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Funny / Shadows Of The Azure

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Here are the funny moments from Shadows Of The Azure.

  • "Ragna the Bear-Edge." That is all.
  • Shadow Jin. Both disturbing and hilarious, especially when Kanji sees him.
  • Rise scolding Makoto for wearing revealing clothes when the latter scolds Akihiko for the same thing.
  • A lesser example: Ragna telling Jin to pinch him while the latter is acting sane.
  • The first thing Ragna does when he encounters his shadow self in the middle of the shadow's graveyard? Scream like a girl as usual.
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  • Hakurei considers having a boob contest with Litchi if she ever met her. Tsubaki is embarrassed beyond belief. Aigis also agrees with Hakurei, albeit in a snarky fashion.

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