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This Moments page, and others like them, usually contain unmarked spoilers due to the Wiki policy on spoilers.

  • Right after Soma had defeated the land sharks who targeted his restaurant and begins to tell himself that he will defend his business at all costs... Jouichirou appears from nowhere, announcing that he's closing the restaurant and sending him to a Boarding School.
    • It doesn't end there. Just as a disappointed Soma is heading to the school, thinking that it's going to be just boring cooking classes with an old teacher, it turns out to be The Cooking School, with a graduating rate so low that only 10% of the students manage to survive, as he could see many depressed students just got expelled.
  • Soma's reaction when Erina rejects his dish during their first meeting, claiming it's disgusting despite having an intense Orgasmically Delicious moment. In the anime, the music and scene is played up as if she's won over by his cooking, but she's also put off by how lowbrow and condescending he is, in reaction to her elitism and snobbiness. Fortunately her grandfather overrules her rejection of his application after personally tasting the dish he made.
    • It's not as clear in the Anime version, but the Manga makes it clear as day that he's smiling like a madman with bug eyes when he quite literally crushes Erina's rejection of Soma's application.
  • Soma's first day at the Polaris Dorm:
    • Fumio-san tried to smooch him during a foodgasm-induced happy flashback.
    • Megumi, after remembering how Soma used her as test subject for his horrible failures, is relieved that she doesn't have to put up with him outside the classes. Right on cue, Soma appears ready to bath, leading to their mutual Accidental Pervert moment.
    • In the anime, Soma sings the opening song while drunk.
    • The guys complain about Satoshi coming by ceiling to talk to them, and Satoshi considers using the intercom. Megumi explains how that isn't any better, as his whispering to her when he is trying to sleep comes out as nightmarish and creepy. The guys then decide they are ok with him coming through the attic.
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  • Tadokoro unsure of what to make of the sight of Soma shaking hands with a teary-eyed, almost-naked Isshiki.
  • Takumi's introduction. Just as he introduced himself by stepping on Soma's shoe, Takumi challenges Soma to a cooking contest during the assignment, requesting Hinako to act as a judge, only for her to flat out reject it and ruining Takumi's mojo. To make things more embarrassing for poor Takumi, Isami openly mocks him (which also earns shocked reactions from Soma and Megumi when they discover that Isami, being big and fat, is Takumi's younger twin brother).
  • After a competition between Soma and Takumi ends in a draw, Takumi pulls a "We Will Meet Again". Moments later, they're sitting next to each other on the bus.
    Soma: Hey, we meet again.
    Takumi: [visibly blushing] Shut up! Don't talk to me!
  • After the first 50 Servings Challenge, Soma bumps into Erina and, while initially friendly, then becomes the metaphorical gadfly to her high-horse when Hisako enters. He basically inverts Not What It Looks Like to rile up Hisako and turn Erina into a flustered mess.
    • Related to this, Erina is mortified to learn that Soma heard her humming in the baths. Then she refuses to play card games with Hisako, despite suggesting it herself earlier, out of pique at Soma. When she's not in "God's Tongue" persona, she can be surprisingly childish.
  • Soma heads to the bathrooms thinking he will have the place all for himself... Until he sees a naked Gin Doujima stretching his muscular body at the pool. His surprise doesn't last long, since seconds later, both are chatting casually.
  • When the rest of the Polaris Dormitory finds out that Soma and Megumi are going up against Shinomiya, they all have a brief freak a little chibi head of Soma flies by, snickering mischievously.
  • At the start of Chapter 28, Isshiki has a nightmare about the end of the training camp changing his dormmates. Soma comes back as an Expy of Kenshiro, Tadakoro comes back a delinquent, Ibusaki looks like a hostage from Metal Slug, and Marui died leaving nothing behind but a pair of shattered glasses. The already silly nightmare is made sillier due to the fact that we learn that Isshiki sleeps in a goofy sleeping cap and nothing else, making him opening his window to greet the day a case of him flashing the world.
  • After the Breakfast Buffet Trial is announced, Takumi starts to boast about what he is going to do.
    Takumi: You will see, Yukihira. I'll deliver up the ultimate breakfast of a traditional Italian egg dish that's been arranged using the Aldini's expertise.
    Soma: Whoah! And what's a traditional Italian egg dish?
    Takumi: Heh.
    Isami: You see, you use cheese, vegetables with eggs and...
    Takumi: Don't spill the beans, Isami!!!
    [Gets dragged away by Isami while yelling at Soma]
  • During the Surprise Egg challenge, one of the judges (Kyuusaku) tries Tadokoro's dish. At first he looks angry, then he asks this.
    Kyuusaku: Would you marry my grandson?
    Tadokoro: WHAT? No! Well... WHAT?
  • Soma's dad comes to visit and funny happens.
    • When the girls see how attractive he is, they look at Soma very hopeful for how he will look in the future, to his confusion.
    • Soma who usually takes everything in stride, reacts with going into the Corner of Woe at the revelation, that his father is not only an alumnus of the school and dorm, but a former Second Seat of the Council of Ten Masters.
    • Fumio-san scolds Joichiro for dropping by unannounced whenever he feels like it and never ever calling to say "Hi", while Gin sends her cards and gifts during New Years. Not only does this look like Joichiro, legendary chief, is being treated like the 'bad son' of the pair but the girls have an imagine spot of Gin as a "loyal dog" and Joichiro as a "stray cat".
    • Joichiro does not bat an eye at Isshiki's Naked Apron, which the other residents decide is further proof that he was a dorm member.
    • While the girls have a foodgasm at Joichiro's dishes, Marui has the misfortune of selecting one of his experiments and has a contrary experience while Joichiro gleefully describes the awful dish.
  • During the Kaarage arc, Soma asks Nikumi and his former classmate Mayu over to help investigate the rival kaarage stand. When the two girls meet, their mental monologues are definitely less than pleased at not getting to spend time with Soma alone. Soma's mental monologue... well, he gets that the situation is awkward but not exactly why.
  • The first half of Chapter 39 has the Polar Star students playing table tennis. During the match, a narrator box would occasionally pop up to remind readers "Shokugeki no Soma is a cooking manga".
