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Funny / Seitokai no Ichizon

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  • Ken's Stupid Sexy Flanders moment over Nakameguro in episode 12 of the first season.
  • The following:
    Kurimu: My future is obviously to become the immortal absolute God that rules over humanity.
    Ken: I...pity humanity.
    • Also, Kurimu's version of the ending: I am the President.
    • The first ending, which has the main characters as chibis running around randomly.
  • Episode 5:
  • Episode 7:
    Ken: Ah. Chizuru-san. I'd love to fondle your breasts.
    Chizuru: Sure, just a little.
    Ken: Yay. *Beat*. I can't reach, so never mind.
    • What makes this even funnier is that Ken isn't physically restrained in any way here; he and everyone else are so baked from the summer heat that he doesn't make any effort to move whatsoever. Hilarious.

And later: The scary stories in Tokyo. After Minatsu has told hers.

Ken: There was once a girl named Kurimu Sakurano, who was a maid to Ken Sugisaki for her entire life. The end.
Kurimu: *screams and runs to Chizuru's lap.*
Minatsu: Darn, I lost.

  • Season 2
    • Episode 3: Student Council is doing simulation of their possible future.
    Ken: Adultery is part of our culture!
    • Episode 5: Ken trying to get the install serial number for a porn game from his little stepsister. The mix of Ringo's sugary sweetness, naive innocence and the sheer amount of wrong that even Ken recognizes as the conversation goes on and on.
    • Episode 6 Where Ringo meets the Girls for the first time... just the whole episode.
      • The crowning moment however has to be Ringo pwning Chizuru into almost confessing to Ken. It's the fact everyone is rendered speechless at seeing Chizuru so easily broken that really sells it!
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    • Episode 8 has Ken reunited with his first love Asuka and the girls trying to "save" him. Asuka verbally defeats the whole council. even having there defeat played over with the defeated military horn.

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