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  • "Tag! You're it!"
  • The doctor's measured reprimand to Teddy for blowing up his car. He points out he loved the car but sounds more like an exasperated parent whose child broke something.
  • Although the scene itself is very dark, the flashback of Teddy and Dolores contains a brief one. He asks where the children are and she says they're in school. He says "Honey, it's Saturday" in a tone that says "we've been over this before."
  • One retroactive bit thanks to The Reveal. When asking Mrs Kearns about Dr Sheehan, she says he's handsome. Cut to a shot of Chuck - who is really Dr Sheehan - grinning and looking flattered.
    • Mrs Kearns is Affably Evil, immediately cheerfully saying she shouldn't be let out of the hospital. When she confesses that she murdered her husband, Chuck says "maybe you shouldn't get out."

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