  • When Soma and Megumi both first meet Shiomi, the woman immediately begins apologizing profusely for not having anything ready to offer her guests. This just makes Megumi start apologizing for barging in, creating an infinite loop of the two just apologizing to each other while Soma watches on.
  • Soma introduces himself to Shiomi using his father's name. Shiomi, a classmate (and by extension, experimental subject) of Joichiro's, proceeds to punch Soma across the room before he finishes his sentence.
  • After the Summer Vacation, Takumi once again started to boast and challenge Soma... Only to be interrupted by Soma asking who is behind him. Takumi plainly answers that the tall, handsome, thin guy is Isami, to Soma and Megumi's shock. The conversation deviates so much that, once again, Takumi's badass mood is gone.
  • The Don RS head cheering on Nikumi like he's her dad. Also matches with Heartwarming given how the two were like at first.
  • Kurase admitting she kind of likes Soma's bad dishes. And considering what those make her feel like...
  • The judges for the Preliminaries were really harsh...and it makes one wonder how anyone at this school could score a 6.
  • The guys from Polar Star decide to do a party to celebrate the end of the first round of the Fall Classic, and they also invite the Aldini brothers and Ikumi. Obviously the three of them are wondering if they shouldn't be disturbed by Isshiki going around in a Naked Apron (not helped by the fact that the others are very used to this).
    • And to close the night, Isshiki appears also wearing a speedo.
      • In the anime, we get a scene of Isami and Takumi staring at Isshiki's ass (complete with arrows) and trying to shift their gaze up, constantly switching between his eyes and ass.
    • The next morning, Soma and Megumi's reaction to Isshiki suited-up is priceless.
  • Chapter 62 opens with images of the 8 Fall Classic participants, with shots taken of each character looking badass during the preliminaries... except for Soma, whose picture is of when he dozed off in the middle of cooking.
  • Chapter 63: Soma recruits Sakaki to taste-test his chosen nori bento in preparation for the match against Alice Nakiri. Sakaki has a bite of the fried cod dish that makes up the fish portion of the bento... and imagines herself sitting on the lap of a traditional Japanese man. What makes this even more hilarious is that she actually reacts to it, completely shocked and wondering where the hell this guy came from.
  • Chapter 71: The sudden Jojo's Bizarre Adventure parody.
  • Soma meets Subaru for the first time and sees him as a big, tough, badass biker. Then Subaru calls a time-out to secure his bike... which takes him securing the wheels, chaining it, putting on the cover and tying every corner of the cover. In the meanwhile, Soma is awkwardly looking at the sky and even a crow passes by. The icing is that even after all those security measures, Subaru explains that he even installed a GPS tracker and registered the plate in case it gets lost. Like all that before wasn't enough.
  • The anime version of Subaru's introduction makes it even funnier, as Subaru presents himself by showing off his name in kanji beautifully embroided in his jersey. When Soma comments on how cool it's made, he explains that he did it all by himself... accompanied of a chibi of himself patiently sewing it and Soma looking admiringly.
  • Soma goes to see Erina Nakiri for an opinion on his stew. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Erina has no basic skills for the most mundane things, like buying manga.
    • In the anime version, Erina got hooked by the story because she wanted to learn love, and she heard that Shoujo manga are considered "The Bibles of Romance". Hisako delivered them completely exhausted, as she spent all night reviewing the manga to ensure they were not too daring for Erina's sheltered mind. Even then, Erina is still shocked by the "vulgar" depiction of two teenage lovers holding hands.
  • When the Second Round starts in Chapter 85, Megumi notices how Hinako stares directly at her all the way across the stadium and notes to herself how cute Megumi is, continuing the doses of Les Yay predatory approach from her.
    Hinako: [Thinking] Megumi-chan, you're looking as cute as always.
    Megumi: [Noticing her stare from across the hall] Eh... Our gazes are meeting...? From this distance?
  • Subaru Mimasaka stalking people. It's both creepy and hilarious.
    • The anime adds one during Subaru and Takumi's Shokugeki in the form of one of the judges mentally repeating "Despicable..." over Subaru's underhanded tactics, only for it to give way to a short and sudden rap number. It even comes complete with a name and lyrical credit!
  • Chapter 86: Soma nearly drowned himself when he was just washing his face, because he was too tired to do it.
    • Mimasaka hiding under Mitsuru's desk the whole time.
  • Chapter 93: After the announcement of the Finale of the Fall Classic results in a three-way between Hayama, Kurokiba and Soma, Ryou is seen angrily yelling at both Soma and Akira, until Alice calmly removes his bandana and he suddenly becomes mellow once again. The funny part is Akira and Soma's reactions to the change.
  • Chapter 96: Soma suddenly approaches a blushing Ikumi, who wonders what's the important thing he has to ask her... only for Soma to ask her to teach him how to curate meat. Her dissapointment is noticeable.
    • Also all people in the audience's reaction when Soma awkwardly gets his fish out of the cooler, in contrast to how Badass Hayama and Kurokiba looked.
  • Chapter 97 continues what happened at the end of the previous chapter, incuding Soma grinning like a doofus and everyone's incredulous looks, including Hayama and Kurokiba's confused faces.
    • Kurokiba, still in his calm mode, even outright states how he would've reacted to this if his bandana were on:
      Kurokiba: If I were in berserk mode right now, I would have punched you.
    • Ikumi, Ryoko and Shun are worried about Soma's mystery technique used on his fish, and the three of them hope internally he didn't do any of his horrible experiments on it.
    • Then we finally meet Alice's mom, who at first looks tall, beautiful and stunning, only to introduce herself with very bad Japanese. Some guys in the audience even comment that only she can make it sound charming.
  • Chapter 98:
    • Soma noticing that Kurokiba and Hayama are actually curious about his fish, right after both of them dismissed him. They can actually feel like Soma is an imp taunting them with fish.
    • The whole audience is impressed by how Doujima can sit so tranquil next to all the Nakiri's at the table.
