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  • Welcome, Commoner:
    • The very first scene kicking off with a perfectly normal day at Kimito's everyday life. Then, all of the sudden, a group of muscled gay men appear, put Kimito in a van, and try to seduce him while on their way to somewhere far from his hometown. Kimito reacts accordingly.
    • The fate of the students who graduate from All-Girls School Seikan because they were secluded from the outside world to preserve their pureness.
    • Kimito trolling Aika for the first time.
    Aika: Bark!
    Kimito: (mentally) She's kidding, right?
    Aika: Bark!
    Kimito: (still mentally) She has to be!
  • Reiko Is Who We Wish to Be Like:
    • Kujou undressing Kimito.
    • Aika reading manga for the first time. She finished a series of more than 50 volumes in a single session.
    Kimito: How was it?
    Aika: I'm surprised. Why didn't you say anything about this before?
    Kimito: About what?
    Kimito: (to himself) She really is pure, huh?
    • Kimito convincing Aika that she gained the power to stop time and how she uses it to take advantage of an apparently freezed Kimito.
  • It Was Like the Garden of Eden
    • Despite he was just kidnapped from his hometown a few days ago, Kimito is greeted by his mother through a cell phone text as if there was nothing wrong in the world. Kujo explains that his former home was remodeled as payment for accepting his role at Seikan.
    • Hakua's Head Maid. The crowning moment has to be that, when Hakua shows attachment to Kimito, said Head Maid kneels/bows so fast that her head hits the tile floor, cracking it with only a mild bruise on her forehead resulting from this. Twice even; the second time also has an elevator door keep closing on her behind, but she doesn't notice at all.
    • Everything about Karen's introduction.
    Kimito: Talk about crazy eyes!
    Kimito: Hey, I didn't "thrust" anything!!
  • Just Friends:
    • Turns out Hakua, while skilled at advanced subjects, grossly overthinks everything. Thus when Kimito tells her the common-sense answers to relatively-simple riddles that she guessed complex answers to, she get Blank White Eyes reactions. Then with each answer, she 'pounds' on Kimito's chest like a cute little kid.
      • The cartoonish "Clonk" sound effect when she punches him adds to the humor.
    • During the whole incident with Hakua later, Reiko calls for her maid, who appears instantly despite a closed door/window. And of course how quickly things escalate when Hakua's habits show up in front of the three girls, resulting in Karen nose-bleeding, Aika's expression being freaked over this getting on her hand, Reiko near-instantly fainting from the sight, and more.
  • Kagurazaka-sama Is Here
    • Hakua's maid staff decide to "help" Hakua get closer to Kimito, by doing it discreetly. Once they put there plan into motion, they're as discreet as a car crash. The highlight is when they invite Kimito to have lunch with Hakua, where Blatant Lies and Contrived Clumsiness ensue.
      • First, the meal they prepare is an omelet that has "Hakua ♥ Kimito" written in ketchup, which a maid claims they didn't notice.
      • Kimito tries to ask for his own plate to eat on, but a maid "accidentally" knocks over plates due to fainting from job stress, as she says. Then Kimito tries to get a spoon for himself, but the maid knocks over the spoons, this time due to fear of silver. Finally, Kimito tries to get a straw to replace a heart-shaped one, but the maids are now just blatantly throwing out all the straws, claiming they're all defective.
      • The maids are clearly fawning over seeing the two eating together, one maid even has a digital camera to capture the moment! Not to mention one faints, and another one confirms Kimito's suspicions.
      One fo the Maids (speaking to the one who fainted): Come on, wake up! Things are finally starting to get exciting!


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