant) ...pretty good!"
  • Mr. Fischetti reading Raina's note about Sean in front of the class.
  • Raina passing to play Spin the Bottle, partly due to her insecurities and partly due to the boys being so gross.
  • Sue's freak out when she learns that the periodontists basically did surgery on Raina without asking for permission or even giving her laughing gas. Say it with me: "I DON'T CARE! MY DAUGHTER JUST FAINTED, THANKS TO YOUR NEGLIGENCE!!"
  • On Raina's first day of high school, her mother practically tackle-hugs her and starts crying about how grown up her daughter is.
  • "Looks like's SOMEONE'S trying to cover up their dog breath!"
    Raina: Excuse me. I'm going to go get a snack.
    Nicole: ...Milkbone?
  • While the scene where Nicole and Karin pull Raina's skirt down is played straight, Kaylah's justification for what happened is a little humorous: "At least you had leggings on underneath."
  • "Oh, there's a guy in my bio class who went there (Aptos Middle School), maybe you know him? His name's Sean." "Sean?! Ha ha! Oh, yeah. I definitely know Sean..."
  • Raina's reaction to her teeth after her braces are removed: ...Why do they look so weird?!
  • While the moment where Raina's new friends see her without her braces is mostly very sweet, Raina's reaction to their nonchalance is hilarious.



  • The dinner scene on the literal second page has a good one.
    Raina: I thought that (why we haven't had a family reunion in almost ten years) was 'cause you didn't get along with your siblings.
    Amara: Speaking of which ...
    (Amara and Raina start arguing)
  • Raina's flashback to her sister being brought home from the hospital.
    Young Raina: You're sure this is a girl?
    Denis/Sue/Grandma: Yep.
    Young Raina: Prove it.
    • And the moment Raina holds Amara, the latter starts crying due to being a grumpy, newborn baby; Raina asks if her mom chose to name her new sister 'Dana':
    Sue: Actually, I'd like to call her Amara.
    Young Raina: What? What kind of name is that?!
    Sue: It means "immortal" in Sanskrit, and "love" in Latin.
    Denis: It also means "bitter one," but your mom likes it, so that's that.
  • In the next flashback, Amara chooses to draw on the floor away from her older sister. When Sue comes in and touches her arm, Amara throws a tantrum. The funny part happens when Denis shows up and is… less than helpful.
    (Denis pokes his head into the room)
    Young Raina: What's wrong with her, Mom?
    Sue: I'm not sure... maybe she's hungry?
    Denis: Maybe we should feed her to the wolves!
    (Sue storms out, pissed off)
    Denis: That was a joke!
  • A subtle one, but Will doesn't know what "The Incident" is - meaning he sat right on top of a hungry snake for the entire first two-thirds of the trip and he didn't even notice! It's kinda darkly funny in hindsight when you think about it.
  • While riding in the car, Amara tries to get Raina's attention (she's listening to her Walkman).
    Raina: OW! What was that for?!
    Amara: Punch bug! I called it… you just didn't hear me.
    • And later:
    Amara: You'd hear better without those stupid headphones on.
    Raina: WHAT?
    Amara: YOU'D HEAR— never mind.
  • "Our story begins in a deep, wooded thicket…"
  • Raina and Amara bond through while making fun of Nevada. When Amara asks Raina if she has any colored pencil, Raina says no. Raina's Walkman dies and:
    Raina: Amara, can I borrow your Walkman?
    Amara: Can I borrow your colored pencils?
    (the two start fighting off panel, only to be interrupted by a storm)
  • While staying in a cabin, Amara asks her mom where they are:
    Sue: Uh… we're in Lovelock, Nevada.
    Amara: Area code 666, I presume?
    • "Nothing like a bunch of dead animals to start your morning off right."
  • Literally everything about the "fish flashback subplot":
    • Asking for a pet:
    Young Amara: Mama, can we get a dog?
    Sue: Our apartment complex doesn't allow dogs.
    Young Raina: How 'bout a cat?
    Denis: I'm way too allergic.
    Young Amara: A guinea pig? A turtle? A ferret? A hermit crab? A hedgehog? A parrot? A bunny? A hairless cat? …A fish?
    • Amara and Raina each get a fish; however, Raina discovers something about fish that she wishes she never knew:
    Young Raina: YOUR FISH POOED!
    Sue: All fish poo, Raina.
    Young Raina: Bubbly's poo is the grossest.
    Sue: It's almost time to eat. Will you get out the chips and salsa, please?
    Young Amara: The salsa looks like it has Bubbly poo in it!
    (cue Amara laughing her ass off as Raina spits the salsa into the sink)
    • Raina and Amara's arguments about their respective fish.
    Young Raina: Your fish is gross.
    Young Amara: Your fish is ugly.
    Young Raina: Your fish is stinky.
    Young Amara: Your fish is stupid.
    (Bubbly is belly side up in the fish bowl)
    Young Raina: Your fish is dead.
    (Sue glares at Raina while Amara starts crying)
    Young Raina: WHAT?!
    • Even funnier if you imagine little Raina telling Amara her fish died in a super deadpan, bland voice. "Huh, he's dead".
    • Amara's new fish: Boboli. Raina begs her to name it something different so as [[Squick not to ruin pizza for her]]; she needn't worry, however, as all of their fish die almost immediately. Denis' face says it all.
    • The final pet is a chameleon named Leland. Chameleons eat crickets, so they go out and buy a bunch. Too much, as becomes apparent the next morning:
    Young Raina: The crickets ate Leland?!