    • In the Flashback, after meeting Ryou for the first time, Alice rushed to her mom requesting to have him as his assistant because Erina had one her age and she doesn't.
      • This is also crowned with a picture of Alice asking her mom to keep a stray dog on a box. Ryou is not amused by this.
  • In Chapter 103, there's a flashback from when Jun gave Akira his own room, which she decorated with Baby magazines as reference for an 8 year old boy.
  • Chapter 105 has many of them:
    • Ikumi having formed a friendship with the Polaris girls.
      • Kanachi looks at Ikumi like a father sending his kid to her playmates' house.
      • The boys expecting them to do girly things while cooking, only to cut to Ikumi and Yuuki having a fierce and frenetic cook-off.
    • Soma visiting frequently Akira and Ryou.
      • Akira's place unwillingly becomes the gathering place.
      • Soma and Ryou still being Sore Losers days after the tournament was done.
      • Akira saying Jun should serve them the cheap snacks, with Ryou giving him an "I'm Standing Right Here".
      • Jun remembering being The Klutz during her student days. Soma actually guessed it right.
    • Hisako's reaction when Soma is revealed to be his coworker during the Stagiarie Week.
      • Also her depressed reaction with only hearing Erina's name.
  • In Chapter 109, Doujima trolls Shinomiya by proxy. Shinomiya is not amused.
    Soma: 'Sup! Thanks for having me, Shinomiya-senpai.
  • In Chapter 114, after closing the restaurant and Koujirou let Soma participate in the design contest, Hinako almost blabbers in front of Professor Chapelle that they did an unnoficial Shokugeki at the Training Camp. While Fuyumi (giving Hinako a backhanded punch), Sekimori and Donato denied it repeatedly to their teacher, Koujirou also started to grab Hinako by the head, while the other three agreed to blame it on Doujima if they got caught.
    • An excited Soma, after getting more advice from Koujirou, calls him "Shishou" ("Master") to his utter embarrassment. The others waste no time making fun of him.
    Fuyumi: You even let a kouhai call you "Shishou". Your ego knows no limits!
    Koujirou: Sh-shut up! He chose to say it himself!!
  • Near the end of the Internships, Ryou's shows that he had to serve at a restaurant overrun by Japanese Delinquents. Turns out that his food and brash personality actually reformed the gang members, also to the point of them wanting to call him their "big brother".
  • When the rest of the Polaris members return in Chapter 117, we have a Brick Joke of Isshiki thinking Marui's only remains would be his broken glasses... Marui is fine (only more scrawny), and his glasses broke because they slipped from his skinny face and he stepped on them.
    • Soma defeating 3 challengers in a row and their exhausted faces.
    • Senzaemon presenting the board his new design for the Maple Leaf Hunt event... which has the same cute chibis from the Training Camp flyer. The others are quick to note that it's too friendly for the event.
  • Chapter 118 gives us the Top 9 of the 1st Years having to socialize with the rest of the Council of Ten Masters. Hilarity Ensues:
    • Megumi starts to panic for a lot of reasons:
      • First at the prospect of meeting the members of the Council, since she is still intimidated by the idea of talking to the best students of the school. The fear increments when she guesses that Soma will challenge any of them and get them in trouble.
      • Then when she realizes that, before meeting the sempais, her group don't get along well: Erina still hates Soma, Alice keeps teasing Hisako, Akira and Ryou are still vitriolic, there's still friction between Takumi and Subaru, who kept teasing Takumi about their match and Takumi is still obsessed with challenging Soma.
      • That soon is replaced by more fear when she realizes that the 2nd year members of the Council of Ten Masters are even worse than them, as the first interactions between them is to curse each other with more heavy insults.
      • Also the panic increases even more when Soma suddenly challenges all of them, earning shocked looks from everyone. That was promptly declined with a flat 'No' from the Council of Ten Masters second-years, as they are busy trying to beat the ones above them.
    • The first meetings after one month of not seeing each other:
      • Ryou and Akira still challenging each other verbally.
      • Takumi's first reaction is to criticize Soma's lack of care of his hair and also, being Takumi, wanting once more to challenge Soma after hearing that he was Shinomiya's intern.
      • The OVA adds more to this conversation, with Subaru joining the hair topic by showing off his flowy and silky hair, to Takumi's disgusted reaction.
      • Hisako telling Erina to thank Soma for the mangas. At first Erina gets bratty and refuses to thank him at all. Then Erina gets shocked when she realizes that Soma and Hisako had become friends.
  • Chapter 119 shows us the different sides of the Council of Ten Masters:
    • Kuga coolly taunts the first-years that he will accept a Shokugeki from one of them if they can beat him in even one of the cooking aspects. Nene is quick to point out his height.
      Kuga: I said 'related to cooking', you hag!!
    • Tsukasa's Shrinking Violet status, unexpected for the Council of Ten Masters' First Seat.
    • Council of Ten Masters's intimidation only fueled most of the first years' desires to overthrow them. Except Megumi, who's clearly terrified.
  • Episode 9 ends with Soma and Erina humming the ending theme (with Soma humming it completely off key), and the two eventually bumping into each other in the bathhouse.
  • In episode 11, Hinako being tied up repeatedly during the unofficial shokugeki, and somehow escaping each and every time. Despite not being a judge, she ends up tasting some of Koujirou's cooking anyway.
  • Chapter 121. We find out that Soma set up a boot right next to Kuga and gives himself an epic speech about how he's gonna win. And then Erina shows up and tells him that if his booth ends up in deficit, he'll be expelled. He proceeds to give her an epic Oh, Crap! face.
  • Chapter 122. After Soma just finds out that he will be expelled if his stand doesn't gain any money, Kanachi explains that it would be impossible to go broke at the Festival... Unless he did something stupid like getting a stand next to a Council of Ten Masters member.
    • Alice somehow managed to get Jun's approval to be part of the Shiomi Seminar's booth and declares herself as the leader of the booth. Akira is not amused and Ryou just gave up and went along.
  • By Chapter 124, we have some moments:
    • Soma and Megumi ran into Takumi and Isami. Because they can't compete with each other because of their locations, Takumi ends the conversation by promising a better match against him now that they all Took a Level in Badass... and then gets dragged away by Isami while his fangirls are still there.
