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This story is full of funny moments, all which need to be documented.

     TV Show 
  • In "Confession", RIP has the grin on his face when Muttaqi locks Michael up in a cell with him due to ruining the group's alliance with Boko Haram.
    RIP: "Hello".

  • American productions, right before the queens' self-introduction in "Ex-Wives": "Remember us from PBS?"
    • The Australian production featured the line "Remember us from your HSC?" (High School Certificate, for any non-Australians)
    • The original British production had it as "Remember us from your GCSEs?" (that's General Certificate of Secondary Education, for the non-Anglo-informed)
  • Jane Seymour introduces herself as "the only one [Henry] truly loved," which the other queens do not appreciate.
    Every Other Queen, simultaneously: Rude!
  • Catherine of Aragon 's introduction is funny in all kinds of ways:
    Catherine of Aragon: But there's only one you need to hear from tonight. London, I'm about to win this competition! Maria, give me a beat! [Maria starts playing drums] Oh muy bien! So, since the day I arrived in England, let's just say that my fate has been tested on more than one occasion. First things first, I was shipped over from Spain on the night of my sweet sixteen to marry some prince called Arthur and I was like "okay". But then, Arthur dies, so… naturally, I'm imprisoned for seven years!? REALLY HELPED WITH THE GRIEVING PROCESS, YOU KNOW, BUT STILL, I'M LIKE OKAY! But, thanks God, they rescue me just in time to marry Prince Henry. My dead husband's brother. Okay… so I'm like "bit weird", but if you haven't seen him back in the summer of '09, let me tell you, HE WAS Okay! So, seven years later, we are still trying for an heir and he's trying really hard and I'm like "Ah, okay!" And then, he starts coming home late! "I was just out with my ministers". But there's lipstick on his ruff? But still, I'm like "okay". Then, he wants to annul our marriage, move some side chick into my palace and move me into a convent. Now now now. I just don't think I will look that good in a wimple. So, I'm like "No Way".
  • During Anne Boleyn's introduction, the other queens are actually hyping her up instead of dismissing the tragedies they lived through. How is this uncharacteristic compassion is answered by Boleyn? Her not knowing the song was about to start, dicking around on her phone.
  • During "Don't lose Ur Head"
    Other Queens: WHAT?!
    Anne: "Get a life!"
    Other Queens: "You're living with his wife!"
    • Further, after her initial song she tries to do another. But the only line we hear?
    Anne: "Catherine was a MASSIVE C-!"
    Other Queens: "WHOA!"
  • Jane Seymour does her pre-song bit and says that she isn't sure Henry was really as uncaring or stone-hearted as his reputation suggests, only for Anne Boleyn to chime in, "Yeah, actually, come to think of it, there was this one really cute time where I had a daughter and he chopped my head off."
  • Practically all off "Haus of Holbein" note 
  • Anna of Cleves bemoaning her utterly tragic fate of being rejected by Henry and moved into her own castle with crap-tons of money. Very heartbreaking, indeed.
  • Katherine Howard's roast of the other Queens before her song, "All You Wanna Do."
    Katherine Howard: And Jane, dying of natural causes WHEN WILL JUSTICE BE SERVED?!
  • Katherine Howard's description of Henry during All You Wanna Do:
    Globally revered, although you wouldn't know it from the look of that beard.
  • After "All You Wanna Do," the Queens (minus Parr and Cleves) fight over who gets to be the lead girl of the band. Naturally, considering the overall sassy character of all the Queens, this turns into a snark battle royale as they all try to one-up each other's tragedies:
    • Anne Boleyn, in answer to Howard's song, notes very earnestly that none of them could imagine how terrible being manipulated by men her whole life could be, right before "realising" that she did experience that.
    • Aragon goes on a rant about how terrible she was treated by Henry, only for both Annes and Howard to remark how similar it was to their lives.
      Catherine of Aragon: I was literally shipped over from a foreign country, not knowing a single word of English, to marry some random dude!
      Anna of Cleves: (excitedly) Oh my God, same!
      Catherine of Aragon: (taken aback) Okay, fine, fine. But then, when Henry decided he'd had enough of me, he didn't even have the decency to say goodbye-
      Anne Boleyn: Same.
      Katherine Howard: Oh yeah, same. Nice neck, by the way. (highfives Anne Boleyn)
    • Jane Seymour's answer to Aragon bemoaning that Henry didn't let her see Mary when the latter had a fever:
      Jane Seymour: Oh boo-hoo! Baby Mary had the chicken pox and you weren't there to hold her hand! You know, it's funny, because when I wanted to hold my newborn son, I DIED! note 
    • After Jane's outburst, Anna of Cleves announces that she has the plague, only to add "LOL, just kidding, my life's amazing!" after a beat.
    • Catherine of Aragon calling Anne Boleyn, "Anne Bo-loser".
  • This exchange:
    Jane Seymour: "What could be worse than a broken heart?"
    Anne Boleyn: "A severed head."
  • Catherine Parr points out she actually has something in common with Henry.
    Catherine Parr: I've also had my fair share of marriages. Though, unlike Henry, I managed to get through them without decapitating anyone. I know— gold star for Cathy Parr.
  • In Jane's imaginary happy ending from Six she calls her group the Tudor Von Trapps,
    "Just kidding, we're called The Royal-ling stones." [Beat] heh..
  • Meta: The actresses are often asked whether Henry is in the show. Well, he is. In the form of a Henry brand vacuum cleaner. In the comment section of the video:
    Butterfly Taster: "i can't believe henry literally sucks"

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