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  • Chapter 26: Jaune gets Ruby's advice on relationships. They do realize neither of them know much, so Jaune decides to just describe the situation he was in and get her opinion.
    "Okay. So... we were out at a nightclub together."
    "Uhuh," Ruby said, leaning forward.
    "And then they both kissed me."
    "..." Ruby blinked.
    "On the lips," Jaune added, or clarified. "With tongue. For about a minute or more."
    She stared at him. Long and hard.
    "Do you think that means they like me?"
    Ruby sighed. She was fifteen, and she already felt like she was too old for this.
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  • Chapter 34: Miltia finally gives up on any attempt at subtlety, tackles Jaune to the ground in front of his customers and makes out with him. Jaune still manages to be confused, which infuriates Miltia even more.
    Miltia: I made out with you! In front of my sister. In front of a whole load of people. In front of all your customers now! The making out was the message, you dense fucker! What, do I need to pin a poster of myself naked to your wall with the caption "I want some fukk" written underneath it or something? Is that how I make you realise I like you?
    Jaune: You like me...?
    Everyone Else: [facepalm]
  • Chapter 40: Ruby's reaction to Mercury asking for a dance.
    Ruby: Uh. You want me to set you up with Yang?
    Mercury: Do people actually ask you for that?
    Ruby: Sometimes, yeah.
    Mercury: That's pretty messed up.
    Ruby: I know. Yang tells me to accept and lead them to her, so she can punch them in the balls for trying to use me.
    Mercury: Heh. Nice.
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  • Chapter 43: Jaune's drunken escapades with Miltia were relatively low-key, but still hilarious.
    Velvet: Jaune, you sent me a text. Saying, and I quote, "ur the best emploeee eva. I luvv u gusy". That went to both Russel and I, but also Ruby, Weiss, Cinder, your mother, and Miss Goodwitch.
  • When Ruby hears I Have This Friend... one too many times, she snaps at Blake, the one trying to use the excuse.
    Ruby: You do not have a friend with a problem! You have a problem! And if you try to use that excuse, your new problem will be getting my boot out of your ass!
  • Chapter 53:
    • Mercury says he'll tell Ruby what Cinder is doing right now if she gives him a kiss. She does, very reluctantly, and then he says that Cinder is just out clothes shopping.
    • After, when Ruby gets back to her room late, Yang jokes that she was probably out kissing a boy. Ruby screams "he promised he wouldn't tell!" and Yang faints.

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