    • Alice had been bossing Akira and Ryou around and took many liberties with the menu at whim. Also we discover how Alice managed to convince Jun to sign her up, because she basically used as the main argument that she wanted to have good memories of the festival by working side-by-side with Akira. Jun immediately got excited and teary at the idea that Akira finally had friends his age, like any mother would react. At the day of the festival, both Erina and Soma wonder how much Alice made Ryou and Akira work, judging by their exhausted looks.
    • Soma discovers that Tootsuki has a School Anthem and everyone else is singing it.
  • Chapter 126, Soma, Megumi, Alice, Ryou and Akira are in the red. As in, five of the top first-years. Naturally, Erina is not pleased.
    • Even though Erina, Ikumi and Takumi gathered all of them to scold them, Soma and Alice's care-free attitude towards the whole situation is enough to piss them off. When Soma appears completely cool and the others are quick to nag at him, he keeps offering them the leftover buns. Alice is the first one who takes it. In the end, everyone is seen eating the buns, except for Erina, who kept rejecting them every time Soma offered her one.
    • As Akira gets increasingly frustrated by Alice being completely oblivious that she is the problem, it doesn't help that Ryou is not voicing his opinion to save the situation and just lets Alice whine and do as she wants. The cherry on top is that Ryou reminds Akira that it's going to be the same the next day, prompting Akira to have an Oh, Crap! reaction.
      • Ikumi and Takumi even look at them while thinking that their teamwork is awful.
    • Also this bit while Soma is looking at the rankings.
      Alice: [munching on a bun] You're on the bottom.
      Akira: Yeah. With us.
    • As seen in Erina's anger, it's implied that she also wants Soma to defeat Kuga, even if she herself doesn't want to admit it.
  • Chapter 127, Soma and Nao meet. A caption reads "The meeting of two people who shouldn't have ever met."
    • The best part of the above is that Soma and Nao are bonding over disgusting food, while Megumi is a bit offput by the fact that they have good chemistry on the topic.
  • As Chapter 129, we finally find out that Soma's Sixth Ranger is Subaru, as he is the only person who can copy Soma's new dish in the exact same quality for the increasing customers they are grabbing from Kuga's line. To further his research, Soma gave Subaru the keys to the restaurant so he could get in character there. Crowned with a shot of Subaru copying Soma's exact same pose and words when he boasted to Kuga his 10-years-experience in the previous chapter.
    Subaru: I have ten more years of experience than you, Senpai.
    Soma: Ok, enough of that. Get to work.
  • Pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment the following chapter along with Ikumi, the Aldini brothers appear to give Soma extra hands.
    Takumi: I wouldn't mind helping you out if you insist, you know?
    Isami: Ah, Can I borrow this stove? Leave boiling the noodles to me.
    Soma: That would be awesome!
    Takumi: Hey, Wait, Isami!!
  • Episode 19 introduces some of the chosen students for the Autumn Election with a title card. Takumi's reads as "The Vaguely Uninteresting Takumi Aldini."
  • After finding out that Kuga placed Second on the fourth day, Rindou rushed to his stall... Only to mock him.
    • Watching her teasing Kuga and him getting flustered makes Megumi think that their interactions are like two siblings.
    • For the rest of the fifth day, Rindou spent all that time having lunch at their booths, annoying Kuga and getting to know Soma's strategy. She flat out says that his plan was optimistic and very unrealistic.
  • From Chapter 132:
    • Rindou treats both Soma and Megumi to Eishi Tsukasa's booth, where they find out that he is the only one cooking, looking calm and collected in the center... only for him to start worrying about every little detail once he finishes a dish.
    • When he arrives to their table, he starts asking them a lot if there's something bothering them, to which Rindou replies that they are uncomfortable because of him asking them about everything, which sends him into depression when Megumi admits that he is being awkward.
    • After their dinner, Soma and Megumi decide to go home because they don't have Pine tickets to try anything else, but then Soma suggest visiting Erina despite not having money or reservations, thinking that Erina owes him a favor after he gave her some buns. Megumi clarifies that Soma actually forced her to take them.
  • In Chapter 135, Soma finally has his first direct talk to Senzaemon Nakiri. Just as Soma is reaching his room, he finds the old man waiting in his room shirtless and flexing his muscles there for no good reason. His rather low key reaction at this is lampshaded because he already saw Gin totally naked doing the exact same thing.
    • Then in Chapter 136, Senzaemon and Soma continue their conversation by asking Soma to tag-along for his night-jogging... with the old man running along with him and doing arm hanging exercises with ease and showing off his muscles at the same time. Soma is quite impressed.
    • When Senzaemon asked Soma about his opinion of Erina as a person, he says that Erina is very difficult to talk to and gets annoyed very easily... completely unaware that most of the time it was him who pressed her buttons.
  • After Erina runs away from her home with Alice, Ryou and Hisako, they deliberate where she can stay. Alice says that Erina is too naive to live on her own in a motel. Erina gets offended by the statement, but it's not far from the truth. Hisako is also slightly insulted at the idea of Alice suggesting that she's like a stray cat, causing Erina to gain a weird mental image of herself as one.
    • Where did Alice got the idea of being a runaway? From documentaries and TV dramas.
  • Also a Heartwarming Moment, it isn't also slightly funny that Erina's really confused reactions to the Polaris Star kids taking her in with open arms and teary eyes after hearing about her troubled childhood, having to react with all the insanity around her. Welcome to the Dorm of Insanity, Erina.
  • In Chapter 142, in the midst of all the dramatics surrounding Azami's takeover and reforming of Totsuki Academy, Soma goes off to challenge Eizan to a Shokugeki in order to save the Polar Star Dorm, where the judges will undoubtedly be rigged to vote for Eizan regardless. How does Soma inform his friends? He leaves a note that almost sounds like the kind your mother would leave when she's not gonna be home for dinner.
    Note: I've gone to challenge Eizan-senpai to a Shokugeki. I left some curry in the fridge, please heat it up and enjoy. Cheers, Yukihira Soma.
