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  • When Mel calls up world-famous mime Marcel Marceau to ask him if he wants to be in his silent movie, and he replies (out loud), "Non!"
    "What did he say?"
    "I don't know, I don't understand French."
    • The very plausible possibility that the entire film was just an Overly Prepared Gag for that one scene.
    • Plus Marceau does his "walking into the wind" routine into actual wind, which is blowing in through an open window.
  • When Engulf and Devour find the picture of Vilma Kaplan and show it to the members of the board. They stroke their chins, and the table slowly rises from the ground...
  • The dog scene is pretty amusing.
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  • The scene where the big boss of Engulf and Devour slowly goes rabid... culminating in him biting one of his men, growling like a bulldog and eventually howling like a wolf.
  • Marty Feldman trying to catch an elevator.
  • The trio chasing Paul Newman.
  • In the hospital, taking his medicine. Sid Caesar puts the pill in his mouth, and he takes an entire glass of water with it. When he opens his mouth to complain that the medicine never works, the pill is still in plain sight, stuck to his tongue.
  • Mel mouths at the camera:
    Mel: You son of a bitch.
    Card: You naughty boy.
  • Anne Bancroft being shown with all those young men when in reality she was married to the director.
  • The trio visits Sid Caesar's character in the hospital and turn his EKG monitor into a Pong game.
  • The part where the head of Engulf and Devour orders his right hand man to slap all of his coworkers is utterly hysterical.
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  • The scene on the carousel. You may never look at hobbyhorses the same way again.
  • A scene transitions into the New York skyline to the tune of "San Francisco" before the orchestra comes to a noisy halt (apparently recognizing their mistake). Cue some sheet music rustling before they resume with "I'll Take Manhattan."
  • The Vengeful Vending Machine that Dom encounters. It launches Cokes at high velocity and never out of the correct slot, including places where vending machines don't normally dispense goods, such as from the sides. Every time he blocks one exit, a new one appears. When he finally gets the brilliant idea to block the two side slots with his hands and the middle opening that happens to be at groin height...
    Dom: They're right. It is the real thing...
  • Apparently the DVD subtitles were very easy to write up.
Before the sole audible word in the entire movie: [NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE]

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