    • And it turns out that they won't be getting pets for a few while; after all, a baby brother is on the way!
  • While visiting a museum for dinosaurs, Raina complains about the heat, causing Amara to ask if she can deal.
    Sue: Watch out for the swarm of bugs, girls...
    (elapse time: 0.2 seconds; every single mosquito bites Amara)
    Raina: Who loves nature now?
    • Later, Will hands Amara a backscratcher from the gift shop (see the page image) while sporting the cutest little grin ever.
  • Amara and Will are sick of mashed potatoes and cup'o'noodles. Their mom ain't havin' it.
    • Not that that stops Amara from whining while the family goes stargazing:
    Amara: Dad would've gotten us McDonald's…
  • Why Raina is afraid of snakes: while camping with her parents, she went exploring for blackberries and stepped on one. When Amara admits that that sounds pretty gross, Raina tells her that it was dead. Amara and the reader nearly fall over laughing.
  • Raina forgets to use the bathroom while at a rest stop. Without a word, her mother stops the van at a forest and hands her a roll of toilet paper while perfectly demonstrating her annoyance at her eldest daughter's stupidity. Also, Amara cackling in the background is pretty chuckleworthy.
    • Then when she starts to pee:
    Amara: I see London, I see France...
    Sue: AMARA!
    • Amara gets punished, though, when the Telgemeiers start driving through the Rocky Mountains while she's sleeping and her ears hurt due to atmosphere pressure changes.
  • Don't piss off Sue. ESPECIALLY when she's behind the wheel. Her kids learn this the hard way.
  • Apparently, Denis' idea of a meal consists of: cheese.
  • Raina's cousins call her "Penelope" for… reasons, and say she's not a "real" comic book fan.
  • Raina passing out on the floor of Lindsay's bedroom, which begs the question: did Lindsay walk around her cousin's sleeping body, undress, shower, put on pajamas, and go to bed without waking her up? Answer: Yes.
    • Also, Amara has Raina's pillow when she comes downstairs.
    Raina: (thinking to herself) Awesome.
  • Amara and the drawing computer.
  • The splash page where Raina is listening to a Walkman while sitting right next to a CD player.
  • Raina still has a teddy bear which she sleeps with (she's 14 and about to start high school).
    Raina: I don't care about this stupid bear! My sister probably packed him.
    Lindsay: Mmm-hmm.
    Raina: I'll prove it. (throws the bear, which lands a few feet away)
    Raina: (internally) I'm so sorry!
  • Raina steals some of Lindsay's makeup and puts it on. Amara seems to be the only person who notices:
    (Raina gets wide-eyed)
  • In a flashback to a few months before the road trip Sue and Denis give Raina her own room as she's about to start high school. She's ecstatic… until she learns that Amara gets to have a pet snake. Oh, boy...
    • It turns out that the snake only eats live mice, so Sue tries to take it back to the pet store. It wriggles out of the bag and hides under the passenger seat. Raina, thankfully, doesn't find out until after she comes home.
    Amara: But aren't you glad we told you after picking you up from Girl Scouts?
  • Immediately after that flashback is over, Raina wakes up to a familiar, disturbing sound.
    Raina: SNAKE?!?!
    Amara: It's just Uncle Bill frying bacon, you moron.
  • Raina's response to her mother questioning why she and Amara keep fighting: "You just spent a week arguing with your brothers and sisters." Sue immediately throws both her daughters into the car and drives to the airport.
  • Amara ruins her father's joke.
    Denis: Now you know the real reason I can't ride home with you, Will. I'd just drive your mother crazy.
    Amara: But the rest of us driving each other crazy is acceptable?
    [the rest of the family gives her a funny look]
    Amara: Don't look at me — you made this awkward all on your own.
  • New Mexico's state insect is the Tarantula Hawk wasp, much to Raina's dismay.
  • Raina refuses to leave her room until they get the snake out the car. Sue lures her out with cookies.
    • Raina's reaction to Amara and Sue's plan:
    Raina: Mango has been hiding in the front seat of the van for the past twenty-four hours, and he's probably starving...
    Amara: Yep.
    Raina: So how do you plan to get him out?
    (Amara holds up a box of mice with a nervous smile while Raina faceplants into the table)
    • Unsurprisingly, the problem hasn't been resolved.
    Raina: What are we going to do?
    Sue: I guess... we just let Mango... die in there?
    Raina: ...
    Amara: Hey, Mom— if Mango doesn't eat that baby mouse, can I keep it as a pet?
    [Raina screams in exasperation]
    Raina: All right— this is nuts. I'm not riding in your car until this incident is over.
    Amara: Hey, Mom, aren't we going on a road trip to Colorado in two months?
    Sue: Oh, I'm sure everything will be okay by then.
    Raina: It better be.
  • Raina's breakdown in the car at the end:
    Amara: Chill out, would you?
    Raina: Chill out? CHILL OUT? We're in the middle of nowhere... it's a million degrees... Mom and Will are out there with God knows who, and now... (beeeeeeeoop) ...AND NOW MY STUPID WALKMAN'S DEAD AGAIN!!
    Amara: Would it be the end of the world for you to not have your walkman on for a few hours?!
    Raina: YES.
  • Mango is alive! Only Amara doesn't want to touch him because he hasn't eaten in months. Raina empties out a grocery bag and tells her to suck it up.
    • The Telgemeiers finally go to McDonald's.
    • ...and Amara nearly lets the snake out of the bag when trying to show their mother what they've found. Raina saves the day with some quick thinking.



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