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  • Pretty much everything Kaos says. His Deadpan Snarker sidekick Glumshanks makes it even funnier.
    Kaos: My head is awesome, I tell you! Fear it! Fear my GIANT FLOATING HEAD!
    Kaos: Impossible! You survived my best water spell! Ahem! I MEAN... You survived a very mediocre water spell that I found laying around - somewhere.
    Kaos: Attention! Here is the list of Skylanders that I want to be caught and disposed of immediately. Ahem. ALL OF THEM!
    • In SuperChargers, the Story Scrolls have been replaced with Kaos' audio diaries, and they're all equally hilarious.
    Kaos: UGH! Mother has somehow managed to send me another meddlesome SELF-HELP BOOK from her mirror prison of endless oblivion. HA! As if I - KAOS - even NEED help! And even if I did, I wouldn't listen to this book's STUPID advice. Listen - "Do not hide the source of your power inside of a world-destroying abomination; instead, store it securely in a safe deposit box." Seriously? There's no box large enough to hold MY awesome power! HA! Besides, what self-respecting evil villain would even open a bank account?!
  • The "Easter Surprise" commercial has plenty of funny moments, but the funniest one is when Hot Dog points out that Thumpback is in a mailbox.

     Spyro's Adventure 
  • After the Skylanders reclaim the Golden Gear from Kaos, we get a scene where Kaos rants about their supposed plans to steal his "glowing green goo", reminiscent of General Ripper. Then, in the next scene...

  • Drill-X, a drill robot that is the boss of Chapter 11, who starts rapping about how he's going to destroy you.
    It's the end of the track, Skylander!
    This drill-bot is on the scene!
    I'll knock you forward and back
    with a robo attack
    'cause you're messing with the wrong machine!
  • In Kaos' Kastle, one of his Wilikin servants says that his family made their own soda, which included the flavors sand, mud, and radioactive suction eel.

     SWAP Force 
  • A series of teasers were released with Kaos swapping bodies not with the SWAP Force, but with a tutu, a duck, a baby, a frog, tap shoes, and a princess dress.
    Duck!Kaos: Bow down to my waddle of doom!
    Baby!Kaos: This diaper is filled with evil!
    Frog!Kaos: You will fear...the...croak!
    Tap Dancer!Kaos: I will rule the dance floor!
    Princess!Kaos: Prepare to bow down to Princess Kaos? Now I am evil and dainty! Actually this taffeta is quite soft.
  • The SWAP Force commercial has several funny moments. Observe.
  • In the third phase of the battle against Super Evil Kaos, you enter his head through his ear and battle against his brain. First, his brain summons Evil Glumshanks to fight you, but he almost immediately drives his vehicle off the edge of the arena. Later, he tries to conjure the most horrific thing he can think of... which turns out to be a bunch of sheep with his head.
  • When Kaos is defeated, he and Glumshanks find that the magic of Mt. Cloudbreak gave them the ability to swap parts.

     Trap Team 
  • The Wii U version has the villain displayed on the GamePad. Poking them will make them either roar or lash out at you. The same goes for the Skylanders when the villain is in control, but they only have one reaction (their "defeated" animations) after several pokes per character: Snap Shot will throw his weapons to the ground and turn away from you, arms crossed in a "Hmph!" fashion, characters like Spry and Blades will get upset and look dejected, looking at you sadly (Blades' comes complete with his lower lip quivering) and Pop Fizz in normal form will start hitting himself in the head with an empty potion bottle, to name a few.
  • Flynn being scared by Tessa at the start of the Pheonix Psanctuary level.
  • In Rainfish Riviera, when Mags asks you to use the crane to carry her across the bridge, you can do just that. Or you can have fun and drop her straight into the water. She says different things each time, before warning you that she is undead and can hold a grudge.
  • Nightshade's decision as to how to deal with the vortex, just when the vortex pulls him in at the last moment.
    "Eh, I guess I couldn't really elude capture forever. Well, it appears I'm going away for a bit. I shall enjoy this capture sequence with dignity-"
  • Some of Shrednaught's reactions to the Skylander fighting involve one of the Trolls coming out of the bathroom and asking the other what he missed. Yes, apparently, the traps have bathrooms inside them.

  • Like in Giants where they let you customize Flynn's ship, Legendary Treasures in SuperChargers let you add interactive objects to the Skylanders Academy. One is a Chompy in a hamster ball, which attempts to attack you like a normal Chompy and fails, then starts following you around.

  • Minor one, but this game lets you play as Kaos. Problem is.... KAOS IS THE VILLAIN OF THE GAME. That's right, you can fight Kaos with Kaos.
    • There is an in-universe explanation, however: the playable Kaos is actually a clone made by the real Kaos who thought more than one of him would be enough for him to take over Skylands. The only problem? The clone is an EXACT copy of the real Kaos in appearance and personality, meaning he wanted Skylands for himself, so he ended up defecting to the Skylanders so he can Kill and Replace his creator.
  • The fact that Spyro isn't even surprised that Kaos stole the Mind Magic Book.
  • This exchange in Cradle of Creation:
    Spyro: Okay, I've tracked that mysterious book-stealing bad guy to this equally mysterious place. Master Eon said I would find someone here who can help me stop him.
    Doomlander: Bad chance, Spyro! I'm TOTALLY INVICIBLE!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • During a cutscene where Kaos is experimenting with Mind Magic, he turns Glumshanks into a giant chompy. Glumshanks doesn't seem to notice.
  • Two words: Guacamole Monster.
  • The Arena this time around has Chill Bill and Broccoli Guy providing commentary with many, many humorous lines such as Chill Bill saying that he thinks the new Character Customization feature is cool and that he totally isn't saying that because the developers programmed him to.
    • He'll also mention between rounds that the next one will be harder because a fortune cookie told him, so it must be true.
    • One of the arena challenges has you representing Stealth Elf to clear her name. What crime did she commit? Unpaid parking tickets. In the SKYLANDS.
  • The Running Gag of Kaos' Doomlanders having nonsensical catchphrases. When one of them says something impressive instead, Kaos will often look toward the player with a goofy grin on his face. The best example is this:
    Sorcerer Doomlander: Be Afraid of the Bananas!
    Kaos (makes a Wait, What? face) Eh!?
  • The post-game sidequests that involve Flynn are pretty hilarious in their own right. Examples:
    • The Battlefield Blitz/Operation: More War quest has Flynn try to invoke Harmless Villain:
      Flynn: Hey Skylander buddy, get this - Kaos is using an evil Creationtron to make balloons! Can you believe it? Balloons!? I can't think of anything less threatening. I mean, even puppies have teeth.
      (one of the balloons drops a bomb)
      Flynn: WHAT THE?!? Okay, I retract my earlier statement. Balloons are horrible!!
  • The post-game sidequests in general have pretty funny moments:

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