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Funny / Shadow Warrior

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  • 'Use' a condom machine in a bathroom, and get one of a surprisingly large number of condom jokes. "Before you attack her, wrap your whacker!"
  • Fire the nuke at something, and occasionally get one of a few random comments. "Just like Hiroshima / Nagasaki / Pearl Harbor!"
  • The portapotty company's logo is a sumo wrestler carrying one, with 'Porta-Pu: We Carry Your Load'.
  • Most of the vehicles are Titsubishis.
  • If there are two rabbits in an area, they what rabbits are known for. And shortly thereafter, with a 'Pop!' there will be three rabbits. One area has a button you can repeatedly press to spawn rabbit after rabbit, who will all start this, and murder your framerate. One well-placed grenade fixes the problem, though.
    • Even better in the Redux rerelease on Steam where this now gets you an achievement.
  • Some of the Ice Cream Koans you get when you find a fortune cookie:
    Man who stand on toilet, high on pot.
  • Lo Wang's seemingly endless collection of penis jokes around his name. Even the video of the remake has a moment where he answers the phone with "You've got Wang!"