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  • "I AM A BACKDOOR MAN!" (from the episode "Head Case")
    • To elaborate, unbeknownst to Ramsey (but knownst to us), Parker secretly set up a hidden camera in Ramsey's shower, and broadcast him singing the song "I am a backdoor man" to the entire NNL complex. It remains my favorite moment of the entire series, particularly when Ramsey realizes it, and snarls, "PARKER! I'M GONE KILL YOU!" into the camera).
  • The first wedding scene from the episode "Two weddings and a funeral". Parker and Olga basically dare each other to marry each other, and each one is expecting the other to back down but neither do.
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  • An episode has the "nuclear football" stolen and used to set off WWIII. Parker goes back to find it, figuring it was stolen by terrorists. He and Olga spend all night chasing it from a smuggler to street crooks, to a kid who had no idea what it as until they finally find out who was responsible for the nuclear attack: a gorilla from the zoo who, completely at random, managed to enter in the million-to-one code while pounding on the keys. The You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! looks on Parker and Olga's faces are priceless.

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