  • When Eizan decides that he needs to cook seriously in order to fully crush Soma, all Soma can say in response is, "Eizan-senpai…can cook?" The look of sheer undiluted rage on Eizan's face only sells it. And Rindou finds it just as funny as we do.
  • Chapter 145: Soma taunts Eizan and asks hims if he feels threatened by his cooking. Eizan reacts with a Nobody Calls Me "Chicken"! and his face is priceless.
    • Topped by his expression in Chapter 146. Dude looks like his head is about to blow off his shoulders.
  • Chapter 149: Erina and Hisako's reaction to Isshiki's naked apron.
    • Erina, despite saying it was "vulgar", didn't stop watching, despite Hisako trying to prevent this.
    • Both are impressed that both Takumi and Isami have already got used to this.
  • Chapter 150:
    • Isshiki and Azami calmly stare each other down, even when the former is still in his naked apron.
    • Erina and Azami's dumbfounded faces when Souma casually tells that Jouichirou is his dad. It really runs in the family.
  • Chapter 151:
    • Erina, reminiscing all those insults she threw at Souma after learning that he is the son of her idol.
      • Her reaction was basically a big "My God, What Have I Done?" when she finally got that she'd been insulting the family, and indirectly, the cooking style, roots and the restaurant of said idol.
    • Yuuki's impression of Azami is spot-on, complete with a Nightmare Face. Side by side comparison: Azami and Yuuki
    • Another joke in the episode is a very far Brick Joke, where Shoji and Yuuki want to throw salt around the house after Azami leaves and Fumio refuses to let them waste salt. The same thing happened in the first chapter, when Soma suggested it after Yaeko's visit, only for Jouichirou to flat out reject it as well.
  • In chapter 153, after listening for a while how Central members were talking like arrogant jerks, both Soma and Takumi, without Megumi noticing, went to the arena and confronted one of them, to her utter shock... And they were supposed to just go to recon.
  • Chapter 154:
    • Megumi's reaction faces when Souma and especially Takumi when they went to confront Rentarou.
    • Rentarou, being carried away by Shigemichi after being taunted by Takumi. Both Takumi and Souma's reactions are hilarious.
    • When Rentarou points out that the Central is the ruling class and the rest are commoners and plebians, a panel points out that Souma and Takumi were indicated as the common diner duo due to their humble backgrounds.
    • Alice finding out that she inherited the Cutting-Edge RS. She especially loves the title of "Captain Alice".
  • Chapter 155:
    • Socially awkward Momo, especially at the last panel where she is stuck between the conversation of Souma and Alice. She looks like she is desperately fitting herself in the panel.
    • The flashback showing Rentarou smugly challenging Alice to a Shokugeki in regards to the future of the Cutting Edge RS. Alice instantly refuses because she's not interested in said RS, so she asks Rentarou to leave. Rentarou proceeds to act like a little kid, shouting childishly at Alice and Ryou and stomping his feet on his way out.
  • Chapter 159: Isshiki gives Erina another taste of the Polar Star Dorm living experience by visiting her through the ceiling panel.
  • Chapter 160: Just as Alice is giving Azami "The Reason You Suck" Speech, she closes it with an "I hate you, Uncle Azami", using a pouty Chibi face while saying it in the most deadpan way possible.
    • While Alice gave this speech to her uncle, Soma and Takumi's expressions are worth highlighting. Soma happily starts cheering for Alice, while Takumi is impressed and shocked at the same time.
  • Chapter 161: Souma's Heroic BSoD when he realizes that he helped Central when he became Tsukasa's sous chef.
  • Some of Erina's metaphors for how bad someone's food is can be hilarious themselves, such as when she's first introduced by claiming that someone's broth's flavor is like meditating under a powerful waterfall and having a jukebox fall on your head, or claiming that another soup was like relaxing in a hot spring with gorilla inside it. Everyone that hears this is suitably confused, and even one of them comments that it must be that deep to visualize the flavor like that.
  • After challenging Soma to a Shokugeki and cooking during the following hour, Tsukasa just realizes that they don't have anyone to judge. Then Soma, very casually, asks Hisako and Erina to judge for them, surprising all of them at once, since they didn't expect Soma to be aware of their presence there (Hisako and Erina thought they were hiding well, while Tsukasa didn't even notice anything).
  • Daigo and Shoji's reaction to Ibusaki's curry in the Fall Classic (Anime only).
    The toppings are smoked bacon, smoked potatoes and... A SMOKED EGG?! Dammit Ibusaki, you can't just smoke everything and call it a day!... but it looks really good.
  • Chapter 168: Erina comes to Soma wanting to talk about how she came to know his father. Naturally being very awkward, she doesn't know how to open the conversation, so she starts with her usual personality trying to defend the reason why she choose Tsukasa's dish over his in their impromptu match, only for Soma to instantly take the wind out of her sails by nonchalantly stating he was well aware of why he lost and wasn't blaming her.
    • Also Hisako becomes paranoid because she can't find Erina anywhere. Where's the only place in the whole house she didn't think to look? Soma's room.
    • After the others tell her that they could hear all their conversation through the intercom, everyone starts to panic when Soma offers to make Erina some dish, since all of them guess that he will feed Erina with one of his horrible experiments.
      • Heck, Yuuki and Ryoko even imagine that Soma is making his "experiment devil" face.
      • Most of them think that Erina's palate is so delicate that Soma would kill her with one of those.
      • After Megumi reassures them that Soma is not going to do that to Erina, they still don't know if they should take Megumi's word, since she is the most frequent victim of Soma's experiments.
  • Chapter 170: In another flashback, Erina asks how Joichiro knows the food will be good. He says "he doesn't" and that he's been using her grandfather as a guinea pig for his experiments. Then we see Senzaemon sitting silently with the grimmest look on his face.
  • Chapter 171: Soma asks Erina to tell him how his dish was, but she ignored him in an attempt to gather all the Polar Star residents and left without an answer.
  • Chapter 172:
    • Yuuki and the others at the dorms are excited because it's the first time they're playing in the snow. Even Shun suggests doing an igloo.
