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"We'll have a cup of tea, and wait for all this to blow over."

  • Shaun and Ed accidentally hit a man with a car and Shaun insists on finding out whether he's alright:
    Injured Man: [*undead groan*, revealing himself to be a zombie]
    Shaun: Oh, thank God for that. [drives off]
  • "Tonight, I'm gonna have myself a real good time..."
    • That scene has turned many on to Queen.
    • "Kill the Queen!" "What." "The jukebox!"
      • Yelled while he and Liz are having a nicely choreographed battle against the zombie barman, hitting him with pool cues. The fact that Shaun accidentally hits himself in the head with his cue just makes it funnier.
      • Meanwhile, Dianne and Shaun's mother are in the background watching the fight while grooving to the music.
      • Bonus points for not using "Another One Bites The Dust" i.e. the more obvious choice.
      • David trying to mess with the fusebox causing the lights to flicker unintentionally looking like a rave.
      David: We've got a situation!
      Shaun: I KNOOOOWWW!!!
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  • Ed's introduction at The Winchester.
    Ed: Can I get any of you cunts a drink?
  • After Shaun gets dumped, he and Ed making up stories about the barflies in the Winchester by casting them as retired gangsters and ex-prostitutes. Then, as they are leaving, they break into “White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It)” by Melle Mel:
    Zombie: EURRRRGHH!!
    Shaun and Ed: Do-do-do-do-do-duddulo-do!
    Zombie: Eurrrgh!!
    Shaun and Ed: Do-do-do-do-do-duddulo-do!
    Zombie: Eurrrgh!!
    Shaun: He didn’t say “Bass”...
    Ed: Or “Freeze”...
    Both: What a tit.
  • Pete chewing out Shaun and Ed after getting woken up by them DJ-ing in the living room at 4 AM.
    Pete: [after throwing out Shaun's record] It's four in the fucking morning!
    Shaun: It's alright. It's Saturday.
    Pete: No it's not. No. It's fucking Sunday, and I've got to go to fucking work in four fucking hours because every other fucker in my fucking department is fucking ill. Now can you see why I'm so fucking angry?!
    Ed: Fuck yeah!
    • For that matter, there's the special alternate "clean" version of that scene included as a special feature on the DVD, where (because of contractual obligations) Edgar Wright had to make an honest attempt at rewriting that whole exchange without any obscenities. The result?
    Pete: No it's not. No. It's funking Sunday, and I've got to go to funking work in four funking hours because every other funker in my funking department is funking ill. Now can you see why I'm so funking angry?!
    Ed: Funk yeah!
  • "It's not hip-hop. It's electro. Prick."
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  • The fence hopping scene, establishing a running gag that would last through all three Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy Films.
    Shaun: What's the matter, Ed? Never taken a shortcut before?
  • The scene where Shaun rants about how there's nothing left of the real Phillip now that he's a zombie, just as Phillip manages to turn off the blaring radio.
    • Shaun and Ed's plans for the zombie invasion, culminating in killing Phillip apologetically with a shovel and having a casual cup of tea. Things didn't exactly work out that way. . .
      • More to the point, they keep going over the plan, streamlining the imagined scenarios more and more to the point where a heartfelt and drawn-out apology to Philip devolves into just "Sorry! *bonk*"
    • The bloopers for that scene are hilarious:
    Simon Pegg: Sorry, Phillip! [forgets to pull his swing and actually whacks Bill Nighy in the head] ... Oh, god, I'm so sorry!
    • Then, in another take...
    [Shaun and Ed enter the room with weapons raised]
    Zombie!Phillip: RRRRRR!
    [Shaun and Ed advance, when suddenly...]
    Zombie!Phillip: [quizzically] ...rrrr?
    • When Shaun then finally approaches Phillip from behind and he raises his bat saying "I'm so sorry, Phillip", Phillip (who hasn't actually turned yet) asks in a completely deadpan voice "Why? What have you done now?" giving Shaun a jump and making him backtrack immediately.
    Phillip: What have you got there? Flowers, I hope.
    Shaun: No, it' bat.
    • The earlier prediction of what to do that day is a little more accurate though:
    A Bloody Mary first thing, a bite at the King's Head, a couple at The Little Princess, stagger back here and bang...
    back at the bar for shots.
