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WARNING: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Funny pages. All spoilers will be unmarked.

  • Pat asking Veronica to play "Ride the Lightning" by Metallica, in the baby's room. Her expression screams Flat "What".
  • Veronica presenting her futuristic fireplace to Pat and Tiffany, and asking them to guess what it is. Tiffany gets annoyed and sarcastally says it's some part of a crematory. Pat then wholeheartedly asks where the body goes.
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  • At the dance contest, Pat and Tiffany fail spectacularly at their attempt at a lift like the one seen in Dirty Dancing.
  • Pat and Tiffany's wild celebration of receiving an average score of 5.0 at the dance contest. The looks on the faces of the other contestants is priceless.
  • Pat and Tiffany casually sharing their experiences with various anti-depressant medications. While Ronnie and Veronica sit there in stunned silence.
  • Pat, upon reaching the end of A Farewell to Arms, screams "WHAT THE FUCK?!" and chucks it out his bedroom window.
  • The entirety of the restaurant scene, especially the ending; Tiffany leaves Pat, and behind them the rest of the restaurant starts cheering and clapping. One of the most quietly brilliant moments in a movie full of them.
    • The beginning too where everyone else is in costume and they're not.
  • Pat finding his psychiatrist at the Lincoln Financial Field parking lot.
  • Danny coming to Pat and Tiffany's rehearsal.
  • Pat's reaction to Tiffany's angry summing of Lord of the Flies.
    That's a pretty good synopsis. I still need to read the book though.
  • When Pat Sr. is threatening the nosy neighbor kid. So funny, even the kid was laughing.
    "And I'm gonna break that fucking camera over your fucking head, then I'm gonna come back and interview you about what it's like to get that fucking camera broken over your head!"
    • The alternate ending where they invite the kid over for dinner and Sr. nearly loses it when he sees him in a Vikings jersey.
  • Pat's response to Tiffany saying that he's the worst thing that ever happened to her:
    "Good for you, now let's dance."
  • Dr. Patel's deadpan answer to Pat asking if he should wear his DeSean Jackson jersey to a dinner.
    [stoically] "DeSean Jackson is the man."

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