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    Season 1 
  • In episode 5, Sarah and Dana are retracing Jay and Adnan's possible movements on January 13:
    Sarah: [rambling exploration of how the official story doesn't add up]
  • In episode 12, Dana has to retrieve a document from "the Old Records Department of the New York Supreme Court or something like that".
    Sarah: It looked like the Mad Hatter's archive room. Were you the first humanoid who'd come down in like fifteen years?
    Dana: Yeah, they were like, "what news do you bring?"
  • The Funny Or Die parody, which came out right before the last episode of the first season.
  • The SNL Christmas parody.

    Season 2 
  • In episode 2, there's something grimly humorous about the Taliban's Culture Clash while holding Bowe Bergdahl. While the situation is very scary for Bergdahl, the Taliban are trying to figure out if he's drunk but are having a tough time since 1) They've never seen a drunk person before 2) and they assume all Westerners are drunk all the time.
    • Similarly, at one point somebody compares the blue-eyed Bergdahl to a newborn kitten, sounding both disgusted by his helplessness and bewildered by the sheer weirdness of his appearance and behavior. It's not a flattering comparison by any means, but in the midst of such a grim narrative it can still take a listener by surprise.


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