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  • Anytime Paradox does the Mandark laugh to the point that his enemies find it annoying.

Chapter 1

  • RJ gives a compliment to Yusuke of how Keiko saves his ass from wearing that Batman abomination.
  • The Avengers meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy in Stark Tower gives some humorous vibes just like in their movies.
  • The Megas XLR are riding bouncing balls, and Coop keeps falling off while Jamie and Kiva are laughing to take pictures of it.
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  • The first interaction between Amaya and Daiki towards the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future.
  • The meeting between Bandit Keith and Dan Eagleman is head on.
  • The characters talking about Hunter x Hunter and its reputation.
    Terriermon: Don't you mean to say Hiatus x Hiatus?
    Yusuke: Togashi's a lazy ass that's why.

Chapter 2

  • The prologue shows Deadpool talking to his fans about a certain Guilty Crown side-story that has his name on it. Then he gives them free chimichangas while Schrodinger grabs one.
  • Megas XLR characters meeting their respective villains.
  • As some Digimon villains raid Toys R Us, ChaosGallantmon has this to say.
    ChaosGallantmon: Time to raid ourselves a toystore...What the hell? We're not toy robbers!
  • Alexis and Yoshino groans of babysitting Jaden and Hassleberry.
  • Digimon characters talking about how Young Hunters nearly ruin the franchise. Bonus points that a bunch of kids try to hug Gundramon as Elmo with Tagiru trying to rescue him.

Chapter 3

  • Spider-Man performing the emo dance much to Kensuke Rainer's incite of annoyance and Sailor Uranus seeing this threatens to stick her sword on spidey's ass.
  • Two Impmons meet, that is all.
  • The Cybernetic Ghost finally meets his son (that's Kaiba mind you), much to Gozaburo's annoyance.
  • Maximillion Pegasus gives his compliments to Batman and his voice in the Nolan movies.

Chapter 4

  • The many interactions with the Sailor Senshi and their clones that Paradais and GranDracmon created.
  • Setsuna Meioh (alongside her sister) telling her friends the humorous story of Sharon River's labor in a flashback.
  • Schrodinger annoys LK!Tsugumi.
  • The last scene has Sayaka Miki has to say.
    Sayaka: All of a sudden, things couldn't get any weirder.

Chapter 5

  • The prologue has the DBZ narrator speaking in his usual narration, only that Goku and Gohan interrupt him.
    DBZ Narrator: Next segment on New Year Nightfest! The Ascendants and their Kai Allies are going to have the fateful meeting with the Z-Warriors! What could possibly be? Find out now!
    Goku: Whoa! Hey, don't cut us off yet!
    DBZ Narrator: Whoops sorry.
    Goku: Say, why do you sound like Gohan?
    DBZ Narrator: Because I'm Kyle Hebert! And this is my monster truck rally voice!
    Gohan: And I'm talking in Kyle Hebert's almost normal voice.
    Goku: Oh, hey, it's time, isn't it?
  • Two Popos (Abridged Mr. Popo and Blue Popo) meet, what in the world do we live in?
  • The Uchiha clan's screen time, especially Sasuke has to go through all the autographs from yaoi fangirls.
  • The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy's second scene.

Chapter 6

  • Gonzensomon doing the pafu-pafu motion till Sailor Cosmos bonks him.
  • The interaction between two Beeruses. Holy cow.

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

  • During the fight against the Shibichi no Kumori, the group recalls that they use to be characters from Kanius' now deleted Naruto: Land of Darkness fanfic. They only agree because they are low on cash that they need some acting experience.

Chapter 15

  • The battle royale with the Dragonball/Digimon Fusion Kai cast vs the Time Breakers/Shadow Dragons gives plenty of laughs.
    • After taking a beating, Naturon Shenron thinks about smoking weed.
    • Out of nowhere, Toriyama the bird appears to greet Android 16.
    • Oceanus Shenron is swearing like a sailor to its opponents, not to mention the comments of whether its a woman or a man.
    • During the fight with Haze Shenron: Nappa orders Guldo like a Pokemon to use his 'Time Freeze' and then offers him a doggy treat. The big one is where Haze Shenron is playing the GT rap that the heroes/villains despise, especially Tien.
    • Eis Shenron mutters of not being over until the fat lady sings. Cue the fat lady noise.
    • The Popos just...doing nothing to help their allies. All in a white, Towa gets their DNA samples to power up Mira.

Chapter 16

Chapter 20

  • After Jack Atlas cries out 'jackoff', Zealoss jokes of renaming his opponent as Jackoff Atlas much to Jack's disgust.

Chapter 24

  • The part when Omega Shenron Darkness Mode and the Time Breakers de-age the Dragonball/Digimon Fusion Kai cast to young kids and previous forms (except those like Majin Buu, D-Reaper, Mr. Popo and Takeru Cage). One funny part shows Freeza and Burizalor's voices are regressed to sound like Linda Young's.

Chapter 25

Chapter 28

Chapter 29

Chapter 31

Chapter 32


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