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  • "Brother Preptil, the master of the music, had described Brutha's voice as putting him in mind of a disappointed vulture arriving too late at the dead donkey. Choral singing was compulsory for novitiates, but after much petitioning by Brother Preptil a special dispensation had been made for Brutha. The sight of his big round face screwed up in the effort to please was bad enough, but what was worse was listening to his voice, which was certainly powerful and full of intent conviction, swinging backward and forward across the tune without ever quite hitting it."
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  • The Running Gag of someone asking for the Deformed Rabbit shadow-puppet whenever shadow-puppets are referred to culminates in Didactylos using it as the punchline to his version of the Parable of the Cave.
  • Any time Om attempts to blast someone with a mighty curse. In particular though:
    "Your sexual organs to sprout wings and fly away!"
    "Your intestines to be wrapped around a tree until you are sorry!"
  • When the skies erupt as the heavens shake from Om's violent return among the gods to stop a war on Discworld, some of the humans cower for cover under a boat, and start passing around a cigarette and a flask. Occasionally, a line slips in where someone thanks them. The soldiers are weirded out but can't place why...
  • Any time Pratchett brings up the value or merit of philosophers, church bureaucracy, or death traps conveniently placed in large foreboding libraries.
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  • The revelation that all of the anti-Omnia armada's captains believe they're the one in charge, with reasons ranging from being the most recent victim of invasion to being the sort of person who believes they're in charge when not explicitly told otherwise.
  • Near the end of the book, Om is forcing the gods of Omnia's invaders to order them to cease their war. P'tang-P'tang, the newtlike god of a tiny tribe of 51 fishermen, is present mainly because a worshiper of his got dragged along in the wake of the armada by accident. He explains war like this:
    Remember when Pacha Moj hit his uncle with big rock? Like that, only more worse.
    • Although this does leave the worshiper wondering why so many people would want to hit Pacha Moj's uncle with big rocks.
  • The re-empowered Om busting into Dunmanifestin and, when challenged by Blind Io for his intrusion, head-butting the nominal chief god of Discworld in the face.
  • Om's indignant reaction to Brutha promising religious toleration.
    "Ah, but it'll work for you," said Brutha. "People will soon see that those other ones are no good at all, won't they?" He crossed his fingers behind his back.
    VI. This Is Religion, Boy. Not Comparison Bloody Shopping! You Shall Not Subject Your God To Market Forces!
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  • The footnote on how Ephebian democracy 'works'. Namely, after everyone (who is eligible to vote - i.e., being a right-thinking natural born Ephebian citizen who is not a woman, and preferably rich) votes someone in who has been rigorously determined to not be either frivolous, a liar, a criminal, a maniac, a foreigner, or the wrong sort of person, he invariably turns out to be a frivolous, lying, criminal maniac with no regard for the philosopher in the street just looking for a towel, kicked out of office... and the whole thing starts all over again. (Sadly, probably Truth in Television for real life democracy, in fact.)
    Really, it's amazing how people keep making the same mistakes.


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