    • Alice, Ryou and Megumi are the only ones used to snow, so they watch them with amusement, while all the other students look at them like they're crazy.
    • Momo is deathly afraid of flying, thus prompting Soumei having to literally drag her on to the plane.
  • When Yuuki sees that the students will be taken to the next exam on a luxury train car, she starts crying Tears of Blood over how unfair it is that they won't be able to really enjoy it.
  • Chapter 192: As a moment of levity in an otherwise serious chapter, it turns out Rindou easily let Megumi and Takumi pass their exam simply by making something yummy. When the others catch up with them, they still have blank looks of disbelief on their faces trying to process what happened.
  • Chapter 200: So as a preparation for the Regime de Cuisine for the remaining 4, Dojima is attempting to organize themselves into teams for mock battle... only for Saiba to just treat this as a joke, resulting in Dojima losing his cool and chew out Saiba, while Saiba was still spotting a goofy grin.
    • Then Senzaemon set it up so Dojima, Megumi, and Takumi is on one team, while Saiba, Erina, and Soma is on the other, and threw in a condition: No one can talk. While Megumi and Takumi were initially apprehensive, they managed to get into the flow with Dojima quickly. On the other hand.... Saiba and Soma just got into a shouting match, resulting in EVERYONE (even Senzaemon and Erina!) to go Blue with Shock and Blank White Eyes.
  • Chapter 204:
  • Chapter 205:
    • Erina after finally standing up to her father, she's a bit off from the adrenaline and as a result has a red face.
    • Erina takes the time to announce that after this match, she'll finally take the first seat as she should. While everyone around her looks amused or just happy that she's back to normal, only Soma is annoyed as he's wants to be number one. They then start arguing over who'll get the first seat.
  • Chapter 207: Central has arranged a special seating area for the expelled students: a jail cell.
    • Everything about Urara Kawashima's support of Central. It seems less like a Face–Heel Turn and more like Urara desperately trying to cling on to her popularity, complete with an Evil Costume Switch.
      • On top of that, the captions insistence that she's "(Brainwashed)" when it's more like she's a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who's using support of Azami as an excuse to show the real her and act as crude and cruel as she wants.
    • Before the matches start, Soma has to draw a lot to see what the theme is. Erina tells him that Kinokuni's specialty is traditional Japanese cuisine. Particularly soba noodles since she was raised in a high-class soba restaurant and was trained in various traditional Japanese cuisine specialties. Kinokuni even remarks that Soma shouldn't assume that she can't cooking anything beyond those dishes and that regardless of what he chooses, she will crush him. Soma draws his lot: SOBA. Because of course.
      • The look of disbelief on everyone's faces, particularly Kinokuni's, says it all.
      • After the draw, Kinokuni and Soma's exchange is hilariously awkward, since she was boasting of her skills beyond soba, only to be forced into a soba match anyway. And Soma has to reassure her that it was not intentional, since he has a tendency to have cooking matches on what his opponents specialize in. It seems this is the one time he did not intend to do so.
  • Chapter 208: Soma's face when he's using the machine to make soba. Words do not do this justice.
  • Chapter 209:
    • Isshiki doesn't focus on his match at all, much to his opponent, Julio's annoyance. Julio then goes into this about speech how every action of the chef creates the art that is cooking. Isshiki just asks what was his name again, much to Julio's shock.
    • Tsukasa admits that he can understand Julio's pain and if something like that happened to him, he would go into hiding for three days.
    • Rindou scolds Isshiki for forgetting the name of his classmate. Isshiki then compliments her on her choice of hair-style, causing her to forget her earlier anger and thank him happily.
    • When Alice asks about Isshiki, the Polar dorm states that while he's a reliable older brother to them, he's still a weirdo due to his habit of wearing a naked apron, causing Alice to wonder what that is.
  • Chapter 210:
    • After seeing Isshiki's true skill, Urara Kawashima was so surprised she forgot her "brainwashed" personality and started commenting normally. Quickly remembering, she added how he will lose this match.
    • Rindou scolding Isshiki for trash talking Julio only for Julio to be happy, believing Isshiki to finally acting worthy of his family. Rindou just says it's good that Julio is happy, despite being weirded out.
    • Hisako and Ikumi are shocked by Isshiki's skill, especially given how he normally dresses. Alice, not having stayed at the Polar dorm, keeps asking what they mean by naked apron to both of their embarrassment.
  • Chapter 216
    • Isshiki gets a dramatic panel...while admitting to stealing the ingredients of his dorm mates with his own two hands.
  • Chapter 217
    • Urara tries to give a "Reason You Suck" Speech to Soma and Kuga, keyword: tries
      • Her attempt at a Nightmare Face is hilariously childish, with a middle finger and thumbs down.
      • Neither Soma nor Kuga are fazed by this one bit with Kuga nonchalantly telling Urara that she's "gonna get wrinkles at this rate" which gives her a mini freak out.
      • Urara tries to hype up the new Fifth Seat member Shouko Kaburagi but Kuga calmly points out that the new Fifth Seat is up against the former Third Seat. We're then immediately shown that Tousuke has ended his Shokugeki with Shouko as a Curb-Stomp Battle.
      • Adding to this is Kuga's response to her whole thing;
    Kuga: (with a ":3" face) Yes, yes. Great job with that loong introduction and all, but...her opponent right now...happens to be the former THIRD seat, no?
  • Chapter 220
    • After a long spiel explaining Rindou's rare ingredient specialty, such as alligators and insects, Souma gets fired up thinking about how he wants to talk with her and Nao Sadatsuka about prospective ingredients. Just the thought of such a conversation frightens everyone else.
    • As Urara says that Rindou is a rare ingredients master while Rindou holds the gator and taunts Megishima with it, the gator suddenly escapes from Rindou's grasp an proceeds to chase after a terrified, shrieking Urara, all while Megishima watches in stoic silence.
  • Chapter 225
    • The chapter opens up with Mimasaka impersonating Saito while spouting out some really corny catch phrases with Samurai dialect. Saito denies ever saying them but then Eishi, Rindou, Momo and even Megishima all start ragging on him for actually doing so in the past. Even funnier by the fact that apparently Saitou is a Samurai Fanboy and tries to act like one every time available, according to his classmates.