  • Shaun comes out of his mom's house, only to find that Ed has somehow managed to wreck the car despite him being gone for maybe 10 minutes. They end up having to cramp themselves into Phillip's car.
  • And the scene where Shaun and his friends run into another Five-Man Band of survivors who are essentially all of them, as played by much more expensive actors.
  • Basically the entire movie riffs on how the English would deal with an apocalypse. Namely, under reacting to everything while making cups of tea, closeting themselves in the pub, using ineffective improv weapons and hiding zombie bites with the excuse of not wanting to make a fuss.
  • The entire walk to the mart on the morning of the apocalypse. Shaun walks through his usual morning shopping routine, in an exact replication of The Oner from the movie intro, without noticing that he's in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse.
    • Later as they are fleeing the house, the zombified Asian shopkeeper can be seen reaching his hand out for Shaun like he knows he short-changed him.
  • Ed's reaction to seeing a hole punched through a woman's stomach.
    • For that matter, Shaun's expression when Ed hits a zombie over the head with an ashtray and caves its skull in. And Ed himself:
      "Did you see his head go?"
  • Shaun's girly squeal, complete with wibbly hands, at seeing a zombie in his living room.
  • Shaun trying to take down a zombie with a tetherball.
    • The blooper for this scene is also great, as he accidentally wraps the tetherball around the boom mic.
  • David's pointing a gun at Shaun's dead mum. Shaun breaks a bottle and holds it to David's neck. Ed also breaks a bottle and holds it to David's neck. Dianne complains, so Ed hands her his bottle to put to Shaun's neck and Ed grabs a corkscrew.
  • "Cock-acidal maniac!"
    • Even funnier in the alternate takes: "Big old gash." "Loves giant root." "More holes filled with pearly-white spooge." "Big old muff." "Ropey old twat." Simon Pegg couldn't keep a straight face.
      • Made even funnier/squiky because that's Nick's mother-in-law.
  • Shaun and Ed trying to take out Mary and the other zombie in their back flinging records at them. Made even funnier by the fact that they're arguing over which ones to throw and which to keep.
  • Shaun and Ed not realising that the woman in their backyard is actually undead.
    Shaun: Oh my God... she's so drunk!
  • "Fuck-a-doodle-do!"
  • The scene where a zombie wanders into Shaun and Ed's flat because they left the front door open.
  • Ed's almost casual confirmation that the lipless zombie and Mary are still at the window.
  • Shaun is trying to call the police.
    Shaun: Shit. It's engaged.
    Ed: How about an ambulance?
    Shaun: It's engaged, Ed.
    Ed: Fire engine?
    Shaun: It's one number, Ed, and it's busy! Okay? What d'you want a fire engine for, anyway?
    Ed: Anything with flashing lights, you know?
  • Shaun and Ed are trying to call Pete upstairs with no response.
    Shaun: Pete?
    Ed: OI, PRICK!
    Shaun and Ed (beat) He's not in.
  • Shaun's "inspirational speech" to the other employees at the electronics store:
    "Now, as Mr. Sloan always says: There is no "I" in "TEAM". But there is an "I" in "PIE". And there's an "I" in "MEAT PIE". It's, uh...the anagram of "MEAT" is "TEAM"... Look, I don't know what he's talking about..."
  • The team practicing before blending into the audience of zombies in order to reach the Winchester Pub. Barbara's turn to pose as a zombie is priceless:
    Barbara: [thousand yard stare]
    Dianne: Barbara, that's excellent!
    Barbara: [suddenly returns to reality] Sorry, dear, I was miles away.
  • Shaun and Liz take refuge behind the bar, leaving a bitten Ed stranded across the room in a crowd of dozens of zombies.
    Shaun: Ed! Ed!
    Ed: [Dynamic Entry over the bar, covered in blood and bites] WHAT?!
  • Ed "somehow" crashing the car the gang was already using, forcing them to take Phillip's Jaguar like he wanted. They were parked at the time.
  • From the commentary, Edgar Wright revealing that the "We're coming to get you, Barbara" Shout-Out went completely over George Romero's head at the premiere, with Wright himself having to explain it to him when they chatted afterwards.
  • Whilst having an argument with Barbara, Shaun tells her that he was molested by Philip as a child.
