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  • Doctor Mother's reaction to a video of a human Sveta dancing:
    Doctor Mother: And what is your reason for showing me a dancing naked girl? If this is a joke, I must inform you that my preferences do not turn in that direction.
  • The omake Shard Communication, which depicts a hypothetical conversation between the shards in Taylor's head.
    Shadow!shard: HALP!! I'M NOT IN HERE BY MY OWN FREE WILL!!
  • The speculations going wild about Slenderman's true nature. We have a projection, a horror-crazed Tinker, an old god originating from Earth Aleph, an octopus in a suit and Santa Claus - because why not?
  • Danny's incredibly skin tight spandex suit, which leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.
    • Grue does his best to try and ignore it when he first sees it.
    • Certain people seem to be... appreciative.
    Taylor: Did Legend just check out my dad?
  • Regent's reaction to finding out about Slenderman's identity.
    • Everyone else's realization of Taylor's way of letting Regent know. Sveta, Tattletale, Grue, and Danny have to stifle their laughter.

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