    • Mimasaka impersonating Momo, Nene, Eizan, Rindou, and Tsukasa. He also impersonates Erina, but thankfully we're spared the physical appearance.
    • Then there's the fact that he's seen doing this by a security guard, who's promptly baffled into stunned silence by it all, and as if that were not enough, the Bucchi plush toy that Mimasaka's holding as he impersonates Momo looks downright scared.
  • Chapter 244
    • The rebels get so excited at the overall victory that they break the cage they were in with a single tackle. Akira and Ryou can only look completely deadpan at the fence, while the Polaris guys and Alice tackle Soma into a group hug.
    • After Takumi gives a cool speech to Megumi of how she should be proud of herself, the others immediately tell him to stop trying to look cool, followed by Isami also tackling his brother, followed by the rest of his friends.
    • Subaru also congratulates Takumi on his win. Takumi thanks him for giving him the idea of tracing Eizan's thoughts, to which Subaru replies that Takumi can be an even better stalker than him, which prompts an awkward reaction from Takumi.
    • Meanwhile in the Central backstage, Momo is too busy trying to take selfies with her dessert basket and update her Instagram account, followed by her bossing Nene to sew Bucchi's hands again.
    • Rindou is back at being a Genki Girl after a full day nap.
  • Chapter 247
    • Erina explains to Momo she knows exactly what's been bugging her since the match with Megumi, as she's felt that same frustration. She then turns to glare briefly at Soma, who's wearing a hilarious "huh? Yeah? What'ca lookin' at me fer?" look on his face. In other words, their relationship in a nutshell...
    • And then, after Erina borrows Soma's catchphrase, Soma starts teasing her about it, resulting in a very flustered conversation.
  • Chapter 250
    • Satoshi loses to Eishi 0-3. However, he remains unyieldingly cheerful and openly defies Tsukasa's offer to become his assistant. He also, for some reason, strips down to a fundoshi. In the middle of the arena.
  • Chapter 257
    • Rindou and Eishi already agreed who takes the appetizer and main dish respectively. Erina and Soma...have apparently spent the whole night arguing who gets to cook the main dish and settled the dispute at the final match with rock-paper-scissors.
    • That night, Soma cooked the dishes he made to impress Shinomiya and beat Kuga; both of them got an unexpected feeling like someone's talking about them. And he failed to impress Erina with said dishes, Soma figured they'll end up determining the order like that.
    • Soma's expression when he begins to use Erina to test his appetizer. The other times he smiled like that is when he gave Megumi and Kurase his bad food.
  • Chapter 258
    • Soma's appetizer? Pate de campagne made to look like CAVEMAN MEAT.
  • Chapter 260
    • Erina's response? A main dish that incorporates squid tentacles and peanut butter.
      • What makes this even better is that Squid Tentacles and Peanut Butter were the very first dish in the manga on the very first page, making this a Brick Joke six years in the making.
      • Please note when we say the very first dish in the manga, we aren't talking about Chapter 1. It was the very first dish, on the first page we see Soma, in the one-shot. The Brick Joke is older than the serialization.
      • Plus there is everyone from Soma's dorm's expression when they hear this. They just look so flabbergasted that she made it work.
    • There's also something hilarious about how sassy Erina gets towards her dad denouncing her Oyakodon before even tasting it. Especially with the remark of 'how amazing he is' that he can be so judgmental. Also counts as a Moment of Awesome given she just spat right in his face essentially.
  • Chapter 262:
    • Several members of the Rebels amd the Central are stripped to their underwear because Azami is unable to control his blessing pulse, which was involuntarily triggered by Erina's dish.
    • Poor Hisako. After standing up to Azami and dramatically declaring that Erina is her friend...she is promptly stripped in the very next panel.
    • As Azami is undergoing Villainous Breakdown, even he is stripped to his underpants in front of the whole school.
      • To make matters worse for Azami, the face he makes during his stripping is... less than dignified.
  • In Chapter 263:
    • While everyone is celebrating, Erina takes this try and pull on Soma's cheeks for causing the insanity to begin with. Everyone then cools down a bit when they see it.
    • Both Soma and Erina's respective faces when they each give them the spot of First Seat and Headmaster respectively.
  • In Chapter 264:
    • Alice and Ryo have not only included Akira in their constant challengers, but the three also put their Elite 10 seats on the line when they do so, implying they're constantly shuffling between holding seats 4-6.
    • Ryo has fangirls. Neither he nor Alice seem to be impressed with this development.
  • In Chapter 266:
  • In Chapter 267:
    Megumi: (with a shocked expression) Wh-What was I just thinking of!?
  • Chapter 273: It Barely Makes Any More Sense In Context to Erina:
    Suzuki-Sensei: I will be the one to take Erina Nakiri as my wife!
    Soma: Nakiri (and her tongue) are mine!
  • Chapter 274: Megumi having to nurse Erina back to health, since she fainted upon hearing the above statement.
  • Chapter 275: Suzuki/Saiba effortlessly defeats Soma in a Shokugeki before carrying a passed-out Nakiri like a princess.
    • Dojima goes looking for Soma and finds him stuck inside a trash can, much to his confusion. Apparently, the foodgasm he experienced from Suzuki’s dish was so intense that he passed out and fell into a trash can.
  • Chapter 276: Suzuki spends the Chapter flustering Erina’s by HEAVILY flirting with her and showing enough charisma to make her blush and even being compared to a prince.
  • Chapter 293: Sarge's over the top cooking methods to bake a cake (using a chainsaw to whip cream and an actual DETONATOR to instantly bake the cake). Soma is totally unfazed and unleashes his own special weapon: a cup ice spoon. Soma wins.
  • Takumi and Soma's back-to-back matches over the Mezzaluna happen so frequently that their friends know the knife will change hands the next day.
  • Everyone's upset that Erina's forced to fight the Noirs consecutively. Especially Soma, who wants to have that kind of lineup.