    Shaun: Did you know, that on several occasions, he touched me.
    [Barbara abruptly stops what she's doing, then turns to glare at Shaun]
    Shaun: That wasn't true. Made it up. Shouldn't have done. Sorry.
    • A few seconds before we had this:
    Shaun: What would you say if I told you that Philip's been quite unkind to me?
    Barbara: You weren't easy to live with.
    Shaun: He chased me with a bit of wood!
    Barbara: You called him a you-know-what!
    Shaun: Did he tell you that? Motherfucker!
    Barbara: Shaun!
    Shaun: I'm sorry, mother...Mum!
  • Ed is a walking Mood Whiplash factory, but he really shines right before the end, where he, Shaun, and Liz are hiding in the Winchester's basement.
    Shaun: [while he and Liz are discussing suicide] What about Ed? There's only two shells.
    Ed: [across the room, badly injured] I don't mind being eaten!
    • A moment later, Shaun remarks he's not sure he can shoot his flatmate, his mother, and his girlfriend all in one evening.
    Liz: What makes you think I've taken you back?
    Shaun: You don't want to die single, do you?
    Ed: [offscreen] Actually, I would like to be shot.
    • When Shaun finds a way out for them, he and Liz bid Ed a tearful goodbye.
    Liz: Bye, Ed. Love you.
    Ed: Cheers!
    Shaun: I love you too, man.
    Ed: Gay.
  • There are a LOT of funny moments from the cast commentary.
    • When they all impersonate Bill Nighy. "Let's all get into our 'jamas, and out of our normal clothes!" and "Sean, be a man..."
    • "I'd like 140 Frappawappas, please! And 50 raspberry things!"
    • "I was eatin' a cake and a cow stood on my foot..."
    • "The woman who has just lost her son. It's good, but what if I cry?"
  • Shaun is channel hopping on the morning of Z-Day, starting with Channel 4 News:
    Krishnan Guru-Murthy Though no one official is prepared to comment, religious groups are calling it Judgement Day. There's...
    [changes to VH1, playing "Panic" by The Smiths]
    Morrissey (singing): ...Panic on the streets of London...
    [changes to ITV News]
    News Reporter: an increasing number of reports of...
    [changes to soccer commentary]
    Commentator 2: ...serious attacks on...
    [changes to Channel5 News]
    News Reporter: ...people, who are literally being...
    [changes to nature documentary, which features a gazelle being eaten by leopards]
    Documentary Narrator: ...eaten alive.
    [changes to Sky News]
    Jeremy Thompson: Witness reports at best are sketchy. One unifying detail seems to be that the attackers in many instances appear to be...
    [changes to T4]
    Vernon Kay: ...dead excited to have with us here a sensational chart topping...
  • It's not from the film, but an article about the supposed end of the world on 23rd September 2015 had one great comment on it: 'Head to the Winchester, have a pint, and wait for it all to blow over'.
  • Shaun finally gets fed up with David's smarmy would-be Dogged Nice Guy act after Liz finally dumps him:
    David: [smugly] Basically, I'd say your nine lives were up, Shaun.
    • Made even funnier by the fact that David isn't actually wearing his glasses at that point.
  • How did Shaun get away from the zombie horde after leading them away from the Winchester? He hid in a rubbish bin and waited for them to pass by before making a break for it. Too bad one zombie saw him...
  • The scene where Shaun and Ed try to kill the two zombies in the yard by throwing things at their heads. First with random stuff they grabbed from the kitchen, with no luck, and then using Shaun's record collection. They actually go through the records, seeing which ones are too good to ruin by throwing them at zombies.
    • Finally, Shaun gives up and just smashes through the locked garden shed, where he grabs the cricket bat he uses for most of the movie.
    • The fact tht he choose a cricket bat of all the things in there. And Ed a shovel.
  • The not-so-distant finale, set six months later, showing how British society quickly adapted to the zombies. The service sector uses them as cheap labor since most of them retain enough mobility for basic physical labor, a woman on a talk show talking about how she still considers herself married to her zombified husband, and the news anchor from the start of the movie being interviewed about his iconic "removing the head or destroying the brain" speech.
    • And of course, Shaun keeping the zombified Ed in the garden shed and still play Tekken with him.
  • "Feel free to step in at any time!"

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