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  • During Return of Thanos, Drax the Destroyer tags along with the Surfer on their search. This was when Drax was essentially "Space Hulk", and thus he is slowing the Surfer down. He distracts Drax long enough to get away... by sitting him down in front of a TV.
  • In issue 2 of Surfer's 2015 ongoing, Incredulous Zed calls the Surfer a bald-headed fool during battle. Silver Surfer retorts that Earth taught him that there are some things even a bald-headed fool can do—and then jabs him in both eyes with one hand.
    Surfer: Nyuk nyuk!
    Zed: Oh, a wise guy, eh?
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  • 2016's series brought the planet of bunny-kitten-puppy hybrids.
  • Hank Hill convincing the Surfer to switch to propane power for his surfboard.

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