  • During the fateful match against Soma, Asahi has flashbacks of the previous owners of his tools and recollects their profound wisdom. Asahi happily acknowledges that he made it this far thanks to those people who had helped him and even becomes a bit emotional. Hilarity Ensues when the Polar Star Dorm members call him out by accusing him of trying to make himself more sympathetic by pretending he's the protagonist of the story. Even his own subordinates admit that since Asahi stole those tools from those people in duels they probably wouldn't cheer him on.
    • Chapter 308 takes it even further, presenting the WGO Bookmen who taste his dish as tamed JRPG monsters who want to join his party, creating arguably one of the manga's most ridiculous Imagine Spots yet.
    • In a hilarious case of Swapped Roles, Asahi is compared to a fantasy hero while Soma is compared to a demon overlord.
  • Chapter 315 wraps things up with Erina trying Soma’s dish. While it’s also awesome, the fact that Erina’s amped up version of disrobing pretty much “disrobes” the building she’s in, blowing out the walls, is pretty dang hilarious. With this, the series’ reactions are starting to reach Yakitate!! Japan levels of absurdity.
  • Chapter 2 of Le Dessert has some flashbacks to how Joichiro met his wife, and their life together after getting married. Some highlights:
    • In his first visit to Yukihira Diner, Joichiro orders the Chef's Special. Everybody starts yammering in response, knowing what he's in for.
    • Tamako was a Japanese Delinquent during her school days, so when Joichiro visits her restaurant and after impressing her enough with his cooking skills, she declares him "part of her gang".
    • Then later, she gives him a promotion to "special someone".
    • Toddler Soma wearing an apron too big for him and holding a toy knife and carrot is this and adorable.
    • Tamako goes to get herself a haircut. The hairdresser, wearing a Cat Smile in her face, takes advantage of her falling asleep to straighten her hair, and she's not amused. To add insult to injury, her father captures it in a family photo- the one which was shown in the very first chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.
  • Chapter 3 of Le Dessert couldn't end the story with a few more to cap it off:
    • At the start, Soma gets detained in an airport because he's waving a knife around. He gets off the hook because the security chief is a fan of his.
    • Hinako gushing over Nene, who doesn't know what to say.
    • Even at age 27, Momo still carries Bucchi around!
    • Erina goes to Soma's restaurant, and gets greeted by Soma's grandpa, who briefly scares her.
    • Soma serves Erina and everyone else his latest creation: Squid legs and peanut butter, marinated with coffee, mixed with sweet-and-sour habanero, pork and simmered with mint sauce. The foodgasm is represented by a giant squid wearing a crown groping everyone with its tentacles.

Betsubara (or Omakes or Print Bonus):

  • Takumi hiding in a corner deciding if step on Soma's foot.
  • Betsubara 1 has a section where Soma, Takumi and others discuss their casual clothes:
    • Soma wears a Hanten (equivalent of going around in pajamas during daytime) in his free time. Fumio and Megumi picture him as a middle-age guy needing a cup of sake. Fumio then points out Jouichirou used to do the same while Gin lectured him about keeping a good image as an Council of Ten Masters member.
    • Takumi shows he is a fashionista himself and gets annoyed when he sees Soma's "lack of fashion sense", emphasizing how much of a Generation Xerox those two are to Gin and Jouichirou.
    • Ikumi shows up in a biker jacket saying Kanachi made her use it. Once Soma compliments the look on her, Ikumi says she's going to wear it more often.
    • Takumi and Soma's reaction when they see Isshiki's ability to quickly switch from his regular clothes to his fundoshi with just walking behind a tree. Megumi, however, is used to this and treats it like an everyday normal quirk from him.
  • The one-shot cross over cor the Shounen Jump manga also has quite a few moments:
  • Betsubara 3 brings us few takes on how the students had lunch. Hilarity Ensues:
    • Ikumi goes to the Polaris Dorms with a bento she made for Soma, intending to say that she made too much in her class practice... Only to see that the dorm already has too much food from each of them.
    • Two of Takumi's fangirls approach both Takumi and Isami and invite them for lunch. Isami then suggests they taste each other's plates. The girls end up depressed because the Aldinis cook much better than them.
      • If you notice their expressions, Takumi has no clue at all, while Isami has a mischievous expression when he suggests the exchange.
    • Hisako making a body check to Alice and Ryou before they can approach Erina, like they would carry weapons.
      • The Death Glares between Hisako and Ryou.
      • Erina is too full because she had to sample a lot of dishes from her job.
    • Then we have a scene from the past, as two girls begged Jouichirou for more of him.
      • Turns out that they were begging him for his failures.
      • Gin flat out rejects Jouichirou's invitation.
  • In an extra, while Doujima and Hitoshi are supervising the Breakfast Trials, the other alumni were having their sleepovers.
    • Koujirou, being this group's Marui, has his room invaded by his friends, with Hinako insisting on playing games, Donato bringing wine and Fuyumi making the snacks.
    • Erina gets dissapointed when she finds out that the alumni borrowed the Othello before her.
  • Before Koujirou orders to open a wine bottle for themselves, Wei reminds him that they have a tight budget. Koujirou frenetically starts calculating before approving.
    • Wei points out that they still shouldn't if he's going to make the calculations so frenetically.
    • Soma looks amused at how hard is to lead a business like that.
    • Hinako and Lucie complain about being tied again.
  • In the first anniversary popularity poll, the top ten characters were paired with the top ten dishes of the same number, highlights include:

The Dub's comedic moments

While the Dub is Broken Base by many people, there are still plenty of moments from it that are very comedic due to the delivery of the cast involved. This is for any stand-out moments that are specific to the English Dub of the Anime.

  • Megumi's freak-outs tend to be a lot more noticeable in the dub, especially given Jad Saxton's delivery.
  • Leonora Nakiri's broken English is very funny to listen too, especially when she starts to get a bit random with it. Also makes her 'exposure' even more funny when she goes into rapid fire (props to Emily Neves for that talent).
  • The little Somas at the end of Season 2 have a rather humorous taunt towards Erina, all of them screaming "How do ya like me now?" over and over until she flips.

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